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Bedposts and Broomsticks by potterwriter340237
Chapter 3 : Avoidance
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Introducing James Potter and Fred Weasley...
Amazing Image by niika at TDA!

I lay on the dock, the water lapping gently against the wood while music and laughter filtered down from my stone home on the hill to the pond. It is tradition. On the last night of the summer, before all the Weasley–Potter kids left for Hogwarts, my entire extended family would come to the Potter home in Devon for an end of summer celebration. It was fun especially to see my cousins who have surpassed Hogwarts and moved on.

Molly, my Uncle Percy’s eldest, is of course following in the footsteps of her father and working in the Ministry and already a growing success. My grandma, Molly’s name sake, said that her ambition almost rivaled her father’s, which in a nutshell was terrifying. I witnessed her frantic obsessive studying for her N.E.W.T.S; it lasted all of her seventh year.

Other than being a fellow Ravenclaw, her sister Lucy is the complete opposite. Quiet and bookish, Lucy took her studious personality to the Wizarding Archives at the ministry; sifting through dusty books and documents seemed incredibly dull to me but Lucy was enthralled by it. I have suffered through many tedious conversations about Mnemone Radford who apparently was the first Ministry of Magic Obliviator… I know, not really on my list of things to know, but as boring as it was I can’t help but smile at Lucy’s enthusiasm and delight in my elder cousin’s company.

Footsteps sound lightly on the creaking wood dock. Another tradition. Teddy lies down beside me and follows my gaze to the stars.

Every year we lie on the dock together for at least an hour. It started when I was nine and James was the first Potter to leave for Hogwarts. I was heartbroken, one because I wanted to go so badly and two because I was going to miss my eldest brother like mad, so I ran down to sulk by the pond.

Teddy had followed me down and comforted me and now over the years, our conversations have matured from the reality of unicorns in the forbidden forest to deeper discussions. Teddy is like my brother and I looked forward every year to our hour away from the madness of my actual family.  

 “Do you work tomorrow?” I asked Teddy glancing at his profile, his hair his usual choice of navy.

 "Do you like Luke Wood?" he asked me in response, still looking up into the dark sky, the corner of his mouth lifting up into a smirk. 

 My heart leaped into my throat. I wasn't worried about Teddy telling people. I trusted him with my life, but I was worried he would be disappointed in me and that was something I did not want to have to face. 

 I ignored his question and ploughed on into pretending obliviousness, "’Cause you know I hope you don't work and then you can come and see us all off...’cause would be nice," I finished off lamely, blushing at my fool hardy attempt to evade Teddy's interrogation. 

 Stupid stupid Lily .He's been an Auror for five years for Merlin's sake, they are trained in interrogation! They can make the darkest wizards crack, and for the life of me I have never been able to lie. Teddy has always described me as an open book individual; easier to read than the dusty Lockhart books we have on our shelves. 

 I always found that comment highly insulting but now I realize there is truth to it and it was futile to ever resist.

 I looked at him, that damn smug expression still covered his face and I was mad at myself for even considering giving in and giving him the satisfaction. I took a deep breath and looked up into the starry night sky.

 "So, are you seeing us off then?" I asked calmly, my heart still beating madly.
He looked surprised that I had held out on telling my secret and I was proud of myself for evading Teddy.
Teddy turned on his side resting his head on his hand, and gave me a penetrating look, "What happened between you and Wood?" his tone serious and brotherly, his gaze concerned. 
Oh Circe, I was cracking already. I am so weak. I had no way out. If I just ran, Teddy would be able to catch me with his long legs and damn athletic capabilities. I had only one viable option; taking advantage of his precarious pose and his inherited clumsiness, I pushed him off the dock.
He landed with a bellowed oath and a loud splash as I quickly scrambled off the dock and ran as fast as I could back up to the house, my skirt swirling around my legs as I skipped between rocks and trees.

 I ran quickly up the steps of my patio, passing by Roxanne and my red headed cousin Hugo who gave me both bemused looks as I dodged through my relatives. 

Looking behind me to see if Teddy had caught up to me or not, I ran right into a hard body knocking both of us over. I glanced up, pushing my red hair out of my eyes to see a very disgruntled Clar Smith picking himself up from the floor and a concerned Rose hovering over both of us like a mother hen.

Clar reached down a hand and helped me up.
“Thanks, Smith,” I said, nodding at him.

 “Of course. Just next time watch where you are running, Lily,” he said pompously as Rose beamed and pecked him on the cheek.

 I rolled my eyes. Rose was much too good for this conceited pompous prat, everyone in my family thought so. Al, her best friend, simply hated Smith but put up with him only because for some weird reason he made Rose extremely happy and Al didn’t want to ruin that. And yet with all the dirty looks and comments Clar  (what an awful name) has received from my brothers and cousins, he has been with Rose for one year already so I guess he does deserve some credit.

Rose studied my short breaths and my slightly sweaty forehead, her knowing gaze was so similar to my Aunt Hermione’s it was scary. “Why were you running, Lily?”

 I felt uncomfortable. Explaining that I pushed Teddy in the pond would open up a whole can of worms, all of them leading to the reason why I did it in the first place. If there is the chance that Teddy would disapprove of my actions in the cellar, I know for sure that prim, rule-abiding Rose would certainly not approve.

 Before I could come up with a good lie, a voice interrupted my scheming.

 “She is running away from me.”

 A feeling of dread stole over me as I turned slowly to face a sopping wet Teddy, a pool of water quickly forming at his feet on my wood deck.

 I heard a soft “Oh” from Rose and saw the amused faces of my father and the rest of my uncles over Teddy’s shoulder.

 Teddy swung his soaking arm over my shoulder and pulled me close, effectively soaking the whole right side of my body.

 “Nice play, Potter, but you are going to have to come up with something better than that to deter me,” he whispered into my ear, drops of water falling off his face and into my hair.

 “Well, Lupin,” I said putting heavy emphasis on his last name, “now is not the time or place, if I am going to tell you anything at all it will be tomorrow. So you will just have to come and see us off,” I said smugly, proud of myself for manipulating him into coming so I could say good bye to him. I knew he could never pass up the promise of discovering my secret.

 He studied me, one eye brow raised and finally nodded, “Fine, you little brat, I will come and say good bye. But so help me Merlin, if you don’t spill, I will tell your mum it was actually you who stole her broom and ran it into the beech tree.”

I blanched. Mum would kill me if she knew it was me and not random hooligans who ruined her favourite broom even if it was an accident. Damn. Teddy is mean.

 “Now I am off to see my lovely fiancé,” Teddy one-arm hugged me, leaving me even damper and hurried off to take Victoire in a huge hug lifting her up and twirling her around while she laughed and hit him lightly on the shoulder for getting her wet.

 I sighed and made my way over to sit beside Dominique, her strawberry blonde hair tied up in a loose pony tail and a thoughtful expression covering her face.

 “Hey, Dom,” I said, shaking her out of her reverie.

 “Oh hi, Lil, how are you?” she asked me.

 “Been better,” I said motioning down at my wet side.

 “Just use a drying charm, silly goose,” Dom said laughing.

 I shot her a scowl. “I’m underage, mum would murder me.”

 Dom laughed again and brought out her wand. “Here,” and with a quick motion of her wand my clothes were dry. She fake sighed, “The things I do for you young ones.”  

“Oh, shut it,” I pushed her shoulder slightly, “but thanks.”

 She smiled at me and continued to watch our gigantic family mull across my deck and yard.

 “So, how is work?”

 Dom is a healer trainee at St. Mungo’s and talking to my Uncle Bill, I know she comes home exhausted every night but she seems to love it.  

 Her eyes lit up and she started to talk quickly. “Oh, it’s fantastic really. I am picking my specialty next week. And I think I am going to focus on Werewolves…you know like finding cures and such. Aunt Hermione is working so hard on the legal end that I think more needs to be done in the medical part. I really want to do something! Especially cause of my Dad, Teddy’s father and Aunt Ada.”  

 I nodded, Dom really is amazing, but what can I say? I am well aware that I have a lot to live up to with my gigantic successful family.

 “Speaking of Aunt Ada, have you seen her and Charlie’s new foster kid? Can you say yum?”

 I glanced over at my stocky uncle and his willowy and slender wife. They, upon deciding not to have children have taken in magical foster kids since they were married. It’s pretty cool actually, it’s like having a new cousin every couple of months.

 This guy looked around James’s age or slightly older (but still way too young for Dom) and was incredibly good looking, with dark mocha skin and high cheek bones. He was laughing at something my Uncle Ron said and I had to agree with Dom…yum.

 Dom shook her glorious hair out of her hair elastic and stood up. “I am going over to introduce myself,” she smiled turning on her full 1/8th veela charm and started to walk over.

“Ew Dom! That’s pretty much incest!” I yelled after her, smiling slightly while she flipped me off good naturedly behind her back. Dom was unstoppable when it came to something she wanted, and as gorgeous as she is, she is very approachable. While others are intimidated by my stunning eldest cousin, Victoire, everyone who meets Dom is enchanted by her charm and wit.

“It would be like snogging James!” I shot out one last comment in her direction smirking at her disgruntled expression as she chats up my new surrogate cousin who looked confused.

“Who’s snogging me?”

I turned and saw my brother running his hand through his dark hair, according to my dad is a gesture reminiscent of my brother’s name sake and look alike. I have seen the pictures of my paternal grandfather; James is identical to him other than my sibling’s lack of glasses.

“Dom,” I replied, my smirk widening.

A look of disgust crossed my brother’s face before I laughed and he grinned, also throwing his arm around my neck and pulling me into a headlock.

“You’re so funny Little L…”

Merlin I hate that name. James just does to piss me off…that arse. Well guess what James? I snogged your best friend! Ha! So take that in your arrogant pipe and smoke it!  

The words were almost out of my mouth before I caught myself.

Bad idea, Lily. Bad, bad idea. I am such an idiot. Here I was worried I would have to put a silencing charm on Al when I am the one about to reveal my deepest darkest secret. If this keeps up I will have to place that silencing charm on myself. Well in all technicalities, I will have to learn how to do one first… that’s slightly problematic.

Note to self: learn silencing charm. Possibly ask Aunt Hermione to teach me.

“Shove it, Jamsie,” I replied, pushing his muscular arm off me.

“Don’t call me that,” he scowled at me, looking around to see if everyone heard the nickname me and Al made up for him.

“Then don’t call me Little L,” I said, crossing my arms and looking at him with what I was hoping was a look of dignity.

“No can do Silly Lily, you will always be cute, innocent Little L to us,” said a voice from behind me and I felt a hand ruffle my hair. Well there goes my dignity.

This is fabulous…really. Cue music, here comes the Boys Club…at least that’s what me and Roxanne have dubbed them. They and the rest of the school title them the Marauders.

My brother, two cousins and two other boys make up this group of seventh year heart throbs. It was unfair that they are all so good looking and all ridiculously talented Quidditch players; the girls at Hogwarts have no chance.  

James and my two cousins had listened enthralled as my dad had painted a picture of my grandfather and his friends’ exploits and mischief making and James is determined to give their memory a run for their money. As much as I hate to say it, they have been incredibly successful, responsible for much of the discord and laughs at Hogwarts.

My cousin and Roxy’s brother, Fred, grinned down at me, the “Marauder” responsible for messing up my hair. He has the same dark hair and flawless mocha skin as Roxanne does. They are a pair of incredible looking siblings, and they were as close as can be. Fred is highly protective of Roxanne, he still doesn’t know she has even kissed a boy…but then again James doesn’t know about my… err…situation.   

Beside Fred, looking casually cool and not at all suffering in his cashmere sweater in this insufferable heat is my cousin Louis, my Auntie Fleur and Uncle Bill’s youngest. He is as good looking as his older sisters with his high cheek bones, blonde hair and haughty appearance. The only Ravenclaw in their little group, he is often the only one ever seen in the library.

Behind them all is the somewhat brooding Daemon Krum; quiet, attractive and slightly surly, he seems to be the most unlikely of member of their motley crew. My Uncle Ron seems to have an unreasoned dislike for him which is only heightened by the fact that he is a Slytherin.

It was somewhat of a shock for everyone but James and the other boys, who met Krum on the train, insist with an undying loyalty that house doesn’t matter. The animosity between houses has died a bit since dad’s day but there is definitely inter-house rivalry especially when Quidditch is involved. Indeed, when any of the boys are competing they are so focused they don’t talk to their opposing best mate for a least a week before the match…boys are so dumb.

The only one missing from their posse is Luke. I know that he was invited. I had spent most of the night trying to avoid him, I have yet to talk to him, and honestly? I don’t think I want to.

The boys club after many more “Little L” comments meandered away leaving me once again sitting on the bench alone. Uncle Ron, now slightly inebriated, announced a game of old timer’s Quidditch in the field near my house. The majority of my family followed, eager to see our parents make fools of themselves. Okay, well that’s not fair…my parents are amazing, Uncle Charlie is fantastic and Uncle Ron is pretty good but believe me, it is pretty hilarious to see Uncle Percy and Aunt Hermione on a broom. If the Prophet could only see the war heroes now.

Apparently, Uncle George was quite the cracking beater and Aunt Angelina was a chaser one didn’t want to mess with but they never played. Indeed tonight they wandered off inside with Luna and Rolf leaving me completely alone on my deck.

As entertaining as the game would be, Luke was sure to be there and that would not go well with my avoidance plan.

Deciding to return back to the dock while the game was going on, I made my way past the path that led to our rough pitch and ran down the hill to the dock.

There was a dark tall figure already on the dock, his back to me, gazing off into the black water.

Glad that Teddy wasn’t too angry with me that he didn’t want to continue our talk, I eagerly made my way to stand next to him.

Only when I was shoulder to shoulder to him and looking into his surprised warm hazel eyes did I realize it wasn’t Teddy standing beside me, it was…

“Lily,” Luke said his voice soft and low, his gaze now slightly ducked and his dark curls covering his eyes.

I was in deep trouble, head over arse completely screwed. 

I had only one viable option: I pushed him, and at the same time losing my balance sending both of us tumbling into the cool dark pond. 

A/N: Hiiiiiii! Whew chapter three done! I know it has been a long wait for an update and I am truly sorry! Thanks to all those who reviewed I really appreciate it, and I am so glad this story is getting such a great response! So I included a lot of background info so I am sorry if you were bored! I just thought it was necessary to include it to develop Lily’s character a bit more… let me know if you enjoyed it! Also I did not make the Potter’s home in Godric’s Hollow as many others do simply because I don’t think Harry would want to live in the town where his parents were murdered…that is just my thoughts. A little clarification…I know some people were confused about Lily’s age…I didn’t stick to canon because this plot bunny jumped into my head and I had divert away from canon…sorry! So here are the ages of all the next generation kids (Again these are only my thoughts, sorry if you think differently!)
Lily : Roxanne : Hugo 15
Albus : Rose : Clar 16
James : Fred : Louis : Luke 17
Lucy 18
Molly 20
Dominique 21
Victoire 23
Teddy 24

Wow, sorry about the ridiculously long authors note! Oh and interested in seeing some one else’s point of view? The cool Roxanne?  The mischievous Albus? The oblivious James? The suspicious Teddy? Or what about the guilty Luke? Or should I just stick with Lily for now? Vote and review please it would make my month!

Much love…potterwriter340237

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