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Roses Are Better Than Jonquils by hermione_weasley_angel
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9: Friends or Enemies?
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“I mean did you look at Flint’s face when he hit Malfoy? It was priceless!” James’ voice rang in the Gryffindor common room, achieving many laughs and heads nodding in his direction.

Half the Gryffindors, who were mainly the Weasleys’ and Potters’, had gathered up together in the common room after the match had ended. After the incident with Scorpius, Couch Davies announced that the match had to stop and a rematch will take place later. This caused many groans from the Gryffindor team, who were in the verge of winning.

Much to Rose’s irritation, she was sitting there with her fellow cousins in the common room, entrenched by James’s cruel jokes about Scorpius’s fall. Rose tried her best to not expose her anger at him, but even if she did, he was too occupied by the attention he was getting from their fellow housemates to notice. Her brother, along with Fred, Louis, Matt Thomas, Jamie Mclaggan, the Scamander boys and a few other male housemates’ were supporting James and laughing along with him.

The only person who was not with them was Albus, who had disappeared after Scorpius was taken to the Hospital Wing. Rose had seen Albus walking after some Slytherins and she presumed he was following them to the Hospital Wing to check if Scorpius would be fine. Rose was in the verge of going to accompany her cousin, only to be stopped when it struck her that if she did, everyone will grow suspicious. But that wasn’t the only reason that had prevented her from going. She was much too shy to even stand near Scorpius, even in his injured state.

Rose sensed that every minute or so, Lily’s eyes would lay on her. Rose pretended that she hadn’t been affected by what had happened, but failed miserably. Secretly, she wanted to burst into tears. Apart from Lily, Jasmine sat there worrying where Albus had gone, but she too kept glancing at Rose the same way Lily did.

Melissa, alternatively, was in a completely different world. As James was going through his reverie talk, a few girls in the Common Room, mainly Suzan Conway and James’ ex, Violet, kept on complimenting him on how good he was at the match. James, being proud of himself, sent them winks and grinned. This caused Melissa to sit there heatedly, clenching her teeth, and glaring at the girls that were flirting with him. She was very angry and hadn’t spoken to James since.

“I think that’s very vile of you to talk about him like that,” said Molly, who, along with Maria, had come to join the Gryffindors a while ago. “We know he’s Malfoy, James, but that’s still very vile of you.”

Rose admired Molly from afar, which was very rare. She had never really seen Molly be more sympathetic.

James broke into a fit of laughter. “You really do have the best jokes, Molly!” 

Molly rolled her eyes. “That wasn’t supposed to be a joke.” She muttered under her breath.

“You do realise that Flint was aiming that bludger at Al?” Lily asked, glaring at her older brother. “It would have been Al who got hit!”

“Offcourse I knew that, my dear sister.” James replied, still grinning. “But he didn’t get hit now did he? And besides, it would have been a laugh to see Al moaning for once.”

James earned glares from each of his girl cousins in addition to his sister. “You call Al being hurt a laugh?” Roxanne asked him disbelievingly.

“What would you do if it happened to you?” joined in Dominique with her perfect smooth voice.

“My boyfriend being hurt is not funny!” Jasmine piped up.

“And he’s your brother!” added Lucy, who was finding it entertaining to retort at James.

James threw his hands up in defence. “Now girls, girls, calm down. I didn’t know you all favoured Al.” he said. “And I said it would have been a laugh. But anyway, Malfoy taking his place is much better.”

Lora smiled dreamily. “Don’t worry James; I think the nargles are affecting you.” Lora’s brothers nodded in agreement.

No one bothered to argue with Lora-or with any of the Scamanders-about the ‘non-existence’ of nargles. Rose could see a few people trying to suppress sniggers. Suddenly, Melissa got up. She was red in the face and just as she was turning away, James asked her where she was going. It didn’t seem Melissa was going to answer him but then she did.

“To bed.” she huffed sternly without looking at James and stomped off to the Girls’ Dormitory.

Just as that happened, the portrait hall swung open and in came a tired looking Albus. Jasmine immediately got up, kissed him, and asked if he was alright, which he replied that he was. Jasmine then pleaded on about how worried she was about him.

“I perfectly fine, Jaz.” Albus confirmed, rubbing his dusty glasses with his quidditch shirt, which he was still wearing. ‘Why can’t he just use his wand?’ Rose thought, thinking of her cousin’s bluntness.

“Well dear ol’ brother, you missed all the fun!” James said aloud, smirking.

“Shut up James, you’re such an idiot,” Albus told him lazily. That statement leads to an ongoing argument between the two. Some people got bored and went to sleep. Rose knew that there was no use in staying. She wouldn’t be able to talk to Albus at the moment anyway. With a sigh, she got up and walked to her dormitory without even saying goodnight to any of them.  ‘I’ll try to ask him tomorrow...’ she thought.

When she entered the Dormitory, she saw Melissa sitting alone on her bed with tears pouring down her face. She quickly wiped her tears once she heard Rose step into the room and pretended to be asleep.

Rose sighed. “I know you’re awake, Mel.” Her friend didn’t move an inch and stayed in her position on bed. “You shouldn’t be crying, Mel. It’s just…not you.”

At this, Melissa jumped up from her bed and glared at Rose. “Not cry? Rose, did you see what he was doing? Did you?” Melissa demanded.

Rose wasn’t expecting such a sudden outburst. She said nothing but stared at Melissa with understanding. James had given his attention to all the girls that were in the common room in front of his own girlfriend. Rose, unknowingly, knew how it felt to be in such a position.

Seeing that Rose was silent, Melissa huffed miserably before returning to her bed without another word. Rose just stood there staring at the almost-sleeping figure with pity written on her face. She had to deal with James soon, but at the moment, she had more than her egoistical cousin in her mind.


It was only until before dinner the next day did Rose find Albus alone. He was sitting on the couch in the Gryffindor common room in front of the fire. Intending on heading to dinner, Rose spotted him and quickly dashed by his side.

He jumped at her appearance, “Rose! You scared me!”

“Sorry Al,” she apologised with haste. “Look Al, I wanted to ask you since yesterday. Can you accompany me to the Hospital Wing?”

“Yeah, sure,” he answered with a nod. “Who is it you want to visit?”

“Er…well…you know,” Rose stuttered, hoping her cousin would understand.

He just shook his head, “No, I don’t.”

“Oh, come on Al. After that Quidditch incident with Scorpius, I decided it would be nice of me to go visit him too.”

To Rose’s shock, Albus smiled. “That would be great, Rose! I really think he needs more visitors… even though he’s already got almost half the school visiting him.”

Her eyes widened, “Half the school?” she inquired.

“Yeah, you know… all his fan club, which as you know, are mainly crazy girls.” Albus rolled his eyes.

“Oh,” was all Rose could say. She couldn’t believe it. Had all those girls visited him already, when she hadn’t yet? ‘Oh what am I thinking? He doesn’t realise me, let alone wanting me visiting him!’

“Anyway, I think we better go now since its dinner and only two people are allowed to go at a time.” Albus said, getting up.

They were silent as they walked to the Hospital Wing. A hundred questions were burning inside Rose, wanting to be asked, but yet she only asked one. “How was he? You know…when you visited him?”

Albus tilted his head slightly, “Not good yesterday. Both his left arm and leg were broken. He was in great pain. And from what I’ve heard, according to Dad, re-growing bones with Madam Pomphrey isn’t pretty,” Rose shivered, which had nothing to do with the weather. Realising Rose’s discomfort, Albus added, “But don’t worry, I visited him again this morning and he’s much better.”

That still didn’t lift Rose’s spirits. She wondered how on earth Scorpius could have broken both his arm and leg when Couch Davies had saved him. In this very minute, she wanted to go and kill Flint for almost killing Scorpius and also, Albus.

Before they knew it, they were in front of the doors of the Hospital Wing. Immediately, Rose’s heart-rate increased for no rational reason. Her face already started to burn and her cheeks glowed red. Albus realised this and cocked an eyebrow at her before knocking the door. Madam Pomphrey had made a new rule of knocking the door before entering.

After of what seemed an eternity, the door flew open and revealed their angry Nurse. She looked even angrier at their mere appearance. “Aren’t you two supposed to be in dinner?” she asked sternly.

“Yes Madam, but we decided to come and visit Scorpius. May we see him?” Albus quickly said.

“Mr Malfoy has visitors at the moment. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for them to finish.” She snapped before closing the door.

“What’s gotten her all boiled up?” Rose muttered with a roll of their eyes.

They waited for a few minutes before hearing voices come from behind the door.

“He won’t even look at me!” huffed a familiar voice.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so demanding then, Jonquil.” muttered another voice.

The door banged open to reveal the least people Rose wanted to see at the very moment: Jonquil Zabini and Ingrid Goyle, the two girls that had been part of the scheme to ruin her life.

Jonquil, at first, didn’t realise Rose was there. But then her cold eyes found Rose’s. She stared at Rose for a few seconds before, to Rose’ disbelief, storming past her without a word. Ingrid followed suite.

“I swear I would’ve jinxed them at the instant, Rosie,” Albus said with fury, his eyes on their retreating backs. “Anyway, let’s get in.”

Rose felt as though butterflies had entered her stomach as she stepped inside after Albus. She tried to hide behind Albus but failed, because as soon as they were in the infirmary Albus called enthusiastically, “Scorpius, mate!”

Rose saw him. He was lying on the second bed in the room. He looked rather tired and his blonde hair fell over his eyes. But what caught Rose’s eyes was his bare chest, which was probably bare, as Rose liked to put it, due to his broken arm wrapped in a handy band. Rose started to blush and wished that she had not come.

‘What was I thinking? I can’t even stand near him let alone see him shirtless!’

“Al! It’s good to see you! You didn’t have to visit me again, you know.” Scorpius grinned at Albus. He didn’t see Rose yet since she was standing in the shadows.

“This time my cousin decided to pop by, so she accompanied me,” Albus turned around and ushered Rose to come over.

She wished that Albus didn’t mention her so she could stay in the shadows unseen. Reluctantly, she stepped out of the shadows and walked to stand beside Albus in front of Scorpius’s bed. She didn’t lift her head up, for fear of embarrassing herself.

“Rose?” she heard Scorpius say softly. She looked up and met his gaze. His grey eyes caught hers and she felt as though another flock of butterflies had entered her stomach. He looked surprised at her appearance but Rose also thought she saw some sign of relief, but denied it quickly.

“H…how are you feeling?” was all Rose could say.

He didn’t answer straight-away but continued to stare at her as though he’d never seen her before. Albus, from beside Rose, looked from one to the other with amusement. The scene that played in front of him was one that he had not expected. He felt as though he was ruining the ‘moment’ and thought it best if he left.

“Erm, you know what mate; I think I need to go now. So I’ll see you down in dinner, Rosie.” Albus said quickly before hastily walking away.

It took Rose a few seconds to register what just happened. She turned around, intending to prevent Albus from going, but found him already gone. She crossed her arms angrily, making a mental note to kill her cousin once she sees him.

She heard a small cough and realised that she was still standing in front of Scorpius’s bed. She felt her cheeks flush as she realised it was her first time to be alone, in the same room, with Scorpius Malfoy.

An awkward silence took place. Rose stood still staring at her feet while Scorpius pretended to be staring at the ceiling. Neither of them spoke a word. Rose started to feel it was wrong of her to come here in the first place. She didn’t blame him if he didn’t want to talk to her. She hadn’t treated him nicely the past few days and regretted doing it.

But before she could move Scorpius broke the silence, “I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question earlier,” at Rose’s questioning look he said, “You know, about how I was feeling…”

 Rose tried to smile, “No, no it’s alright. I don’t mind at all!” she said rather loudly, making the sound of nervousness in her voice more obvious.

He just nodded and avoided her eyes, “Thanks for asking though. And to answer it, yeah I’m feeling OK I guess. Madam Pomphrey said my bones will be back in about three days. That’s when I’ll be able to leave.”

Rose seemed to, once or twice, lose track of what he was saying. Scorpius moved to sit up properly on his bed which made her even more aware of his muscly bare chest. She couldn’t help but feel her eyes flick over them a few times. She quickly put herself back to reality and internally sighed at her bluntness.

“That’s great!” she said and she meant it. “You know, I hope you can forgive my behaviour towards you the past few days. I really didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.” She told him before she knew it.

He raised his eyebrows. “There is no need to apologise, you know. You didn’t do anything,” before Rose could open her mouth, Scorpius added, “I really mean it. No need to say sorry.”

Rose just nodded and muttered a ‘thanks’. Before silence could ensue again she miserably said, “I hope you’ll feel better soon, but I think I need to go now.” She needed to get out of there fast since she felt her presence was not appropriate.

Scorpius’s face fell and he looked rather poignant. But Rose didn’t realise the change of expression. “If you must. Thanks for visiting, though.” was all he said.

Rose nodded. “I’ll…I’ll see you around then,” she then slowly turned around and started to walk before she heard him call her again. She turned around. “Yes?”

He seemed to be hesitating with himself before saying, “You know…I was wondering if we can atleast be…friends?”

Rose stared at him. Friends. She was hoping to be much more than a friend, but still a ball of excitement erupted in her. She was happy that he even considered asking her to be his friend.

“Sure.” She smiled and nodded.

“Does that mean we can be Potions partners again?” he inquired hopefully.

Rose felt her smile grow into a grin. “Sure.” That was all she could say.


  A/N: *Hides away from angry readers* OK, I think it’s time for apologising! I know I haven’t updated in like forever but I promise you I have a hundred reasons! One reason is that my internet stopped working for like two months. Reason two is that after I got my internet fixed, the computer broke down! (I know, it’s crazy!) Reason three is that after that dilemma, school started and I got really busy with exams. But now I have a week holiday with both my internet and comp working (thank god!) and I updated! Yay!

But I promise you that my updating won’t be that slow next time (if nothing happens!) and that your reviews will encourage me to write more! I promise you that reviews are a great thing and will surely boost my energy to keep writing! (Which I’m sure you all already know!) So, until next time! (which is hopefully very soon!) Oh, and by the way, I’ve edited chapter 1 in case you’d like to know! It’s way better than before so make sure you read it again! (If you want to.)

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