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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 15 : 15
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Happy Easter! the time this is validated I'm sure it will be past then...oh well enjoy and REVIEW....I love feedback!

The two slowly sauntered off the train casually checking each compartment for stragglers. They were each pondering the large task that was ahead of them. Hermione was especially concerned about Harry and Ron. This was a big year for them, Harry was recovering from a fight with Voldemort and Ron, and well he just couldn’t take care of himself could he? Oh and then there is Pax, Hermione liked him very, very much.


“Lavender will look after Ron, I’m sure...” Hermione muttered sarcastically.


“Talking to ourselves, are we?” Draco asked with a chuckle.


“Well, yes, I mean no!” Hermione stated hurriedly. “Listen Malfoy, I can’t possibly be the only one thinking this through, I’m thinking that this is a lot more work than what McGonagall has presented!”


Hermione slowed her walk and leaned against a doorway. Malfoy stopped and leaned against the opposite, leaving their faces inches away. His cool eyes scanned her face and she could feel her cheeks flushing. Hermione ducked her head waiting for his reply.


“Think of the positives Granger.” He let out a low sweet drawl, sending shivers up Hermione’s spine. Draco inched forward. Hermione’s heart was racing.  He kept moving forward until their noses were almost touching. Draco grinned and stepped away swiftly.


“What?” Hermione asked and she sounded winded.


“I get to drive you crazy.” He smiled and walked away. All Hermione could do was stand there. She didn’t like him like that? Did she? Thoughts were racing through her head as she blindly stumbled after him.



            She sat in the Great Hall still in a daze. The speech was done and everyone turned back to there plates impatiently waiting for the food to appear.


“Ah ah” McGonagall smiled. “We have to announce our new Head Boy and Girl!”


 The crowd turned towards Hermione, just waiting for her named to be called.


“How do they know it will be me?” Hermione whispered to Ginny, who was sitting to her right.


“Hermione…are you ill?” Ginny looked at Hermione and just sighed.


“Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy!”


There was a cheer and the two stood up and gave a little bow. Malfoy smirked at Hermione and sat back down. He immediately began snogging a random blonde to his left. Hermione’s face turned a bright crimson. That immature ferret!


 Malfoy drew away from the blonde and looked over to Hermione and gave her a heart stopping smile. She quickly averted her eyes wondering what she could do to make up for the humiliation. Hermione quickly turned to face Pax and leaned over the wide table. His eyes widened as Hermione neared his face placing a delicate kiss on his cheek. However, Hermione was unaware that she was giving the entire Hufflepuff table a nice view up her skirt. She quickly sat down and shifted her eyes back to the Slytherin table and saw Malfoy’s eyes narrowed, he opened his mouth to speak but immediately thought of a better way to communicate.



Draco ripped off a piece of napkin and asked rather violently for a quill from the blonde girl that he had just played tonsil hockey with. He scrawled a quick message and sent it flying across the room into Hermione Grangers lap.




Jealous Granger? Think that you’ll get to me by using Pax, that loser shouldn’t even be at this school. I’d better watch it if I were you.




Hermione smiled and flipped the napkin over thinking of her own clever reply.



Thank God, I am not you Malfoy because then I wouldn’t be so concerned with how many STD’s I was infected with. I would think that you are the jealous one…actually.



She gave a smug chuckle and sent the napkin over the heads of the student’s right back to Draco. McGonagall was smiling as she saw the napkin fly back and forth across the Hall at least ten times. A couple of the students had caught on and were timing how long it took for each one to write a message. Hermione and Draco did not notice, they were enthralled in the battle of words and each planned tactical note. Blaise and Pansy were giving Draco odd looks and Pax was staring sadly at Hermione’s face. He didn’t want to lose her to him. Pax stood and walked over to Hermione’s side.




“Dinners over you know.”


Hermione stood quickly and sent the napkin flying one last time. She looked to see it land but saw that the whole Slytherin table was empty. In fact, the whole Great Hall was empty.


“Of course it is.” Hermione bristled. “I was just umm sharing some of my idea for the uhh new year with Malfoy.”



Pax sighed and looked over at Hermione. He had seen Draco “romance” so many girls and definitely did not want Hermione to be one of them.


“Look Hermione, I don’t think you should spend a lot of time with Malfoy.”


“Why would I want to spend time with him?” Hermione glanced at Pax, confused.


“Well, you seem to be getting to know each other a lot and…” Pax ducked his head and started walking towards the door. Hermione reached out and grabbed his wrist. Pax lifted his head and gave Hermione a brilliant smile that jump started her pulse.


“I. Do. Not. Like. Malfoy.” Hermione stated firmly. Her eyes met his and they stood still for mere moment. “I like you!”


            Hermione giggled and floated past Pax into the main hallway. That was not a Hermione move, no, not at all. She turned her head and jumped back to see that he was right on her heels. Pax’s eyes were sparkling as he leaned in and gave her a slow and sweet kiss. Hermione had to stand on her tippy toes to reach her arms around his neck. She slowly pulled away and her face was glowing.


“Now that’s a real kiss.” Pax said twisting Hermione around so he could fold his arms around her. He dug his face into her smooth and curly hair smelling the sweet aroma of strawberries. Hermione smiled and tilted her head back.


“Better than the one at the pool?”


“Much better.”


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