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Relatively Speaking by bittersweetflames
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Neville and Ginny, Close-Up
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Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros, etc. own the rights to Harry Potter. I’m just a fanfiction writer and this is a stab at a pairing that’s unusual, at most.:)


Chapter 1: Prologue: Neville And Ginny, Close-Up


Story by BitterSweetFlames


Success is relative. You can be a far cry from the shy, awkward boy you were when you were a teenager. You could be a famous, well-versed author of bestselling books. You could be well-traveled; the visitor of every nation ever known to man. Every child could know your name and so with every man and woman. But would this mean you have succeeded?




Not if the one thing you’ve set your sights on since you were that shy, unimportant boy is still beyond your grasp. Because being the best did not mean that you had what you wanted. Being the best in the eyes of the world was different from being the best for you. And this was a fact that Neville could attest to.


He had always been the “misplaced” Gryffindor. So different from everyone in his house. For the longest time, when it seemed that his housemates had their sheer bravery, he had had his shaking fear. That had set him apart, but not in a good way.


Sure, he had his shining moments. He had been instrumental in several battles, in which he had fought with his best. But he was still labeled. Neville Longbottom was a name associated with “misfit” and so this was until the day he graduated Hogwarts.


Fresh from Hogwarts at seventeen, he had weighed his options. His entire family was urging him to go for a Ministry position. Yet, he had no desire to be a part of a world that was sure to judge him.


Therefore he had left England. He began to go on the quest to find himself and what he was to do in is life. For he knew it was not easy to find something you were good at and liked at the same time.


Since day one in Hogwarts he had been remarkably good at Herbology. Yet he had never considered a career in it because everyone had told him that it was too mild a path for a man to follow. But passion is something that can not be stifled. In his journeys this zeal was re-ignited for he saw with his own eyes the plants that once he had only read about and even more that were not in books.


He then began to study them. Adding information he had learned not yet known to the common wizard. For years he wandered along across the continents, stopping only to examine a specimen or to write in his journal.


Years later, done with traveling across the globe and filled with newfound knowledge, he went back to England. His family was surprised and cross at his return. Surprised that he was home at last and cross that he had wasted time and effort engaged in nonsense.


Not to be discouraged, Neville went to several wizarding publishing houses to see if anyone was interested in a book about rare and unknown plants. Relentless searching was rewarded when his manuscript was accepted and he became a published author.


Such an achievement could have been acceptable but only weeks after becoming published, Neville shot to stardom- his book was a phenomenal success.


This signaled the beginning of a new life for him. A new life that should have been happy and content. But it wasn’t. For since the moment he had asked her to the Yule Ball, she had filled his thoughts and his heart. Years of searching had yielded a career he loved, the respect of millions, the approval of his family, more money than he wanted but he knew that it can never win her heart.


He knew that she was probably happy anyway, married to Harry Potter, probably the mother of one or two kids. Since his return, he had not asked about her because even if he knew that she was happily wedded, hearing about it was apt to break his heart even more.


That’s why success is relative. He was no longer the “misfit” and no longer was he “misplaced.” But he still did not have the one thing that he had hoped for since his fourth year in Hogwart’s Schools of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And because he did not have her, this made it seem that he still was that shy, awkward boy of fourteen. And the emptiness, he suspected, would forever be there as she was well out of his grasp.




Happiness is variable. You can be the prettiest and most admired woman in a room. You can have the attentions of the most celebrated wizard, thus become the object of every witch’s envy. You can be the best Defence Against the Dark Arts professor Hogwarts had ever had. Every single one of your students and their parents could know your name and associate it with brilliance. But would this mean your happiness?




Not if this things were mere trophies. Trophies that only added to an already long list of achievements under your name. They were things that beautified your name and nothing else. She hated the feeling of emptiness that she felt at the back of her head. She hated the feeling that though it seemed she had everything she could possibly want, she had absolutely nothing.


She knew for a fact that a lot of people would simply love to be her. She was grounded enough to know and admit that she was a beautiful and brilliant witch. Furthermore, she was THE brilliant witch to have captured the attention of the one and only Harry Potter, the-boy-who-had-saved.


She hated herself for not knowing what it was that was missing. She had a picturesque life. She had, finally, after years of yearning looks and hidden glances, she had finally gotten the attention of Harry Potter. Their relationship was wonderful.


He had finally told her the three words that any witch would want to hear from her boyfriend. And, yet, how had she responded to those words? She had thanked him, good Lord. And then, one would think that would signal an end to their relationship.


But Harry, amazing man that he was understood that she needed time to sort out her feelings and was simply content enough to love her even if he didn’t get the same from her. Erase the fact that he was one of the most famous names and faces in the entire Wizarding World, he was a prize catch. Sensitive, sweet and romantic, handsome and wealthy.


Yet she couldn’t love him. Not fully enough to tell him those three words without it being a lie. She hated herself. She knew that it would not be too long and he would be proposing to her. She hated herself because instead of being ecstatic, she was terrified. Terrified down to her very core.


She felt that if he asked her to marry him she would have no choice but to say yes. And, in her heart she felt if she said yes she wouldn’t ever be complete.


She wondered everyday as to why her life was so bloody complicated. Why couldn’t she just be content and happy with what she had? Lord knew that she had enough and more than a lot of people could ever have.


Whenever she looked in the mirror she cringed. She was living an empty life and a lie. She felt sorry for her family and Harry and herself.


She hoped to God that before she could end up making the biggest mistake in her life, she could find out what on earth it was that she was missing.


That’s why, beautiful as her life seemed, she was not happy. Never happy until she could find that one thing that could fill the void that consumed her heart.



A/N: Woohoo! The prologue’s done. The next chapter might come soon.:) Watch out for it.:D Woot! :P

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