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Swan Lake by katti4493
Chapter 1 : The Blooming Flower
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"Hey Shayla! You're looking gorgeous today!"

"I know Brown. Just because you finally realised you liked me, it doesn't mean your gonna get me!"

Minerva had never been as beautiful as Shayla. Minerva had soft brown hair and dull eyes. During her teenage years she had been skinnier and lankier than the average girl and slightly spottier, totally the opposite to Shayla, a fellow Gryffindor and her best friend. Shayla was tall, but not too tall, with a lofty beauty. Her features, Minerva had decided, had been more carefully carved than her own. Her hair had a beautiful white quality to it, and Minerva had to conclude that she was simply angelic.
She had deep red lips, the colour of hot blood and icy blue eyes and her looks could kill. Her skin was the colour of snow and she always wore the latest ruffled dress or designer pearls. Her hair was always tied into a thick bun with several ringlets of hair falling elegantly out of it. Shayla was a pure blood and her and her triplet brother, Edgard and her sister, Druella, were the only Rosier students in the school. Druella and Shayla detested each other, and they always had. Druella had long frizzy dark hair with dark brown eyes that had thick lids to them. Later, Minerva would note, she gave her appearance to two of her daughter; Bellatrix and Andromeda. She had a permanent haughty look to her and laughed at “the company” that Shayla kept. Druella, like the rest of her family was in Slytherin, and, in Minerva’s opinion, Druella was just about the worst type of Slytherin there could possibly be. She was inhumanely evil to Minerva and Shayla’s other best friend, Myra Stone, who was a Muggleborn. Shayla hated her sister with an intense passion and never found a moment that wasn’t good to talk about it.

“We’re seventh years now, you would have thought she would have forgotten about it!” cried Shayla one bitterly cold September morning on the way down to Herbology.

“Is Druella doing Herbology? Because if she is, well, I’m not sure I want to do it anymore!” said Myra, deflated throwing her long black plait over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry Myra, she is. I don’t know why she bothers, she just wants to get married to some other pureblood to ‘fulfil her duty’ in my parents eyes! If I could get her a new personality, I would.”

“Who have your parents got in mind for you and our dear Druella?” questioned Minerva rather darkly.

“For her that Cygnus Black, you know the one who’s four years younger than us! She’s gonna have to wait for him a bit! Me however, I’m destined for Abraxas Malfoy, you know, that blonde idiot in our year!”

“That blonde Slytherin? Well, he’s not as bad as some of the others.” Mused Myra.

“Like who?” asked Minerva.

“Like...oh, I don’t know.” Said Myra, knowing she was defeated.

They trudged down to the Greenhouses a few minutes early and looked, exasperated, at the scene that was unfolding. Druella was up ahead standing with a group other Slytherin’s including Edgard, with his dark hair and eyes, and Abraxas Malfoy. They were standing with a group of sixth year Slytherin’s and when Minerva saw who was standing in the middle of them, her heart stopped. Tom Riddle, the most handsome boy in the school stood there, making his friends laugh. Minerva did not know whether she could go near him. After all, he always made her feel slightly weak at the knees.

Even though he was a whole year younger than her, Minerva felt he had an older presence. He had had lovely dark hair and eyes, and Minerva knew he was terribly clever. He, after all had seemingly rid the school of the Heir of Slytherin last year and been awarded a trophy for Services to the School. Minerva hadn’t been entirely convinced of Hagrid’s guilt, but it seemed to rid the school of the problem. Tom was so talented and interesting, but Minerva knew he would never like her.

“Oh, hello sis. Still hanging out with Ugly Old McGonagall and Mudblood Stone?” laughed Druella her nasal voice ringing off the forests large trees that dominated the skyline, The other Slytherin’s began to laugh but Tom silenced them.
“That’s rude Dru.” He said.

Shayla noticed the look that Druella gave Tom and it made her feel sick. Her eyes went wide and she looked slavishly at him. Shayla rolled her eyes and Druella stiffened angrily. Tom appeared charming to everyone in the school, including Minerva and Myra, but Shayla was not fooled. He just had to keep up this pretence until he left school and was able to do something really nasty. Druella eyed her sister with utter contempt.

“You’re a blood traitor Shayla, and mama and papa know it!” cried Druella.

“Yeah, you should be proud that you are pureblood and not acting like a common Muggle!” shout Edgard.

“Be quiet!” said Tom in a commanding tone, “The Professor is coming.”

“I’m a half blood!” Minerva piped up, sitting opposite three people in the carriage on her first journey to Hogwarts.

“Well, we are purebloods.” Came the dark haired girl’s haughty reply gesturing to herself, her sister and her brother.

Minerva felt slightly downhearted, she wanted to make some friends, but these people seemed rather rude. The dark haired girl tittered to her brother at Minerva as she felt herself blushing furiously. The blonde girl extended her dainty hand to Minerva and smiled warmly.

“It doesn’t matter in the slightest. I’m Shayla, and this is my sister Druella, and my brother Edgard.”

“Oh, are you the Rosier Triplet’s?” asked Minerva, “My mother, Artemisia Crouch, thinks your father’s dragon taming in Romania, is amazing!”

“I’m glad you think so!” Shayla chuckled as they shook hands.

Minerva felt much close to Shayla because of her warmth than either her brother or sister. Druella had been positively rude and Edgard had a horrible smirk draw across his brutish face. Shayla was also the prettiest of the three Rosier children. Druella looked far too cruel with her cold eyes and thin mouth like a knife blade. Edgard looked strong, but he looked slow and stupid at the same time, and almost like an oversized baby. Minerva and Shayla chatted for a while describing their homes and lives in detail. 

“I am part of Most Ancient and Noble House of Rosier,” said Shayla grimly, “it’s a lot less fun than it sounds.”

“No, it’s a great honour! A lot better than having dirty Muggle blood!” said Druella to Minerva, like she had committed some awful crime, Druella's face clearly said "You killed a close relative of mine by having muggle blood."Minerva did not like Druella or Edgard, as Edgard was laughing gormlessly. The compartment door opened with a creek. A girl entered, looking as if talking to other humans was a terrifying as seeing a grim in a dark alley.

“Can I sit here?” asked the girl. She looked fairly pleasant with dark hair and watery pale blue eyes. She trembled in Druella's domineering presence.

“What’s your blood status?” snapped Druella.

“Oh be quiet Dru, yes, of course you can sit here.” Said Shayla gently.

The girl entered the compartment, slamming the door behind her. She had obviously calmed with Shayla's friendly words and she had clearly decided to make an effort.

“I couldn’t stand to be in the same compartment as those idiots who are making so much noise down the corridor.”

“Name?” spat Druella viciously. The girl was slightly taken aback by the venom that filled Druella's words.

“Yeah, Name?” grunted Edgard.

“Myra, Myra Stone.” Quivered Myra, biting her pink lip. Her whole body began to quiver again as Druella and Edgard bared down on her.

“Stone...Stone...Are you related to Arnaud Stone who invented the...”

“Be quiet Dru! It doesn’t matter!” said Shayla quickly. She gestured for Myra to sit down next to her, but Myra summoned the courage to answer Druella's rude questioning.

“I’m not related to any wizards!” shouted Myra.


Druella had changed considerably since the first train ride. First of all she had realised her brother was a dead weight. Yes, he was in Tom Riddle’s Gang, but he was the most stupid member. Druella felt ashamed of his slow, monotone voice and ape like laugh. It took him a long time to work out the simplest of things and Druella could only think of one word to describe him... gormless. She wasn’t even sure that any pureblood girl would want to marry him. And secondly she had moved on to the next rising star, Tom Riddle.

The Rosier Manor was on a cliff top in Cornwall. It was made entirely of black stone and had a sinister glow. There were four bedrooms and there were never more contrasting bedrooms as these four. Her parents looked like a palace with green and silver draping and a large four poster bed. They also kept many family heirlooms and magic objects within their room. Edgard’s room was filled with the green and silver banners and posters lauding the Slytherin House. Shayla’s room was filled with Gryffindor junk and it made Druella angry. Druella’s room on the other hand was filled with pictures of herself at school and, she noted, of Tom Riddle.

Tom Riddle was the most desirable in the year, he was clever and witty. He had dashing good looks and Druella could not help but think of him as a knight on a horse that would save her, the damsel in distress. Druella was convinced she was in love with him, even if he was a year younger. But she hated the way it was when Shayla interrupted their private time together.

Tom Riddle always got his way, and he would get it this time... He would get the pretty doll...

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Swan Lake: The Blooming Flower


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