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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 1 : The First Meeting
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Chapter One - The First Meeting

Fleur Delacour was awoken by the sound of a loud voice saying her name, “Fleur! Get up you’re going to be late!”

Fleur grumbled sleepily rolling over in her bed, stretching her arms above her as she settled back into her pillows, “Laissez-moi dormer Monique.”

“Seriously, you’re going to be so late. Réveillez-vous!” Monique told her in a sing-song voice.

Fleur’s eyes opened in shock, “Ven did you learn French?”

Monique was stood in the doorway to Fleur’s room smiling at her, “I didn’t learn French I just met a guy the other night. Coffee?” Without waiting for an answer she left the room.

Fleur groaned softly as she propped herself up on her pillows forcing her eyes to stay open. The clock on her bedside told her it was 8am and she was curious as to what Monique had planned for her day. Monique was her flat mate and Fleur was not ashamed to say she relied upon her quite a lot. As an 18 year old who could only speak essential English phrases it was a relief to Fleur to live with such a patient person. Moving to England had not been an easy decision and was one her parents did not agree with but they had helped her get settled by putting her in touch with Monique who was a distant relative and happened to have a spare room in her flat.

Monique came back from the kitchen clutching two mugs and settled herself at the foot of Fleur’s bed passing her a coffee. Fleur blew on the hot drink before asking, “So why am I getting up thiz early?”

“You have an interview.” Monique said factually with a grin. 

“What?” Fleur almost spat out the mouthful in her surprise, “Seence when did I ‘ave an eeterview?”

Monique waved a carefree hand, “Since I owled an old school friend. He’s going to put in a good word for you, you just have to show up and meet him first.” 

Fleur sighed slightly, “I don’t ‘ave much choice, do I?” 

“Nope, glad you agree. Now shower.” Monique grabbed Fleur’s half drank mug and sauntered out of the room again leaving Fleur to climb out of bed and go shower while muttering in French under her breath.

Ten minutes later Fleur returned to her room and found Monique once again sat on her bed. Upon Fleur’s returned she leaped from the bed and began fussing around her, within five minutes her hair was dry and Monique was rustling through her wardrobe while Fleur looked on bemused.

“Why ees thiz eenterview so important?” she asked, it wasn’t the first interview she had since moving to London but Monique seemed to be paying a particular amount of attention to this one.

“Because your parents are going to check up on you in a few days and they’re going to ask if you have a job and everyone knows you can’t lie.” Monique said wisely. An unexpected thing about Monique is that she is a scarily accurate seer. Fleur discovered this when she first came to London and Monique gave her an umbrella despite it being a rare sunny day, of course within an hour it had become torrential rain. At Fleur’s request however she tried to ignore as much of Fleur’s future as possible so as to not interfere.

Fleur waited perched on her bed in a towel for Monique to pass her an outfit she deemed interview worthy and after five minutes was presented with a grey skirt and blouse. “Wear this with tights and your black boots” she was told and once again Monique left, letting her change.

Once done Fleur went to join Monique in the kitchen where she found a bowl of cereal waiting for her. Monique gave her an approving nod, “Yeah that looks really good, very interview like. I’m going to quickly shower and change and then I’ll walk with you.”

Before Fleur had time to reply she was gone getting ready, it’s a good thing she trusted in Monique’s seer ability because she had no idea what job she was going to be interviewed for at this point. Finishing off her cereal she did the washing up from their breakfast and coffee’s before waiting for Monique in the sitting room.

She didn’t have to wait long and within fifteen minutes she was following Monique out the apartment using her wand to lock their door behind them. The apartment building they lived in was situated in the heart of muggle London, something Fleur didn’t mind because it was so close to Diagon Alley where she had been spending her time while Monique worked.

Fleur glanced at Monique as they walked, her flat mate was shorter than she was and always seemed to have a boundless energy which suited her youthful looks despite her being almost 10 years older than Fleur. She was in many ways the opposite of Fleur with her short physique and dark curly hair.

“So your interview is at Gringotts at 9.” Monique interrupted Fleur’s musings as she checked her watch, “We still have a little while, do you want to grab a coffee from one of the cafes?”

Fleur shrugged happy to go along with Monique as they reached the Leaky Cauldron. It had shocked Fleur to see that an entrance which was so shabby actually was hiding Diagon Alley somewhere she had grown to love visiting.
She followed Monique to one of the small café’s with tables outside. They ordered quickly and were soon sat back outside in the surprisingly warm air sipping from the oversized mugs that that particular café favored. Fleur pushed her blonde hair behind her ear and asked Monique, “So what am I eenterviewing for? You said eet was as Gringotts, what ees that?”
“It’s a bank.” Monique explained, “It’s mainly run by Goblins but they have plenty of witches and wizards who work there too. The guy that I owled just got a desk job there he’s a curse breaker, he’s basically looking for an assistant.”

Fleur nodded thoughtfully, she wasn’t sure exactly what she was getting herself in for working for a bank with a curse breaker. Curse breaking wasn’t her ideal career choice but she suspected that desk work wouldn’t be too hard for her to do for a while.
A tall figure cast their table into shadows as someone approached the pair, Monique’s face lit up as the person said cheerfully in a male’s voice “Well if it isn’t little Monique Salmons.”

“Not so little anymore,” Monique pouted jokingly, “I’ve grew two inches since Hogwarts, I’ll have you know. How are you doing?”

The person laughed and Fleur was tempted to turn around and see who Monique’s friend was, curious to see if this was one of her many admirers. “I’m really good, I’m just on my way to work. I’ve got to head in for that interview you set up for your friend.”

“Oh that’s great because she is actually right here, she can walk over with you now.” Monique replied downing her coffee and starting to stand. Fleur realized that the person behind her was actually who would be interviewing her and hastily wiped her mouth to hide any coffee foam.

“Good luck, see you later.” Monique gave her a quick wink before smiling at the man and walking back towards the leaky cauldron.

Feeling unprepared and slightly abandoned Fleur stood up and turned to greet her interviewer and was momentarily distracted by the very attractive person stood in front of her. Before she could speak however he opened his mouth and said good-naturedly, “Well Monique seemed to forget to introduce us, I’m Bill Weasley.”

Authors Note:
This story is going to be going through a major revamp and I am rewriting chapters now. My 14 year old self was clearly not in to proof reading. The plots going to stay the same though don’t worry.

French to English translations:
“Laissez-moi dormer” - Let me sleep.
“Réveillez-vous” - Wake up.

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