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Je t'aime by Jaded94
Chapter 1 : “Descendre mes cheveux!”
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Chapter One

“Fleur! Get up your going to be late!” A loud voice said close to my ear.

“On ne peut vous laissez moi dormir!” I muttered.

“Eurgh you and your French mood swings! Se réveiller!”

That made me open one eye. “Zen did you learn French?”

 Monique winked at me over her shoulder as she left the room, she came back in with a mug of tea for me.

“I didn’t, I just slept with a lad who knew French” she grinned at me.

Monique is probably my life boat at the moment. I’m eighteen years old I barely speak English and I moved to London. My parents didn’t agree with my decision but seen as they couldn’t stop me as im a legal adult now, they decided to just make things easier for me. So I’m now living in a apartment with my grandfathers-cousins-daughters-husbands-nephews-daughter. I prefer to call her Monique. She’s older than me by nearly 10 years, she likes to think herself wiser too but sometimes she admits she can be an idiot.

I sipped my tea before asking “So why am I getting up thiz early?”

“You have an interview” Monique smiled at me.

“What?! Seence when did I ‘ave an eenterview!?” I said confused.

“Since I mailed an old school friend. He says he can put in a good word you just have to show up”

I sighed “I don’t ‘ave much choice do I?”

“Nope, glad you agree” Monique smiled at me.

“Mal fille” I muttered as I went to shower.

 Half an hour later I emerged from the shower and was immediately jumped on by Monique.

“So sit back relax and you’ll be ready in no time” she said

 I wasn’t convinced but allowed her to comb my hair. Though at one point when she nearly pulled out my hair, I did shout “Descendre mes cheveux!” which left her amused.

Once my hair was dry and fixed back in a ‘messy bun’ I escaped Monique and headed for my wardrobe.

“Why ees thiz eenterview so important?” I asked her curiously.

“Because your parents are going to check up on you in a few days and they’re going to ask if you have a job and everyone knows you can’t lie”

 That’s another thing, Monique is a scarily accurate seer. She only needs to touch your head once and she can predict your future in a day. Of course as she’s with me more she can tell me almost my exact details for the day I remember my first day here it was really sunny and she gave me an umbrella I was curious as she said I would need it. Sure enough barely half an hour later it was raining. But over the last few months at my request she only checks up on my future every other week she insists that it’s to insure that I don’t get lost of hit by a bus, her words not mine.

I rifled through my clothes and finally decided to let Monique show me what I will wear.
 I didn’t bother to argue as she forced me into a cream blouse, a green skirt, with a green scarf and cream boots.

“It’ll do” she frowned before grinning. “I’ll walk you there you still have half hour”

 I rolled my eyes but allowed her to lead me out of the apartment. Our apartment was on the seventh floor of a building situated in muggle London. I didn’t mind as it was close to Diagon Alley which had become my favourite place to meet new people. The weather was incredibly hot though it was mid July so it wasn’t unexpected.

 We made it into Diagon Alley after only five minutes so stopped at the ice cream shop for a chat.

I had ten minutes until my interview when a voice interrupted our conversation.

“Well if it isn’t little Monique Salmons”

“Not so little anymore” Monique pouted slightly but she smiled. “How are you?”

 “I’m good thanks you?” The person speaking was stood behind me and I recognised that it was a male voice so I thought best leave Monique to it.

“Im well thanks I got your reply” 

“Oh yes the interviews soon isn’t it I should be heading back then”

“Oh no need she’s right here you can walk with her on your way” Monique stood up.

 I grew impatient “Oui! She ees right ere so Monique care to introduce me?” I stood too.

“Right sorry” Monique apologised before walking off smiling. I sighed and decided to introduce myself. I turned to the man behind me and was momentarily distracted.

Before I could say anything however he spoke to me “Bill Weasley.”

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Je t'aime: “Descendre mes cheveux!”


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