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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 5 : Empire
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empire.png Chapter 5: Empire picture by hplouise
thanks to dare4distance at TDA for the chapter image, so good :D

Disclaimer: It's all Jo's.

I figured, five years ago, that the best way to deal with my problems, and when I say problems I mean Sirius Black, was to ignore them, or rather him. Because Black was a typical seventeen year-old boy, and all seventeen year-old boys were impossibly easy to read and ever so effortlessly predictable. Which meant that if you ignored Black for long enough, hell if you ignored any boy for long enough, they would get bored and turn their attention to someone else.

‘Who’d have thought you’d be the sort of girl to wear little blue lacy bra’s like that hey Stebbins?’ Chuckled Black into my ear.

It was fourth, and I was stuck half way through double Transfiguration, with the prat princes behind me, muttering crude notions into my ear every time McGonagall turned to write something on the board. Whilst my two best friends were keeping out of it, Lily was hastily copying down every syllable McGonagall uttered, whilst Annie was looking resolutely anywhere that wasn’t my face, evidently trying to hide her laughter.

I had of course, being a better friend than either of those two were being at that moment, told them everything that had happened after Evan had stormed off the Quidditch stands the night before. Though I had left out the part when I realised that my shirt was on show to all four of the pricks currently sitting behind me to see, that was until they had started making impudent comments the second they saw me, forcing me to reveal the last detail of my story to Annie and Lily.

‘Don’t feel embarrassed Stebbins, we all know that you purposefully left your shirt undone, we know you’re attracted to us, who wouldn’t be?’ Potter whispered into my ear, making sure to keep a watchful eye on McGonagall’s back.

I could picture the smirk that usually encompassed his features as he whispered into my ear, making sure that I could feel his breath against my skin. I detested the ridiculous close proximity that the desks held in the classroom, so close that they enabled immature boys to whisper things into my ear, without having to lean that far over their own desks.

‘Mr Potter, Miss Stebbins, if I see you whispering once more, I will have to break up the little love-feast that is going on between the two of you.’ Snapped old bat-ears whipping round quickly to catch Potter in the act.

I gaped at her in shock; she had the sodding nerve to associate me into his little crude whispering! Though maybe it was her secret love for the troublemakers at the back, and the fact that Potter was of course Gryffindor Quidditch captain, that meant that I was too blame for the incident too.

I eyed her suspiciously, wondering if she really thought Potter and I had some romantic relationship going on. Or that she knew perfectly well of Potter’s deep, undying obsession for Lily, and our mutual hatred for one another, and knew that saying such a grossly putrid thing was sure to piss us off, and keep us quiet as we brooded over the embarrassment that had, for a second, connected us to a relationship.

She was the sort of woman who would do such a thing, if only to make her students shut up. True, she was a good teacher, and I was quite sure she didn’t particularly favour her own her house, nor I suspected did she really detest any pupils. But McGonagall and I were a completely different ball game, we had a hate-hate relationship, I’m pretty sure she was just upset that I wasn’t in her house. Or so I kept telling myself. I think our problem was I always got into trouble, and because she was usually the one who caught me, she had to receive the letters from my mum, and that was sure to make anyone detest me. She looked at the two of us for a moment longer, obviously revelling in our shocked faces before turning away, not allowing us to have our say in the matter, and so, in her opinion, ending the whole matter.
‘As if I’d ever want to go out with her.’ I heard Potter mutter childishly.

I glanced at McGonagall before turning to face him; it was worth being caught.

‘I though you’d be happy with anyone that could associate you with not being a virgin Potter.’ I smirked, leaning on the back of my chair to watch his reaction.

I thought for a moment I saw Black emit a small smirk, but as soon as he caught my eye a scowl suddenly came to his face. Evidently the bitingly cold classroom (Filch refused to turn on any form of heating until it snowed, the prick) had clouded my mind. I shifted my gaze quickly to Potter; I was suddenly extremely uncomfortable looking at Black.

‘Cal, just leave it, it’s not worth it.’ I heard Lily hiss from her notes, eyeing McGonagall’s back warily.

‘It is worth it Lil’s!’ I whispered angrily, turning to her, though she was now hastily writing, if possible, more notes.

‘So what sort of underwear are you wearing today?’ Black whispered sleazily into my ear, as I remained on the back two legs of my chair, caught between my argument with Lily and the crude comments from prats behind me.

His hot breath against my bare skin, the way in which I could practically feel his lips against my burning ear, had suddenly made me extremely uncomfortable. The sudden close contact of Black had surprised me, and caused the back two legs of my chair, that I had been leisurely resting on, to fall from under me, causing me to crumble to the floor. All I could do was look up, from my awkward position (flat on my back), at Potter, Lupin and Pettigrew leaning over their desks laughing hysterically, whilst Annie and Lily tried to hide their laughter. But it was Black’s reaction that surprised me the most, I had expected him, because he was of course a typical seventeen year old boy, to be pissing himself along with the rest of them, but instead he was looking at me with that same strange expression as he had the night I found he and Isla. But that strange look, that kept my eyes fixed on his own, soon disappeared to be replaced with a smirk, evidently he was wondering how the hell I had managed to fall so spectacularly.

‘Miss Stebbins!’ McGonagall said shrilly.

I wished I could say her shrill voice was full of concern for her fallen student, but evidently the large clatter as my body tumbled to the floor had shaken her. I’m pretty sure she thought I was mucking around rather than believing the truth of the matter; that I had fallen and broken my left arse bone in the process, if I had a left arse bone.

I stood up hastily, pulling down my skirt (Lily’s skirt) quickly, to find the rest of the class unable to contain their laughter, practically rolling around on the floor at me. I knew I was blushing uncompromisingly, but I could not help it, if I died right then I would be happy in the fact that I could at least get the hell out of the classroom.

‘You did something!’ I shouted accusingly, slamming my hands down on the boy’s table.

‘Just because you feel it necessary to fall off your chair to try and gain my attention Stebbins, doesn’t mean you need to blame me.’ Smirked Black leaning back in his chair to look at me properly.

‘And look your shirt’s undone again.’ Laughed Potter loudly pointing at my shirt.

I choked in shock, looking down quickly at my school shirt. It was not undone, the little prick. I lifted myself up to my fall height, not that impressive I must say, I am, to be fair, quite short, opening my mouth to begin shouting at them, I didn’t care if a professor was behind me, the little prats were going to pay.

‘Miss Stebbins, I suggest that you refrain from what you are about to say.’ Shouted McGonagall.

I looked at her quickly shrinking back slowly, though my eyes were still fixed in blazing fury at the wankers behind me. She waited until I had slowly picked up my chair from the floor, it’s scrapping legs reverberating loudly across the now silent classroom, and sat back down at my desk between Lily and Annie.

‘It seems as if I were wrong, it is a love triangle, well I better split the three of you up, so that you are not distracted from your studies.’ She continued, her thick accent pronouncing ever word clearly across the classroom.

I think by this point I was practically unconscious with anger, and I felt myself drift to the seat she had directed me to, unsurprisingly it was at the front next to some Gryffindor Lily shared her dorm with.

It wasn’t until Lily and I were walking to her common room after lunch (Annie had had to go to the Library for our free) that I think I regained consciousness.

‘Did that actually all just happen?’ I whined hooking an arm into the crook of her own.

‘I think it did,’ Laughed Lily, massaging her full stomach.

‘I hate them, I actually hate them.’ I seethed.

‘Me too. But don’t worry its Friday, we’ve got one lesson till the weekend and it’s a free.’ Lily said happily, leading me through the hole into her common room.

I smiled happily when I realised where I was, considering who inhabited this common room; I couldn’t help but love it. The Gryffindor common room, with its rich crimson and gold colours was warm and welcoming, seconded as the best common room only by my own, even Lily liked the Ravenclaw common room better than her own.

‘You know,’ I began still looking happily around the room ‘this isn’t like you to suggest relaxing in a free, you usually have work to do.’ I finished looking at her sceptically.

‘I’ve already done it.’ She laughed guiltily.

I began to laugh with her. Typical Lily Evans, why the hell she was never in Ravenclaw, I will never know. I throw an arm round her and continue laughing as we begin to walk up the stairs.

‘Stebbins, what have we told you about coming into our common room?’ Called a voice from behind.

Lily and I shared and aggravated look, I turned round to find Potter and Black (I really did not care where the hell the other two where) standing by the fireplace. I heard Lily scuffle up to her dormitory, the coward, evidently she could not deal with anymore of Potter for one day.

‘You told me I was welcome whenever I liked Black.’ I offered giving him a fake smile as I watched the rest of the sixth and seventh year Gryffindor’s watching us from the position on the sofas. I was rooted firmly to the third step on the staircase, refusing to be evicted from the common room.

‘Ahh so witty,’ Potter said sarcastically.

‘I am, aren’t I?’ I smiled down at him; I turned to leave, hoping to escape quickly to the confines of Lily’s dormitory.

‘Stebbins where are you going?’ Black called.

‘To Lily’s dorm,’ I replied irritably.

‘Well come back here we need to talk to you.’ Potter replied.

‘No, I’m good thanks.’ I called, I feared they were about to drag me out of the common room.

‘Have it your way.’ Muttered Black, a hint of amusement in his voice as he said it.

I had not even taken two steps before I felt the floor beneath me shift, and by shift I mean disappear, and I found myself (for the second time that day) falling to the floor. (What I didn't see was Black place his foot on the first step of the girl's staircase, morhping it into a slide.) The pain was worse than before, I was sure that I was paralysed there, lying on the floor at Potter and Black’s feet. I knew what they’d done, because they were not in the least bit civil, they had stepped on the first step of the staircase, bringing to life the charm that turned the staircase into a slide if a boy stood on it, like the absolute arse-holes they really were.

‘Stebbins have you ever thought that we didn’t want you to go up to Evans’ dormitory because we in fact needed to talk to you.’ Black offered in a most bored tone.

‘No.’ I said rather hesitantly from my position on the floor.

‘Well then may you maybe consider such an idea now?’ He asked in a patronising tone.

‘Yes.’ I muttered angrily pushing myself into a sitting position.

‘Good.’ Black replied smugly.

‘You’re to come with us,’ Potter said.

I looked at them warily; this did not sound good.

‘I am not going up to your dormitory.’ I said in a rather prudish manner as I pulled myself up.
They turned to look at me and then shared their own bemused look.

‘And why ever not,’ Potter asked.

‘Because I’m not a Ravenclaw for nothing, I know better than to follow you to a dormitory where you can kill me.’ I finished rather too dramatically.

‘Well that’s tough for you, because you made a deal with us,’ Potter replied folding his arms across his chest.

‘Which means you’ve got to come up to our dormitory to find out what this deal entails.’ Finished Black.

How disgusting, they’re finishing one another’s sentences.

Singing for your questions, but you’ve stolen all of my answers,
Too much entertainment drove my knights out of their corner,
Tell me that you’ve seen a ghost, I’ll tell you what to fear the most.
Empire – Kasabian.

Reader: I’m so sorry for the long wait, trust me it’s a hell of a lot worse on my other story, I have yet to update, or write the next chapter. But I hope you like this chapter. I quite like the start not the end so much, I knew I needed to add this in but it was bit rushed, so sorry. Please review though!

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