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I Love Lucy by XslowlyXfadingX
Chapter 1 : The Start
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I remember the summer before Seventh Year as if it had happened a minute ago. And perhaps in a way it had. Time had flashed before my eyes and things happened so fast. I was spinning downward quicker than I could say “snitch,” and there was nothing I could do about it. It was the summer that Lucy got kicked out of her house, the summer Lucy came to live with us. Lucy and I had always been close—we were the outcast, the freaks of the family, the Slytherins—but things had changed that summer. Lucy changed. I changed. Everything Changed.

Still, looking back I don’t think I would have done things any different. I still would have gotten that tattoo, and I don’t think the piercings would have been any different. Maybe Scorpius was a mistake, and possibly trying that new potion that Lucy somehow found out about was a mistake too, but it doesn’t matter now. That’s all speculation. What matters is I did what I did and now I’m here making the best of what I have. I don’t really blame Lucy for everything that happened. And though she introduced me to the things I got into, she didn’t make the final decisions for me.


“Rose! Rose! Wake Up!” someone hissed into my ear as I tried to pry my eyes open.

“Lucy? Is that you?” I yawned at sat up. It was late in the hot June night when she apparated into my room. The moonlight filtered in through my bedroom window strongly. It was a full moon and Teddy would be roaming the wild Earth, but I hardly paid attention to the time. Something was not right. Lucy was not one to make a call this late unless she was in trouble.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” I was alarmed at the sight of her. Her hair was pink and frazzled, her mascara running. Her usual mischievous smile was gone and replaced with pouting red lips. Her big blue eyes were filled to the brim with salty tears that threatened to flood her pale cheeks. And then they did. The tears flowed freely down her face, trailing black and leaving stains. Quickly, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. She sobbed into my shoulder until she couldn’t cry anymore. Slowly, her tears became nothing more than stains on my shoulder and her sobs had quieted into the occasional hiccup.

“Lulu, What happened?” I asked again as I rubbed her back softly. She was starting to scare me a bit. Lucy Weasley never cried and I mean never. We had been best friends and cousins since I was born. We were only a few months apart in age with Lucy being the oldest. And from the day of my birth, me and Lucy were thick as thieves. I knew almost everything about Lucy and I looked up to Lucy in a lot of ways. She was strong and fun-loving. Had I not known Lucy, I wouldn’t have thought that she was Percy Weasley’s daughter. She was always a trickster, a trouble maker, and a rule breaker. She was the complete opposite of her mother and father who were always tidy and proper.

Lucy took a deep breath and looked up to my eyes. Her eyes were a deep and pretty blue, the same shade as mine, the Weasley eyes. I grabbed my wand from my bedside and conjured a box of tissues. Gratefully, she took and wiped her eyes and nose.

“Thank you,” she said as she stood to throw her dirty tissues in the waste basket in my room. Then she sat on my bed and smiled weakly.

“I’m alright, I suppose. Just had a scare. It’s nothing really…” her voice trailed off and the sudden quiet was alarming. My cousin was hardly ever quiet.

“You’re lying Lulu. Tell me what’s going on. It obviously wasn’t ‘nothing,’” I ordered her gently. I pulled her down so that she could lay under the covers with me and relax before she spoke again. I ran my fingers through her hair knowing that it would sooth her somewhat.

“Well for starter my hair is pink,” she chuckled a bit painfully but a real smile played at her lips.

“Really? I couldn’t tell. I just thought you had a problem with opening a bottle of Pepto-Bismol,” Lucy giggled at my sarcasm and I smiled. This was the Lucy I knew.

“It is not Pepto-Bismol!” she exclaimed in mock offense, “I’m hurt, Rosie.”

“Well I’m sorry. It’s a very pretty color.” I played along.

“Yea, well, Mum wasn’t too happy about it.” Lucy whispered. So that was the problem?

“Oh. Is that what all this about? Your mum didn’t like your hair?” I asked her tenderly.

“Well that and the nose ring. Dad was livid. Luckily, they didn’t see the belly button piercing.” She replied slowly. “They kicked me out of the house, Rosie.” It was still again. I couldn’t find words for Lucy. There was nothing that I could really say to her, nothing that would make her feel better. I was also furious. I disliked Uncle Percy and his wife Aunt Audrey before, but now I just hated them. Had they no compassion? Had they no love for Lucy? So what if she wasn’t perfect? So shat if she didn’t do everything their way? She was still their daughter! Were they out of their minds? How could they?

While I fought with my emotions Lucy had fallen asleep. That’s when it hit me. Why didn’t Lucy just stay with us for the rest of the Summer? She wouldn’t be too much of a hassle. It’s not like she didn’t practically live here anyway. And then we would be off to Hogwarts for our last year. After that we had plans to get a flat in London anyway. So it wouldn’t be that much trouble, would it? I had to ask my Mum of course but I was sure that it would be ok.

“Hey, Lulu,” I whispered as I shook her softly.

“What?” she asked groggily.

“You can stay here for the summer. If it’s alright with Mum of course, but I’m sure she won’t mind.” I suggested.

“Thanks, Rosie.” And then she was asleep again. It took a few moments for my brain to calm down. Thoughts were running freely in my head. Lucy would be staying with us the entire summer! That meant a whole two months of non-stop fun. It was going to be the best summer of my life and then the best year at Hogwarts was soon to follow. I laid down and looked outside at the full moon and sighed contently. I drifted slowly into the land of dreams with images of the summer flashing around me.


“I’m not so sure about it, Rosie…” mum said as she began cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast. She was being a bit stubborn but luckily she was in a good mood.

“Please mum? Please? If it’s that big of a deal me and Lucy will get jobs at Diagon Alley. We’ll pay rent for her, anything. We’ll even clean the house and cook and everything so that you won’t have to! Just please let her stay here.” I knew I must have sounded whiney. But it would sway mum’s mind. She looked to me and I gave her my biggest puppy eyes look. It was the cutest I could muster and mum was a sucker for it.

“Oh, Rose stop looking at me like that!” she snapped more forcefully than I had expected. “Alright, alright, she can stay!” The pout on my lips quickly turned into a grin. Lucy could stay!

“If and only if,” my mum continued, “you two get jobs and help around the house.” I squealed in excitement and jumped up from the kitchen table to hug my mum. I caught her by surprise and she almost dropped the spatula the she was holding.

“Thanks, Mum!” I shouted as I scampered off up the stairs to tell Lucy.

“Make sure it’s ok with your father!” I heard mum yell after me, but it didn’t stop me as I thundered up the stairs and into my room. Lucy, who was still sleeping in my bed, tossed a bit as the noise reached her ears.

“Lulu! Lulu wake up!” I hissed at her. “You can stay!” Lucy shot up from under the covers and looked at me with wide eyes.

“You’re serious? I can stay?”

“You sound surprised,” I laughed, “Of course you can stay!” Lucy squealed and jumped on me in the same fashion I had jumped on my mum. We hugged for what seemed like forever, giggling in our happiness. I couldn’t wait. A whole summer of boys, the beach, parties, and jobs… That’s when our hug ended and I pulled away. I had forgotten about us getting jobs.

“Ugh. I almost forgot. Mum says we both have to get jobs though, and help around he house.” I told her as I sat on my bed. I wasn’t really looking forward to working in Diagon Alley. It would take up a lot of my time and this summer was supposed to be fantastic. It wouldn’t be fantastic if I had to work for most of it.

“Well what’s so bad about that? We get jobs down in Diagon Alley and we’ll spend the rest of our time chillin’ in London. Sounds good, yea?” Lucy said in her usual nonchalant voice. “We can go to London today and try to look for jobs. Hopefully we can work at the same place. And maybe there’ll be cute guys to work with.” Her eyebrows wiggled and I laughed.

“Is there ever anything else you think about? Besides boys I mean?” I asked playfully.

“What else is there to think of?” She laughed along with me and in no time we were both giggling like second years who had a crush. It felt like old times.

“Girls! Hugo! Ron!” Mum shouted through the house. “Breakfast is done!” As if on cue the smell of bacon wafted through my room making both mine and Lucy’s stomach rumble. Laughing at each other we made our way into the kitchen and sat, waiting for food to be placed in front of us. Hugo followed after us along with a groggy Ronald Weasley who sat and grabbed the copy of the Daily Prophet on the table.

“What are you doing here?” Hugo asked Lucy rudely. Before Lucy could respond I opened my mouth to avoid a conflict. Lucy didn’t like Hugo at all and Hugo felt much the same about Lucy.

“She’s staying here for the summer.” My father raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. Hugo glared at me before putting his attention to the food in front of him. Mum gave me a reproachful look and pointed her spatula to dad behind his back. Pursing my lips I nodded. I didn’t know why it was so important to ask dad. I knew he would say yes to his darling Rose.

“That is,” I continued, “if dad says she can stay.” I gave my dad my pouting face and mouthed the word ‘please?’ in silence. Lucy watched in ill-contained excitement. She knew just as well as I did that he couldn’t deny me something that I really wanted. And I really wanted Lucy to stay.

“Yea. Sure. Why not?” dad answered. Again, Lucy and I were lost in the midst of excited chatter about our summer. It would be one to remember. 

A/N: So this is kind of new to me. I'm going for a darker more angst filled Story this Time. The Idea for this Fic just hit me like a cannonball and now i'm just firing shots in the dark. I'm hoping that people like this enough for me to continue. I already have a couple more chapters written but i won't waste my time continuing this fic if people don't like it or don't leave reviews.  So What did you think of the First Chapter? Is it a good start for me to continue from? Tell me in a Review.

Thanks for your time,

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