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Close to Heaven by Leo072491
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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JamesPotter.png James Potter picture by Starlette14

A/N: Thanks so much all you faithful readers for reviewing! And of course I encourage all of you to review more :D

Chapter Image once again by the Lovely, beautiful, talented,

Also goes by Hysteria on The Dark Arts

By Lily’s 7th year she had read the book Hogwarts: A History two complete times. As a result, certain portions of the book always stuck out in her mind. And as far as she knew there was no record for the longest spell of silence in The Great Hall during the heat of breakfast time – until now.

Even after she and James had stood completely still in front of everyone, red faced and mortified, no one in The Great Hall had moved. They stood that way for over a minute, Lily and James on one side, everyone else on the other, before Lily felt James shyly reach for her hand. He laced his fingers through hers and began tugging her towards the Gryffindor table. Lily tucked her head and used some of her hair to hide her face. She could feel the stares of the entire hall boring into her, and she wanted nothing more than to slip silently through a crack on the floor.

Eventually she felt James stop tugging on her hand, and she looked up to see that they were both at the Gryffindor table where Remus was already sitting, a small plate of eggs and bacon in front of him, though he was still looking at the two of them curiously. James sat down on the bench across from Remus and motioned for Lily to do the same. Lily swung her legs over the bench and placed herself next to James; then, without warning, James reached for some eggs and toast, while Remus went back to his own food. Slowly the conversation in The Great Hall began to resume and the distinct sound of forks and plates clinking together could be heard.

Lily watched as in astonishment as James and Remus begun silently tucking into their breakfast. As though nothing had just happened! She sat there slack jawed for a moment. How could they be so…calm!

“You’re going to catch flies like that love,” James said cheekily and he reached over pushing lightly on Lily’s jaw till it was closed. Remus snorted into his eggs and couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he chewed while James grinned mockingly at Lily.

Lily glared at James for a moment before mumbling something unkind under her breath and reaching over to grab some fruit and other food and spoon it on to her plate. Just as Lily was putting her first forkful of eggs into her mouth the doors to The Great Hall burst open again.

“Lily Marie Evans!”

Lily looked up in surprise and saw her best friend Bridget Davis standing in the doorway, her hands on her hips. Her eyes scanned up and down the Gryffindor table for a moment before they rested on Lily. Then her eyes took on a look of determination and she marched herself right up to Lily on the other side of the table; both James and Remus looked up with surprised, puzzled expressions.

Bridget Davis had been Lily’s best friend since her third year. She was a 7th Year Gryffindor like Lily; they didn’t talk much until one day Lily came into the dorms upset over something Severus had said and Bridget had been the only one around willing to listen. Since then they had been each other’s confidents. Bridget had dark brown hair and these dark blue eyes; she was one of the girls that had the males of Hogwarts completely wrapped around her finger, and out of her and Lily she was the more out going one, the one who got Lily out of her little academic shell, the one who wasn’t afraid to make a scene. And she was proving that at this very moment as she stood in front of Lily, fuming.

“You are being a positively rubbish best friend!” Bridget snapped angrily, her fists still on her hips and her foot tapping angrily.

Lily looked up puzzled. “I am?” she asked. “How so?”

“How so? How so!” Bridget responded flinging her hands up in the air. “You suddenly decide to began dating James Potter – no offence James –”

James waved his hand dismissively. “None taken.”

“And you can’t possibly see how I wouldn’t take offense to the fact that you didn’t tell me!

“Oh my goodness!” Lily gasped. She had forgotten to tell Bridget! Of all people!

“I’m so sorry Bridget! I completely forgot! Well I don’t mean I forgot but I just forgot to tell you! There was just so much happening and I barely left the Head’s dorm all weekend. I was going to tell you I swear. Forgive me? Please.”

Bridget studied Lily’s face for a moment before rolling her eyes at letting her arms relax to her sides.

“Fine,” Bridget groaned, and then swung her leg across the bench, sitting herself next to Remus and across from Lily. “But I want all the juicy details later.”

“Of course,” Lily responded, grinning.

Remus and James looked at each other for a second with perplexed expressions before shaking their heads and looking back at their food. Lily distinctly heard James mumbled, “Wow girls are weird.”

Lily rolled her eyes before turning back to Bridget. “Well if I never told you then how do you know about…us?” She distinctly saw James smile when she said the word ‘us’.

Bridget rolled her eyes. “Are you kidding? Rebecca Porter told me on the way out of the common room. Everyone knows.”

Lily spat out her pumpkin juice all over her plate. “Everyone! How can everyone possibly know?”

Before Bridget could answer, Sirius Black came strolling up to the table and draped an arm over Bridget and Remus. Bridget rolled her eyes and shrugged Sirius’s arm off her shoulder and Remus made a nodding motion with his head as if to say “hello”.

“So Prongsie, old boy,” Sirius began cheekily as he made a pushing motion with his hips in order to squeeze between Remus and Bridget, “the whole school is talking about your little ‘display’ with Miss Evans over here this morning.” Sirius made a nodding motion towards Lily. “I must say you picked a pretty wicked way to tell the whole school.”

“The whole school!” Lily groaned before slamming her head into her arms, which were placed on the table.

Sirius reached out and clasped hands with James in some unusual sort of handshake.

“It was an accident Padfoot,” James responded, though he was grinning all the same.

“What a bloody brilliant accident,” Sirius snorted, his mouth full of whatever he had just grabbed to eat. “Everyone is talking about it.”

Lily groaned again from her seat. “Today is going to be hell,” She moaned. “People are going to be watching us all day long.” Suddenly Lily felt a familiar arm snake around her waist. James had taken his arm and wrapped it around her waist, then pulled her right up to him.

“You will be fine,” James whispered softly in her ear and Lily felt her shoulders visibly relax. “Who cares what everyone else thinks. So long as there is you –” James threaded his fingers through hers “– and me –” James placed a kiss on her temple “– then no one else matters.”

Lily felt like the rest of the room had faded away. She smiled again and leaned over placing a short kiss on James’s lips.

The Hall was a sudden chorus of “Ohhhhhs” and “Awwwwws” and “How Sweet”. Lily looked up to see nearly the entire student body staring at her. And she was not over exaggerating; at least ninety percent of everyone at the lunch tables was looking at her and James!

“That’s so romantic!” Bridget squealed, clapping her hands together excitedly.

“That’s so disgusting,” Sirius groaned, making gagging noises with his tongue. “James, since when did you become a pansy?”

“He is not being a pansy,” Bridget snapped, after slugging Sirius in the arm. “He’s being romantic.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t have to lose his kiwis to do it,” Sirius retorted.

Both Bridget and Remus began chocking on their food, and tears pooled into their eyes.

“His kiwis!” They both gasped and the same time, chocking for more air.

“Well yes,” Sirius huffed, “ his kiwis. Would you rather me say his –”

“Alright then!” Lily interrupted, slamming her hands down on the table. “That is enough talk about James and his kiwis. You’re making me nauseous here.”

“Why,” James asked smirking, “ do you not like big fruit?”

The whole table burst in to fits of giggles and Lily gave James an annoyed look.

“Well,” she retorted with a look of disgust on her face as she pushed her plate away, “ I officially don’t want fruit anymore.”

The giggles turned into peals of laughter.

“It’s not funny!” Lily sputtered, and it only fueled their fire.

“Oh fine then,” she retorted, throwing down her napkin. “If you lot are just going to sit here, make jokes, and make me feel…uncomfortable then I’m leaving.”

“Oh come on Love,” James gasped out through snorts of laughter. “It’s funny!”

“No it’s not!” Lily replied angrily before swinging her leg back around the bench, standing up, and storming out.

“Ugh Lily get back here,” James grunted as he took off after her.

Just as he was leaving he heard Remus ask, “Whose turn was it to wake Peter this morning?” and then Sirius shout, “Oh damnit!” before getting up and running out the hall.

Lily felt a slight breeze as Sirius when running through The Great Hall, past her, and through the double doors mumbling under his breath. But she continued on her way out the double doors in a fury. This – this dating James Potter thing was hard enough as it was without everyone else…picking on her.

“Lily, wait up!” She heard James call.

Here she was doing something she swore would never do and they were laughing at her! Ruddy gits!

“Lily would you come back here,” James puffed behind her.

“Probably not,” Lily snapped back.

She had been walking quickly through the hallways for nearly five minutes now. She looked up surprised to find herself hopelessly lost in some hallway near the back of the school. Even after going here for seven years there were still hallways that she had rarely or never been in before. And now she happened to find herself in one of those hallways. Didn’t mean she was going to admit to James she was lost.

“Lily, I’m sorry,” James said again, this time grabbing gently at her arm. She finally stopped and turned around. “Look Lily, I am not quite sure what I did but whatever it was I’m sorry.”

Lily sighed, and looked up in James’s soft hazel eyes. He looked genuinely sorry. Amused and puzzled, but sorry nevertheless. It would be wrong to let him think that she was upset with him when he had little to do with it. Stupid morals.

“It wasn’t your fault,” Lily mumbled and she saw James’s entire demeanor visibly relax. “I just – I felt like I was drowning in there.”

Lily ran a hand through her hair and rubbed her temples.

“What with Sirius’s… uncomfortable jokes, and all the stares, and now the whole school knows –”

“Why does it matter if the whole school knows?” James asked, a slight hint of annoyance in his tone.

“Because, it just does,” Lily answered placing her hands on her hips.

James narrowed his eyes at her and took a step closer, forcing Lily to face James with her back next to the wall and less space between them. 

“I just want to know Lily,” he asked quietly.

“I told you!” She responded exasperated. “I don’t want people watching me and judging me like what just happened a few minutes ago, James!”

“Merlin, Lily why does it matter!” James asked throwing his arms up in the air.

“It just does!” Lily retorted, stamping her foot. 

“Are you ashamed of me?” James snapped. “Of us – together. Is that why you’re so damn worried about what everyone thinks?”

Whatever Lily was expecting this wasn’t it. Her arms fell to her sides, and her eyes widened slightly in shock.

“What?” She answered, her voice going soft. “No I – of course I’m – where did you even come up with that?”

“I will take your lack of an answer as a yes,” James responded coldly before turning around and began walking down the hall in a huff.

Oh God! Lily thought. How did we reach this point?

“James, I’m sorry!” Lily called after him as she ran after him until she was blocking his path. “I didn’t mean it like that I just…”

Lily started rubbing her temples again. This was going to be harder to explain than she thought. She looked up to find James still regarding her with slight annoyance but he had stopped walking, that was something.

“You – you’re different James,” she began, her voice faint but she continued. “I didn’t ever think I could fall for you after we spent so many years together with a…less than ideal relationship. But then when I came back this year and you were all nice and mature and I felt myself begin to like you…in that way. And now I’m going against one of my biggest beliefs for last sevens years. It will just take some…time for my entire mindset to adjust. I just didn’t want the added pressure of everyone else’s opinions.”

Lily searched James face for some kind of clue as to how he was feeling. His face had thankfully lost all the annoyance and aggravation it held earlier, but now he seemed drained and almost worried. He closed his eyes and gave a deep sigh before responding.

“Lily, if I am so against what you believe then why are you even here, with me.”

“Because,” she answered, threading her fingers through his, “despite what I’ve thought for the last few years you feel…right. And there is no other way I can explain it.”

James took his hand out of Lily’s and brought his hand up to cup her face. She closed her eyes and felt James run his hand up and down her cheek. Lily took a deep breath to get a giant whiff of James’s unique scent; tingly and fresh, like mint, but as spicy as cinnamon. She reached her right hand up and gently grasped his palm that was still resting on her face.

“See,” she whispered. “We even fit together. You just feel…right.”

James groaned, and leaned forward so his forehead was pressed against hers.

“We’re some mess, huh,” he groaned. “Day one and we already can’t keep it together.”

Lily smiled, “We’ll be alright. It’s just going to take time.”

“Are you willing to put in that time?” He asked.

“Yes, are you?”

“Of course.”

They were silent for a moment, unmoving, until, eventually, Lily lowered her gaze and began tracing patterns on James’s jumper in front of her.

“Would you like to go outside?” He asked. “There are bound to be few people and it’s nice out, no snow yet.”

“That,” Lily sighed, “would be nice.”

James grinned and drew away from Lily, draping his arm around her shoulders, and pulling her to him. She wrapped her arm around his waist and leaned into his embrace as he led her down the hall to head back outside.

Anyone who saw this scene would have found it sentimental, touching, and perhaps even slightly unusual. But the one witness to this moment felt none of these emotions. And as the bile rose in their throat as they took in the scene before them, James and Lily exited the hallway never noticing their silent witness.

A/N: So what did you guys think? Good? Bad? Any suggestions??? Anybody think that they already know who the silent witness is? ;) Don't be afraid to tell me! I would appreciate it very much if you would leave a lovely little review in the box below :D. Thank you all for reading!

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