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Sound of Silence by DiDi382
Chapter 1 : Sound of Silence
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A/N: I don't own 'em... I don't own
"Heart and Soul" either...


“I love you my dear sweet boy.” She patted her son’s head and looked into his big brown eyes. She could see they were misted with tears. Feeling her own clouding, she looked away.

“Thanks Mum,” he whispered as he squeezed her hand.

They were silent for a moment; the only sound in the stark white room was the dull hum of the fluorescent light overhead.

She looked up at her son who now towered over her. He was as tall as his father, though his face held the same round shape as her own. She was so proud of the young man who stood before her. He’d stood up to Voldemort and his followers like she’d done so many years ago.

“So um, I’m getting married,” he sputtered, half a smile played on his mouth. “I think you’d really like her.”

“Oh love, you’re so young…”

“She’s beautiful, her hair looks like spun gold – bit cliché I guess,” he laughed.

She patted his cheek. “Not cliché for a boy who’s in love. I suppose.” He grasped her hand and squeezed it. She resigned a bit. “You’re going to make a wonderful husband my sweet boy.”

“We’ve got a flat near Hogsmead and I’ll be teaching at Hogwarts in the fall,” he paused as he met her gaze. “You’ll see. It will all work out.“

“My son, a Professor at Hogwarts. I’m positively bursting!” She looked towards her husband. He was staring out of the window at the falling leaves. She walked towards the man she’d been married to for more than two decades. The man she’d loved since she was sixteen years old and placed a hand on his shoulder. “So distracted darling… our son is going to be a professor at Hogwarts. Can you imagine?”

His eyes drifted back towards the window. She placed her hand on the pane of glass. It was cold, much colder than it had been earlier that morning. Tracing one of the octagon shapes in the pane she got lost in her thoughts. Her son still spoke from behind her.

“Harry and Ginny have been married for about a year already,” she heard him say. His voice was soft but she could hear the happiness in it.

“Lily and James’ boy?” she turned to face him from her own spot near the window and smiled. “That poor boy has been through so much.” Then again, so have you my sweet boy.”

“They’re expecting a baby in the Spring.” He clasped his hands in his lap and leaned up against the sterile white wall. “Hermione and Ron were married last Spring,” he continued looking up at the harsh round bulb above his head. It glowered and hissed at him but he did his best to ignore it. “So really, if you think about it, I’ll be one of the last.”

“My God, wars make children grow up too fast.” She crumpled onto the bed and folded herself in a heap in the corner.

“We’re no younger than you and Dad were when you got married really,” he reasoned, his hopeful face meeting turning towards her. “And for the most part, the world is safe now. Little Teddy and Victoire will grow up in a more tolerant world. I’m grateful of that.”

The shrill ring sounded in the room causing her ears great pain. She let out a small squeal, as did her husband.

“It’s ok Mum, it’s just a mobile phone,” he said pulling the small flip phone from his pocket. “Hello…”

From what she could hear of his side of the conversation and the pained look on his face, it was most definitely not someone he enjoyed speaking to on the other line. “Yes, I promise that I will go to the store for you before I get home. “

She could see him tensing as he answered the unknown caller. “I would love a mobile phone.”

“Yes, yes, I got your list when I left this morning. It was spello-taped to the door when I left earlier, of course I saw it.”

“Ugh, it’s your mother love, that vile woman! Tried to break up our marriage before it had even begun. I’m so glad that you stood up to her because I was always too afraid of her.” She laughed gently as her son continued his own conversation. “Imagine that, I could stand up to half a dozen death eaters who were vying for the contents of my mind but I couldn’t stand up to a sixty year old widow who forbade me to marry her son.”

She looked over at her husband who was still across the room at the window. He was now fascinated by the octagonal shapes she had been tracing earlier and had all of the fingers on his right hand placed on their own shape. A bit lower, his left hand mimicked his right. His hands moved deftly over the glass and immediately, she knew what he was “playing.” “Heart and soul. I fell in love with you – Heart and soul, the way a fool would do madly. Because you held me tight- and stole a kiss in the night.”

“Mum, Dad I’m sorry I’ve got to get going. Gran needs me to pick up some things before I get home and Hannah would like me to help her pick out some things for the wedding.”

“I understand darling.” She placed a gum wrapper in his hand and closed his fist around it. “You know how much we love you.”

Her heart ached for the boy who stood before her. She wanted desperately to wrap her arms around him, to hug him and tell him that she was sorry for the way he was forced to live as a child. While it was arguably much better than the way Harry had been forced to live, with a group of muggles who didn’t care at all for his well being, it was still hard to know that her own son had grown up with her mother-in-law, the coldest woman she knew.

“Mister Longbottom,” the petite young Healer stood near the door to the ward and called towards Neville. “You know she can’t really understand anything that you’re saying to her.”

Neville nodded and looked at his mother. “I think you do,” he whispered to her as the healer walked away.

He placed a kiss on her cheek and walked towards the door. “I’ll be back Friday Mum with more gum for you.”

She wiped the excess spittle from the side of her mouth and stared out the window once more. She could hear, she could understand and though she couldn’t truly vocalize, she could answer. “I love you my sweet boy…”

Ok so it's safe to say this is my first Harry Potter fic and it really just came to me this morning and begged me to write it... I'm in the middle of a Next Gen story at the moment as well which I'm hoping to post soon... please let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


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