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Rebel in love by RegulusSiriusGirl
Chapter 1 : A Marauder's drink is my Poison ...
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My eyes flickered open from the loud talking that was going on beside me, I grumbled as I rolled over and when I say roll over I meant roll off the couch that I had KO'd on last night. Saturday night there was a welcome back to Hogwarts party hosted by James Potter and his friends Matt, Joey and Lucas.
Usually me and my group of friends didn't go to these party's but stayed in our Dorm and had a sleepover but since Ami and Matt had started to date, she wanted to go down and we decided to join her.

Big Mistake.

There was drink, lots and lots of drink and loud music with hot guys and close dancing, I actually wasn't surprised that McGonnagal hadn't came and sent us all to bed since the party had raged on till 3am well at least I think it did, 3am is when I crashed out on one of the sofas.

"Ow" I moaned rubbing my very sore head, "See your finally awake" Tia smiled sitting next to the fire with a book on her lap. "Unfortunately, yes I am" I replied, sitting back up on the couch I had just fallen off, "How much did I drink last night?".

Tia wrinkled her nose as she thought, "Well, you had like a bottle of Ursula's Poison to yourself and thats just pretty much like the Muggle drink Vodka but stronger", she returned to her book, 

"Oh and you and James Potter made out".

I blanched and stared at her disgusted, James Sirius Potter?! Oh Merlin please tell me she is joking !

"Oh and prepare yourself, Rose is very angry at you", speaking of Rose she entered the Gryffindor Common Room and as soon as she saw me her eyes narrowed and I knew I was for it.
"Alixia May Halliwell!" she shrieked, "What were you thinking of last night!".


I bit my lip, I have no idea why, but I found angry Rose hilarious. "Actually" I said standing up and putting my hands on my hips "What were you thinking letting me drink" I shook my head and Rose's lips nearly disapered she was pressing them together too hard, 

"Honestly Rose and your supposed to set an example". Quickly skipping up the stairs I burst into fits of giggles much to the surprise of Devon and Ami who were my close friends.


"Someone's in a good mood this morning" Devon commented as she made her bed. Devon Thomas was a stunning girl with perfect dark skin and a beautiful smile, her parents were Dean Thomas and Lavender Brown. 

Ami Wood was nicely tanned with brown layered hair that framed her pretty face and her dad was Oliver Wood and her mum was Yasmin Bates who was a famous artist sadly though her parents were divorced but she stayed with her mum while her dad was on tour with the Puddlemere United Quidditch Team.

"So would you if you evaded a lecture off of Rose Weasley about under-age drinking" I smirked getting last nights outfit off and getting changed into clean clothes. Ami smiled at me and continued to paint her toenails a pretty turquoise, "You do know she'll get you later right?" she said. 

I shrugged, "Hopefully the boyfriend will distract her" I said brushing my brown hair. Devon smirked "Speaking of boyfriends, is James Potter yours?". 

I felt my happy bubble pop, I had forgotten about that, "No way in Hell" I said darkly, "I was out of it last night and it was a big mistake".

Devon and Ami shot a smile at each other, "Whatever you say" Ami said, continuing with her toe painting, "You know best" Devon said grabbing her purple hoodie and broom and heading out, "I'm away, Quidditch practice". 

I never got the chance for a comeback, I flopped next to Ami and laid back on her bed, "You know what's weird?" I said aloud, she waved her wand over her feet and the nail polish dried instantly, "What's that?".

"Shes a girly girl and hates to get dirty but she plays Quidditch yet you have the Quidditch playing family but you hate the game".

Ami laughed, "It's 'cos it's all I ever hear when my dads home and when you hear something 24/7 you eventually get sick of it". I nodded "Although that doesn't work with me" I added, Ami rolled her eyes, "Only Alix Halliwell can listen to the same song all week and not get sick of it". 

I sat up straight, "But Pokerface is a classic Lady Gaga song!" I said "And she rocks!".


Ami shook her head, "I'm not going to argue with you" Ami said slipping into her black sandals, "You coming?". I got up and stretched, "Depends where we're going?" I said, Ami stood up and ruffled her hair, "We're going down to the lake where I'll meet Matt". I froze, "Potter will be there won't he?". 

Ami linked arms with me, "Yeah but like you said" she grinned evilly at me, "It was a mistake". I groaned as she pulled me downstairs and out of the Common Room.

"Don't have a choice do I?". 

Ami shook her head "Nope".



"And then we flung him in the Lake and well he's not annoyed us since" Matt laughed, Ami shook her head but had a smile on her face, "I suppose thats typical of you" she said leaning back against his chest. 

I smiled at the two of them they were obviously in love unlike me and Potter who had insisted on annoying me since the moment I had arrived here. There was quite a large group of us here, Me and the girls plus Dominique Weasley and Lily Potter, James, Albus, Matt, Lucas, Joey and Scorpius all gathered around the lake near Hagrid's hut.

"So girls enjoy the party last night?" Joey asked smiling at James, who just smiled back. "It was fun" Devon said, "Right Alix?", I looked up from the daisy chain I was making, "Yeah fun" I muttered before returning to my daisy chain.
"All you gotta say Halliwell?" James said, I shot him a glare and was even more pissed off seeing that smug smirk on his face, "I would of thought last night was special for you".

I almost growled at him, "Hah!" I laughed spitefully, "More humiliating than special!". James still had a smirk on his face, "My apologies, you seemed quite satisfied last night" he winked at me, "After all you were the one who kissed me".

Okay that did it! "Well I was drunk!" I snapped, "What's your excuse?!". That shut him up he fell silent and Lily laughed, "Finally, you shut him up" she leaned over and high-fived me, "Good on you girl". 

Rose giggled "You gotta admit she got you there Jamie". James frowned at the nickname but nodded, "Yep you sure did Alix", he stared into my eyes, hazel meeting brown, "You got me good".

It kinda got awkward after that, I felt a blush creep onto my face and looked down at the ground, my hair hiding my face. 

"Ooh" Lucas whistled, he turned to Joey, "Looks like there might be a little romance going on here, don't you think Joseph?". Joey smirked at me, "Defo, she's blushing at the mere mention of her love". 

I glared at Joey "I will kill you" I mouthed at him but being a Marauder he just laughed and continued his jokes with Lucas. After that the talk made it to the subject of Quidditch, glancing at James I was surprised when we met eyes, usually he would be bragging about how brilliant he was at Quidditch not staring at me.

He just continued staring at me intensely and I found myself unwilling to look away. "Alix!" Devon said giving me a push, I snapped out of my trance, "Sorry daydreaming, what I miss?". Devon frowned, "We've asked you if you wanna go to Hogsmede like twenty times". 

Even though Hogsmede was a brilliant place and I was in the mood for it, I kinda wanted to be on my own and mull over James's weird sudden attraction to me, "Em thanks but no thanks" I said, getting up, "I think I should go study or McGonnagal will kick my ass in Transfiguration tomorrow". 

It was a complete lie, Transfiguration was one of my best subjects but thankfully none of the girls questioned me, Rose looked at me proudly, "Well done you wanting to study", she quickly kissed Scorpius "I think I'll join you". Tia scrambled to her feet, "Me three".

Devon, Ami, Lily and Dominique looked at us as if we were crazy, "Okay, well we'll see you at dinner then?" Ami said, I nodded "See you there". Just before I left, trying not too, I looked over to James and .. Dammit! He was staring at me with a grin on his face, not a smirk a grin. And James Sirius Potter never grinned at girls he only smirked.

Me, Rose and Tia started to head up towards the castle as soon as we were out of earshot of the others Rose turned to me, "Okay spill about you and my cousin".

I stopped and tried not to blush, "Nothing we hate each other" I glanced at both of them, "Don't we?". They both linked arms with me and we continued to walk, "Well I know for a fact he doesn't hate you" Tia said quietly, "Albus told me last night", Rose nodded, "Scorpius was saying that he doesn't shut up about you".
I groaned as we walked up the stairs towards the library, "But he can't like me!" I whispered as we passed some of his fan girls, "I'm not like them!".

Tia gave me a small smile, "Maybe thats why he likes you," she said, "Because your not them".

Rose gave a sigh, "That sounded so romantic Tia" Tia shrugged, "Wait a minute" I said stopping "Maybe its a bet or a dare or something!".

Rose and Tia shook their heads at me, "It's definitely not Alix" Tia whispered as we sat down at our table over by the windows, "Albus said he's crazy about you". I raised an eyebrow at her, "Care to explain why you and Albus are suddenly best friends". 

Tia looked down at the table but I could see the smile on her face, "No reason whatsoever" she mumbled. I nodded, "As you wish" I laughed, but Rose still wanted to talk about James, surprise surprise.

"I have one question" she said folding her arms, "If you don't have any feelings for him, why kiss him last night?" She smirked, "I mean you were shouting for him when you could of gone for any guy?". I
blushed and started to stutter, Merlin how I hated Rose right now, "W-well I was d-d-drunk" I said playing with my hair, "I guess its coz I knew he was there".

Tia looked up and had a smile on her face, "You weren't that drunk" she said quietly a smile growing on her face, "You actually hadn't started to drink till after you kissed James".
I opened my mouth and tried to speak but nothing came out, "You like James!" Rose squealed, Tia laughed, "I knew you did!" she whispered excitedly.

My head somehow landed on the table and I groaned, "Oh Merlin help me" I wailed, "I like James Potter".

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