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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 4 : Tommorow is christmas eve?
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Disclaimer i do not own Harry Potter though i wish i did !!!!

Chapter 4
“Hey you two. Have a nice time?”

Ginny smiled at the two suggestively as they walked through the threshold into the burrows kitchen. Fred’s arm still hung loosely over Luna’s shoulders.

“Fine thanks for asking Gin.”

The fire behind Ginny crackled turning green as Charlie flew out ,he knocked into his sister and the two went flying across the kitchen floor landing with a loud crash on the wooden floor this accompanied with Luna’s scream and Ginny shouting profanities soon drew the rest of the family into the kitchen.

“Ginny language.”

“Mum Charlie knocked me over.”

Ginny pouted and crossed her arms. Mrs Weasley turned to her second eldest son.

“Whoa don’t blame this on me not my fault whiny over here stood in front of the fireplace.”

Fred, George and Bill snickered. Luna looked over at her friend with sympathy.

“Ginny were you standing in front of the fireplace.”

“Well yeah but…”

“That’s all I need to know now stop this stupid arguing and come and help me lay the table.”

Mrs Weasley started instructing everyone as to what they could do to help

“Charlie where is your father?”


Charlie looked up from the table he was laying and saw Luna and Fred laughing and flicking water at each other by the sink. Her waist length blonde hair had bubbles in it and it shook as tilted her head back to laugh.

“He had to stay late, though he said he should be back for tea.”

Charlie turned to look at George. And mouthed.

‘Who’s the blonde? I recognise her.’

George looked across to Luna and his twin brother and smiled.

‘Ginny’s friend, Luna. Looks like Fred has hit it off with her don’t know what Gin will say.’

‘Neither do I.’

Meanwhile over by the sink.

“Come on Fred help me.”

He flicked some water at her. She smiled but tried to hide it.


“Fred doesn’t do serious do you Fred.”

“Well serious people can’t run joke shops can they now, Bill.”

“Suppose, Bill Weasley by the way.”

Bill stuck his hand out and Luna shook it.

“Luna. Luna Lovegood.”

“Nice to meet you again.”


“Well I am sorry to leave you in the dreadful company of Fred.”

“Oy.Thats unfair I’m not as bad as George.”

George’s ears pricked up from the other side of the table and he threw a placemat at his brother. Fred swatted it away

“I saw that George.”

“Sorry mum. At least I’m not as bad as Charlie.”

“That hurts George”

Charlie good-naturedly thumped his brother.

“Anyway Mum I’m sorry to have to go but I really must be getting home Fleur is on her own as she’s got a cold and didn’t want to give it to you guys and in these times I don’t like leaving her alone for to long.”

“Of course Bill go and give her our love. Oh are you coming for Christmas dinner?”

“Probably not unless Fleur’s cold clears up.”

“Okay honey see you soon. Love you”

“Love you too say hi to dad for me it was nice seeing you guys. Luna it was nice meeting you again.”

Luna smiled at Bill as he walked out of the kitchen.

“Come on then kids. Tea.”

They all headed to the table. Luna managed to reach Ginny.

“Where should I sit?”

“By me come on.”

They all sat down Mrs Weasley to the immediate right of the head of the table Ginny by her and then Luna, on the other side it was Charlie opposite Mrs Weasley George across from Ginny and Fred from Luna.
Just as they all picked up their forks and started to eat the fire turned green again and out of it stood Mr Weasley. A chorus of Dad and Arthur echoed throughout the kitchen.

“Kids, Molly and who is this.”

“Oh dad this is Luna you know my friend.”

“Oh yes how silly of me.”

Mr Weasley sat down at the head of the table and everyone helped themselves to food after everyone had eaten enough Mrs Weasley cleared away all of the mess with a wave of her wand. They all traipsed into the sitting room.

Mr and Mrs Weasley sat on the Sofa, Charlie sat on a stuffed chair and Ginny sat on his lap George lent against his parents sofa while Fred sat down on the other stuffed chair and indicated to Luna that she could sit with him.

“I’ll squish you.”

And with that she sat in front of his chair leaning against his warm legs. After about an hour of meaningless small talk Mr Weasley yawned and turned to his wife.

“Well honey shall we turn in and leave the young uns to talk.”

“Ok, Charlie we’ll lock up but you’re in charge.”

“Sure mum night.”

“Night kids, Luna.”

The two traipsed upstairs. George leapt up onto the sofa and stretched out all six ft two of his body

“So what shall we talk about…?”

Ginny smiled.

“I know….Boys!”

“Ha ha Ginny seriously.”

“What it was a good Idea.”

“Yeah but judging by the fact most of us are boys.”

“There’s only one more boy. But we all know Charlie is secretly a girl anyway so technically there are more girls.”

Charlie shoved Ginny off of his lap and she landed sprawled out on the floor.

“You know I didn’t mean it. That much.”

At that point Luna intervened trying to prevent another sibling argument.

“Charlie you work with Dragons right.”

“Yeah Luna.”

It worked everyone diverted their attention to Luna.

“In Romania.”


“Well so does my cousin Enna Comestas she just recently started about my size but her hair is a lot darker.”

“You have a cousin?”

“Yeah Gin only two though Enna and Kate I thought I had told you about them.”

“No how come we didn’t see them at Hogwarts.”

“Oh they went to Beauxbatons, well Kate still goes she’s in her last year anyway their parents died when they were younger so her mothers friends who could not have children adopted them and when Enna was ten and Kate six they moved to France we are like sisters even though the past few years Enna has been so busy training as a Dragon keeper that we haven’t really had a chance to meet up. Anyway Charlie you know her.”

“Yeah she’s amazing with the dragons and her wand work is incredible.I didn’t know she had a sister.”

“Yep that’s Enna.”

“You know I thought I recognised you and now I know why you look really similar just different coloured hair.”


Fred leaned forward and whispered into Luna’s ear.

“Don’t worry I prefer blondes.”


“Do you two know whispering is rude.”

Ginny’s voice intruded in on there cute private moment.

“Only when you’re the one being kept out of the loop.”

“Ha ha Fred.”

“Guys calm.”

Charlie being the mature sensible voice of reason butted in.

“Yeah guys.”

“George do you want your butt to get kicked if so keep on talking if not shut your face.”

“I’m so scared.”

“You should be.”

“That’s it I’m going to bed as unlike you lot I have work tomorrow.”

“I do have work tomorrow.”

“Fred your shop is shut on Christmas Eve.”

"Tomorrow is Christmas eve.”

“Yes Fred the day before Christmas day.” 

Do you love/hate please review and tell me what you think.Oh and what do you think of the pairing.Thanks to all my reviewers so far.

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Perilous Beauty: Tommorow is christmas eve?


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