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Above the Clouds by cathyyy
Chapter 15 : Truth
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[I don't own anything, it's all JK Rowlings. Only the plot and the OC's are mine. Enjoy!]

I was rudely awaken by Lucius in the morning, he shook my shoulder roughly until I sat up with a groan and rubbed my eyes groggily as the sun shined in my face. Disoriented I looked around, and then I remembered that I was in the hospital wing. When I could focus on Lucius he gestured at me to wake Draco.

Shouldn't we let him sleep? I mouthed but up on hearing his deep sigh, I turned and leaned down and whispered in Draco's ear with a singsong voice. “Wake up, Draco.”

He can't have been sleeping very heavily because he opened his eyes right away and turned his head to plant a kiss on my mouth.

“Morning.” he murmured, I smiled; he seemed to be in a good mood, I kissed him again.

“Well...” Lucius interrupted our little moment, he seemed a bit annoyed. “Whenever you two are done trying to swallow one another then you might get ready to see McGonagall...” He smirked when I blushed, and mentally slapped myself, how could I have forgotten about that? But then again, I forgot everything when Draco kissed me; I didn't even remember my name then.


I noticed that Narcissa walked out from a small bathroom to the left, looking refreshed. She had magically cleaned her clothes and changed them to look as if she had actually cared what she had thrown on. I noticed that her dark green sweater had been turned in to a long robe. Her hair framed her faced in a flattering way and I also noticed that she wore make up; making herself look less pale. On her lips she had a light red lipstick, it wasn't too dark and not too pink. Just somewhere in between.
She looked beautiful.

Beside me, Draco chuckled. When I turned to face him, he ran his fingers through my hair. 
“Bushy.” he continued chuckling as I paled a little bit, just some day ago he had told me that he thought that my hair looked better when it wasn't bushy, but due to what had happened, my hair spells had been the last thing on my mind. “Hm, I like it. I used to hate it, but I don't any more.”

“Well, I do.” I mumbled and reached for my wand. But he wouldn't have any of that, he simply took the wand and held it out of my reach. “Draco! Give it back!”

He let out a dark laugh. “I want your hair to be bushy today.” when I started to object he added. “Please?” He leaned in closer(still holding the wand over his head). “Pretty please?” He gave me those puppy eyes that I was unable to resist and damn if he didn't know it.

“Fine.” I sighed and he smiled triumphantly while he lowered his hand, but as I was about to take it he reacted immediately with his seeker speed and brought it out of my reach again.

“Oh no, not yet missy. Say that you promise?”

I glared at him before I nodded. “I promise to leave my hair bushy.” He smiled widely again. “For today!” I added when he gave me my wand, his hands rested on mine. “I'm starting to think that you actually have brainwashed me in to always letting you have your way, I can't seem resist your charm.” I joked, expecting him to at least smile but instead his face fell before it became hard.

He looked away from me suddenly and pulled his hands away as if he was been burned by mine.

“Sorry...” I mumbled, feeling like an idiot. Draco took a deep breath to... calm himself? His jaw was clenched when he looked at me again. But he remained silent. “I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me...?”

“I'm not mad at you.” he reassured me, in an annoyingly calm and controlled voice. “I am, however, mad at that filthy bastard.”

“I shouldn't even have mentioned it. I get that you're angry at him. I am too, trust me.” My voice filled with hate as I spoke about him. “Come on now, as your father said; we should get ready.”

I made an attempt to stand up, but Draco grabbed my hand before I could. “I'm anything but mad at you, Hermione.”

I smiled faintly and gave his hand a light squeeze before I stood up, dragging him with me without thinking, then when he almost fell over in a pained moan and had to lean himself a bit on me. I gasped horrified. “Oh, Merlin, I forgot!”

I pushed him back down on the bed gently but he burst out laughing and stood up. “Just messing with you.” He threw his arm over my shoulder and we started walking towards his parents. My hand went automatically around his waist and I rested my head against him.

“Bloody jerk.”



Lucius eyed us both while looking down at us – me, not at Draco so much since he was pretty much the same height. He raised one eyebrow. “Are you two really not going to change clothes before going to McGonagall?”

We were wearing the clothes that we had worn underneath our robes, my clothes consisted of a pair of very simple, quite tight muggle jeans and an equally simple white t-shirt.

Draco was wearing his favorite pair of black trousers and a black t-shirt.

“Do we even have time to change?” asked Draco after he had looked at our clothes. Lucius shook his head with his lips pressed tightly together. “Didn't think so.” Draco had decided to follow me there, despite Pomfrey's protests; he had promised that he would come back to the wing once we had finished.



Lucius and Narcissa walked in front of us out of the wing. I was shocked and tried very hard to stop the gasp that threatened to escape my lips. The corridor was definitely not empty any more, it was full of students who seemed eager to get a glimpse of us. I heard the heavy sigh from Narcissa, she turned around to give me an encouraging smile, before she straightened her back and walked confidently out together with her husband. I looked nervously up at Draco who raised an eyebrow and mouthed 'Ready?'

I licked my lip, before taking a deep breath. I was so not ready, but I mustered some of that Gryffindor bravery and nodded. 'Whenever you are'.

By then, his arm had gone from around my shoulders to holding my hand. He gave it a light squeeze as he started walking, I fell in to steps with him immediately, avoiding eye contact with everyone except Neville, who stood there with a quite pleased smile. I raised my right eyebrow at him and he gave a nod to his right; around ten D.A members, more or less stood there with the same smile on their lips. He had managed to actually talk some sense in to people. I was grateful.

I heard the faint whispers and tried to ignore them, most of them said the same thing. Holding hands. Death Eater. Slytherin. Brainwashed.

Then there was the other side of the corridor that was saying the same thing, but the complete opposite. 
Holding hands. Mudblood. Gryffindor. Disgusting.

I closed my eyes briefly, as we rounded a corner but opened them as we walked down the stairs, there was even people standing in the staircase to get a glimpse. It was ridiculous, really. They seemed to hate me- us, by the look on their faces. Still, some of them looked at me with pity.

I had never been more aware of his strong hand holding mine nor had I ever felt the need to hold it as bad as then.

“I feel as if I am walking to my execution.” I spoke in a low voice, so that only he could hear me.

He couldn't help it, a smile appeared on his lips. “That bad, huh?”


He glanced down at me and I up at him, that seemed to make the whispers go away, hell that made everything go away. He didn't seem to know what to say. “All you have to do is tell the truth, you know.” He shrugged awkwardly and I nodded.



All too soon we stood outside the Headmistress' office, all four of us. Most of the students had not bothered to follow us, a few Slytherins and a few D.A members only, but they stayed in the background.

Right in front of the door stood Draco, me, Lucius and Narcissa lined up, in that order, all staring at the door. I was biting on my lip nervously, Matthew would most likely be in there, and I wasn't sure if I could face him without wanting to kill him. But most of all I was worried what the Malfoys would do when they saw him.

“Well... is there anyone that knows the password?” asked Narcissa at last and they all looked at me.

“Oh, yes. Victory.” I spoke the last word louder and there was a 'click' and the door opened. Then they all looked at me as if waiting for me to move. “Uh-uh, forget it. I'm not going in there first.”

“Oh for the love of...” Draco muttered as he dragged me with him in, I didn't have the time to even open my mouth to protest.


The room was filled with people, I noticed as I let my eyes search the room for Matthew and found him standing across the room with a sneer on his face, obviously displeased with the fact that Neville had kind of ruined his great plan. The man standing next to him was most likely his father.

Professors, I noticed, all the professors were there. And Madame Pomfrey and Mrs Mulberry, and then there was two people whom I didn't recognise.

But I suspected strongly that the man in the brown robe were from the Ministry.

“You reckon he is the new Transfiguration teacher?” Mumbled Draco in my ear as he looked at the other unknown man.

“Could be.” I agreed. He looked a bit like Slughorn, but not as old. He had dark hair and was taller than the Potions master.

“You're here.” said McGonagall finally, she stood up and walked over to us. “And you still want to do this, Miss Granger?”

I gave a sharp nod. “Veritaserum or Pensieve?”

“Both, I'm afraid. If your memories have been modified in any way...” She shot a glare at Draco as she paused. “Well, then the Veritaserum will let us know about it.”

I snorted. “Which first?”

“Veritaserum.” said the man that I thought was from the Ministry, to which Slughorn gave me the vial that contained it. I thanked him, just a wee bit sarcastic.

They motioned for me to sit down at a chair in the middle of the room as they all sat down in a circle around me. I felt very trapped. Where is Draco?

I found his eyes and they promised me that it would be all right.

“Drink.” someone said and I opened the vial and brought it to my lips, I waited for Draco's nod and when he nodded, I drained it. It didn't taste like anything it all, reminded me of water. I coughed a bit when the magic set in.


The man from the Ministry stood up and strode over to stand in front of me. “What is your name?”

“Hermione Jean Granger.” I answered automatically and my voice surprised me, it was much more clear than it had been in a while. It wasn't thick with emotions.

“Do you know why your here?” He tilted his head just a bit.



“To shove Matthews lies down his throat.” I spat. Well... at least it was honest. “And get him expelled.” I added without thinking. He seemed to think my words over before he asked the next question.

“What is your relationship to Draco Malfoy?”

“He is my boyfriend.” I managed to make it sound like a question and glanced over at him as well, he was smiling widely. I gave him a faint smile before I was interrupted by another question.

“How come? I mean, didn't you two hate each other?” His voice was forceful, and I found myself disliking him.

“We did, but that was before.” I said and to that, he asked 'before what?' “The war, of course. When I got back to Hogwarts after the war, I felt as if I didn't belong with my old friends, because they acted as if nothing had happened. But I hurt to much to act like that, so I decided to do something about my life.”

“And what was that?”

“I wanted to learn how to fly, and Draco ended up being the one to teach me. I guess that was when it happened.”

“When what happened?” He asked quickly, almost too quick. He seemed to twist his tongue in his eagerness to get the words out.

“Well.. I could say that I felt that we clicked, but it was more like I got an electric shock, really.”

I knew that Draco was smiling without looking at him.

“During your time together, now, has he hurt you?”


“Drawn his wand at you?”


“Verbally assaulted you?”


“Made you hate Mr Raven?”

“No, Raven did that all by himself.” I growled through gritted teeth.

“Explain yourself.”

“Matthew has done all those things, he has hurt me with verbal assaults, he has attempted to draw his wand at me and he has made me hate him.”

“Tell me what happened in Potions class.” He demanded.

“We were making a potion when I walked to get more ingredients, I looked over at Draco just as Matthew was about to walk past him.” I took a deep breath. “Matthew then opened the vial he was carrying and poured it over Draco, who fell to the floor, and then I ran over to...”

“That's enough, thank you. I want to go back to talk about Mr Malfoy.” I gave a nod. “Are you in love with him?”

Desperately I tried to keep my mouth shut. “Yes.”

This wasn't the way I wanted to let him know, and I closed my eyes briefly at the awkwardness that I felt.

“Would you lie for him?”

Once again I tried in vain. “Yes.”

All around me people held their breaths, one or two whispered something but other then that: complete silence. The interrogator smiled somewhat, but hid it quickly.

“Are you lying now?”

“No.” Everyone seemed to release the breath they were holding and relax in their chairs.


I didn't want to look at Draco, I couldn't meet his eyes, not yet.

“You stand by your old statement, then? That Mr Raven did it all, and that you have not been... Brainwashed, at all.”

“Yes!” I raised my voice. “Despite what certain people think...” I shot a glare at McGonagall. “War changes people. Draco has definitely changed.”

“Very well.” he said and walked over to the Pensieve across the room. “May you place all your memories related to this from the last two days here, Miss?”

I walked unsteadily up to him and pulled my wand out of my pocket and placed it to my temple, my hand shaking. I took all memories; from the run in with Matthew and his friends in the hallway until now, and gently let them sink in to the Pensieve, still my hand was shaking.

“That's it.” I said and him, me and McGonagall looked down. “Am I supposed to go with?”

“Yes, I think that was the plan, Miss Granger.”





In the matter of seconds, we had literally dove in to my memories. It was odd watching myself with Draco, I looked so normal next to him.

I looked over at where Matthew came walking and knew that Draco's grip had just tightened around my waist. McGonagall was too busy looking at me and Draco to notice Matthews arrival.

“Well, well, well... The Blood traitor is taking his filthy girlfriend on a walk, is he? How sweet.”

Matthews voice startled her, but I knew that it was coming. Her and the Ministry guy walked closer to the scene that was played out for them.

“It is sweet, is it not?” I hadn't realized that Draco had sounded so cruel towards him, yet in a amused way.

“Hardly.” They walked closer. “You really should chose who you are seen out with more carefully, or some little bird might just accidentally whisper something in your fathers ear.”

“Seriously, Matt? You are threatening to rat me out to my father? What are we in, 2nd grade? Don't you think that my father already knows about this?” I didn't need to look at them to know how pale Matthew got.

“Lets go, Hermione. Take your hand off of me!”

Like a child I put my hands over my ears as an attempt to keep the sound of Matthews threat out. But I knew what he was saying.


The scene changed and we were in the storage room. That memory should not have been included. Oops!

“Eh, Professor, this memory is a mistake.”


“This isn't relevant!” I hissed mortified as the memory me and memory Draco slid down the wall. “Oh Merlin.”

I turned around and wished desperately that I could vanish from the surface of the earth.

I was just waiting for it to end, but I knew that before it would end; it would get worse.

Behind me I heard myself saying “I care for you.” and I grimaced, knowing what would come next; Draco would kiss me.

1, 2... 3. I counted silently. “Oh my!” gasped McGonagall before she too turned around, followed by the man.


Thankfully the scene changed and I found myself in the Potions classroom. I followed myself and Draco to our table.

“This is where it happens.” I said sadly to which they nodded. Everything happened very fast after I walked up to get the ingredients, I kept my eyes on myself for a while, not sure if I wanted to see the pain in his eyes as he screamed with no sound again. But when I saw the horror in my own eyes I felt obligated to look.


Gasps, screams and roars. I try to remember that it is just a memory. My own desperation was etched in the memory, making us all feel it clearly. I looked away; I couldn't stand it. I felt a tear fall and I bit my lip. Not until I heard Slughorns roar “Get out of my way!”did I move. I motioned for them to follow me, but just as we were walking the scene changed and we ended up walking in the Hospital wing instead. I pointed at myself looking at Draco's bed. All this was really a blur to me, but the memory was just fine. I heard him laugh and saw that McGonagall went rigid.

“You disgusting, pathetic, filthy excuse for a wizard!” and then I saw myself disarm him.

McGonagall let out an approving sigh and continued to watch the scene in silence.

The scene changed again and we walked closer to me and Matthew by Draco's bed, they listened to what he said to me and to me it looked as if they wanted to hit him as well. I loved the sound of my fist hitting his face.


The day changed and I explained that to them. They nodded, both of them looked as if they had run out of words to say. Briefly we watched when I kicked him, then the scene changed to when he told me about the torture that was supposed to have been all that Draco would have felt. They looked disgusted.

I watched myself run away and heard his voice scream right next to me. “This isn't over, Mudblood! Don't you think that I am done for one second!”


I prepared myself to return to present time, but another embarrassing memory had accidentally made its way in to the Pensieve.

“Oh... No.” I moaned and felt myself blush deeply. I saw myself on top of Draco in his hospital bed, kissing him like there was no tomorrow and his hand held my hair in a tight grip. I watched him bit down on my lip, and how he then kissed away the small amount of pain. I looked over at Narcissa who was soon about to cough... When she did, I looked over at us. He was tracing my face with his fingers.

“Are you really mine?” he asked, and it sounded just as wonderful as I remembered it, obviously.

“All yours.” was my reply, and I mouthed the words as the memory me said them.

A couple of seconds passed as we looked at each other. I glanced between the two adults that were observing the scene in front of them. “Then I'm all yours.”

I could swear that I heard McGonagall sigh, a happy sigh though. I heard the kiss on my forehead and then his mumbled word that made my heart skip a beat even the second time I heard it. “Mine.”




We were back in the Headmistress' office and we all looked at each other. I was still blushing furiously.

All other persons in the room were looking at us, but we didn't care. I didn't care at least; I just wanted to know what they were going to do with what they now knew.

“Oh, and I left out all the agony of watching him fight for his life in the hospital wing.” I said after a while of silence.

A short nod each. Then McGonagall turned to look at me, gently she put her hands on each side of my shoulders. “I am so sorry that I didn't believe you.” Then she turned around, and when her eyes landed on Matthew; he flinched. “You!” she took a step closer to him. “That was the most... The most... I can't even find words for it, Raven.”

“Better say it straight out.” The man said to Raven. “You are expelled, you lying little prat and on the behalf of the Ministry and the whole Wizengamot, I forbid you to have access to a wand for two and a half years, that is until you reach the age of twenty.”

Matthews jaw dropped and he looked a lot like a dying goldfish.


I sighed in relief and suddenly felt very dizzy. But I ignored it, and looked around after Draco, he was smiling as he was walking towards me.

“Told you that it would be fine, Hermione.” He said and pulled me to him and I melted against him. “So, you're in love with me?”

I knew he was going to ask, but I still made a face(which he couldn't see) but the more I thought about it the less it made sense, why wouldn't I want him to know?

After what had happened, when I had been sitting by the hospital wing, not knowing if I would ever get the chance to tell him, you'd think that I wouldn't have any hesitations about it. I sighed. “Draco, I confessed to being that under the influence of Veritaserum, if I told you that I wasn't in love with you now, then you'd know I'd be lying.”

“True that.” He smiled “Well, I am, eh, with you too.” I settled for that, knowing that feelings wasn't his strongest side. I could feel his chest move as he sighed, but before he could speak again, I spoke.

“Don't speak, just hold me. Please.” he did so, his arms held me, if possible, even closer. I inhaled his scent and titled my head to look at him. “Not to be rude or anything, but Merlin, you need a shower.”

“So do you.” He chuckled lightly making some people turn their heads to look at us.

Across the room stood McGonagall and had a heated discussion with Matthew and his father, who looked ready to kill. Draco led me closer to them, probably so he would be able to eavesdrop. His arm hung around my shoulders, a very casual thing but it made my heart race. I found it quite ridiculous that a simple touch could affect me so much, it was not like me at all. But I did not complain, I rather liked it actually, the way his touch made me shiver, the way my heart raced, and the way his kisses made me light headed. I wouldn't want to change that for anything in the world.

“Yes, I understand that it must be hard for him, but that gives him no excuse for going around trying to kill my students, Mr Raven.” hissed McGonagall to Matthews father who took a step closer to her as she spoke.

“And what about the Malfoy boy? How could you even let him back to school, he is a Death Eater, for Merlins sake!”

Draco stiffened beside me and I glanced up at him, his face was stone like and his eyes were hard, cold.

“I assure you that I know what I am doing. That boy is just as much of a Death Eater as I am.” was all she answered, and I noticed how she glanced over at Dumbledore's portrait as she spoke. Her voice didn't seem convincing to me. Dumbledore was smiling widely and his eyes were twinkling, he winked at me. “Horace and I will follow you down to the Slytherin common room, to gather your things, and then you'll have to leave the grounds.”

Matthew looked as if someone had slapped him across the face, but nodded.

I turned to look at Draco who still had such coldness in his eyes; it made me shudder. He noticed me looking at him and looked down at me, but the cold expression wouldn't leave his eyes.

He reminded me of the old Draco and I swallowed hard. “Don't listen to them...”

“Mr Raven, you should be glad that he isn't going to Azkaban for this! Attempt of murder is a serious business, but since he is so young... I am sure that if this went to trial; he would be convicted. But I do warn you, if he break the law one more time, just the smallest violation; He will go to Azkaban. No doubt about it. You should be glad that he was just expelled. ” I heard the Ministry man say to Matthews father.

“Just!” huffed Matthew silently. “I can't use magic for two and half years, and I am just expelled.”

But my eyes were still locked on Draco's cold ones that seemed to soften every second. “Are you all right?” I asked softly and he nodded slowly, still looking like someone had drenched him in ice cold water. “They don't know anything, they weren't there.” I leaned my head against his chest.

He didn't reply but he held me tight, and inhaled the scent of my hair. I barely noticed that Mr and Mrs Malfoy had moved to stand beside us.

Then out of nowhere Matthew appeared in front of us, glaring at Draco and then focusing at me.

“I guess you're pleased now, Mudblood?” He sneered and my fists clenched and I made an attempt to raise one of them, but Narcissa's hand came out to stop me.

“Don't loose your temper, dear.” She mumbled as if she didn't want to cause a scene. I shrugged her hand off, and she backed away. Draco's jaw was clenched as he glared at Matthew through his hair that hung in front of his eyes.

“Don't ever call her that again.” He threatened in a low, hostile voice. Matthew laughed, he actually threw his head back and laughed.

“What more could you do to me? You've already had me expelled and stripped me off my wand. You and that Mudbl...” But he never finished that sentence as Draco's fist collided with his nose with a lovely cracking sound. Matthew stumbled backwards with a groan and his hands made their way to cover his bleeding nose, but before they could reach up, Draco hit him again and again and again. I made no attempt in stopping him, if anything I wanted to help him and that feeling scared me. But the hate I felt towards Matthew scared me as well. Draco lowered his blows to Matthews stomach and chest, which received more than a hit each. Matthew swung his fist towards Draco but missed and gave Draco the opportunity to throw Matthew down on the ground with another blow to his already broken nose. He was just about to kick him in the stomach when I reached out and took a hold of his shoulder and pulled him back. No one in the room moved, no one seemed to want to object to Draco's actions. Matthew was moaning on the floor, covering his face with his hands.

He just shrugged my hands off. “Draco!” I tried again, but to no success. “Draco, you can't kick someone who is down...”

“The hell I can!” He snapped at me, and I flinched. “He deserves it.”

“I know he does, but...”

“But what!?” He roared and turned around, Matthew saw his chance and began to push himself up in a sitting position. When he was on his knees however, Draco turned around and pushed him down again using his foot. “You stay down, you git.” When he made an attempt to sit up again, Draco kicked him on his ribs, making him gasp and grimace.

Matthew groaned when he landed on his back. He glared up at Draco, but understood that he wasn't in any position to object. But he wasn't going to back down, I realized as he forced a smile up on his lips. “Sbe's got you wrabbed around ber finger, doesn't sbe? The Mudblood and the Pureblood...” He couldn't speak very well, but everyone got what he was saying. He coughed and then he spit, blood, careful not to get it on his clothes. The blood was probably from his nose, or maybe he had lost a tooth. Draco dashed out but was held back as Lucius placed his cane across his chest, making him stop. “Don't, son. It isn't worth it.”

“He deserves it.” Draco growled, but he did back off, holding his hands up in surrender. I noticed that his knuckles were bloody, if it was his blood or Matthews... I wasn't sure.

“Go stand by the door, Mr Malfoy.” said a very calm Headmistress, as if nothing had happened. She didn't even bother to look at the boy on the ground. She was glancing up against Dumbledore's portrait. I did too, his lips were twitching even though he tried to look very serious. It seemed to me as if he had expected this and thought that Matthew was a downright git. He caught my glance and tried even harder keep his mouth shut.

“Aren't you going to do something?” Demanded Mr Raven, staring shocked at McGonagall. “Its your students, why aren't you doing anything?”

“Only one of them are my student, Mr Raven. He will be given detention.” McGonagall spoke, and looked away from Dumbledore to Draco. “A lot of detention.”

Draco nodded stiffly, then Lucius told him to go wait by the door. He sent his father a glare that could have burnt Lucius to ashes, but did as he was told.

Matthews father helped his son up, and dragged him with him towards the window and healed him. Everyone did their best to ignore them.



“Would that be all, McGonagall?” drawled Lucius, tapping his fingers against his cane as if he was stressed. McGonagall nodded shocked, making Lucius snort, he obviously waited for something. “Nothing you'd like to say to Draco... or Miss Granger?”

“Oh...Of course.” She turned to look at Draco, she seemed embarrassed by the fact that Lucius Malfoy had reminded her of something like that. “I am sorry that I didn't believe you. And, Miss Granger, again, I am sorry that I didn't trust your word either.”

“It's all right.”

“You should be.”

Me and Draco said at the same time, his words made McGonagall look at him wide eyed.

He cleared his throat when he noticed that everyone was looking at him as he was standing leaning himself against the door. “I mean, you should be sorry about not trusting Hermione, not me. I understand why you wouldn't trust me, I wasn't the best boy when I was younger.”

“No kidding.” I mumbled under my breath. I knew that Draco had heard me, but he chose to ignore me.

“But I would like for you to give me a chance, like Hermione did.”

I'll never get used to hearing him say my name like that. I thought.

“It's the least I can do, Mr Malfoy.” She looked at the three Malfoys and me, then she gave a soft nod. “You may go now.”

“But... Wait!” I said when Draco had started to open the door. “Why did he do it? He must have had a reason. I refuse to believe that it was all about me being a muggleborn!”

She looked around as if checking if anyone was looking then she leaned in and whispered to me.

“From what he and his father just told me, it had to do with his mother, and...”

“His mother?” I mumbled in disbelief. “She is a muggleborn!”

“Shh! Yes, she is. She just left his father for a muggle, I reckon Mr Raven didn't take that so good, and then there is this other thing...”

“Wait, his mother left his father for a muggle?” I shook my head at all the sudden information. “No wonder he is upset with muggleborns, but why would he go after Draco and not me, then?”

“Miss Granger, would you please let me finish!” I shut my mouth immediately and she closed her eyes but opened then as she begun to speak again, in a low whisper so that only I heard. “There was that, and then there was his girlfriend. She wasn't so fond of you and Draco together either.”

“His girlfriend pursued him to do that to Draco?”

“Yes, do not look so shocked, Miss Granger. What did you expect from her? A box of chocolate and a ´I'm-happy-for-the two of you´ note?”

I stared at her, probably looking even more shocked. My mouth had gone dry and I noticed that Draco's parents had gone to stand with him by the door, waiting for me.

“Exactly who is this 'her' that we are talking about?” I asked, not sure if I wanted to know the answer to that one.

“Why, Miss Parkinson of course.”

“Parkinson?” I echoed. “Pansy Parkinson?”

McGonagall gave a odd stare before she nodded and I could feel my jaw drop and hang open. “You're joking!”

“I assure you that I am not joking.” she huffed and leaned back again.

“Oh...I...” I couldn't help it, but I started to laugh. It felt as if I had just been comparing the two. “My, do...they deserve... each other, or what?” I managed to choke out between my laughter.

McGonagall actually smiled when I had calmed down. “You should go now, Miss Granger.”

“Yes, yes.” I nodded, while still smiling widely.

“Oh, and Hermione?” She still smiled. “I think that there is a pleasant surprise for you two waiting in the Hospital wing.”

“For me and Draco?” I asked sceptically and blinked several times.

“Mostly for Mr Malfoy, I suppose. But for you too, I think.”

“What...?” I started but she shook her head, telling me that it was a surprise; her way of making up for not trusting us. “But how did you...? How did you know that.. When did you have time for..?”

“Well, I trusted Albus on that one. I had Horace sneak out after you had answered most of the questions, and he got everything ready. Now, no more questions. Go.”

But before I walked out of the room, I strode over to Matthew who looked pissed as hell. His father glared at me as well. I didn't say anything but waited for him so say something, like I knew that he would.

“What do you want?” He snapped at me. I took a hold of my wand, but did not draw it. I smirked against my will as I knew what I was going to do. Brilliant idea, Hermione.

“You cleaned up quite well, Matthew. Too bad you missed a spot.” I said, nodding towards his nose, his hand went up to check if there was any blood left, but he couldn't find any. “When he lowered his hand, I laughed sarcastically before I spit in his face. “Yeah, right there.” I said when his hand came up to wipe it off him. I didn't say anything else, I simply walked away as I saw his disgusted expression. I felt good about it, very good.




I couldn't hold back the excitement that rushed through me as I walked over to Draco and his family. He once again pulled me to him and smiled.

“How's your hand?” I asked.

“What did she tell you?” He ignored my question, while Lucius and Narcissa both let out something that sounded like a muffled laugh. “And did you just spit in his face?”

Draco was so curious that I thought he might explode. It was annoyingly cute. I didn't answer him until we had walked out the door and I heard it close behind us.

“Yes.” I answered the last question first. “And she told me that Matthew has a girlfriend, and she was the one who pursued him in to doing it. And his mother left his father for a muggle and there is a surprise waiting for us in the Hospital wing.”

“His mother left his father for a muggle? Said a thoroughly shocked Lucius and shuddered instantly, looking over at his wife with a threatening look that said 'If you would ever do that...'

“He has a girlfriend?” asked Draco, ignoring his fathers words.

“Yeah, it was news to me too, apparently he is dating your leftovers.” I raised an eyebrow as I looked up at him.

“Pansy.” He stated emotionless, then he shook his head. “I should have known, this absolutely reeks of Pansy. It's so obvious that she came up with the idea. That stupid slag.”

I was taken aback a bit but then I started laughing. “I don't think it was her idea to do it to you, though. I think in her opinion the potion should have been poured over me.” He nodded his agreement before he turned to his father.

“And that's the kind of girl you'd like me to be with?” I could hear the seriousness behind the humour in his voice.

“Well, not any more.” Lucius said in a 'Well- duh' kind of tone, yet he made himself sound uninterested. “She'll do.” he said nodding my way without looking at me and I felt that I had just won a battle, I could feel my heart skip several beats out of pure happiness. I think that Draco felt the same thing as he looked down at me and smiled lovingly. I simply melted.

“So what's up with the surprise?” he asked, making me snap back to reality; I had been lost in his eyes.

“Er... I have no idea! She said that Slughorn had been 'getting everything ready'. Don't ask me what she meant with that.”

“For the both of us?” His eyebrows raised and I nodded.

“But mostly for you...” I trailed off as I started to dwell over what it could possibly be.



Lucius and Narcissa excused themselves, and walked to make sure that Matthew actually left the grounds, as Draco and I continued our way up to the wing.

Our theories of what it could be was... Well, one was as unlikely as the other.

We were laughing at our silly theories as we reached the wing. All of the tension from earlier was gone, and it was as if the last three days had never happened.

“Ready to find out what our surprise is?” Draco asked, his grey eyes wide out of excitement and curiosity, he reminded me of a child on Christmas – that adorable expression in their eyes just before they open their gifts.

“More than ready!” I nodded happily and he opened the wooden door and we ran in, desperately trying to get in there faster than the other. He got in before me and he completely froze immediately at the sight in front of him.

His mouth was a perfect 'O' and his eyes were huge. I had never seen him look so happily shocked. I glanced around in the room and looked out the window briefly, it looked as if it would begin to snow, before I followed his gaze and blinked several times before I broke out in a smile, it was perfect. Simply perfect!

“Gee, Malfoy, close your mouth. It's only me.”



[Wow, longest chapter so far! I hope you'll like it. Want to clear one thing up, Lucius is still a racist bastard, but he has agreed to giving Hermione a chance, much thanks to Narcissa, I think(know). And because of everything that has happened, he didn't want to be fighting with Draco so he gave in. It's as simple as that. I doubt that Lucius has suddenly overcome his hatred of muggleborns and lets face it; Anyone in their right mind would have chosen Hermione over Pansy.

So, what do you think about Matthew, and him being expelled? Would you like to see more of him in the future? Would you like to see some of Pansy? Do you like the chapter? Bad/Good?

Aaand... Who do you reckon is the surprise person that got Draco so shocked? Lemme know! - Cathyyy]

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