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A Normal Day for Sirius Black by Siriius
Chapter 1 : Retelling the Night's Events
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It was Sunday morning, the day after the boys had celebrated Sirius' 20th birthday. His birthday was actually on the Wednesday but they had a night in with a few drinks on Saturday. Sirius himself was dozing quietly on James' couch, an empty bottle of Firewhiskey slipping out of his hand. It eventually fell to the ground with a 'clunk,' which woke Remus who was sleeping on the armchair across the room. The living room door opened up and a half naked James walked in, clutching the side of his head tightly with 'physical pain,' written across his face.

"Alright there Prongsie?" Sirius mumbled, staring at him with squinted eyes. James slowly nodded and made his way into the kitchen. Sirius pulled the blanket up close around his chin before rolling over onto his back and staring up at the ceiling. Remus groaned loudly and sat up with a stretch.

"That was a good night, I must say," he said, a large smile etched onto his face. Sirius laughed quietly and nodded.

"Ah it was!" He also sat up, throwing the blankets off of him. Large tattoos covered his chest and arms along with a few on his hands. The tattoos had come up after the boys had left school. Sirius had also bought the motorbike he'd always dreamed of getting and even enchanted it to fly.

He pulled his grey sweat pants on over his boxers and stumbled into the kitchen after James.

"Anything for a hangover?" Sirius asked him, opening the many cupboard doors, looking for something to help cure his horrible, oncoming headache.

James pointed lamely up above the fridge to which Sirius reached up and pulled down a small bag. It was full of vials, none of which Sirius could understand which one was to help a hangover. The kitchen door opened and a heavily pregnant, Lily Potter walked in. The clamminess of her face was frightening and her brow was covered in sweat.

"I think she needs more help than me," Sirius muttered, taking in Lily's appearance. Lily reached up and brushed her hand across her upper lip before falling into a seat by the table.

"This is what I get for being pregnant," she said simply, reaching over and fishing an apple from the large fruit bowl.

"Yeah James!" Sirius shot at James, who blushed and covered his face immediately. Lily smiled warmly and ran a hand up and down his bare back.

"Ah don't be worrying! But anyways," she got to her feet, grabbed the bag and rummaged through it before pulling out a small vile filled with a clear liquid.

"This should clear your headache right up. There's a few more in there if James and Remus needs them." Lily placed the bag back on the table and went back upstairs to bed. James took his and Remus' vile and walked into the living room. Remus was staring intently at nothing in particular but snapped out of it before catching the tiny bottle of anti-hangover James threw at him.

"So Sirius, what did you do on Wednesday?" James said with a sigh as he flung himself down onto the couch. Sirius took a seat beside him, a large grin playing on his face. He pulled the large blanket over his legs, not saying a word.

"I know that smile!" Remus laughed while James smiled at his best friend.

"What did you do?" he asked again, reaching under the blanket and pinching Sirius' leg. Sirius cried out loud and started laughing hysterically.

"Okay, okay I'll tell you!" Sirius screamed as James lunged forward and started tickling him.

"Well, I met a girl about two weeks ago," he started before being interrupted by Remus.

"And you never told us about her?!" he cried in mock shock. James too feigned a fake expression of sadness.

"No come on guys, listen!" Sirius said with a smile. "It was ... Marlene." James and Remus' jaws hit the floor before laughing loudly.

"McKinnon?!" Remus cried, sitting up and staring at Sirius. He blushed and nodded.

"I was just waiting for the day they hooked up," James said while rolling his eyes.

"Well anyways, she said she wanted to do something for my birthday so we had dinner, a few drinks and watched a movie," Sirius explained. Remus' eyebrows shot up.

"Is this where it gets interesting?" James hushed him with taking his eyes away from Sirius.

"So, during the movie, she started coming onto me!" Sirius said with a laugh. He leaned back against the couch and cleared his throat.

"Well, okay ... It's getting interesting," Remus muttered.

"What was she wearing?" James asked. All three men broke into hysterics of laughter. They were clearly waiting until that question was asked.

"Well, let's see..."

Marlene was dressed in a low-cut, black top along with a short skirt that complimented her long legs. She wore a black pair of stilettos and her brunette locks hung around her shoulders gracefully. She was surprised to have seen Sirius in muggle London the week before and was even more surprised when he called and asked her to celebrate his 20th birthday with him. After dinner and a few drinks, they decided to end their evening with a movie. Halfway through it, Marlene got bored and started playing with the stray strands of hair that hung about Sirius' face.

He smiled warmly as she reached over and began to kiss his 'soft spot' on his neck, just below his adam's apple. He closed his eyes and a soft moan escaped from him, making Marlene smile. He turned his head and leaned down to kiss her, closing the gap between their bodies. One of his hands snaked downwards and rested on her thigh. Both hands then traveled upwards and he ran them slowly through her hair, around the back of her neck and down her arms.

She bit his lip playfully, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. He took a tight hold of her leg and pulled her onto his lap so that she was straddling him. Marlene pressed her lips once again to his, smiling into the kiss. The kiss got rougher, more passionate as Sirius' hands stroked her thighs and brushed underneath her skirt. He broke the kiss to travel down to her jaw line before planting his lips on her neck and he began biting and sucking on it immediately.

Marlene's hands wandered down to his belt, where she unbuckled it and unzipped his pants. Sirius raised his hand to take her chin and he pulled her face up to his for another kiss. She could feel the stubble on Sirius' jaw brush against her face as well as his hands trail slowly down her back and underneath her skirt. A quiet moan escaped from her throat making Sirius smile against her lips.

He broke the kiss before shifting slightly and pulling her on top of him properly. She breathed out quickly in surprise, making Sirius' chuckle lightly. He pulled her closer, the both of them groaning softly. The pleasure began to build up in Marlene as Sirius leant forward and nibbled her neck gently. She gripped his shoulders harder, his hands brushed upwards towards her chest as they moved together.

"Whoa slow down buddy!" James cried, raising his hands. Sirius lit up a cigarette and casually leaned back on the couch.

"It was just getting interesting," Sirius muttered as smoke trickled out from between his lips. Remus raised an eyebrow but he nodded all the same. James leaned forward and took the smoke out of Sirius' hand.

"It's a bad habit," he said but he put the cigarette between his lips and inhaled anyways. Sirius let out a small chuckle and placed his hands behind his head.

"Do you want to hear the rest anyways?" he said with a huge but satisfied smirk playing on his face. James thought about this for a while but Remus leaned back in his chair and bowed his head as if to say, "I'm listening."

"I don't know," James said slowly. "What more is there to tell? Yourself and Marlene went out for your birthday, went back to your place and shagged in front of the TV. Sounds like a normal day in the life of Sirius Black!" Sirius and Remus burst into hysterics of laughter at James' speech.

"Ah I dunno. There's usually more than one girl," Remus said, wiping the tears of laughter away. Sirius rolled his eyes and smiled widely.

"He's right you know? And anyways, who said I shagged her at my place?" James shrugged.

"Okay okay, her place then! Do you enjoy bragging about your amazing sex life and indestructible libido?" Sirius bit his lip and stared up at the ceiling in deep thought.

"I don't remember saying it was at her place too. Well anyways, she's got great legs!"

"I second that!" Remus cried, raising his hand into the air as if in class. James smirked, afraid as if Lily was listening to every word they were saying.

"Okay, yeah she's fit as fuck," James mumbled, receiving dignified cries of cheer from his friends. Sirius picked up his bottle of firewhiskey and an empty glass, filling it to the top.

"To James!" he cried, raising his glass in the air. "Who is not afraid to check out other women!"

"Hooray!" Remus cried, clapping joyfully. Sirius knocked the Firewhiskey back, drinking it all in one.

"To Sirius!" James cried, raising an empty glass. "He's now an alcoholic and not afraid to admit it!" Sirius leaned over and filled up James' glass. They both raised them and faced Remus.

"To Remus," they said in unison. James then turned to Sirius, awaiting his announcement.

"Who takes his monthly like a male-hormone infested woman!" The three friends had tears of laughter pouring down their cheeks as they rolled around in their seats like they once did back in their school days.

"I feel like a sixteen year old again!" James shouted, raising his now full glass in the air.

"That makes two of us," Sirius hiccuped. They continued to drink, laugh and reminisce about their school years for the next hour and a half. Within that time limit, they were completely wasted.

"Oh my god, it's 11am and I'm drunk," Remus groaned, leaning back and staring up at the ceiling with wide eyes.

"Was Marlene a good fuck, Padfoot?" James laughed. Sirius, who had just taken a sip of his drink, choked and spat it out instantly. Remus clapped a hand to his mouth, grinning hugely.

"Oh yes," Sirius said quietly, trying to mop up the mess he caused.

"You didn't finish your story! You began to tell us how you two, you know, got to it! And then James interrupted," Remus said, shooting a glare in James' direction.

"Well, we did have sex," Sirius mumbled, placing his empty glass on the ground beside him.

"Well done genius!" James said loudly. "Okay so, she was good. She's got great legs and I mentioned she's fit!"

"Anything else?" Remus asked, lifting his head slightly. Sirius nodded before blushing crimson.

"It was over way too soon," he moaned, falling back and crossing his arms. James cackled maniacally, balancing his glass in his hand. Remus stared at Sirius intently with his eyebrow raised.

"Okay, you're gonna have to expand that?"

"What? Did she not .. exceed your expectations?" James said, still laughing slightly.

"Oh she did, it's just the movie ended when we really got down to it." Remus chuckled and shook his head.

"So? You could have kept going."

"Nope," Sirius said with a sigh. He got to his feet, stumbled a bit and yawned. He ran a hand through his hair and stretched. "The movie ended, so obviously we had to leave the cinema." Walking into the kitchen, he left James and Remus with their jaws hanging to the floor.

So, Sirius spent his birthday with Marlene McKinnon. They went out for dinner and a few drinks, before retiring to the cinema for a movie. But in the dark corner of the top row, Sirius got the birthday surprise he wanted.

A/N: My first Sirius/OC one shot (: Not what you were expecting huh? It's short, yes but I really didn't want to drag it on! It was really just for a bit of fun. But please review all the same; I love them!

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A Normal Day for Sirius Black: Retelling the Night's Events


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