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Hunting The Hunters by FutureAggie09
Chapter 7 : "Arresting" Draco Malfoy
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Hermione kept to the shadows as she sprinted from one large bush to the next. She knew from her memories that she had greatly underestimated the Hunters last time, but she wouldn’t make that mistake again.

She saw two of them sitting guard on the elaborately-carved stone lions that graced the front lawn, but as they were playing Exploding Snap somewhat loudly, she feared no danger from them.

Her note to Harry had simply been an apology that she would be unable to make dinner the next night, as she would be taking a short vacation for the weekend to get away. That way, if she didn’t make it back by the next evening, Harry wouldn’t freak out too much. It might have been more advisable for her to tell Harry where she was going, but she knew that he would just overreact and send half of the Auror force after her. She was determined to do this by herself.

Her black shirt and black jeans added to the effect of the Disillusionment Charm so that she was practically invisible in the dark night. The front door would be the obvious way to get in, but the guards would obviously notice it opening by itself.

Hidden behind a large tree only fifteen feet from the mansion, she contemplated her options. Hermione eventually decided that, unless she wanted to walk all the way around the house hoping for another entrance, it was time to take some action.

She reached quietly into her backpack until she had the vial of potion that she wanted. She took aim carefully, and flung it over towards the two distracted guards. It hit the ground between them and burst into a blinding plume of smoke. Under cover of the smoke, Hermione quickly and quietly opened the front door, closing it immediately behind her.

Unlike the darkness outside, the entryway of the Manor was warmly lit by chandeliers of lit candles. Hermione took off the Disillusionment charm, as it was of no more use, and cautiously walked down the first corridor she saw. There were many rooms on either side of the hallway, and she had no way of knowing where Malfoy would be.

“Point me,” she whispered, concentrating on Malfoy.

The wand swiveled and pointed in the opposite direction.

Knowing that she had very little time before someone spotted her, Hermione backtracked swiftly, entering the opposite corridor. A large flight of steps was in her way. She didn’t like how exposed she was on the steps, so she ran up them as fast as she could, throwing caution to the winds.

As she walked down the hallway, concentrating on her wand, a door to her left suddenly opened, revealing a sleepy-eyed man.

Hermione reacted immediately, stunning the man before he could even reach for his wand. Breathing hard, she dragged him back into the room, which thankfully was his bedroom and empty but for him. She tied him up securely to his bedpost and locked the door behind her as she continued down on the corridor

Finally, her wand ceased to point forward and changed direction to point at a door to the right. Hermione took a deep breath. She cast an Anti-Squeak charm on the hinges, just in case, and slowly pushed the door open.

It was pitch black in the room, so Hermione quietly fumbled through her pack for another of her potions. Once she had swallowed it, her eyes changed to those of a cat. As her pupils dilated, she began to see much more clearly.

She closed the door again, locked it, and placed the Muffliato spell on the door. Leaving her backpack on the floor so that she wouldn’t give away her presence with the clinking of glass vials, she crept to the enormous bed, where she confirmed that it was indeed Malfoy lying on his back.

Malfoy’s eyes were closed and he breathed slowly and evenly. His chest rose and fell slightly with his breaths. He slept shirtless, which Hermione noticed with some admiration. Granted, she was going to make him suffer for what he had done to her, but she couldn’t help but admit that he had some fine muscles.

Now that she was in his room and had him almost at her mercy, Hermione realized that she had no plan. She couldn’t apparate with him to the Ministry, as he was lying down and wouldn’t be able to turn in the necessary circle with her.

Just as she decided to stun him, tie him up, and get backup, Malfoy’s eyes opened. He’d sensed someone else’s presence in the room and woken up.

His reflexes were lightning fast. Hermione had counted on him going for his wand (in which case she could easily have stunned him first), but Malfoy’s hand shot up and grabbed her wand instead, ripping it from her grasp and throwing it across the room.

He gripped her tightly by the shoulders and lunged to his other side, pulling Hermione over him and onto the bed. He ended up lying on top of her, pinning her arms over her head with one hand.

Everything had happened so fast that Hermione exhaled shakily, lying still beneath the man who had easily gotten the better of her. She had promised herself that she wouldn’t underestimate the Hunters, but the thought hadn’t occurred to her that their leader could have some tricks up his sleeve.

“Who are you?” whispered the slow, silky voice into her ear. He ran his free hand up her body. “A woman?” he murmured, surprised.

Hermione could see him perfectly, but as the room was still very dark, she knew that he couldn’t see her. His eyelids were heavy with sleep, though the bright grey eyes peeking out from under them were anything but.

His weight on top of her held her utterly immobile. As she desperately racked her brain for a plausible story that would work at least until she recovered her wand, Malfoy spoke again.

“Did O’Reilley send you?” he asked quietly in her ear, feeling her shiver beneath him. “Ah.”

Hermione shivered with a sudden chill, but Malfoy took that as a shiver of confirmation.

“He already sent a girl earlier,” continued Malfoy. “But I wasn’t here and she went to Daniel instead. How kind of him to send another.”

Hermione’s mind was thrown into overdrive as she strove to comprehend Malfoy’s words. Her thoughts were completely lost when she felt lips over her own, kissing her deeply. She suddenly put together what Malfoy had said. He thought she was a prostitute sent by this man O’Reilley?!

Hermione painfully realized that she would have to play along in order to escape. A tiny part of her mind was dismayed at the fact that she was going to have to be intimate with Draco Malfoy for the second time.

Hermione kissed him back, using all her skills at kissing. It wasn’t long before Draco released her arms. His hands traveled lightly down her body, though her jeans provided an unwelcome barrier. Hermione panicked, breathing heavily, as he touched her.

She debated quickly whether or not to reveal herself to him, but then she remembered his earlier accusation that she was a whore. If he knew who she was, after what she had done so far, then he would surely do as he had threatened before—give her to his men to do with as they pleased.

He would never believe she was a virgin. Though she really was, she knew nearly everything about how to please a man; it was an unwelcome part of hanging around with Ginny Weasley. Ginny loved telling Hermione “details” about her sex life with Harry.

No, Hermione couldn’t reveal her identity. Her only hope was to go through with this until he was no longer on top of her; it was her only chance to run for either her wand or his.

Therefore, Hermione made no protest when Malfoy unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, though she quivered with nervousness. When Malfoy returned his lips to hers, she tried gently pushing on his chest to get him to lie on his back.

Before he got the hint, however, Malfoy slipped his fingers between her legs.

Her body reacted immediately to being touched like this and her mind completely blanked. A startled moan escaped her lips; her body rocked forward into his hand. Hermione lost herself utterly in his caress—all thoughts of why she was there completely vanished.

Malfoy sensually nipped and bit at her neck, somehow managing to remove her shirt before she even noticed.

Hermione had never done anything more sexual than a kiss with someone, though her relationship with Ron had been drawing closer to something more when it had been so cruelly ended. Malfoy was quickly bringing her towards someplace that she had never been before. When the ultimate moment came, she cried out in ecstasy, breathing hard as she spiraled back down to Earth.

She heard the sound of Malfoy pulling down his own pants and realized that if she didn’t do something now, she might not have a chance to later. She pushed him forcefully onto his back, ignoring the pleas of her own body for a continuance of this physicality.

“Mmmm, so you want to be in control?” he murmured lazily, not protesting in the slightest.

Hermione dropped softly to her feet on the ground, grabbing Malfoy’s wand off of his nightstand.

“Stupefy!” she cried, watching as the man fell unconscious on the bed.

She quickly got dressed and located her own wand, ignoring the shaking of her legs. Tucking Malfoy’s wand into her pocket, she slid her backpack onto her shoulders and approached the bed.

She muttered a spell and Malfoy’s pants were pulled back up, making him decent.

“Ennervate,” she said quietly, turning the lights on in the room. She blinked uncomfortably as her eyes adjusted to the light—the effects of the Cats-Eye potion would last for awhile longer.

Malfoy stirred slowly, opening his eyes and blinking. “Granger, you bitch!” he snarled, lunging for her.

Hermione sidestepped him and he fell to the floor.

“Don’t move or you’ll have so many boils on your body that you won’t know where you end and the boils begin,” she said smugly, aiming her wand at him.

Malfoy slowly got to his feet, glancing around the room for possible methods of escape. “That was a dirty trick,” he informed her nastily, his face red. “That said, I wonder who taught you how to kiss like that. Couldn’t have been Weasley—everybody knows he was a fucking ponce.”

Hermione jammed her wand against Draco’s neck hard, making him wince. “Don’t ever say a fucking word about him ever again, Malfoy,” she hissed menacingly into his ear.

Malfoy laughed in her face, startling her. “So what are you planning on doing now, Granger? You can’t apparate out of here, and you certainly can’t walk out of here, as you’re inside an entire houseful of men who can stop you.”

Hermione froze, looking at the man who was so close to her. “I can disapparate!” she protested, her voice suddenly unsure.

“Only people who have a certain tattoo on their wrists can apparate and disapparate near the Manor,” Malfoy said, smirking. He gestured at her to go ahead and try.

Hermione grabbed his arm and spun in a circle, trying to disapparate. “How did you manage that?!” she cried in frustration.

Malfoy took advantage of her distraction to swing his arm up and knock her wand out of her hand. The wand went flying.

Malfoy and Hermione looked at each other for a split second before diving for it. Malfoy reached it first and held her wand up triumphantly, smirking.

“I’d back up really slowly if I was you, Granger,” warned Malfoy, picking himself up from the ground.

Hermione’s eyes were wide open as she lay on the floor where she had landed. She had somehow managed to land on her back and was looking rather uncomfortable with her backpack twisted underneath her. “Malfoy,” she whispered.

“Back up,” Malfoy repeated, watching her warily.

“No, seriously,” she whispered frantically, staring into his eyes. It suddenly struck Malfoy that she looked frightened for the first time. “We need to run.”

“What are you talking about? I’m not falling for that agai—” Before Malfoy could finish his sentence, Hermione had discarded her pack, leapt to her feet, and ran for the door.

“Impedimenta!” he cried, halting her in her tracks.

“The potions in my bag broke and mixed when I fell!” screamed Hermione, struggling to be free of the jinx. “They’re going to explode any second!”

She reached for Malfoy’s wand in her pocket when everything suddenly erupted into a blaze of green fire. The last thing she saw was her wand glowing in Malfoy’s hand as he put up a shield charm in front of himself.

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