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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 10 : Hot Hufflepuff
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A/N: Okay, I know I said that I probably wouldn't update but I felt kinda mean leaving you guys on a cliffie. No, actually, that's a lie - the validation queue was super short so I was like; o.O
Effy xx

“Oh, stuff it,” he mumbles, his face leaning down to close the gap in between us.

That’s when he kisses me.

Okay, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. I was gobsmacked, flabbergasted, bowled over, astounded and any other words which pop into your head.

So, I basically just stood there for a couple of seconds, doing nothing as Freddie brushes his warm lips against mine sweetly. He must have sensed my total incapability to respond for he pulled away quickly, looking dismayed, a dark blush rising in his cheeks.

“S-sorry,” Freddie stutters, his eyes looking awkwardly at the floor. Fred Weasley stuttering? The unthinkable just happened. You know, besides the kiss. “I-I should go.”

My eyes snap up then and he turns away from the still sleeping portrait. I reach out and clutch Freddie’s arm which he stares down at as if I’ve suddenly grown mushrooms on it while I pull him back to me, which is quite a feat given my weakness and his humongous height, and reach up to him on my tippy toes, hooking my hands around his neck as I did so. He looks totally thrilled, his dark blue eyes lighting up, before meeting my lips with his. This one I totally responded to, and I could feel it all the way down to my toes, unlike with Henry what’s-his-face from the party, where I just felt slightly embarrassed. Freddie wraps his arms around me, placing his hands on the curve of my spine, just above my bum, and leans his body against mine, his hands occasionally drifting downwards. Freddie withdraws his lips from mine after a moment, but only so he could begin pressing kisses along my jaw line to my ear, which causes me to shiver from pleasure. His kisses descend down my neck leaving a tingling trail that burned hotly and I run my fingers through his hair.

Boy, was it silky.

I repeat my actions, loving the feel of his hair slipping past my fingers. I did it a few more times till Freddie actually looked up from kissing my neck.

“Gerroff my ‘air,” he mumbles before resuming kissing me; this time back to my mouth. I reluctantly leave his silky hair alone but let my hands drop to his neck so I can trace tiny little patterns with my fingers on it.

“’Disgusting; the things kids get up to in plain eyesight these days.” We break apart, grinning at the Fat Lady whose nose is raised heavenward so she can deliberately look down on us.

“Alchemy,” Fred says and I feel the smile slip from my face as The Fat Lady swings open. He laughs, noticing this. “Stop pouting, Mollie, we can continue another time.” He pulls me into the common room, our hands still intertwined, and I pause before we reach the busiest point in the room. He feels my reluctance and looks at me confused as we stand blocking the exit, the students failing to notice us.

“Freddie, I think we should keep this between us,” I swallow. “Just for now,” I add hastily, seeing his hurt expression, licking my delightfully swollen lips.

“Okay,” He says slowly, obviously thinking this through. “Then I guess this means we’re not properly dating.”

“Uh, well, I really don-,” I garble.

“So that means we’re non-exclusive,” He continues, equally as slow, as if I never spoke. “So that means I can hook up with that hot Hufflepuff.”


Talk about a kick in the teeth.

He walks off - probably to go find some cheap tart - leaving me standing there speechless, my mouth opening and closing like a fish. It took me about five minutes to realise there is a small first year waiting to get past me, tapping her foot impatiently, and I shift aside and she glares as she leaves. I make my way soundlessly to my dormitory, ignoring the questioning stares that are thrown at me at my dazed expression.

I find the dorm empty and lie down, dog-tired, on my bed. A grunt in the bed next to mine, which’s curtains are drawn, alerts me that I’m not as alone as I thought I was.

“Dom,” I sigh heavily. “Stop being such a sulky baby and grow up.”

That probably wasn’t the nicest thing to say. I mean, I know she’s probably hurting right now and me calling her out on sulking probably didn’t help. I gather up my pyjamas and change in the bathroom, wanting to escape the uncomfortable silence between me and Dom.

As I exit though, Dom stands in front of me, looking haughty with her arms folded and her gaze fixed to the side. She stands there silent, her lips in a thin line. I also stay quiet; mainly shocked that she actually got up but also struggling to think of something to say.

This must be one of the longest awkward silences ever. In fact, anything right now would be acceptable to say but my mind has gone totally blank; save the only thing I’ve been thinking of since I entered the common room.

“I kissed your cousin!” I blurt out desperately.

Dom’s head snaps towards me and she looks surprised for a moment; her lips parted in a slightly comical ‘o.’

Maybe her reaction will be better than I thou-.

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Dom screeches; her red hair flying wildly about her as she shakes her head. She looks as if she’s in the offensive position, teeth bared, ready to pounce, at poor, unsuspecting me; who’s biting her lip in agitation.


I really shouldn’t have said anything.

“Which cousin?” She growls, her narrowed slits flicking to me.

“Um... Well... It was, uh...”

“Was it James?”

“No, uh, well...”

“Was it Freddie?”


“Well, erm, it...”

“Was it Albus?!” Dom says, her voice rising hysterically on the last word. She misinterprets my astonished silence as a yes. “Mollie! He’s in third year!”

“Dom, relax! It was Freddie!” I cut across her outraged protests.

 “FREDDIE?!” Ooh, back to screeching.

“Well, it could be worse. I mean, it could have been Lily,” I joke pathetically, trying to lighten the mood. She stares at me blankly for a second before recomposing her features into a scowl.

“You kissed my cousin?!”

“Er, well technically, he kissed me,” I supply weakly. Dom spins round unamused, grabbing the pillow that’s sitting comfortably on her bed, and hurls it at me, with outstanding force.

“Ow.” Simple yet completely suitable. Dom glares incredibly fiercely at me. So fierce, in fact, it makes me flinch and take an automatic step backwards.

“Mollie,” she spits.

I look up hesitantly. And as quickly as it takes Dom to notice food – which is pretty damn quick, let me tell you – her composure slips and she breaks down, her face crumpling, her shoulders slumped, and she hurls herself at me and gives me the mother of all bear hugs. “I’m so sorry!” She wails. I pat her sobbing figure attentively as her tears get my shoulder all wet.

“Me, too, Dom,” I soothe. “Um. Did something happen? Are you okay?”

Of course she’s not, dumb arse, she’s sobbing on me.

“I’m fine!” She gabbles hysterically and pulls back, wiping her eyes.

“Wow, someone must have a bad case of PMS, then,” I smirk and she makes a small noise in the back of her throat and begins crying again, clutching me desperately.

“It’s Connor!” Dom bawls.

“Connor?”I repeat, confused.

“Yes! Connor!” She clarifies with a wave of her arms, her forehead still rested on my shoulder.

“Who’s Connor?”

Dom eyes me darkly before putting her head back down. “Connor Longbottom!” She sighs melodramatically, as if me hearing his full name is going to make me slap my hand in realisation and go; “Oh, Connor! Duh!”

“He’s in seventh year.”

“Oh, him.” I mumble, pretending I have the faintest clue who she’s talking about. “What did Connor Longbottom do?” I say carefully.

“He asked out Maria in Ravenclaw!” She exclaims, sniffing.

“And you like him?” I ask, pretty surprised. Dom’s never liked anyone as far as I know; always answering with gruff a ‘he’s hot, but I’m not interested.’ She looks at me as if I’m stupid and, taking her arms off of me, she walks over to the mirror.

“Merlin, remind me never to cry again! I look a mess!”

This is such a lie. Dom is one of those irritatingly pretty girls who can look beautiful doing pretty much anything; even something that involves mascara running down her face and blotchy cheeks. Okay, I know that sounds bad, but seriously, she still looks like a supermodel whose being photographed on purpose in the rain.

No snot, whatsoever.

“I knew I should have asked him out!” Dom says, wiping away the mascara with a face wipe. “But he’s always so nice! It would be awful him being really awkward around me if he says no!”

“Dom! Have you seen yourself! No normal guy would say no to you.” I fight the urge to go over to her, and shake some sense into that pretty little head.

“Well, he will!” She replies miserably. “I mean, I know I’m part veela and what-not-”

“You’re part veela?” I demand, enviously. Dom nods slowly, and bends down to rummage in her trunk. Of course she’s part veela. Dom seems to have gotten all the good genes from her family.

 “And, yeah, I know I’m pretty – okay, really pretty -,” she says, noting my dubious look as she straightens up, jammies in hand. “But the one guy who doesn’t care about looks is the one guy I want! And, even if he did care about looks, I don’t want to date a guy who doesn’t like me for me.”

“Dom, of course he likes you for you! Who couldn’t!”

“Because he’s Connor,” she emphasizes. “He likes the interesting girls who can crack a good joke.”

“Dom,” I growl. “You can freakin-.”

The door bursting open interrupts me and Hally stumbles in, looking frantic while I stare at her perplexed, Dom a little surprised.

“Dominique bloody Weasley!” She screeches while Dom and I share a wary look. “You are all of those things and more! Connor Longbottom’s just a plank!”

There is a couple of minutes where Dom thinks about this and I stand there awkwardly, fidgeting in my pyjamas.

“How long have you been listening?” I ask.

 “About ten minutes,” Hally replies smugly. “Had to bribe a sixth year to let me in, though.”

“Hally Frinks I’m going to kill you!” Dom giggles, which somehow still seems to sound manic even if she’s totally ‘kidding’. “Just let me get changed first.” She enters the bathroom, laughing her head off for some unknown reason and Hally takes my hand apologetically and drags me down to sit on the floor. God knows why – there are plenty of extremely comfortable beds around and she wants to sit on the hard, cold floor. Woop.

“I’m really sorry,” she says. “No one thinks you’re a slut, Mollie. Katie’s a bitch.”

And, maybe it was because I get extremely uncomfortable in these types of situations or maybe I just had to tell Hally it, but for the second time that evening I said something incredibly stupid.

“I kissed Freddie!” I blurt out again.

“Seriously?” Hally whispers, excited. “What was it like? Are you going out? Did he grope you? Did you let him? Are you going to Hogsmeade together?”

I stare at her blankly. This was way better than the reaction I’d been hoping for. Actually, at first I was optimistic, this was the reaction I’d been hoping for from Dom, except hers wouldn’t include anything like ‘did he grope you’ because that would have been seriously weird. But then Dom came along, and burst my bubble, making me predict that all reactions could be as bad as hers.

“I told him I think we should keep it between us,” I mumble. “And he said that meant we’re not exclusive and he could hook up with that ‘hot Hufflepuff.’” I quote the last bit bitterly and look at Hally, who’s raised her eyebrows.

“What a twat,” She smiles comfortingly.

“Mollie, listen,” I turn around to find Dom standing there in her shorts and vest top. “Freddie was obviously put out when you said that so he’s trying to make you jealous. I doubt there even was a ‘hot Hufflepuff.’”

“I hate boys,” I grumble as Dom sits beside me and puts an arm around me.

“I’m sleeping here from now on,” Hally says. “I don’t want to be in the same room as Katie and Becca.”

“You do realise that Megan and Caroline are in our dorm, don’t you?” Dom asks doubtfully.

“Screw them. Let’s have a girly sleepover!” Hally exclaims. “I have that portable DVD player in my bag and we could get chocolate from the kitchens!”

“Yeah, let’s do that!” Dom squeals, jumping up delightedly. Hally jumps up too, and her and Dom bounce around. They both stare down at me, still sitting on the floor grumpily, and Dom crouches down till she’s nearly at eye level with me.

“Mollie,” She says patronizingly, as if she’s talking to a misbehaving child. “Are you going to join us or keep sulking?”

My mouth drops open as Dom repeats the words I said to her earlier with a smirk on her face. “Fine!” I snap, grabbing the pillow that was hurled at me earlier. “Let’s go get the damn chocolate.”

I then proceed to storm out the room, but Dom laughs and grabs my hand, spins me around, then envelops me in a hug. “Look at Mollie getting all pissed.” She chortles as she releases me, letting me actually storm out the room.

They stroll behind me down the corridors laughing, only Hally the one without her pyjama’s on, as I walk randomly down different corridors, hoping in vain to find the kitchens. After about ten minutes of mindless wandering, I fall back and begrudgingly ask Hally how to get there. She laughs again and steers me down a corridor in the opposite direction, planting me firmly in front of a normal portrait of a bowl of fruit. Dom leans forward, stretching her index finger, and begins to stroke the pear on it. It giggles and shrieks, much to my surprise, and the portrait swings open.

“In first year, I used to hang around with Fred and James, and learnt all their secrets,” Dom explains, waggling her eyebrows, marching boldly into the white, shiny kitchen where lots of bustling house elves hurry around, doing nothing it seems but making it look like they’re doing plenty.

“Ms Weasley!” Rasps an elf that popped up in front of us. “What can I get for you?”

“Listen carefully, Perky,” Dom instructs as the elf stands up straighter, looking important. “We need a big bowl of melted chocolate along with strawberries, cherries, bananas, grapes and oranges as well as the usual. Oh, and a big bottle of diet coke. Well? Chop to it!”

“Dom!” Hally gasps. “Don’t be so bossy to house elves!”

“Don’t you start, too,” Dom replies, rolling her blue eyes and the house elf skips off to get our food. “You’re starting to sound like my aunt.”

“Whatever. I’ll go get my stuff from my dorm,” Hally says, turning to leave. “I’ll meet you in your room.”

“Dom?” I say as five house elves run up to us, arms full of various food and drinks.
“How the hell are we going to carry all this back?” 
Dom looks thoughtful and she slowly begins placing food in her arms. “Well, I could – no, that won’t fit – I think it’s too much. No, no. It’ll fit, I’ll make it fit.” Dom moves a foot carefully, not wanting to tumble the huge mound in her arms, but unfortunately she doesn’t see the step and everything tumbles from her arms as she regains her balance. I stare at her amused.

“Bullocks.” Dom growls.


It turns out that with a simple Transfiguration spell, we could have easily changed Dom’s tie into a useful basket that held all our delightful treats.

But we are too dumb to figure that out.

The house elves did it for us.

Oh, the shame.

“Those elves are bloody marvels,” Dom says, stuffing her face already with a toffee apple that is leaving an unappealing sticky mark around her mouth.

I really shouldn’t have let Dom carry the basket.

We enter the common room that is at its usual business for a Friday night and Dom glares at all the drooling people eyeing up our food. Freddie sits on a sofa at the far end of the room and is talking casually to the girl next to him, who is batting her eyelashes, flashing her knickers as she shifts and is touching Freddie way more than I can stand. Usually, by the time I’m grinding my teeth in agitation, Dom pops up and leads me away but I continue, undisturbed, glowering at Freddie. 

Okay, I know I’m glaring in pyjama’s which probably didn’t give off the fierce look I was hoping for seeing as I was wearing a massively oversized superman tee-shirt with short-shorts underneath.

Freddie laughs wryly at something the girl said and turns his head towards me, our eyes accidently locking. He looks at me for a second, raising his eyebrows as he looks me up and down, before turning back to the slut. I huff, adding a foot stomp for good measure, and prepare myself to rant about him to Dom. She’s not standing patiently next to me like I thought, but is grinning madly at a boy in front of her, seeming slightly embarrassed that she’s in her pyjama’s with a red tint on her cheeks.

“Oh, Mollie!” Dom exclaims, once I reach her. “This is Connor Longbottom.”

Connor Longbottom?!

The guy who made Dom sob her guts out to me earlier?

I look at Connor’s kind, round face and mop of honey blonde hair and grin sheepishly, believing Dom to pine after a hot bad boy. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that Connor isn’t hot, although he’s better classified under as ‘cute,’ but he doesn’t look tough enough to handle the crazy banshee that is Dom.

And I mean that in a kind, loving way. Of course.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” he stutters, a blush rising in his cheeks, and he sticks his hand out for me to shake, like in the good old 50’s.

“Hey, I’m Mollie,” I smile, taking his warm hand and shaking it firmly.

“Connor!” Dom trills, shoving me out the way with the basket. “Are you going to Harry’s Christmas ball?”

“Um, I think so,” Connor replies, smiling shyly at Dom’s beatific grin. “I was going to ask Maria to come with me.”



This is so not mine and Dom’s night.

Her smile drops as soon as he utters ‘Maria’ and her lip trembles, threatening to unleash a whole new rack of sobs. Connor continues grinning, oblivious to the girl in front of him who he unintentionally made cry earlier. I step forward and place a hand on Dom’s arm.

“Well, it was nice meeting you!” I say brightly, gently steering Dom away. “But we’ve got a sleepover to get to!”

“Oh, of course! See you later, Dom!” Connor smiles at Dom as I drag her away, and up the stairs to the dorm.

“Bye, Connor! Say hi to Mariafor me!” Dom replies in a voice thick with unshed tears, her voice breaking on Maria. Me and Dom enter the dorm to find Hally sitting on my bed, fiddling with her DVD player.

“We got food,” I say weakly, attempting to draw Hally’s surprised expression away from Dom. It seems to work; Hally jumps up excitedly and shows us a handful of DVD’s that all seem to be teen rom-coms. Oh yeah, and one really scary looking film. Apparently ‘they’re the best type of movies for sleepovers,’ and had to be watched funny, scary, funny etc.

I mean, who actually thinks about this? Hally, that’s who.

So we all snuggled up on my bed, because I am the only one who bothers to make it, and with our big bowl of melted chocolate and fruit we were good to go. “Get chocolate on my bed and die,” I growl as Hally sets up her DVD with an A4 sized screen.

And those movies were pretty good, I got to admit.

They were those types of movies that made you laugh out loud and get you in that ‘Oh, I’m just dandy right now’ mood but meanwhile making you drool over the hot guy who always seems to be taking his shirt off. Nessa and Tracy enter the common room around eleven in the middle of our first scary movie about some creepy little kid that is basically possessed and tries to kill his rather clueless, stupid mother who, at every opportunity, goes into the dark, scary room that’s making peculiar noises.

“Hey Hally!” Nessa greets brightly and we all scream in shock. Nessa and Tracy look at us, worried. “What are you doing?”

“Uh, we are just watching a scary movie,” Dom says and then titters nervously.

“Can we join?” Tracy pipes up. I nod enthusiastically and Hally summons Dom’s bed to mine, making a huge quadruple bed, and Nessa and Tracy dress in their pj’s and climb in beside us, settling down to watch the rest of the film.

I think it’s safe to say we’re all totally freaked out, telling by Dom’s terrified grip on my arm which I’m positive is cutting off the blood circulation to my hand, and Hally hiding behind the duvet. As the film ends, she shakily puts another chick flick movie in the DVD player as Megan and Caroline enter, looking particularly trashy, in shorts that barely cover their arse even though it’s the middle of October and too late to even be considered ‘warm-ish.’

“Ooh, are the precious ickle girlies having an ickle sleepover,” Megan coos, before wrinkling up her nose and cackling, making Caroline join along beside her. I feel Dom tense beside me, her eyes narrowing to slits, and she sits up in the bed, preparing to leap at them.

“Awh, is lickle Hally afwaid of being in the big, scary Ravenclaw’s room,” she continues in a really jarring baby voice.

“That’s it!” Dom growls, whipping out her wand and aiming it at their heads. “Shut the hell up right now, or your hair gets it.” They eye her apprehensively, before turning away in a sign of defeat.

“Whatever,” Megan says, putting another slick of lip gloss on her pouting lips. “And you’re not even allowed in here, Frinks.”

“Er, well, I-,” Hally falters, struggling to think up an excuse.

“And you’re not allowed boys in the dorm, Johnson, but you still do it,” Dom sneers, leaving a gaping Megan who clamps her lips tightly shut after that.

“Uh-huh,” I say, shaking my head and adding a click. You know, all gangster style. Nessa and Tracy laugh, appreciating one of my many talents, but Hally places a hand on my clicking fingers and pushes it down.

“No, Mollie,” She says gently as I stare at her miserably. “Just no.”

The DVD finally starts and Hally, being the Ravenclaw she is, casts a silencing charm around our beds so as to not disturb Megan and Caroline. Although, now that I think about it, disturbing their ‘beauty sleep’ sounds like a really promising idea. But then they could be those sour little lemons and wake me up when I’m trying to get my ‘beauty sleep.’ God knows I need it; especially if I’m going to be competing with a ‘hot Hufflepuff.’

The shallow twat.

“I’m thinking about kneeing Freddie in the goolies,” I pipe up brightly.

Oh, dear God. I didn’t realise how weird that sounded out loud when we are all sitting in silence, staring gormlessly at Channing Tatum’s six pack.

“Do it,” Nessa muttered, her eyes not leaving the screen. “I’m still annoyed at him for chucking those dungbombs back at me in first year.”

“Yes! That was all him! The jerk!” Dom agrees hastily, her fingers running through her long hair.

“Dom, I know it was your idea,” Nessa rolls her eyes and Dom smiles sheepishly. “But I am so great, I forgive you.”

“You are so very great,” Dom assures her, looking relieved.

“Don’t do it, though, Mollie,” Hally backtracks, looking wise and important. Well, mainly because she had stolen Nessa’s glasses and was looking over them with her fingers clasped on her lap. “You don’t want to sink to his level, now, do you?” Everyone murmured their agreement and nodded along with what she was saying. “Even if it will give you the satisfaction of a thousand suns,” She continues. The nodding stops, instead being replaced by confused glances.

“Satisfaction of a thousand suns?!” Dom scoffs. “What are you on, Hally?”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” Tracy says, looking doubtful. “Suns don’t have satisfaction.”

“Why couldn’t you just say; even if it will make you feel good kneeing him where it hurts?” I put in, helpfully.

“Shut up!” Hally whines, burying her face in her hands. “You’re all ruining my wise moment!”

“Sweetie, you never have wise moments.” Dom says, her voice soothing then turns to me. “Right, Mollie. You have to give Freddie the silent treatment. Blank him completely. He will be falling on his knees for you soon enough.”

“Blank him?” I affirm and she nods. “Blank him. Okay, I can do that.”

“Can you, Mollie? Can you really?” Hally presses, staring me straight in the face.

I ignore her, focusing on the unmoving screen of the DVD player and sigh, a bit dreamily I must admit, at the shirtless guys.

“Mollie? What are you doing?” Hally looks at me, in confusion.

“I’m blanking you!”

“We’ll make a goddess out of you yet,” Dom praises, looking pleased with herself.


Bring it on, Fred Weasley.

Yes, ‘cause I am just that cool.

A/N: So, yeah. Review please? Favourite bit? Favourite quote? Anybody needing a slap? :]
I think we all know who I'm talking about :D

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