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Breathing by flyaway
Chapter 13 : Ain't No Stopping Me. I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Mood.
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Oh Lawdy, I'm so so so sorry I took so long!  I've had exams, and real life stuff but Here you go.  I also lost my plan for this story, so I've had to replan it :(  Anyway, here you are

James Potter

Well.  Where to begin?  Somehow, my tangled brain has to make sense of this.  One minute I was arguing with Charlotte and then…and then she kissed me.  She grabbed hold of me, and pulled my face down to hers.  Until now, kissing Charlotte was something I wasn’t supposed to think about.  But it’s all kinds of wonderful.  I can’t even think straight and it’s been three days.  She’s everywhere I go, and even though I’ve not really spoken to her, every time she sees me she smiles at me. 

I’m about to sound like a big girl here, but I don’t care. 

She makes me smile when she smiles at me. 

But of course, there’s the little problem of the girlfriend I cheated on.  I’ve been avoiding her like the plague, because if I ignore it, I’m hoping it will disappear. 

What do you mean that’s not likely? 

I feel a bit bad.  A lot bad, actually, because aside from being a great big cow, Demeter didn’t really do anything to deserve this.  Is it bad that one look at Charlie makes me forget about Demeter altogether? 

Merlin, I’m going to stop before I turn into a girl. 


“POTTER!” lurched from my stupor; I glanced towards the source of the voice.  Splinters was hanging on his broom upside down, looking me directly in the face “Get your head in the game Cap’n!”

I rolled my eyes and dropped like a stone, regaining control of my room once I’d dropped ten or so feet. 

We were training like maniacs for the Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw Quidditch match, which was two Saturdays away on Halloween.  To be followed by a party whether or not we won.  My team appeared on the edge of collapse but we had no time to rest.  Hammings looked like a zombie on his broom and his keeping skills were beginning to get seriously impaired.  Seeker Becky was looking deranged by this point, clinging to her broom like a sloth.  Of course, the Beaters were still in high spirits.  Charlotte had not chosen to grace us with her presence because of, and I quote, it was ‘too cold’.  In the words of Becky, what a wuss. 

“Come on guys!” I shouted, conceding defeat.  They were never going to pull themselves together now.  As I let my wussy little team go and get themselves showered and dressed in clean clothes, I stayed behind.  I wanted a couple of minutes of peace to collect myself before I went inside and saw Charlie and somehow got up the courage to dump Demeter. 

I knew that I had to dump her and, harsh as it sounded, I felt relieved that I’d decided that.  Usually I’m ridiculously indecisive.  When I was little, Al and I were picking teams for five-a-side Quidditch, and I would take about five years to decide whether I wanted Hugo or Lily for my team.  I always picked Lily ‘cause she could punch your lights out if things got rough. 

Charlie usually makes all my decisions for me.  She chose my subjects at the end of second year.  She chose my N.E.W.T.s for me.  So this new independent decision was an exciting development for me. 

After I had changed out of my smelly uniform and into my jeans and a t-shirt with the Holyhead Harpies on – yes, it takes a real man to support that team – and headed upstairs. 

I had just reached the third floor, and bearing in mind that it was about seven so not late at all, heard a giggle and a very quick ‘ssssh’.  I rolled my eyes.  Some of the kids in this school, well, the term ‘at it like rabbits’ springs to mind.  Ready to be a responsible seventh year for once, I was about to interrupt them and, because I was young and stupid once, gave them a bit of warning, so I opened my mouth and yelled “Oi!”

There was a shriek, someone swore very loudly and someone ran off as fast as they could, disappearing down a hidden corridor before I had the chance to see who it was.  But slumped against a wall just a little way down the passage, was Scorpius Malfoy, looking supremely embarrassed and a little defensive.  I waggled my finger at him, mocking him a little bit. 

“Now now Malfoy.  Caught in the corridors.” I said, sneering slightly.  Hey, the kid’s been more than a little bastard to me in the past.  I’m allowed.  He drew himself up to full height, which I was more than a little miffed to see was almost as high as me. 

“Get lost Potter.  You’re not a prefect, and it’s before curfew, so,” he bent down to pick up a pair of girls shoes, obviously left behind by his lady friend as she vacated the premises, and jabbed his thumb in the direction of Gryffindor tower “Jog on.” 

I rolled my eyes, and with my best swagger, shoved past him, trying not to show that I had just been beaten at my own game. 

I hurried up the stairs to the tower, remembering with a grimace that I still had my homework to start, let alone finish. 

After I gave the Fat Lady the password - somethin’ about lethifolds – she swung open and I went through into the common room.  Charlie was sitting on a sofa, and looked up at me and smiled lightly before looking away, turning her attention back to a worried looking Rose, who was looking positively horrified about something. 

“What’s up?” I said, plonking myself down in between them, and slyly slinging an arm over the back of Charlotte’s seat.  Charlie looked at Rose, before looking at me. 

“Rosie has lost her shoes.”  She said, “Seen them?”

Rose made a sort of desperate squeak.  I raised my eyebrows, feeling like I was missing some big piece of the puzzle, as Rose got up and left, moving faster than I thought I’d ever seen her move. 

“So.” Charlotte turned to me; her mouth fixed in this adorable little smile “I was thinking, I need to go the library.  You know.  To finish…things.”

“Yeah…library…” I muttered, not really paying attention because I was too busy looking at her mouth. 

“Come on.”  And she took my hand, and pulled me up out of my seat and led me from the common room. 

Once upon a time, I would never have imagined Charlotte to be so…powerful.  She pushes me into corners whenever we get a chance to be alone, and kisses me hard.  She’s normally so quiet.  Demeter once described her as mousy.  That was before all the hexing started. 

But tonight there was something different.  She was still holding my hand, but she was silent, biting her thumb, which is something, she does when she’s worried. 

“What’s wrong?” I asked, pulling her closer and wrapping an arm around her waist.  She looked at me distractedly and shook her head.


I rolled my eyes “I know you better than that.  What is it?”  She smiles, showing that I’ve won. 

“It’s Demeter.” She said.  For a second, I’m a bit speechless because of all the things she could have said, that was not one I was expecting. 

“Demeter…” I repeat “Vane?” 

Charlotte laughed, “Yes, that Demeter.  Because there are just so many of them.”

“Shut it.  Why would she be worrying you?” I asked.  Charlotte turned red. 

“I dunno.” She said, looking at her shoes as we walked “I just…I feel sorry for her.  I mean…I did sort of steal…hang on.” She paused and then she looked at me, fast as lightening, and her expression a mix of horror, fury and realisation.  I braced myself for what I knew was coming “you never broke up with her did you?”

I shook my head minutely. 

“Oh you stupid prick.” Charlotte said, into her hands “you mean, you’ve been cheating on her this whole time?” 

“Well, yes.” I said.  Charlotte looked at me for a second, before she shook her head. 

“You’re lucky you’re such a good kisser, you are.” She said, reaching up to kiss me. 


Charlotte Phillips

James dumped Demeter the next day.  I missed the show, but I figured that she would probably blame me, and I didn’t especially want my eyeballs scratched out.  No actually, I was sure she would blame me.  And I was not keen for that.  I do believe the phrase ‘that ugly slut’ was bandied round a little bit.  I assume she was referring to me.  I was slightly miffed because she didn’t know that I’d jumped her boyfriend in the owlery, but whatever.  It wasn’t like I didn’t deserve it. 

But I received a pretty detailed report from Artemis Lewis who had a front row seat because the silly prick decided to break up with her in the Great Hall at lunch, just when I was having a snooze in the library.  Apparently, she slapped him round the face, while screeching that he had better not have cheated on her – guess who with? – Or she’ll kill him.  I don’t think I’ll be testing that any time soon. 

But he was looking more than a little humiliated when he came into the library later on.  He sat down on the stool next to me without a word, and I noticed the angry red hand print on his cheek.  And the scratches on his neck. 

“She really beat you up didn’t she?” I said, running a finger along one of the scratches.  He smiled bashfully. 

“Nothing I didn’t pretty much deserve.” He said, drawing himself up in a chivalric manner.  “‘Cept this one,” he whined, rolling up his sleeve and pointing to a nice big finger nail indentation “that one really hurt!” then he made a big show or sticking his lower lip out and pouting like a little kid, until a threw my quill at him.  “Stop it Potter.  How old are you, four?” I said, smirking.  He laughed, and threw it back at me. 

“Don’t start what you can’t handle Charlie.” He teased.  I smirked again, picking up my inkwell, which in retrospect might not have been the best idea.  Fortunately for me, and for James’ head, he grabbed my wrists before I could grasp it, and pulled my hands around his waist “Not so fast.” his voice was soft, husky.  We kind of stayed for a second, when I suddenly went “Wait!”

James jerked backwards, looking a bit hurt. 

“Oi.” I said, grabbing his hand “Don’t be like that.  I was just going to say that maybe we ought to keep ‘us’ a secret for a bit.  So that Demeter has a chance to get over her thirst for our blood”

He nodded and, after a couple of seconds he, or maybe it was me…either way, one of us had kissed the other and I wasn’t going to stop it.  I think it might have been his way of telling me ‘ok’

Oh I do like kissing.  Wonders why I never got round to it before. 

Oh it's all fluff.   A fluffy filler chapter before....well.  You'll have to wait and see :)   This isnt the best chapter I've ever written; it could be loads better, but i decided you lovely lot have waited long enough.

Reviews are like digital hugs.  One review gets you one internet hug : )  You might even get cookies :)

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Breathing: Ain't No Stopping Me. I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Mood.


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