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Dear Harry by Innocent Gurl
Chapter 1 : My Letter to You
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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters from Harry Potter.

For: Harry

Dear Harry,

I've always written down my thoughts and feelings, it's just the way I deal with things. I don't know what made me decide to write this in a letter though. Perhaps so I can feel better about the whole thing or so I can go on hoping that you'll be okay, that I can show you this later, and we can laugh about it together on how I worry too easily. Yet, I miss you so much.

Harry, everyone is so gloomy. They smile and laugh, but the smiles are fake, the laughs forced, and they constantly look at me to see that I haven’t gone insane. I feel like I have. They think I don’t see their sympathetic looks or the way the reporters stare and whisper to each other. Oh Harry, I feel so angry.

I still can’t believe what happened. I can’t believe you were the only auror that was wounded. You’re so honorable, you saved all the other aurors in that building when you destroyed that creature. I feel so angry that you are the one losing all that blood and having all those injuries, is this wrong of me to think that way?

Everyone keeps telling me that you’re be fine. Yet, Mrs. Weasley had been crying for two hours straight. The doctors say they're keeping you in the hospital overnight and for maybe for several weeks if things don’t look better. I’m trying to convince myself it's really nothing to worry about.

Its hard not to think of it and Ron hasn’t been himself either. I’ve never seen Ron so depressed before. Even food doesn’t appeal to him and you know how crazy about food Ron is. We miss you so much Harry!

What if you do die tonight? How can we go on, without you here? You were always there for us! I can’t bear the thought. Remember all the fun things all three of us use to do? We would sit on my bed, drinking butterbeer, laughing, and talking about anything in the world!

Remember when your fans would always crowd around you when only we went out to have lunch together or just for fun? They always asked if you’d like to come with them to places and you were always very sure of your answer. You always winked at me and said, “No. I’d much rather spend time with my best friend.” Even when they begged and pouted, you were always firm about your answer. Did you know how happy you made me feel? I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Those memories are precious to me Harry, remembering times when it was just you and me, only the two of us.

I remember the day you proposed to me Harry. I felt that gushy feeling flow through my veins and I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day. Ron thought my jaw would be permanently stuck.

Thoughts of you flood my head. The way you laugh, the way you look, the way you kiss me, the way that you hug me, the way your emerald green eyes shined so brightly, the way you’d listen to all my problems and than comfort me.

Will you ever know how much you mean to me?

I write so much Harry. You’ve seen my school essays. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be enough words in the whole world to express what I want you to know. I wish to tell the world what a wonderful man you are, besides the fact you are the boy who defeated Voldemort.

You're the best boyfriend and the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and I hope with all my heart, with all these tears I'm crying now, that I can have the chance to tell you.

I love you, Harry. I love you, always and forever.

Your fiancé,


A/N: *sigh* This is my first attempt on a Harry/Hermione fic. My grandma had died recently and I felt like writing something that perhaps my grandpa might have been thinking, except this is in Harry Potter style. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome! *wink wink*

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Dear Harry: My Letter to You


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