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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 4 : Chapter 3: New Beginnings
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Packing up the last of their belongings, Harry paused and had a look around the home he had built with Hermione, he remembered that first day they had here, he and Hermione had been dating for a year and they had just finished school and were joining the entire wizarding world in building new lives for themselves. Harry had just defeated Voldemort and now everyone was beginning the long journey to recovery. Harry remembered him and Hermione going around all of the rooms and Hermione was rather enthusiastically decorating each room with her wand. He then remembered bringing his and Hermione's first born child James home from the hospital, he and Hermione had decorated the room in a neutral colour but as soon as James was born he changed everything to blue, he and Hermione had a bet throughout the pregnancy, she betted that it was a girl and Harry betted a boy. Hermione thought she was right since she was the one carrying the baby, but whenever she gave birth to their beautiful boy she didn't care that she had lost the bet, as soon as she held their son for the first time Harry knew that she was just as in love with him as he was.

"Are you ok?" Hermione said from behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

"Yea, I'm just reminiscing" He smiled turning around in her arms and kissing her the same loving way as he had done the first time they kissed.

"Everybody is waiting for you" she said to him once they broke off.

"Ok I'm coming now" he said, she kissed him lightly on the cheek and went to the living room where everyone was waiting, having one last look around he banished the last box to their new home and followed Hermione into the living room. "Ok everybody the location is 103 Godrics Hallow, it is a new build on a remote part if the village, that is hidden by spells and enchantments."

"Were going to Godrics Hallow?" Lily asked.

"Yes" Harry answered simply without looking at his mother.

"What’s the problem with Godrics Hallow?" Isobella asked knowing that her mother wasn't too pleased with the idea of Godrics Hallow.

"That’s where Voldemort attacked me when I was a baby" Harry answered simply. No more question were asked as everybody prepared to apparate to the new house, first was Lily and Isobella, then James, Hermione and little James and then finally Harry, Harry had his last look around before he left his first real home.

Once everyone had apparated to the new house there was a collective gasp that came from Lily, James and Isobella. It was a huge ten bedroomed mansion,it was painted a buttermilk colour with white window frames and door and there were flower boxes on all of the window ledges that were filled with red roses.

Everyone had a look around the place; the drive way was covered in loose stones that led up from large electric gold gates that had the Potter family crest on them. The whole of the house was surrounded by large bright green hedges that were fully of equally bright red roses, there was two front lawns that had large fountains on them and down by the gates were two huge lion statues each with their mouths open in mid-roar.

Harry stepped forward to the large oak door that had a gold handle and a large gold knocker that was the shape of a Griffin; he took out his wand and held it to the lock he said a spell and the large door swung open to reveal a grand entrance hall.

More gasps where heard when they entered through the door. The hall was painted cream with a marble floor and a marble staircase sitting in the center of it. On the wall to the left was a large painting of the Potter family crest which covered almost the entire wall, slightly further down there was two white painted oak doors each had their own golden plaque that bared the uses of the room, there was 'The Family Room' and 'The Family Dining Room'. To the back of the hall was another door that had the plaque 'Kitchen' on it. To the right there was another three doors each with their own plaques on them, these were 'Kids Play Room' which made James squeal with delight when Lily read it out, 'Privet Study' and 'The Basement'.

"Right we shall start with a tour of the ground floor and then we shall do the second and third floor agreed" Harry said. Everybody agreed and Harry proceeded.

"Firstly the basement is out of bounds to the children, because it's for the Order of the Phoenix".

"What’s that?" Isobella asked.

"You’re not seventeen so you can't know" was Harry’s simple reply. "I should also warn that it is protected with charms so that no-one who is under seventeen or not in the order can enter, you got that James" Harry said looking at his son only to receive and cheeky grin and an impish giggle in return. "Secondly is the privet study, which has been kitted out for school work, Arour work and Order work". Harry said as he pushed open the doors.

The room was large and painted a Gryffindor red there was a light oak hardwood floor fitted throughout the room and lots of bright lights along the walls that lit up the whole room. Along the wall parallel to the door was four giant windows that stretched from the ceiling to floor covered the whole wall. And hanging in front of them was large plush, deep red curtains that were pulled back to let in the natural light.

The wall to the left was covered in Library books ranging in from school books to work books to children’s stories.

"The work books are obviously protected by a spell so that no-one but me can use them" Harry said.

In the center of the room was three work stations each with two chairs at each and each station was set up with every piece of stationary that was need and were labeled with either, work, school or ootp.

"Obviously you cannot go anywhere near the order or work station Isobella" Harry said. “The next room is the kids playroom" Harry said and opened the next door.

It was another large room that was painted a light yellow and had a cream plush carpet fitted throughout. Along the walls was small shelves with all kinds of kids book on them ranging from muggle stories to wizarding ones.

In one corner was a small TV with a dvd player and a range of children’s cartoons, in another corner was three large bean bags for James to sit on whilst watching the TV. along the back wall where the window was, there was a small desk and chair with few muggle learning books, crayons and a few blank pages. In the corner opposite the TV was a large oak toy box with James Sirius Potter carved in a light blue cursive writing.

"I wanna pway, I wanna pway" James said excitedly bouncing up and down in Hermione's arms.

"Not now, James you can play later" Hermione said as they all left the room.

"No fair" James whined pouting crossing his arms in a sulk.

"This is our Family room" Harry said opening the door.

To say the room was large would be an understatement; it was painted cream and brown. It had a cream painted carpet throughout and two brown rugs. There was a large flat screen TV that hung on the wall and, three cabinets throughout. There were also three, three seated brown leather sofas and two, two seated ones and a chandelier hung on the ceiling.

"It's all very muggle" Lily said as she looked around the large room.

"That’s because me and Harry were both brought up in Muggle homes and wanted James to experience the muggle way and wizarding way of life" Hermione answered.

"That’s nice" Lily smiled.

"The Dining Room" Harry said as Hermione was about to reply.

This room was smaller than the Living room but yet it was still big. This time it was painted Scarlet with gold lions, on the ceiling there was large bright spotlights that lit the whole room, the floor was laid with mahogany wood and there was a large ten seated square mahogany table that had a cream table cloth and a gold table runner that ran up the center.

"We plan to use this for large dinner parties" Hermione said. They all moved on to the last door on the first floor "The Kitchen".

Harry opened the door to the kitchen and stepped in, the room was the width of the house and split into two. The first half was the kitchen and the second half was a smaller dining room. The kitchen which was to the right was painted a pale yellow colour, it had white cupboards with black granite counter tops, there was a large white cooker built in to the counter and a separate island in the center of the large kitchen.

To the left was the small dining room it had a circular table that was big enough to fit all six of them, it was painted the same colour as the kitchen and both rooms had hardwood flooring fitted through out.

"It's very nice" Lily said.

"The whole house was decorated by Hermione" Harry replied. "Next is the upstairs rooms" Harry added and walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the middle floor. There were six doors on this floor, five were bedrooms and one was the bathroom.
"I'll obviously not give you a tour of everyone’s bedrooms because there privet, this floor has Hermione's and my room, James and Lily's, Isobella's, Little James' and a spare room. The bathroom is here." Harry said and opened the door.

The bathroom was large; it was painted blue, with white shower, bath, sink and toilet. There was a towel rack on the wall with blue and white towels hung on them. The floor was laid with pure white tiles and had a blue rug on top.

"The guest rooms are all painted the same, so unless you would like to look for yourselves, I’ll just show you the one we have down here" Harry said and opened the door.

The room was painted cream, with plush cream carpet. It had a double bed a single brown wardrobe, a four drawer chest and a small brown dressing table. It was very minimal but for a guest room it looked quite nice.

"Right now, I think everyone deserves some lunch, what do you say do that James?" Hermione asked her son.

"Yea, yea, yea" he squealed excitedly bouncing up and down in her arms.

"Ok, come on then" she giggled and led the group down to the kitchen.

Once James was safely in his high chair, Hermione busied herself in the kitchen. Harry sat beside his son, whilst James, Lilly and Isobella sat opposite them.

"How about scrambled eggs on toast?" Hermione asked.

"Yes" everyone agreed whilst James squealed in delight.

"Harry don't forget to floo Sirius to remind him to look after James this afternoon" Hermione said as she cracked a dozen white eggs.

"We can do it" Lily butted in.

"Oh umm" Hermione stuttered. "Well it's just we've already asked Sirius and James knows him, he doesn't even know who you really are" she said in a quiet voice.

"Besides Sirius is James' Godfather, so he looks after him alot" Harry said

"Padfoot" James squeiled in delight. Harry looked at his young son and laughed.
 "I'll floo him now" Harry said and went into the living room. James and Lily exchanged a look which didn't go unnoticed by Hermione.
 "I'm really sorry Lily, but we had already asked Sirius and it would be unfair to let him down he loves little James" Hermione said.

"It's ok besides as you said, little James doesn't really know who we are".

"Right he said floo him once we had lunch" Harry announced as he re-entered the room. "Sirius also said shame on you Hermione for thinking he would forget about babysitting James" he added pinching his son's cheek as he sat beside him.

Hermione smiled as she put a round of toast in front of Harry with a knife, she kissed her son on his forehead and went back to the kitchen. Whilst Harry picked up the knife and cut the toast into soldiers. Once Harry was finished James quickly picked up a piece of toast and shoved most of it in his mouth.

"Hey greedy guts save some for your eggs" Harry mock scolded his son only to receive an impish giggle in return. Seconds later Hermione placed a large bowl of eggs and a huge plate of toast in the center along with some salt, pepper and a chunk of butter.

"Dig in" she said as she sat down on the other side of her son.

Everyone ate in silence with James, Lily and Isobella quietly watched the exchange between the young family opposite them. Harry and Hermione were both helping little James eat his eggs and toast both chuckling at his attempts to copy his dad who was loading egg onto half a round of toast and then eating it in a few bites which only resulted in James making a lot of mess, both parents oblivious to the fact that they were being watched.

Ten minutes later everyone had finished and the all moved into the living room, Hermione had performed the cleaning charm on James and he now looked squeaky clean.

Harry set his son down in his playpen and lifted a fistful of floo powder and chucked it into the fire, the fire glowed a bright green and Harry stuck his head into the fire and called Sirius Black.

"He's on his way" Harry said seconds later as he reappeared.

A minute later the fire flared green again and a man appeared from th flames. James who had stopped playing at the sound of the flames squealed excitedly as he recognized the man who appeared.

"Padfoo" he shouted excitedly bouncing up and down in his playpen.

"Jamsie" Padfoot shouted back picking up the child.

"How’s my favorite nephew?" he asked.

"Pwaying" he replied.

"And what about our gorgeous Hermione?" he asked setting down the child and hugging her. "You look as radiant as ever" he smiled kissing her hand

"Oy Sirius stop flirting with my wife" Harry chided playfully as they gave each other a hug. "Right Hermione and I are of, you know the routine Sirius" Harry said as he and Hermione grabbed their coats.

"Sure do, don't worry" he said as he picked up James.

"Say goodbye to Mummy and Daddy, James"

"Bye bye" he said sleepily.

"Bye, be good for unkie Sirius won't you" Hermione said giving her sleepy son a hug and kiss.

"Don't let him sleep to long" Harry said to Sirius giving his son a kiss and a hug also.

"I know now go or you’re going to be late for your big appointment" Sirius said shoving them out the door.

"Bye" they called back to James, Lilly and Isobella.

"Bye" came the reply.

"Where are they going?" Lily asked once the door was closed and Sirius had come back into the living room with a now sleeping James.

"Some appointment, didn't ask details" he replied and sat down with James in his arms.

"Shouldn't you put him to bed". Lily said. Sirius smiled knowingly.

"No, he just has a wee half hour nap and to get him out of the routine of having a power nap we just keep him with us" he replied and turned on the TV.

After ten minutes of walking Harry and Hermione arrived at their apparition point which was cited on an old deserted country road a mile away from their house. Once they double checked that the coast was clear the both took a deep breath and turned on the spot.

Seconds later they arrived at the front gates of Hogwarts Castle, once they swung open they both walked up the long stony path to the front doors of the castle. Once there they went through a series of tests to prove there identity and the grate oak doors swung open to reveal the marvelous entrance hall.

After the war most of Hogwarts castle was destroyed and whilst it looked exactly the same it had that newness feeling. Once they had a look around Harry and Hermione made their way to the Hospital wing, the climbed three flights of stairs and walked many long corridors before they finally reached the doors of the Infirmary which after the war thanks to a generous donation from Harry underwent a fabulous makeover and was now a smaller public hospital which helped lighten the load on St Mungos, the hospital was now located on two floors the student part was on the first floor and the public on the third which students were barred from entering. Also in addition to the new hospital was several new matrons most of which were in the same school years as Harry and Hermione.

They walked through the double door into the small waiting area and walked up to the welcome witch.

"Hello Pavrati" Hermione said as she recognized the young witch behind the desk.

"Hi Hermione, my goodness I haven't seen you in ages how are you?" she asked.

"I'm ok we have an appointment with Madame Pomfrey" she said.

"We... Oh hello Harry" she smiled blushing.

"How long do we have to wait?" Hermione asked.

"Oh sorry...yes she's ready you can go through now" she blustered. Both Harry and Hermione rolled their eyes and walked through another set of double doors to the new hospital wing. It was larger form the had last seen it, it had a two dozen new metal framed beds and everything was a crisp white and smelled new and fresh and between each new bed there was large pictures of flowers that seemed to sway as if there was a gentle breeze.

To the left there was a large door that had a shiny golden sign on it saying 'Maternity' the stepped through the door into another crisp white room, it was smaller with only for beds but it looked just as homely as the previous room.

"Hermione Potter" A voice called and they turned to see a smiling Madame Pomfrey.

"Hello Madame Pomfrey" Hermione said politely.

"This place looks lovely how did it get so big?" she asked as they were led to one of the beds.

"Well Hogwarts has always been large so I got Professor Dumbledore to ok plans to expand it into unused parts." she explained.

"Right lie down now Mrs Potter and I’ll perform the necessary spells". Hermione lay down comfortable and Madame Pomfrey pulled up her top and covered her belly in a clear liquid that smoked a little.

"As you already know Mrs Potter we will do the first spell to confirm you pregnancy and a second one to tell where it's a multiple birth or not and an optional third one to tell you the sex of the baby depending on how far along you are."

"I'm three months" Hermione said.

"Pregesentima" she said clearly waving her wand over her belly there was a greyish mist that appeared over her belly that quickly turned a bright white.

"Congratulations, that confirms what we already knew" Madame Pomfrey said.

"Now for the scarier part"

"Multiplita" she clearly said and again waved the wand over her stomach this time there was two clear orbs that appeared each showing and image of a fetus.

"Well, Miss Potter congratulations you’re having twins" Pomfrey smiled.

Both Harry and Hermione were as white as sheets but both had big grins on their faces; they both hugged each other and kissed each other.

"But how?" Hermione stuttered. "None of our family has a history of twins as far as we know" she added.

"Since it showed up two orbs what happed was there was two separate eggs fertilized at the same time so it's twins but not identical." she explained.

"Now do you wish to know the sex" she added.

"Yes" they said together.

"Ok then" she said

"Genderitus" she once again said waving her wand again and once again two orbs with an image of a baby in them the orb on the left turned blue and the one on the right turned pink.

"A boy and a girl" Pomfrey beamed.

"Perfect" Harry said kissing Hermione again. Five minutes later they arrived at the apparition point a mile from their house.

"Right since you are three months gone are you ready to tell everyone our fantastic news" Harry grinned slinging an arm around her shoulder.

"As ready as I’ll ever be" she smiled as her and her husband walked to their mansion.


A.N the spells are just random things that I made up, they are supposed to be silly and there not supposed to make any sense. Review please

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Living a Lie.: Chapter 3: New Beginnings


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