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Mistakes Worth Making by Eridanus
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three.
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A/N: Here’s a longer chapter for you, I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter or anything you recognise.

Chapter Three

The week since Victoire had proclaimed herself to be in love with Teddy had passed rather uneventfully and in Dominique’s opinion uneventfulness was bliss, especially after the stress of OWLs. However, uneventful certainly didn’t mean boring; Dominique had in fact found herself accidentally stalking Victoire.

One may wonder how it is possible to accidentally stalk a person, but Dom didn’t realise what she was doing when she asked Victoire where she was going every time she left the house; or when she found herself analysing the handwriting on the letter that had arrived at the house for Vic, internally debating if it was from Teddy; or when she burst into Victoire’s room unannounced because she’d been up there by herself for an hour. In fact, she only realised what she was doing when she found herself following Vic down the garden path to try and find out if she was going where she said she was.

Needless to say, after that particular occasion where she had been forced to squat in a bush in case Vic saw her, she made a conscious effort not to meddle in any relationship that Teddy and Victoire may have.

Apart from her antics where Victoire was concerned, Dom had a relaxing week. She sat with Lucy whilst the others played Quidditch in Grandma Molly and Granddad Arthur’s orchard, went out with Molly, chatted with Teddy when he wasn’t at St. Mungo’s, and drew. Drawing was the one thing at which Dominique really excelled. The whole family revelled in her sketches of Hogwarts and portraits of them alike; Dom had a way of capturing magic and transferring it onto the page.

On the ninth of July, Dom was sitting under a magnolia tree in her back garden, sketching Teddy from her mind’s eye in a picture she was already calling “Before Victoire”. Her hand glided over the page, tracing his strong jaw and familiar features. His hair was most definitely brown too, not the blond that had appeared more and more often recently. The positivity that Dom had had a week earlier had almost disappeared entirely. All she was waiting for now was for Teddy to abandon her just like her fickle positivity.

Teddy walked the same garden path to Shell Cottage that he had many times before, but he still managed to stumble slightly over the paving stones. Many people told him that this was a trait that he had inherited from his mother, and apparently she had been much more prone to it than he was. Somehow he couldn’t believe it. The door to the cottage was opened before he even had time to knock on it. It was Louis.

‘Saw you falling up the path again, Ted,’ Louis said with laughter in his voice.

‘Old habits die hard.’

‘Clearly,’ Louis opened the door fully and Teddy followed him into the house. ‘Vic’s out at the minute, actually.’

‘I was calling to see Dom, is she about?’

‘Oh right,’ a frown clouded Louis’ previously smiling face. ‘I think she’s round the back.’

Louis wasn’t amused by the thought that Teddy was messing with both of his sisters, no matter how much he liked him, and Teddy himself most definitely didn’t enjoy the fact that everyone was reading into his friendship with Vic to a disturbing extent.

‘I’ll talk to you later, Louis.’

Teddy made his way along the narrow hallway and into the kitchen, where the door to the back garden was. The kitchen was by no means small, but it was packed with objects. There was a plate rack covered with Fleur’s family china that ran right round the room, a pine dining table that was large enough to comfortably sit six people, numerous cupboards, and other assorted bits of crockery. There was also a large window overlooking the garden and as Teddy passed it he couldn’t help but stop and absorb the view. Dom was stretched out languorously beneath a large tree, and looking completely at peace as she drew; her hair was messily thrown up with a pencil keeping it in place, and her hand was sweeping over the page urgently.

The day was hot and the kitchen quickly became stifling, so Teddy made his way out to the back garden. The click of the door closing jolted Victoire from her work and upon seeing Teddy she quickly closed over her sketchbook, which was something she wouldn’t normally do, but for some reason she felt guilty for drawing him.

‘I always knew you’d come crawling back, Lupin.’

Teddy was still slightly puzzled at Dominique’s urgency in closing her sketchbook, but replied all the same, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, Weasley.’

‘Oh, I think you do. I’ve hardly seen you at all this week; I’ve been abandoned for real life,’ Dominique grinned broadly.

‘That you have Dom, I didn’t mean to, though. I have a better chance at being accepted at St. Mungo’s if I volunteer this summer and if I don’t get accepted we won’t be able to work together, will we?’

‘Well, when you’re a world renowned healer, don’t forget about me.’

‘I think it’s more likely that you’ll be world renowned than me.’

‘I’m not so sure. You’ve already managed to get yourself into The Prophet’s gossip column.’ Dominique laughed at the look on Teddy’s face; he obviously hadn’t seen Patrella Poversi’s latest piece of world changing journalism. It had only come out this morning, after all.

‘What are you talking about?’ He quizzed.

‘Merlin, Ted, keep your knickers on, it’s nothing bad. God forbid.’ Dominique smirked as she said this; Teddy was a bit of a goody-goody. At Hogwarts it would’ve taken a fire to get him out after his set “bed time”.

‘It mainly focused on how Patrella, quote, “likes a man in uniform,” unquote, and then another two hundred thousand words in which she described you as scrumptious and pondered the meaning of the universe, i.e. where you’d been hiding. Hogwarts was clearly too simple an explanation.’

‘Right…’ Teddy was blushing, he wasn’t used to the thought of himself as being so attractive. After all, he could make himself look however he chose. The press weren’t allowed to print any stories featuring any of the Weasley, Potter, or Lupin children until they left Hogwarts. However, the embargo on Teddy seemed to have finally been lifted.

‘Don’t worry about it, Ted. It was hardly front page news.’

‘I s’pose,’ he said doubtfully. ‘Well, anyway, I’ve come to take you out for your birthday.’

‘Serious?’ Dominique was excited at the prospect, she hadn’t been to Diagon Alley in ages and if Teddy was with her, well, then he wasn’t off gallivanting with Victoire.

‘Completely,’ he grinned.

‘But my birthday isn’t until next week.’

‘Yeah, but I’ve got a lot of shifts down at St. Mungo’s and this is the only time I have free until then, well, the only free time I’ve got when there’s a possibility of me having any energy.’

‘Alright, let’s go.’

Dominique didn’t think her day could get any better.

Dominique stumbled slightly as she exited one of the floo stations in Diagon Alley, but she had to quickly get herself out of the way as people flew out of fireplaces all around her.

‘Careful there, Dom. You’re getting as bad as me.’

‘Nobody could ever be as clumsy as you,’ Dominique said, sticking her tongue out.

‘Okay, I admit it, but you’re still the worst singer ever born.’ Dominique just raised her eyebrow playfully at Teddy in response. ‘Hungry?’ he queried.

‘Starving, Teddy, starving, and here I was thinking you’d never ask.’

Teddy slung his arm around Dom’s shoulders and they made their way out of the Diagon Alley Floo Station, into the alley itself. They didn’t need to question where they were going, Fortescue’s ice-cream parlour was an old favourite of theirs. Teddy and Dominique wound their way through the throngs of holiday shoppers and people out to enjoy the sunshine, managing to snag themselves a table on the cobbled pavement just outside the ice-cream shop.

‘What are you having, Dom?’

‘Same as always, a strawberry surprise,’ she said as she took a seat at the table.

‘I should’ve guessed,’ Teddy smiled, ‘although, it stopped being a surprise a long time ago’.

Teddy put his jacket on the back of the chair and left Dom at the table to go inside and order for them.

Dominique sat people watching for a while and made up stories about the people around her. That witch with the perfectly straight teeth was the ringleader of the Rotfang conspiracy that Luna was always going on about; that warlock with the eye patch who was carrying a cabbage was on his way to throw it at his ex-wife’s head, because she’d had an affair with a goblin. However, there were limits to Dominique’s imagination, and it was then that she realised she had a pencil in her hair, so she tugged it free, before drawing on a napkin. She was still in this state when a woman who had short, dark hair and looked to be in her mid thirties approached her from the street.

‘I’m sorry for disturbing you, but you aren’t one of the Weasley children, are you?’ This didn’t surprise Dominique too much; she’d been approached by strangers a few times because of her family, although it usually happened when they were out in larger numbers.

‘Oh, don’t worry about it and yes, yes I am.’

‘Excuse me if I’m wrong, but you’re Dominique. Am I correct?’

‘Yes, you’re right…Did you maybe want something?’ Dominique was a little more disconcerted that the woman knew her name.

‘I just wanted to say that your family are all heroes and you should be very proud of them. Pass on my regards, will you?’ the woman smiled cloyingly.

‘Thank you very much, I’ll be sure to tell them,’ Dom replied. For some reason she found the woman strangely disconcerting.

‘You really are a sweetheart. Goodbye dear,’ the woman said as she departed.

‘Goodbye,’ Dominique said as politely as she could. She was about to go back to her drawing when Teddy appeared, carrying two large glass dishes of ice cream, one of which he set in front of her.

‘Who was that?’ He inquired.

‘Just some woman wanting to thank me for having such a brilliant family.’

‘Ah, right, and you took your hair down for her because…?’

‘I didn’t take my hair down for her you bloody idiot, I took it down because I needed the pencil keeping it up to draw.’ She waved the napkin with the sketch of him ordering the ice creams at his face.

‘If that’s your story…,’ Dom laughed at Teddy’s teasing. ‘Any chance I can taste a bit of your strawberry ice cream?’ He asked.

‘Only, and I mean it, only if I can have a bit of your chocolate.’

‘Done,’ Dominique and Teddy both reached over the table and scooped a bit of ice cream out of each others’ bowls, locked eyes and laughed. This was another old tradition of theirs.

‘So, how’s the volunteering going?’

‘It’s brilliant, but Merlin, it’s tiring,’ he smiled.
Looking at Teddy more closely, Dom noticed how heavy his eyelids seemed and the dark shadows that were forming under his eyes. She doubted that he would appreciate her commenting on them, but she was thrilled that despite his fatigue he had made the time to take her out.

‘Worse than NEWTs? I mean, those things are nastily exhausting.’

‘One million times worse than NEWTs, something I never thought possible. Although, this is actually worth it in.’

‘And I have to wait another two flipping years,’ Dominique said exasperatedly.

‘It’ll fly in; before you know it you’ll be married with eighteen children.’

‘You really know how to charm a girl, Ted,’ Dominique smiled at Teddy’s, hopefully inaccurate, attempt at telling her future.

‘I do my best. Where do you want to go next?’

‘How about Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to see Uncle George?’

‘Sounds good to me.’

They finished their ice creams and Teddy straightened himself up, removed his jacket from the back of his chair and shrugged it on, while Dominique stuffed her napkin sketch into her pocket. The two then left Fortescue’s and turned left onto the street. It was hard to tell when so many people were packed into such a small space, but Dominique couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. She tried to ignore it, but couldn’t help glancing over her shoulder more than a few times as she walked down the street. Teddy and Dominique wove their way through the masses until they reached the brightest, most garish shop front on the entire street. The shop was also the most packed on the entire street.

They fought their way into their Uncle George’s shop and since they didn’t see him immediately they began to browse. Dominique floated over to the section especially for girls and Teddy drifted after her, only to find himself in a gaggle of giggling girls, all at least half a foot shorter than him and chattering as if it was going out of style.

‘Dreaming of someone, Dom?’

‘What?’ Teddy indicated the object in her hand.

Dominique looked down at the patented daydream charm she was clasping and realised Teddy’s meaning. ‘No, I just always wondered how these things worked,’ she couldn’t stop herself from turning a bright shade of red, and Teddy laughed as Dominique set the box back down.

‘How is my favourite niece? And Teddy of course.’

‘Hello, Uncle George. We thought we’d pop in and see you,’ Dom said.

‘Splendid, just splendid! I hope you’ve both been behaving yourselves.’ George was currently partaking in his favourite activity; imitating his brother, Percy.

‘Of course we have, Perce, you know us,’ Teddy grinned.

‘Now that I’ve been called his name I know that I’ve gone too far, Teddy,’ George laughed good-naturedly. ‘What brings the two of you down here?’

‘Well, since it’s my birthday next week Teddy’s taking me out,’ said Dominique.

‘And why, may I ask, is he taking you out so prematurely?’

‘Because I’m volunteering at the hospital and Godric’s Ghost only knows when I’ll next be off for a day.’

‘Fair enough. Anything you’re particularly interested in Dom? I need all the help I can get for your birthday present.’ George casually rested his elbow on a large pile of extendable ears, managing to appear perfectly relaxed in the chaos that was his joke shop.

‘I’m sure it’ll be as fantastic as always, Uncle George.’

‘Ah yes, but seventeen is a big one; it requires extra effort.’

‘Don’t be daft,’ Dom said.

‘I can’t help it,’ George smiled. ‘I’ve got to get back to work, but browse away and if there’s anything you want just give me a shout.’

‘Bye, George,’ Teddy said.

‘See you soon, Uncle George.’ But George had already disappeared off into the madness of the shop before they had a chance to say goodbye properly.

Teddy and Dominique were examining a mountain of fake, but semi-permanent, moustaches and Teddy was modelling them using his metamorphagus skills for a delighted Dominique, when they were interrupted by a voice.

‘Dom, is that you?’ Dominique glanced round and was soon caught up in greeting a familiar face.

‘Adam! It’s great to see you. Been having a good summer?’ She smiled widely at the handsome boy who had worked hard to catch her attention in the packed shop.

‘Oh, you know, it’s been alright.’ Teddy was observing this exchange rather moodily and put a protective arm around Dominique’s shoulder.

‘Adam, this is my friend Teddy Lupin. I’m sure you know him?’ Dominique sniggered slightly as she introduced him; Teddy was still sporting a ridiculous handlebar moustache and he seemed to be completely unaware of it.

‘Yeah, you’d have to be pretty slow to not know the Head Boy.’

‘How do you know me then?’ Teddy was being inexplicably rude and Dominique gave him a swift elbow in the ribcage.

‘Teddy, this is my friend Adam. He sits with me in Charms.’

‘Nice to meet you, Teddy.’ Adam extended his hand in greeting and Teddy responded by removing his arm from around Dom’s shoulders and his shaking it coldly.

‘You too,’ Teddy said without a very convincing tone. It was quite for a few seconds before Adam spoke up again.

‘Dominique, d’you think I could speak to you for a second?’

‘Yeah, of course, go ahead,’ Dominique said, nodding enthusiastically.

‘Erm… I meant in private.’

‘Don’t worry. You can say it in front of me. I don’t mind.’ Teddy was disconcerted by the idea of this boy asking to speak to Dominique privately, and he knew she would give into this Adam character if he didn’t take charge.

‘Oh, right, well… I was just wondering if you would like to do something next week. You know, just the two of us?’ Adam was blushing profusely. Teddy’s presence had thrown him off considerably.

‘Oh Adam, I’d love to, but I’m so busy right now.’ Adam looked extremely downtrodden and Dominique couldn’t help but feel bad for him, she really did like him. ‘It’s my birthday next Sunday and we’re having a party, I’d love it if you came.’

‘That’d be great,’ Adam grinned boyishly. ‘I have to go now, but I’ll owl you about it.’

‘Alright, bye,’ Dominique was beaming radiantly, however, Teddy was looking distinctly less pleased.

As they left Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Teddy was rather cold in his manner towards her, but Dom was too pleased to notice.

‘You’ve still got that ridiculous moustache on, by the way, Ted.’

‘Oh, right.’ Teddy looked at his reflection in the window and upon seeing it was true, morphed himself back. He was still too sore from the encounter with Dom’s friend to laugh about it.

‘What did you think of him, Ted? Isn’t he lovely?’ Dominique was asking in the hope that Teddy’s approval would protect her from the embarrassment that was her family, but the reply she got was very cold.

‘I didn’t like him very much. He was coming on a bit strong.’ Teddy definitely wasn’t in the mood for shopping anymore.

A/N: Thanks for reading! All reviews and any CC you have is very much appreciated ^_^

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