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Was it a Mistake? by Isa_bell
Chapter 3 : The Past
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Dumbledore nodded to both of them giving them instruction on how to get in. Soon Annabella and Draco were bending down into the pensive and were being dragged into the silvery solution.



*Memory 1*



They soon descended into the scenery of a beautiful grandiose manor, both taking the liberty of walking up to the front door and opening it they entered. They were delighted by the beautiful design the house encompassed in all. The ostentatious walls, the extravagant furniture, and the extensive stair and hallways it enclosed. They ascended the stairs that had glass railings all around with the steps made of dark wood making it look very posh. They finally arrived at the second floor where they walked through a long hallway that led them to a double door with a golden handle. Annabella scared out of her wits turned to look at her companion.


Draco looked down at her immediately taking notice of how nervous she had become. “It’s ok Anna, I’m right beside you,” this gave her comfort, nodding she raised her hand to touch the cold handle that made  her shiver all the way down to her toes. Finally, twisting it she opened the door to reveal a beautiful woman with curly brown hair that looked a lot like her except her eyes were blue. There was a handsome bloke with dark hair sitting next to her; he on the other hand had brown eyes. The baby in the woman’s arms was smiling, looking up at both her parents and giggling at her father who was tickling her. Annabella immediately knew that this was her family that she was the baby they were holding on with so much love.


Nervously she walked up to them and kneeled in front of them, looking intently at how much love her parents showed to her and were willing to give to her. If it wasn’t because they were murdered they would have been the happiest family. Draco standing right behind her knew this was a very emotional moment for her and it soon was becoming for him as well, for a tear rolled down his face. He immediately wipe it away so Annabella wouldn’t notice, plus he didn’t want to break down in front of her because to him it would be embarrassing.


Annabella on the other hand was crying her eyes out, just by seeing them cuddled the baby. She wished that they were alive and maybe just maybe her life would be normal. They soon were to leave this beautiful memory, but she didn’t want to, she wanted to stay like this forever. Looking at every little detail she could to later reminisce in the solitude of her life, she said a sad goodbye to the scene that brought her hopes up and the feelings of revenge towards Voldemort.


Draco looking at her parents intently noticed that Annabella got her beauty from her mother. The exact replica was seen in Anna’s sweet face, but she did get her soft brown eyes from her father. ‘What am I saying thinking that Annabella is beautiful…she is…shut up brain…what the hell am I thinking…oh what the hell I have to admit that she does have a beauty of her own.’ thought Draco battling to admit his true feeling since 4th year. He noticed that her parents were becoming blurry, the world was spinning and right then he knew the memory was changing.



*End of memory 1*



It felt horrible spinning around and around until finally landing in a completely different atmosphere that was the opposite of the one they were just in a few minutes ago. Annabella landed hard on the ground almost tripping over an old cardboard box, but fortunately she didn’t for Draco grabbed her not letting her fall down.



*Memory 2*



They soon landed in what seemed to be shabby house of a poor man. Draco took a hold of Annabella so she wouldn’t fall to the ground and asked, “Are you ok?” she just nodded and looked around, the house was filthy it looked more like a shack made of old wood and a few furniture that would be found in the trash. Soon they both noticed a skinny old, shaggy man that wore ripped pants, sweater and much worn down shoes that were about to shred any second. The man soon awoke standing up looking around for something, soon he found what he was looking for and put it in his pants running out of there in a millisecond.


Annabella and Draco ran after him to see where he was going, “Why… do you think he needs a… gun for?” asked Annabella panting from running to catch up with the man.


“Oh! That’s what it was? I don’t know! Does it do something?” asked Draco not knowing exactly what a gun was for, he never used one in his life let alone heard of it.


“Ahhh! I’ll explain later this is not the time,” they kept running after the guy until he stopped in front of the house they had been in a few moments ago. Confusion showed in both of their faces as they watched how the man opened the humongous gates and entered. Arriving at the front door the old man took out what looked like a pin and started picking the lock until the door opened. Annabella didn’t know what was happening, but she knew this man was a muggle, since he didn’t open the door magically. Draco looked more confused then ever since he didn’t understand why the man didn’t just say ‘alohamora,’ but soon noticed that he didn’t have a wand therefore he must have been a muggle.


“Do you think he’s going to steal something?” asked Draco


“Yes,” she simply answered following the man without once taking her eyes off of him. They followed him up the staircase into the third floor, down a long hallway where a single door stood with the name of Annabella De’Lambarti written on it. The man hesitantly opened the door running to the crib where the baby was sound asleep.


“His going to kidnap me,” said an alarmed Annabella running right after the man who was already descending the stairs with the baby in his arms.


“No, not you, your still here his going to kidnap you in the form of a baby,” he blurted out trying to cheer her up, but this just made her angrier.


“It’s the same thing you idiot,” she hissed running off to see what the man would to with the baby. Draco already tired was out of breath running as hard as he could so he wouldn’t get lost.


They arrived back to the man’s shack where he put the baby on a dirty sofa while he grabbed a piece of parchment and quill writing a quick note. Anna interested to see what the note said got closer and read:



Family De’Lambarti,


If you want to see your baby safe and alive in your arms again you’re going to have to pay me a big amount of money by tomorrow. I will go by your manor once again tomorrow, don’t worry about your baby she will be staying with a good friend of mine. Just remember that if you try anything funny with me, my friend will kill your daughter.





The man grabbed an owl attaching the letter to its leg and sending him off to deliver the note. Annabella became very confused ‘why would a muggle use an owl? Is he even a muggle?’ she thought to herself as she gave Draco a look of confusion that was returned with the same intensity. They soon felt the spinning sensation once more and knew that another memory was to come.



*End of Memory 2*



Annabella became worried about leaving the baby in those conditions even if it was her and now she was fine, it still made her uneasy. But what made her even more uneasy and scared was the next memory.



*Memory 3*



Landing once more on the manor they looked around, but instantaneously felt a cold air around them. The warmth comforting place they had been in first was gone, now it felt, cold, lonely and evil all round.  On top of their head they saw the Death eaters mark and immediately knew that Voldemort had been here, but didn’t know the tragedy that had just taken place a few minutes ago. Walking fast up to the front door they opened it to reveal two lifeless bodies on the floor soon she recognize them to be her parents.


At seeing this she at once broke down kneeling beside their bodies, crying like there’s no tomorrow. Draco right away knelt down beside her and hugged her, at first she refused his touch, but just as fast put her face on his comforting chest and cried her eyes out. Suddenly voices came from right in front of her, both looking up they saw none other than Dumbledore and Hagrid looking down at the dead bodies.


“What do you think happened to their daughter Dumbledore?” asked Hagrid worried of what might of happened to the baby.


“I don’t know yet Hagrid, but we’ll find out in due time,” he answered wisely


Annabella once again broke down crying letting Draco comfort her in his arms. All the while spinning out of the memory once again…



*End of Memory 3*



She was crying so hard she didn’t even feel the spinning sensation until Draco sweetly told her they had arrived back at the shack.



*Memory 4*



Landing on the shack again they saw the man once again running out and they once again followed him. They knew he was going back to the manor especially since they saw what he wrote on the piece of parchment. Arriving at the manor once more the man ran inside the house, but at seeing the two lifeless bodies he gave a shocking scream, that made Annabella and Draco jumped ten feet of the ground.


“Where did he leave the baby at?” asked Annabella nervously noticing that he wasn’t carrying the baby anymore.


“I don’t know let’s follow him,” said Draco running after the man, Annabella running after both of them already tired and barely keeping up.


Out of breath and with their legs aching they made it to the shack again where the guy sat waiting for somebody. There was a sudden knock at the door that brought the man out of his thoughts. He opened the door to reveal another old shabby lady that handed him the baby. “So, what happened Ernie did you get the money? So we can return the baby, she’s been crying all day, it’s given me a headache,” complained the lady to the man who’s name was Ernie. Ernie didn’t answer he was still in shocked just looking down at the baby. “Ernie, can you hear me?”


“Yea sorry…ummm…we aren’t getting any money.”




“I arrived at the manor thinking I was going to get money, but was surprised to see the parents were dead,” he said looking at the baby once more in a trance.


“What do you mean? We can’t keep this baby? I don’t like children,” voiced the old lady who started pacing back and forth thinking. “We have to get rid of her… I don’t know… leave her at the first house we pass by.”


“Yea let’s go!” said the man at once exiting his shack with the woman, Annabella and Draco on toe.


Arriving in a middle class street, where there seem to be no poorness, but it was rather moderate looking homes. The old man laid the baby on the front door of the house Annabella use to know as her own, but not anymore. He rang the doorbell running out of there with the woman behind him. Annabella and Draco didn’t run after them this time; they stayed there until a young lady with brown straight hair, opened the door. She immediately recognized her as the mother she thought was her real, but turned out not to be.


Jane picked Anna up and smile at the bundle of joy that was in front of her. “What happened to you, sweet baby? Who was the monster that abounded you?” Annabella smile at this, because despite of her knowing that these weren’t her real parents they had treated her and loved her like their own. Jane took the little Anna in and was about to close the door, but she and Draco managed to slip in through the door before it closed.


“Robert, Robert, look they left this beautiful baby in our front porch.”


“WHAT?” yelled Robert running to see if his wife was lying or not.


“Isn’t she the cutest baby…yes you are!” she said while cuddling her.


“She is beautiful, we have to adopt her. I say god heard our prayers,” said Robert looking up.


“Yes he did! How much I prayed to have a child it didn’t matter if it wasn’t my own, since I can’t have kids.” Jane Granger said tearing up little.


“Don’t cry honey, we have this beautiful baby now. By the way what are we going to name her?”


“How about Hermione?” she asked smiling down at the baby, who smiled back at both of them.


Annabella was smiling and tears of happiness were rolling down her face. Draco pulled her into a hug as his own tears rolled down his cheek not caring anymore who saw him vulnerable.



*End of Memory 4*



Soon they arrived in Dumbledore’s office again and turned to see Dumbledore staring at them smiling. At seeing this they both pulled away from each other, wiping the tears out of their eyes they sat on the chairs they were seated in before looking at Annabella’s painful past with a happy ending.


“So, now that you saw what really happened; I know for a fact that you have a few questions plaguing your mind. Ask me and I’ll answer truthfully,” said Dumbledore looking right at Annabella who couldn’t wait to blurt out the first question.


“What were my parent’s names?”


“Amorina De’Lambarti and Fazio De’Lambarti.”


“Why did Voldemort killed them?”


Dumbledore knew this question would come up, so taking a deep breath he answered truthfully just like he had agreed to. “Your father Fazio is Voldemort’s twin brother.”


“WHAT?” screamed Annabella shocked to be related to a monster; this would make him her uncle and only living family member.


“Please Ms. Granger, no need to scream.”


“Sorry professor, but how?”


“Well, I discovered that Voldemort’s mother had twins. Nobody really knew about it not even Voldemort or Fazio himself. He later found out right around the time you were born, so he killed them, fortunately you weren’t there at the moment because then he would have killed you as well. You see Fazio got adopted by a very powerful pureblood family when he was just a few months old, which is why his name is De’Lambarti. Voldemort knows that you are alive; he’s been looking for you for the past 16 years. He has finally found you and that’s the reason why he gave Mr. Malfoy the mission to kill you.”


“Why would he want to kill my parent or me for that fact?” she asked a little confused about all the information she was receiving at once.


“He is a very selfish man and has the greed for power, he already killed all his family the only one left is you. You are a very powerful witch, why do you think you get top marks in school and learn spells faster then any one and potions is a piece of pie?…I think that’s how muggles say,” he said chuckling a little at his own comment.


It suddenly dawned on Annabella why her own uncle wanted to kill her. “He’s afraid that I have become more or equal to him in power?”


Dumbledore looked at her and nodded, “Yes that is it! Plus don’t forget you are his niece and therefore a part of his family, a family he thought he killed a long time ago.”


“I don’t…want…to…die!” she said as she trembled.


Dumbledore shook his head at her reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry Ms. Granger! We will protect you, you’re in school for now, in holidays and summers we will put you in a safe house.”


She nodded, “Thank you Professor Dumbledore.”


“Before I forget do not tell anyone of this, nobody can know about your past or your real name.”


Draco and Annabella both looked at each other and nodded turning back to Dumbledore she remembered another question she had forgotten to ask. “Professor Dumbledore the man that kidnaped me he seemed to be muggle, why would he use an owl to deliver a note?”


“He was a squib that’s why he couldn’t do magic, but he knew of magic.”


She nodded understanding and made the first motion to stand up, “Thank you professor for your help!”


“I just want my students to be and feel safe, so no need to worry.” They both nodded saying their good nights to the headmaster and left.


They walked in complete silence all the way to the Slytherin Common room. Annabella was about to walk to the girl’s dormitory, but turned around to see Draco walking up to the boy’s dormitory she advanced him and touch his shoulder. “Draco…”


He turned around to come face to face with Annabella and noticed that even her name was beautiful. He walked closer to her, remaining a few inches away from her; both staring dreamily at each other’s eyes. Oh Merlin she is so beautiful! He thought whilst trying to breathe normally so she wouldn’t see the reaction she brought in him.


“Thank you!” she whispered her cool breath brushing against Draco’s cheek, this made him close his eyes to retake the wonderful smell that radiated from her breath and body. Why does he look so hot! Merlin I just want to kiss him…no what am I saying, she battle with herself. Draco immediately coming back to his senses opened his eyes to stare right at her eyes, he started to lean in. Annabella knew what was to come and closed her eyes also leaning closer to him. They both found themselves lip locked in the most sweet, savoring unforgettable kiss they’ve ever had. Deepening the kiss Draco dragged her against the wall and pressed his body to hers wanting nothing more then to feel her. After what seemed centuries they pulled away from each other, panting and trying to breathe, they kept looking into their eyes the rest of the world forgotten.


“Maybe…I…I…should…go…go…to…sleep,” stutter Annabella who then pulled away from Draco’s warm and comforting embrace and ran into the girl’s dormitory. Closing the door behind her she leaned on it, thinking about the amazing kiss. I never thought I would see myself kissing Draco Malfoy, let alone experience his good kissing skills…what am I saying this is Malfoy I’m talking about…maybe he did it just because he knows I’m not a mudblood anymore…he knows he’s not going to get tainted…that’s it…what a git! With that set of mind she got ready for bed and went to sleep.


Draco still laid on his bed not being able to close his eyes, I felt something when I kissed her, it took my breath away…it made me forget the rest of the world…it was like only me and her existed in that very moment…She has the softest lips and so innocent…I’ve never had these hands or lips touch anything that was THAT innocent…I’m falling for Hermione Granger or should I say Annabella De’Lambarti… he thought as his eyelids became heavy with sleep.

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