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Comatose by No_oneKnows
Chapter 5 : Holy Mother of Buckets
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5. Holy Mother of Buckets

The whole train ride away from Hogwarts was one from hell. Butterflies totally devastated my stomach; hammering against the walls as the millions of little legs tickled my organs.

It was probably even worse on the bus ride towards Grimmauld Place. The auror now dubbed Mad-Eye Moody came to pick us up and I had trouble not swooning when I saw him. I'd always admired him as a dark arts combat fighter though his eye was slightly freaky. It scared me at first. But hey, he's cool.

He led us on to a bus, making muggles from the back of the bus glance at us weirdly even though his tilted bowler hat was covering his eye. Apparently, his eye isn't the only thing that was weird. Maybe it was his mismatched checkered socks...

I managed to claim the seat next to a hot muggle boy and converse with him quite casually, despite the bloody dragons hammering in my chest now. It was a surprise how I didn't breathe fire on him.

Moody dragged me off the bus when it came to our stop. My stomach turned and I felt light headed when I came face to face with Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. I must not kill him, I must not kill him, I must not kill him, HOW THE BLOODY HELL CAN I NOT KILL HIM?!

Moody pressed his finger to his lips, looking at me roughly before going on. I lingered behind the others, taking multiple deep breaths to soothe myself.

I let out a long, misty breath before stepping forward. Immediately feeling the warmth, the whole soothing and peaceful aura I had placed in myself evaporated in an instant. The anger returned and I felt nothing more than to hammer his stupid head into a blender.

“Selene,” Hermione whispered, urging me towards the kitchen.

I closed my eyes as soon as she turned her back on me and prayed to Godzilla that I would not tackle Sirius Black to the ground and start pounding at his face.

I walked forward nervously, fingers twitching and looked at an adult Sirius Black who was at that moment, hugging Harry Potter like he would James. Fortunately, I only managed to see his back. Right before he released Harry and turned around, I announced that I had to go to the toilet.

I scampered away, heart thumping with rage before I realised I didn't even know where the bloody hell the toilet was. With no choice, I headed back to Hermione, covering the side of my face with my hair.

“Where's the toilet?” I asked her, keeping quiet as Sirius continued booming his 'Welcome!' and stupid greetings.

“You don't want to say hi to him first?” she asked. I shook my head most violently and I'm pretty sure she thought that I believed he was a murderer. He was a bloody murderer!

She nodded understandingly and pointed me towards the bathroom. Inside, I took my time pacing the room, fuming.  I bit my tongue and sat myself forcefully on the toilet, my jeans still on. I pulled the toilet paper from the cardboard roll, balling it up in my fists until it ran out.

Roster, meet us at the Whomping Willow at midnight.

Signed – the Marauders

That cursed piece of parchment sent by the devil himself. I could tell from his writing. His ugly, yucky, URGH-worthy writing.

I flushed down the unused toilet paper and set off again, pacing.

As much of a fool I was, I decided to meet them at the Whomping Willow. Yes, it was night. Yes, it was dark. Yes, it was a bloody mistake.

“Sirius? Remus? Peter? James?” I called quietly as I came closer and closer to the Whomping Willow. No one was there. Not a bloody single soul. Understanding that I’d been stood up, I ground my teeth against each other and exhaled heavily. I shoved my hands in my pockets, rubbing my stomach gently as my teeth chattered to the cold. Then, I tripped over a thick root on the floor with a slight thud.

Without thinking, I brought out my leg and kicked one of the many thick roots of the Willow. Almost immediately, its branches started dancing around me. I screamed. Well duh, what else could I've done. I was trapped.

Just as one of the smaller branches wrapped itself around my waist and threw me into the air and wrapped its thin branch around me once more, I saw four figures running towards me.

That was all I remembered. And now, after twenty years, I'm back.

I unclenched my fist and let out a long breath. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, there shouldn't be any reason why he should remember me... I groaned at the hopelessness of this predicament.

A knock from the door startled me and I yelped as one of my green eyes fell gruesomely out of its socket.

“Selene, Mrs. Weasley – Ron's mum – has dinner ready. Come out when you're ready,” she said. Dear Fudge. Dinner? As long as he isn't sitting across from me, that'd be fine. As long as we can't see each other, that'd be fine. The itch to stretch my fingers towards him and strangle his bloody neck would be less felt. I hoped.

I exhaled once again and unlocked the door, walking besides Hermione jumpily as my fingers clenched and unclenched.

The kitchen was loud and several red heads sat around the table. Only three non-red-hairs sat there. I looked around the table, scouring it for empty spots furthest away from Sirius. Fortunately, there was one next to Ron and one of his brothers. I was more than delighted to sit there. Everyone looked up when we walked through the door.

A rather plump, red haired woman beamed at us while the males looked with interest. I could swear Sirius frowned the moment he saw me.

Please, please, please! No introductions. Please, I'm begging both Godzilla and Mothra – that bloody moth.

“This is Selene, she's new to our school,” Hermione said pleasantly and I felt my fingers clench tightly. I strained a quick smile and moved quickly towards the empty seat besides Ron. I felt Sirius' stare, who was on the other side, a few seats down from me. I kept my head bowed down. Fudge, fudge, Cornelius fudging FUDGE!

“Hi, I'm Fred,” the boy next to me said smiling widely. Feeling immensely relieved, as I had to turn my head away from Sirius' direction, I smiled back.

“I’m Selene,” I nodded at him. Hey, he's pretty cute.

“And I'm George.” Holy mother of buckets, TWINS! George leaned forward to look at me.  I beamed and couldn't help but feel myself melt as he winked.

We sat there chatting and the more we did, the more I realized that these two were hot, funny, cool and rebellious. The epitome of the sort of guys I would've swooned over back in my time. Still in my time.

“So Selene, what do your parents do?” I'm guessing that's their daddy-o.

“Oh... Um...” I thought for a while as all conversation died down to listen to me. Why?! I'm not that interesting, “They work- they work overseas,” I could feel Sirius' stare again. Oh, how much I wanted to flick my knife at him, “Working with the ministers of Asia, I think.”

“So they're both magical folks are they?” Everyone looking at me was quite intimidating. I was never a public speaking sort of person.

I nodded quickly, pushing a carrot around on my plate.

When it was time for dessert, I excused myself once again to the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the kitchen door, I knew Sirius would be following after me.

I acted calm and composed, breathing in and out evenly as I stepped up the creaky stairs. Right when I got to the first landing, I heard the few bottom stairs creak. Deciding to act innocent, I turned around and – it pained me to do so – forced a little smile. I turned again and continued on towards the toilet. March on soldier! I kept my hands clenched hard. So hard, in fact, that I felt my nails beginning to dig into the flesh of my palms.

The stairs creaked even louder now and after a few seconds I could feel Sirius on my level behind me. I didn't look back. I forced myself to move forward. Just as I started to open the door to the bathroom, Sirius ran up towards me and shut it before I could move in. My face contorted in anguish as I faced the closed door.

Bloody hell.

I couldn't stay facing the door forever, that'd just be insane. So, I turned and faced Sirius. My fingers immediately twitched as I looked at his gruff, waxen, almost lifeless face. He'd certainly taken his beatings in Azkaban. Nonetheless, I felt no pity for him. Instead, I felt even more angered that he got out. I clenched my jaws tight, not saying a word.

He didn't say anything either. His hands were placed on either side of my head, making it so that I was caged within his personal space. Ew, get me out! He has cooties!

I twirled my hands around each other, trying with all my might to stop myself lashing out at him. His eyes pierced mine as he grimaced. I glared back, trying hard to not spit at his face, like I had once in my second year. Although it had been a great experience, this certainly wasn’t the time to be spitting at anyone.

He studied my face and let out a little smirk. He moved his head to the side and rubbed his lips along my jaw line.

“You do know, Mr. Black, how wrong this might look?” I breathed through my teeth; the temptation to bite his ear off ran through me.

He didn't reply. Instead he made special care that his lips was lightly brushing my neck as he went down towards my collarbone. He pulled my jacket off of my shoulder, holding on to the loose material of my shirt.

I closed my eyes tightly, as though that would rid me of the temptation. His ear was right there and so inviting to be bitten off.

“You and a sixteen year old,” I let out a breath of pleasure as he ran over a sensitive spot on my collarbone. My eyes flew open and I couldn’t stop the soft moan come from my lips.

I froze. This is just getting worse and worse for me.

“You know what I think?” he muttered, lips lingering over that special spot, marked by a light blemish, “I don't think you are sixteen.” He kissed the delicate patch of skin once more before turning moving back to look at me. Fudge, I'm definitely screwed. Fudging Sirius Black, you son of a bloody, retarded banshee, I hate you!

He smirked and I couldn't help myself but sneer.

“So it is you, Roster.” His smirk was still drool worthy, even after all these years.

Not able to resist any longer, I brought my knee forward and kneed him in his private spot sharply. He immediately groaned in agony and retracted his arms. His knees buckled from the pain and he fell to the floor.

I felt something more than just satisfaction. Oh Mothra, it felt ultimately awesome! I followed him to the ground and pulled him by his ratty shirt towards me.

“Don't think I've forgotten Black,” I growled, “It was your bloody fault and it takes more than a simple 'sorry' to make me forget it.” I slapped him on the cheek and the sound it made as it connected was more than bliss.

He yelled with shock before hissing, “I know,” his eyes watery from the pain. Of course he knew. One day in fourth year, he'd gone a step too far. The length he'd gone for me to talk to him was unbelievable. Of course, I didn't make it easy for him, but if he was willing to jump into the lake – nude – in the middle of the night, he must've been desperate for the on going war between myself and them. Ha. He needs the competition. And this is what he gets. Once in a war with me always in a war with me.

I let him go and his head fell to the floor with a thud. You deserve it you bloody prick. He let out a long groan as he rolled onto his stomach. I smiled to myself as I stepped over him, making sure to tread on his fingers.

“You won't tell anyone,” I directed, knowing full well that he wouldn't. He wouldn't dare.

With that, I skipped down the stairs, more than happy with myself.

“You took a while,” Ron mumbled as I sat back down at my seat. Ooooh, fudge brownies! I helped myself to one and smiled widely at him.

“The bathroom's really nice to look at,” I took a bite into the brownie and felt my heart explode with love for this one brownie.

Ron looked at me strangely while Fred on the other side of me laughed loudly.

“Which school did you used to go to?” Bill - their eldest brother - asked from across the table. He wasn't as good looking as the twins, but he was okay.

“I didn't go to school,” I smirked widely as I heard Sirius limp into the room. “I was home schooled until my parents got the job.”

The others nodded understandingly. This whole lying thing, it’s actually easier than I thought. Maybe lying was my natural gift. I loved my life. It was just totally awesome.

After Mrs. Weasley cleared the table, I hopped into the shower and got ready for bed. The whole travelling and kicking of Sirius where it hurts was tiring.

The shower was nice, despite the fact that I had just showered in the home of the Blacks. I waited on an empty spare bed in my room for Ginny and Hermione to join me after.

Apparently, the room had once to belonged to Sirius' younger brother. Oh, Regulus! I knew him! We used to... Yeah, you get the picture. I was quite glum to learn that he had died.

I claimed his bed and threw my backpack on it to mark it as my territory. The door opened silently and shut quickly. Before anything, I found myself locked in a room with Sirius fudging Black. I lounged on the bed, propping my head up with my arm. There, I shot machetes – not daggers, machetes - at him, my free arm holding on to my wand tightly.

He made sure the door was locked before walking towards me, hands held up to show that he wasn't going to hurt me. Yeah, right, like I could believe that. Bloody prat.

“What do you want?” I scowled at him, moving my leg so he wouldn't sit on it. I didn't want any physical contact with him at that moment. He sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me, an impassive look on his face.

“I wanted to apologise,” he said face still blank. He didn't sound the least bit remorseful so my eyes narrowed at him. Okay super shot give me what you got.

“You know my policy Black,” I growled, lifting myself off of my arm and sat cross-legged, sneering at him.

He didn't reply. Instead he kept looking at me, a small smirk on his face. “Why are you so pissed at me?” What the bloody hell? Oh, let me just see. Should I be angry with you for almost getting me killed? Should I be pissed at you for making me lose twenty years of my life? No, I shouldn't should I? Yes, you fuzzing prick! And I thought I was dumb!

“You think I shouldn't be pissed?” I hissed through gritted teeth, my fist clenching on to the sheets under me.

He merely smirked calmly. “Tell me the reason, my mind's not as young as it once was.” Shut up with the bloody adult talk! You're not an adult, you bloody imbecilic freak. And you never will be! You're cursed, like me!

I kept my voice under control and not raised although with loads of difficulty, “I lose myself to you one night and the next you try to kill me?” My teeth were chattering slightly and my eyes stung with tears. Yes, I lost myself to him. The one time I'd ever given in to a fellow whore and definitely the last. I might've loved him to let that happen... But no, I hate him with the intensity of Hell itself. It tortured me to have that lingering at the back of my head.

Sirius looked slightly taken aback, “In case you've forgotten, I lost myself to you as well.”

“At least I didn't try to kill you!” I almost screamed, throwing my pillow at him with full force.

He grunted as the pillow connected with his face. He pulled it away and moved forward towards me. I kicked him at the chest and he recoiled quickly.

Running laps around the Quidditch pitch ten times each week wasn't so bad of an idea, now that I look back on it. Thank you, Lily.

Sirius' eyes narrowed and the tension between us soared high.

“I didn't try to kill you Roster,” he grimaced, one hand on the pillow. Bull-bloody-crap.

“You might as well have, Black! You’re the reason I lost twenty years of my life! You’re the reason I missed out on my best friend’s wedding! What else did I lose because of you? I wouldn’t even have the slightest clue!” My eyes were watery with anger. “I didn’t even get to tell her-”

“You didn't get to tell her good bye,” he said softly, his eyes calm and collected. I gave him a death stare, worthy for any normal bloke to cower. But not him, no, he's fearless. “Look, I'm sorry.” His face was a bit more apologetic now.

“Get out,” I hissed at him, pulling my legs towards myself.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked eagerly. Goodness, dumb butt, I’d just told you! No, I knew what he meant. He wants to know how he can reconcile himself.

I was in no mood to think of his task just yet. “Just get out!” I screamed at him, pulling another pillow from behind me at him.

He flicked it away with his own pillow and got up from the bed, a little scathing sound coming out of his mouth. He slammed the door shut and I cursed his name. 


A/N: What do you guys think of Sirius/Selene? :D

There will be loads of Sirius/Selene in the next chapter, and again, that chapter's already up but I still haven't edited it as of yet, but feel free to read it anyway! :) 

Any thoughts would be appreciated! 

Thanks for reading!

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