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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 3 : X mas
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Chapter 3

“Come on Ginny hurry up. We’ll miss the train.”

It was the first day of the Christmas holidays and Luna and Ginny were at Hogsmade station getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express that when they reached Kings Cross Mrs Weasley and a few other members of the order would meet them to escort them to the burrow.

Ginny looked at her friend. 

“Don’t worry Luna we wont miss it and anyway it is impossible to get anywhere with this stupid heavy suitcase.”

“It’s not that heavy, stop being melodramatic.”

With that Ginny dropped her bag to the floor and fell onto it as dramatically as she could.

“Oh what I would give for a white knight to come and sweep me off my feet.”

Luna looked down at her friend sprawled across her bag on the floor and laughed.

“It looks like you’ve already been swooped. Is that even a word?”

“I have no idea. But it should be.”

They both laughed but stopped when the train whistled.

“Come on.”

Ginny leapt up and grabbed one of the suitcase handles and Luna the other they then proceeded to board the train and then look for an empty compartment they found one right at the back of the train and lugged their entire luggage into it.

They then proceeded to flop onto seats opposite from each other.
Ginny was the first to speak.

“Remind me never to pack as many shoes as I have packed in my suitcase right now.”

“Even if I did you wouldn’t listen to me.”

Ginny pretended to look hurt.

“Yes I would.”

Luna looked at her sceptically.

“Maybe not.”

“I thought so.”

They both sat in silence for a while both thinking through what the holiday would bring.

“I can’t wait to meet all of your family. And to see the burrow it sounds like the most enchanting place.”

“I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic but it’s not that good.”

“Well I’m sure it will be better than spending the holiday alone.”


A few hours later. The red train pulled into Platform 9 and ¾.
Ginny and Luna were both eagerly searching the crowd for any tell tale red hair. Ginny spotted some first.

“There’s my mum and Oh man is that… Tonks.”

Ginny squealed glad that her sister like friend had turned up to meet her.
Luna on the other hand had just noticed two other redheads standing in the crowd they both looked up they’re movements in sync.

“Ginny the twins are here too.”


The two girls reached up for their luggage and before the train had fully stopped were opening the door to get onto the platform.
They leapt off and dropping her luggage Ginny ran straight to her mother, brothers and Tonks.Luna held back from this meeting feeling slightly upset that her own family was not here to greet her.
But almost instantly she was swept up in a bone crushing hug from Molly Weasley.

“You must be Luna.”

She pushed her to arms length and tutted.

“Just like Harry all skin and bones ah well we will soon have you fattened up.”
Luna smiled at this.

Tonks glanced around.

“I’m sorry to be a spoil sport and rush you but Molly these are dangerous times it would be better if we get to the Burrow quickly.”

At this reminder of how dangerous times were now Molly turned serious instantly.

“Right Fred pick up Luna’s luggage please no arguing.”

“I wasn’t going to.”

“Mrs Weasley I can carry my own luggage.”

“Molly dear and no it would be good for him to do something useful for a change.”

As Luna mouthed I’m sorry at Fred, George shot a triumphant look at his brother.Mrs Weasley caught sight of this and rounded on him.

“You mister can help your sister.”

George’s shoulders slumped in defeat as he walked over to his sister and together they lifted Ginny’s giant suitcase.

Fred meanwhile bent down and flung Luna’s blue holdall over his shoulder and followed his mother, Luna trailed behind him.

“Are you sure you don’t mind carrying it I mean…”

He looked down and smiled at her.

“Like mum said I’m being useful and I’m a big boy.”

At this point Mrs Weasley spared Luna having to reply by explaining the travel arrangements.

“Right kids… and Tonks, we are apparating but as Tonks isn’t very good at side along apparition she will take Ginny’s suitcase and I’ll take Ginny. I’m sorry Luna but you’re stuck with one of these mischief makers.”

At this Fred’s head shot up.

“I’ll take Luna. Sorry bro but apparating people is easier than apparating luggage, less awkward.”

They reached a safe apparating spot and Fred passed Luna’s holdall to his brother who apparated instantly as did Tonks with Ginny’s luggage.Mrs Weasley grabbed her daughters arm and rounded on Fred.

“Fred, I want to find Luna safe and sound when we arrive back home, if that is not the case you will not be able to walk straight for months.”

“Sure mum. But if you do that then you could be denying yourself any grandchildren.”

He grinned.

“Fredrick you have six other siblings so I’m sure grandchildren will not be an issue. Now do I have your word you will keep Luna safe.”

“Yes mum I will make sure she is fine.”

He rolled his eyes.


“Come on then Mum See you in a mo Luna.”

Ginny jumped in saving her brother from her mother’s wrath and with that Mrs Weasley and Ginny apparated.Fred looked down at Luna his six ft 2 body towering over her smallish 5 ft 7.

“So have you ever side along apparated.”

She shook her head and her silvery hair fell across her face. She pushed it back behind her ears.

“No, ok quick briefing you feel like your being squeezed through a very small hole but that feeling only lasts a few seconds and then you reach your destination. You ok with that.”

“Well it sounds quite sickening but yeah I’m fine with that and that was a very quick briefing.”

He laughed.

“It was a bit. Now do you want to hold my arm? But as it’s your first time do you want me to actually hold you.”


“OI YOU !”

“What the heck?”

Fred looked over Luna’s head and saw two hooded figures running in there direction there wands held up.

“Deatheaters. Shit.”

Fear flashed across her face as this fact registered.
Without thinking Fred grabbed Luna around her body and pulled her close to him, picturing the burrow as clearly as he could.

She flung her arms around his neck gripping him as tightly as possible as they dissaperated with a pop.


“Luna its ok. We have arrived.”

She forced her eyes open and glanced at the house in front of her it was over five stories high and leaning dangerously to one side. Chickens scurried around the yard and gnomes bustled in the garden.

“I survived and…Wow.”

“It’s not much but its home.”

“It’s amazing.”

“Well that depends on your view on amazing.”


Ginny and Mrs Weasley walked over to them from across the yard. While Ginny hugged Luna Mrs Weasley spoke to Fred.

“Fred you got her here safely that’s good now can you go and help Bill and George reinstall the defence charms. Please it’s just more had to come down than expected and as your father and Charlie are both at work…”

“Sure mum.”

“Ok honey start at the back of the orchard remember Sonus Closum.”

“Um Mrs… I mean Molly can I help.”

“Well you could deary but you’re not seventeen yet are you so you can’t use magic can you?”

“Actually I can It was a recent law put in that if a magical witch or wizard was orphaned between the age of fifteen and their seventeenth birthday the trace on them would automatically be lifted off of them so when my father died last summer I was able to sort out everything magically and physically.”

Fred’s and Ginny’s mouths hung open.

“Wow but why couldn’t Harry use magic without the trace finding him and why?”

Luna looked at Fred in a way that reminded Fred very much of the look Hermione generally had on her face when she was talking to him.

“Well it’s probably because he is one of the greatest and most powerful wizards to ever grace this world. So the ministry kind of had to watch over him.”


“So may I please help Molly?”

“Sure Luna, Fred…”

“Yes mum I’ll watch her.”

“That’s my boy. Ginny come on you can help me in the kitchen.”

“That is so unfair !”

“Ginny Weasley I asked for you to help me not to shout at me.”


“Come on Luna this way.”

They trudged through the orchard Luna admiring the beautiful apple trees that blew in the cold winter wind and in the distance she saw a maple tree swaying to the rhythm of the wind.. They soon reached the perimeter fence.

“Here we are now basically this whole thing is very easy every ten paces you need to stop and say Sonus Closum if you go first and then I can add an additional spell to that one that ok.”


She walked ahead of him. Pulling her wand from behind her ear.


She pointed to the ground.

“Yep.Go for it.”

“Sonus Closum.”

“That was good.”

Fred stopped beside her and muttered his own spell.

“Ok next one.”

The next hour consisted of similar movements to those they had just shown.

“Finished. Finally. I hate that job.”

“I know I never realised it would be that hard ah well it was a fun experience and I got to see that nest of nargles.”

“Yeah Luna.”

He looked around for something to distract her.

“Look its snowing.”

She looked up and a snowflake landed on her nose.

“It’s so beautiful and clean and fresh.”

“Oh man that’s cold. I feel like an Eskimo.”

“You’re just like your sister melodramatic.And you messed up my reflection time.”

“Oh sorry and by the way thanks Luna now I’m hurt.”

He pretended to stab himself.

“Oh very funny. Come on Drama King its freezing out here.”

“That’s was what I was trying to tell you.”

Luna shuddered.

“Is my little pixie cold?”

“Little pixie?”

“Yeah small and cute looking pretend to be innocent but then on the inside there savage.”

“Thanks Fred.”

“No probs.”

And with that he draped an arm over her shoulders.



Wow this feels so nice he is really warm and comforting and big. I finally feel safe. She then did something very unlike her usual personality and laced her arm around his waist.

“Even better now.”

And linked like that they walked into the burrows warm and welcoming kitchen.

Ginny’s POV

I hate cleaning. I hate cooking and most of all I hate peeling potatoes.
I wish Luna would just hurry up so we can talk.

She looked out of the window.

Wow its snowing its beautiful. And white, I wish Harry was here to see it.

She continued to stare out of the window and after about five minutes she saw movement.

Is that people? Yeah it’s Luna yippee and Fred. Wait a minute how close do people usually walk next to each other.

And why does he have his arm around her shoulders and OMGosh does she have her arm around his waist.

Thats so cute but anyway there’s going to be an interrogation tonight.

What do you think Fred Luna pairing good bad please review and tell me.Thanks to all the people who have already reviewed me i really appreciate them.

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