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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project) by WHATIF_booksarecool
Chapter 7 : Little Miss Devastated
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Chapter 7

: Little Miss Devastated

So sorry for the long updates! I’m going to write like mad while the others are validating to make up for it. Any comments or questions, and you can review. Banner would be appreciated! I don’t own this, but I would like to. But I don’t.


                A brown haired female slowly sat up, stretching her arms. All around her, other teenagers began to smile. Their friend was waking up!


****Ron’s POV****

                A big grin swept my face when Hermione woke up, for good this time. I kissed her on the cheek, and her skin was so soft and cold. She requested Frannie Lynn and Jamie be brought to her, and she held them, crying and murmuring, “my babies.” They were seven months old, and our school year was winding down. It was only March, but that was still a chunk of time. We all hugged her, laughing and crying, except for David.


****Selena’s POV****


                I was walking, dreaming about that hot Ravenclaw, Asterbury, when Neville walked past me. I always seize the opportunity to see Neville. I walked up behind him and yelled “Hi, Neville!” in his ear. Loudly. He shrieked like a girl, again.


                “I’m t-t-telling the mi-mi-ministry about y-y-y-ou.” He stuttered.

                “But what fun would that be?” I asked, malice in my eyes. He began to quiver.

                “Just kidding!” I yelled, and ran off, leaving the poor boy on the floor, probably thinking about leaving the school.


****Cassidy’s POV****

                We all had to go to classes, regardless of whether Calub would be alright or not. It’s stressful enough, without adding in the other students. When I was walking to potions, a Hufflepuff girl tripped me, and then squirted ketchup in my face. Yeah, I’m not sure either.


                Inside, I took my seat with Hilary. We cut up the Durgeroot, not bothering to look or talk with each other. Even when the Gregorian Wheat was added, nothing was said. This was correct until a newspaper came whizzing by, knocking over Neville’s cauldron, and landing on Hilary’s lap. You could hear Neville moaning in the background, along with Selena laughing hysterically. That girl loves screwing Neville up, but the paper hadn’t come from her direction.


****Hilary’s POV****

                I scanned the article about the Kay Ne Hat, though it never said our title, and all of the struggles we had been through. It hadn’t listed the details; Selena’s obsession with Neville, David and Cassidy’s hidden love, none of the important things. That would be the problem with the world: you always get the unimportant details, but never the ones dear to your heart. My lives goal, I decided, was to be a journalist and change that. The class was almost over, and folded the paper up and put it in my bag for safekeeping.


****Selena’s POV****

                I was walking around the halls, when Neville walked in. He didn’t notice me; a wonderful chase. I snuck up behind him, and then…


“Hiyah!” I yelled, jumping on his back. He screamed, as always, like a mouse pounced upon by a lion. He ran in fat little circles, trying to shake me off, but my rock climbing skills helped me grip him.  He ran off, me still clinging to his back, to see Dumbledore. Until…

                “What is this noise, students?” asked Filch, his eyes gleaming as mine had before I was on Neville.

“Two lovers on a walk?” He said, giggling, while I almost barfed.

“No, that’s you and Mrs. Norris. Oh, burn!” I said, and he just gave me an evil eye. Then I screamed.

“Meet me at noon tomorrow for your detention. Since you love each other so much, I’ll let you have detention together.”

“No!” screamed Neville. The naïve child must hate being in my presence.

“Lovely, Mr. Filch. Have fun with Mrs. Norris tonight.” I said, than hopped off of Neville’s back and bounced away. Filch just stared.


****Cadance’s POV ****

                Boo. I no like Ruthie watching family. She makes cold milk, not warm. Cadance likes warm milk. Davey and Hayley like warm milk. Lesley, Braxton, Sammi, Sa5m, Frannie Lynn and Jamie like warm milk. We have come up with a scam to take over Ruthie’s throne. No rock has been unturned, no table unsearched, for materials helping our conquest. We devise now.


****Ruthie’s POV****

                It was quiet, like, and the babies were all sleeping. So I, like, started singing in my on-key voice. Then, like, suddenly they popped out from behind one of the beds, and rolled over to me, Like yeah, rolled. I’m, like, a great babysitter but I don’t think they like me.


                Hayley, like, jumped on me, pulling at my head. She was wailing, as babies often do. I, like, screamed and ran out. Like, oh my Merlin, these kids are, like, so disruptive! They, like, tied me to a, like, chair, and demanded warm milk. Like, how should I know what they want if they, like, don’t tell me ahead of time?


****Cassidy’s POV****

                I wandered around the school all day, every day. My friend, Kellan Reeves, asked if I wanted to “hang out” in Hogsmeade. I declined; this David thing is too tough.


                We visited David all that month…until at the end, we got some, err, news. The news that would change me forever and always. That was the day I lost my best friend…my boy friend…my baby’s daddy…the day I lost David.


A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates. One quick note:

Cassidy- Loves poker and solitaire

John- Wants to decorate Hilary’s dorm area with red roses

Aly- Has liked Calub since the day they met

Avery- Likes to draw Anime

Harry- Secretly listens to the Muggle singer Taylor Swift

Hermione- Favorite Muggle book is, “To Kill A Mockingbird” though she says it’s full of mistakes

Selena- Her first boyfriend was Samuel Maxon, who didn’t like her back. It didn’t go well…he ended up in an insane asylum.

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Lift It All Up (The Baby Project): Little Miss Devastated


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