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Difference of a Daisy by peeving_peeves
Chapter 5 : Diary
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that my friends is James Potter II. Well i mean its not him really but, you know! :)


So I haven't written for ages and ages. That is my fault, sorry. I have never been so busy but life is calming down. I have now got my story back on track. Hope you enjoy and hope there is not too much happening in this chapter. It is however a very important chapter in more than one way, so read carefully.

Dominique and I walked wordlessly side-by-side through the tall stone walls of the castle. We were like athletes before a game or race. Silent. Running through what we had to do- there was time to enjoy it later. We had to concentrate. We have as little as possible planned- just the basics. You had to be flexible in the pranking business. Dom slipped her long blonde hair back with a hair band she had around her wrist, this means business. When we are trouble we are trouble- that’s for sure. We finally met up with the others- whose conversation seemed scarce as well. We all arranged ourselves in a circle and I nodded at James who then passed the nod to Fred who nodded to no one in particular and started walking rapidly down the empty corridor. James quickened his steps to catch Fred, holding his magical map that showed everyone in Hogwarts and where they were- a great asset to a trouble maker. Silently we made our way to the dungeons. Fred’s words broke our easy silence.
“Pumpkin Juice,” He muttered.
I snorted a little too loudly. The proud and ambitious Slytherin had pumpkin juice as there password, very pure-blood.
“Nobody is in there,” James confided.
“Okay, let’s rock!” I said reasonably loudly letting all my excitement that had been bottled up through the silence.
We rapidly made our way through the portrait hole in to a large lime-coloured room.
“OK, Marauders! Here is the plan- Here is some red and old paint and here is red tie-dye, go mental!” James yelled indicating several buckets that had just appeared out of nowhere.
“I love magic!” Hugo yelled waving his wand simply making a bucket of red paint cover the wall.

I flicked my wand with a simple spell making graffiti over Hugo’s red wall in gold paint- Sleazy Slytherins, Godly Gryffindors!
Dominique gave a little snigger and then hundreds of clothing garments appeared on the common room floor and out popped Lily.
“I’m infected! Argh!” She ran around screaming like a loony on loony tablets.
Ten minutes later we all had aching wrist. The whole of Slytherin was red and gold, everything right down to their underwear and tea-cosies.
I wandered into the one of the girls’ dormitories and saw something that made me snort and I never snort, ok sometime I do... Anyway it was a shrine. A stalkerish shrine of that. But what made me laugh not run in distress was that this was an Albus Potter shrine! I mean who has an Albus Potter shrine I mean he is the biggest git in this whole school! But there was only one person who would scoop this low and that is because she is the definition of low- Veronica Zaicek. I remove the all length shrine and took it back to the Slytherin common-room where everyone waited while Hugo installed some camera thing his muggle-obsessed grandfather made so it would work in Hogwarts even though it repelled anything electronic. Ingenious that man! Anyway we had to have the Sly Slytherins reaction so we can replay it over and over. The amusement level would be higher than someone on drugs. Fred quickly removed-proofed our work, something we always did to cause maximum damage and detention. We then feasted on all their hidden treats, especially Todmus Crabbe and Jade Goyles secret stash that wasn’t so secret because they are pretty daft. That was our picnic; hey I didn’t say it had to be outside...

We quickly ran out of the dungeons because soon classes would be finished for the day and the Slytherins wouldn’t welcome us too kindly. We had done our first prank and it was successful, but who had any doubts? We are the most troublesome people who have ever walked these corridors and that is out of a hell of a lot of witches and wizards. I still had the shrine in my hands- this is my revenge on both Albus Potter and Veronica Zaicek, what did they do you may ask? Just be the most frigging annoying people on earth my dear friend is the answer. I think I will put it somewhere everyone can see, just to provide maximum effect.

I waved to my troublesome mates and headed off down to the entrance hall to put my little shrine up alongside McGonagall’s underwear that was still hanging up much to her disgust and embarrassment. Deep down McGonagall loved me... deep down at the bottom of her bottomless heart that is.
“Virga!” I said after spell-o-taping the shrine to the wall next to the substantial doors that led to the great hall. Virga is our infamous spell that makes things stick- there is yet to be found an anti-dote spell. That just adds to our fun. I whipped out my biro (I actually own a biro- so much more practical out of class) and wrote, ‘property of Veronica Zaicek- both Albus Potter and his Shrine!’ Then I started to run up the stairs. A brown leather book caught my eye and I picked it up. I examined the book to see who I should return this book to. It was nameless so I decided to have a read.

4th September
I don’t know what it is but every time I look at her my stomach starts to do summersaults. I have never felt anything like it before especially not about her. I suddenly feel the need to be with her 24/7. I need her, I want her and everything about her is perfect, well perfect for me. I mean, Daisy James, I would never have guessed. I would tell her but what if she doesn’t like me it would be so embarrassing. I mean every girl loves me, just not her... Oh well, I will just keep dreaming of her.

My jaw dropped. Who might this belong to? I actually had a full on secret admirer. This was exciting! Maybe Blake Wood, oh that would be brilliant! Or maybe it was someone rather weird, like the Lysander Twins, they were plain mad! Or a Slytherin who tormented, that’s why they could be surprised that they like me... It could be one of my mates though, not the girls, the guys- Fred Weasley or one of them. Gee, this is so cool but sort of annoying.

I swung the door opened to my dormitory.
“What’s cracking?”
“Look what I found!” I said handing Dominique the diary.
“Wow, a diary!” She said sarcastically.
“Is it safe?” Lily asked cautiously, she had a thing about diaries.
“Yes, silly. It’s only a diary!”
Dominique started to read the diary and as she did Lily read it over her shoulder.
“Where did you find it?” Lily asked.

I explained everything I knew about the diary, in other words not much at all. We spent the whole night talking about the diary, going through every boy in the school who might own it and laughing a hell of a lot. We thought about putting up posters to see if anyone lost a diary, but nobody in their right mind would come back for it if they thought somebody had read it, especially me.

The next few days passed. I took extra notice of those around me to see if I could catch someone staring. I was starting to become anxious. James made us do try-outs for a new seeker since he kicked Scorpius off the team. We picked Roxanne Weasley, Fred’s sister who is in the fourth year. Roxanne was beautiful, maybe too popular for her own good. She was quite athletic and was always good at quidditch. Which Weasley wasn’t? Well Lucy and Molly II but that’s beside the point. James took any spare moment we had to train, apparently to train Roxy but she already could play. It was pretty tiring, most houses hadn’t even started try-outs and we were in full on training!

“Hey Daisy!” Blake called one day in lunch break. It was a beautiful day and everyone was lounged out on the green grass.
“Um, hey Blake.”
“You have made my job pretty hard,” He laughed.
“How so?”
“All that trouble you guys caused, it was hilarious-those poor Slytherins didn’t know what hit them!”
“Ha ha, you should have seen the video!”
“Wait, you guys videotaped it!?”
“Sure did, you have to come up and watch it,” I suggested casually.
“I think I might take you up on that offer, Daisy.”
“So, do you keep a diary?” I slipped in keeping everything as informal as possible.
“A diary, hmmm, I did in my first year I think...” He answered much to my annoyance.
“Oh ok,” I said trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.
“Why’s that?”
“Um, psychology project...” I suggested.
“Psychology, we don’t have psychology?”
“Right, just go away!”
“Ohh kayyy,” he said stunned.

Whoops, I will have to apologise later. So that rules him out, unless he is lying. Yes, he MUST be lying. I mean how obvious could I have been, he knew I knew. Yes, gee I am intelligent. I could her in the distance Dominique talking to Blake, blaming my episode on PMS, got to love that girl she is a genius.

Dominique was trying to catch up to me from the side when I quickened my step. Until I realised Malfoy was walking towards me. Dominique realises too and quickly turned her head and walked in the opposite direction. I don’t know what Scorpius has on her, but when he is near she acts like a cat and water, she runs for it. Anyway, I guess I had better face Malfoy, rather him at the moment then Dom.

“James!” Scorpius yells addressing me by my last name.
“Where?” I said putting a fake look on why I glanced around s if looking for James.
“Shut up, I need to talk to you!”
“Who, moi?” I asked confused.
“Oui, you,” He said in a smartass voice.
“Ok, spill, but it doesn’t mean I will put you back in a jar for you,” I said in the most sarcastic voice ever.
“Whatever. You see I have this friend who likes your friend...”
“Oh, I do like a bit of gossip!”
“Daisy! Pleeease!” He pleaded.
“Okay, okay. I won’t talk geesh!”
“Good. We’ll he likes her, what should he do?”
“Um, tell her? I don’t know, be romantic do the whole flowers thing or something,” I suggested simply.
“But what if her and I, what if they weren’t exactly friends?”
WHAT!!! Oh my God!!! Oh my God. It’s his diary!!!
“I like chocolates...” I said slowly.
“Good, chocolates, what sort of chocolates?”
“Err; honey dukes assorted are my favourite...” I muttered. This was officially the weirdest thing EVER.
“Sweet. Thanks Daisy I owe you one!” He said enthusiastically hugging me.
“Since when do you hug?” This was beyond weird this was horrific!
“Now, obviously. Bye!” He said cheerfully.

Merde! Oh excuse my English! Ha. This is no time for jokes. Malfoy likes me, Malfoy Malfoy! Mortal enemy’s best friend Malfoy. Wait till I tell Dom. Wait till I get my choccies! Yummy.

After lunch I sat next to Dominique in Defence Against the Dark Arts.
“What did Malfoy want?” She asked impatiently.
“Well, it’s a story and a half...”
“I am all ears!” Dominique said enthusiastically.
“Well, Miss. Weasley if you are indeed all years you won’t mind pleasuring the whole class with what I just said,” Professor Audaciter our DADA teacher. Professor Audaciter took great proud in his last name Audaciter meaning fearless. The whole class burst out into laughter while everyone was pre-occupied a cute Ravenclaw boy behind us whispered the instructions to Dominique. When the class settled Dominique recited the instructions that the Ravenclaw who sat behind us had told her (and probably in love with her).

“I stand corrected, Miss. Weasley. Maybe you are ‘all ears’. Alright get into pairs and do a warm up duel, only use the approved spells which you should all know by now. Off you go,” Professor Audaciter conducted.

“So tell me everything!” Dominique said forcefully.
We bowed to each other signalling the start of our duel.
“Locomotor Mortis!” I said waving my wand making Dominique’s legs lock.
“It’s his dairy!” I said.
“EXPELLIARMUS!! She shouted unexpectedly disarming me, “WHAT!?”
“You heard me, he is in love with me, it was his diary,” I shrugged and headed to pick up my wand which was a few meters away.
“CONFUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” Dominique yelled loudly. I turned around to see Dominique laying on the floor wand pointing to herself few centimetres away from her. My head exploded with questions. Who had Dominique tried to charm with a supposed confundus? Why was she on the ground? Why was the wand on the ground facing her? And why was she trying to confuse someone with the confundus charm?

One thing was for sure and that was that Dominique was unconscious.

“DAISY! Take Dominique straight to the hospital wing; tell Madame Belkin everything! HURRY!” Professor Audaciter yelled loudly and man was that man loud!

I picked Dominique up and held her in my arms which were shaking. It always made it worse when people yell to hurry when you are trying to stay completely calm. I had no idea whatsoever about what was going on even less about what had happened. All I know is that my best friend was unconscious in my arms and that something was definitely not right.

I made it to the hospital wing and I was out of breath. Not that Dominique was all that heavy it was just running carrying another person was hard work!

“Daisy, what is wrong?” Madame Belkin asked worriedly examining me quickly to see what sort of injury I had caused myself.
“It’s not me it’s Dominique!” I huffed breathlessly.
“What happened?” She fretted taking Dominique out of my arms and placing her on a vacant bed.
“I don’t know we were duelling and she disarmed me and I went to get my wand and she attempted to use ‘confundus’ and she was on the ground unconscious with the wand pointing at her, I don’t know,” I cried unwillingly.
“Hush, hush drink this up, love,” She handed me a small potion.

I sipped the potion and immediately fell calm. Madame Belkin said I sat there for hours without a single move of a muscle. Till they moved my best friend to St. Mungo’s Hospital. What it would be like to have my friend have no memory of anything, worst of all- have no memory of me. It hurt like all hell just to know that there was a chance that she can lose everything. The memories of summers we would spend pretending to be muggles and our many near death experiences. Our pranks we would pull and the crazy moments which will never be the same. Madame Belkin made me stay in the hospital wing for awhile I presume, I was quite off the rails, and a bit depressed I guess. Nothing had hit so close to home. I had visitors, rather often. I knew how much pain they felt, but nothing compared to my own, it was like half of me died. In a way it had.

Anyway now it was Monday, two weeks after the day Dominique Weasley was moved to St. Mungo’s and it is today that Madame Belkin has agreed to take me to visit Dominique in Hospital. I have ever been so scared.

A/N- Sorry yet again for the late chapter but nationals is over and i am back to having a bit of a life. Please, please leave a REVIEW AND FAVOURITE.

Thanks for reading yet another chapter, you people are legends.

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