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Saved by bearsammi2011
Chapter 8 : Lily's performance
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Chapter 8

Melony, Lily, and Rose walked into the house from shopping to hear two voices in the kitchen laughing. They looked at each other then set their bags down in the hallway and walked into the kitchen to find Harold and James almost covered from head to toe with flour and laughing. Then they looked at the rest of the kitchen to see Twinkle, the house elf, trying to clean up some of the kitchen that was covered with flour while laughing.

“What in the world happened?” Melony was still in a state of shock and didn’t know what to think. She’d never seen the kitchen in this state of destruction.

“Well, you, see Mel, James wanted to make cookies for Lily and Rose and you. Well when he went to pour flour into the measuring cup he dropped the bag of flour and it exploded and this was the result. We were about to clean up when you walked in.” Harold tried to soften Melony up and gave her a smile then waved his wand and gave her a yellow and white tulip, her favorite flower.

“Harold, you and James need to clean this up. It needs to be like it was before and Twinkle is not allowed to help any more than he already has. He’s going to help set up Rose’s room.” Mel looked at her husband and child and nearly laughed. They looked guilty and both had run their hand through their hair. She took the flower then ushered Twinkle, Rose, and Lily out of the room. She let herself chuckle when they were out of the room.

“Alright Twinkle, go ahead and help put those bags up to the purple guest room.” Twinkle nodded then snapped his fingers and disappeared with a crack.

Lily and Rose ran after him to see if he’d gotten all the bags. They saw that he’d left one for each of them to carry. They each grabbed a bag and ran up the stairs. They went into Rose’s room to see it decorated with everything except for what they had in the last two bags, which appeared to have Rose’s clothes in them. Mel had made it to where there was more room than it appeared. Rose just gapped at the room. Everything was perfect. The walls were a darker and deeper shade of purple while the bed sheets were a lavender color. Her room was almost like Lily’s but it was a little more elegant. The carpet was lush so that when you stepped on it you felt like you were walking on feather pillows.

Rose walked in and then spun around and landed on the princess like bed she would be sleeping in. She laughed then called Lily over. They both lay on the bed thinking. Then Rose got an idea for them to pass the time while James and Harold cleaned up the kitchen. “Lils? How about we ask Twinkle to take us up to the music room?” Rose whispered it to Lily so that if Lily said no Twinkle wouldn’t know.

“Okay, hey Twinkle do you think you could take us to the music room?” Lily asked politely.

“Twinkle will show Missus Rose and Lily to the music room.” Twinkle started walking and Lily and Rose hopped off the bed to catch up and not get lost. He led them through the hall that the bedrooms were on then to a set of stairs that Lily hadn’t noticed before. They walked up and opened the door. Inside was every music lovers dream. It had amps, guitars, pianos, flutes, cellos, and all different types of instruments. It was basically a whole floor of the house. Lily and Rose stared wide eyed at everything. They’d never seen anything like this in a house. Rose walked over to a beautiful Gibson acoustic guitar. It was a light shade of wood and had a red rose on the neck. Rose stood mesmerized. Lily knowing that Rose was too caught up in the guitar to notice sang part of a song and was shocked that it sounded like it bounced off all of the walls. Both couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “Will that be all Missus?” Twinkle asked bringing both girls out of their trances.

“Yes, thank you Twinkle. Please tell Aunt Mel and Uncle Harold where we are if they ask.” Lily smiled kindly as Twinkle nodded and disappeared. Then she turned to Rose with a grin on her face. “Rose, look at all the instruments here. They’re all in top shape too.” Lily grabbed a piccolo off its stand and started playing a lively tune. Rose soon ran over and grabbed a flute to accompany her. They danced around and had fun. They were so caught up that they didn’t hear Harold, James, and Mel come in.

The three accidental intruders were grinning and soon Harold grabbed Mel and began to dance with her. James just watched and grinned. He’d never seen Lily play any instrument before and it was interesting to see her so carefree.

Lily and Rose finished and were surprised to hear clapping. They both turned around and blushed at their audience. “W-when did you guys get here?” Lily asked embarrassed.

“Probably about the middle of your little tune. Where did you two learn to play?” Mel smiled at both of them.

“We took lessons here and there, and then learned the rest on our own.” Lily was still looking down at her feet blushing. Rose however had picked up her head and was smiling.

“I prefer the guitar though. Lily took a few voice lessons too and she can play a little guitar. I took a couple voice lessons too but I’m not as good as Lily.” Rose grinned when she saw Lily’s face get even redder. “Why don’t I pick up a guitar and you get to singing so we can show Aunt Mel, Uncle Harold and James what we can do?”Rose didn’t wait for Lily to say okay but went and picked up the acoustic guitar and strummed a few notes and waited for Lily to come stand next to her. She didn’t have to wait long. Lily walked over with her head still lowered and talked quietly with Rose. After a little debate, they picked “When You Say Nothing at All” by Alison Krauss. Lily took a deep breath and began to sing. Rose played the guitar part and closed her eyes. Lily’s voice was still young but you could tell she would get better with time. Rose, however, masterfully handled the guitar. She wasn’t the best but she was very good for her age. When they came to the chorus Rose joined in and they sang together.

The Potter’s all stood amazed once again. They couldn’t believe how good the two girls were. When James realized he knew the song, he walked over to his drum set in the corner. He picked up the song and it came out to where all three were on the same pace and he joined both girls on the next chorus.

Lily let the last note go and picked up her head shyly. She saw the shocked looks and immediately thought she’d done badly. She dropped her head again. James hopped off of his drum set stool and walked up to both girls. He put an arm around each of them and grinned. Rose put her right arm around James’ waist and grinned too. Lily still stood with her head bowed and a blush on her face.

“Well girls that was…impressive. You have a very good voice for your age, Lily. Why didn’t you ever say you took voice lessons? We would have signed you up for Hogwart’s choir.” Mel said when she walked up to Lily and lifted the young girl’s face up. She saw shocked green eyes and smiled kindly.

“I didn’t think I was any good, and it was just a hobby.” Lily finally smiled. “Am I really that good?” She blushed a little when everyone in the room said yes.

“Then there’s you Rose.”Harold said with a grin.

“Me?” Rose’s voice squeaked.

“Yes you. You are actually very good on the guitar.” He smiled at Rose who smiled back.

“Then when James joined in with his great drum playing, you three sounded pretty good. You need more practice together but all of you are good.” Mel said and Harold nodded.

“Thank you. So we can use this room as much as we want?” Lily asked.

“Absolutely! Now let’s go back downstairs and sing some Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate. We need to brush up because it’s going to be Christmas Eve in two days.” They all walked out smiling happily.

A/N: I don’t think this came out quite how I wanted it to so if it’s not as good as the other chapters I certainly understand. I can’t do much with it at this point because I don’t know what to do so don't be discouraged with the story. I’ll try harder for the next chapter. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully reviewing. Hope you liked it!!  Constructive criticism is welcome!! Oh, and the part when Lily’s singing think of the little girl in the church scene from the movie August Rush for the voice. Well that’s all I have to say! Until next chap.!!!


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Saved: Lily's performance


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