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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 13 : The Epitome of World War III
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. The characters belong to J.K. Rowling and so does the universe.

Previously on WWIII:

A wolf whistle pierced the air and they broke apart sharply. Rose’s eyes landed on her brother, Hugo.

He was laughing at them. “Have fun telling mum and dad! Yours too Malfoy!”

Ron Weasley did not take it well; in fact he took it horribly. He demanded that Scorpius sit down and tell him about his intentions. Poor Scorpius, of course, had no idea how to answer therefore getting himself ‘banished’ from the Weasley Household.


Eventually Hermione snuck him in the back door a week later so the whole lot of them could get well acquainted through dinner. Ron being as stubborn as he is, refused to talk to, make eye contact or even acknowledge Scorpius during the meal.


That happened once Rose and Scorpius graduated Hogwarts. Rose went onto working in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and Scorpius tried out and became a reserve for the Tornadoes Quidditch team, to his disappointment. With Rose’s encouragement he landed a job being a photographer for the Daily Prophet and enjoys it extremely.


A year after they’d finished school Scorpius asked Rose to move in with him. She enthusiastically could say nothing but yes. When Ron found out he demanded going to St. Mungo’s and getting his hearing checked. To his disappointment he had perfect hearing.


Tragedy struck the pair eight months later when Rose became convinced Scorpius was cheating on her. She didn’t confront him but went straight to her mother’s arms sobbing profusely. Being the professional eavesdropper he is, Ron was furious and stormed out of the house.


It took three weeks before Scorpius’ bruises subsided and only when his broken leg was healed did he find out why Ron had set upon him in such fury. When Rose told him why, he almost cried.


Scorpius explained that the girl Rose had seen him with was a professional muggle jewellery dealer. He wanted the perfect ring and would search heaven and earth to propose perfectly. He made Rose ask Ron how he had been dressed when he first got to him.


Ron sheepishly admitted Scorpius had been in a tux, but he hadn’t noticed much.


Rose cried and apologised again and again. But Scorpius had been insistent it wasn’t her fault. Ron never visited Scorpius in Mungo’s apart when Rose dragged him there to ask him what Scorpius had been wearing.


One day after Scorpius was healed when Rose was at work Ron went to visit Scorpius. He just knocked on the door and when Scorpius opened it, pushed past him, opened a bottle of firewhisky and changed the magic TV to the Cannons – Bees game. He stayed the full three-hour game and didn’t say a word to Scorpius, making him feel odd. When the game ended he just walked out avoiding looking at Scorpius.


The next day Rose entered the family kitchen thoroughly confused while Ron was sipping his coffee while reading the paper. She asked why he’d freaked out Scorpius.


Ron merely replied that he might as well try to bond with his son-in-law. Overjoyed Rose hugged Ron and he couldn’t help but feel elated of spending the most boring silent three hours of his life.


The wedding was in June, because they both loved summer and so that everyone could attend, including Hogwarts kids.


Their wedding was the first time Ron and Draco had met since the Final Battle and both refused to acknowledge each other. That was before Rose and Scorpius had an epiphany.


They took a page out of their memory and shoved Ron and Draco into a room and threatened to get married while they were stuck in there until they figured it out. When Scorpius heard silence at this he added, “Fine, whether you like it or not, Rose and I are going to be lawfully husband and wife in two hours. Work it out.”


One hour and forty-five minutes later there was chuckling behind that door and Rose was convinced they’d escaped and left recordings of themselves. Rose was surprised to find out they were there and nodding to each other.


The wedding went off without a glitch, which is if you ignore James the second’s fiancée’s ex-boyfriend showing up and demanding she come back to him. Despite the engagement ring glittering on her finger James still had to knock him unconscious and load him onto the Knight Bus. Cheekily he told the driver that the ex wanted to go to Alaska – he had a fondness for the snow.


Thankfully Rose and Scorpius were already married by then, so while that commotion was going on they could sneak off and return within half an hour looking a fair bit rumpled.


Their honeymoon was in Venice then a southern part of Asian Turkey. They returned and in one month announced a baby.


Little Cheryl Freda Malfoy was born in April and was the most spoilt baby in all of England. Scorpius was so protective of her he wouldn’t let anyone hold her until her mother was present as well. He never let Cheryl out of his sight unless Rose was there to see her. Rose loved his protectiveness over his daughter and she let it be rather then convince him Cheryl was all right.


When Cheryl was 2 years old Rose became pregnant again. She could barely keep her excitement in and began owling everyone that she was pregnant. She went to work the next day realising her husband didn’t know he was going to become a father of two.


Scorpius eventually forgave her and then demanded they move out of the apartment they had been living in since they moved in together. He had insisted that to raise a family they needed a home.


They found the most perfect house and bought it from muggles when Rose was five months pregnant. Scorpius put charms to make sure that it was a completely safe and then started moving things in.


Rose had another girl, this time Cynthia Anne. Cyn, as she became nicknamed, was a beautiful girl with blonde hair. She was the first Weasley child since Victoire to not have Weasley hair. Scorpius was proud to announce that some of his genes actually made it through one of the children.


Three years after Cyn, Rose got pregnant again. She complained a little about looking fat, but Scorpius shushed her by telling her she never looked more amazing then when she was pregnant waddling around the house demanding the most ridiculous food.


The house that was normally filled with laughter and noise was hushed two months later when Rose miscarried. After a week Scorpius couldn’t handle seeing Rose’s face so downcast he went and did something he would later claim to regret.


He bought her a puppy.


The puppy was from the pound and was an odd mix of numerous breeds. Rose was giddy when she saw the puppy. All the girls ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over him. Being five and three, Cheryl and Cyn wanted to name the puppy and Rose gladly let them. How to the two girls came up with the name Dodo is still a wonder.


Another two years of wedded bliss and Rose was pregnant again. In July she had a baby boy. When it was announced it was a boy Scorpius called dibs on the name. Christopher Duncan Malfoy was a redhead, much to Scorpius’ moaning that Malfoy boys were meant to be blonde.


Draco dropped in very often to see how the family was, oddly coinciding with Ron’s visit, so they ended up sitting at the dining room table sipping coffee with a little girl sitting on each of their laps.


Bill and Sal were friends during the first few years out of school. Eventually Bill asked her out and she said yes. They broke up 15 times and got together 16 within a span of 6 years before Bill asked her to marry him. Sal said yes and they had a boy the between Cheryl and Cyn in Hogwarts years. Bill and Sal divorced but still share a good friendship and their son, Greg Hugh Howard; alternated weekends during summer break happily.


Ed and Mandy broke up, but before they did they proclaimed love for each other and got engaged after school. Ed eventually cheated on Mandy and she egged his apartment and then proceeded to egg him at work, while he was there.


Marsh and Autumn eventually got together after a few years. The got married and had two kids. A boy, Malcolm Ross Barrine and a girl, Samantha Eve Barrine. They’re living wedded bliss in some secluded part of the English countryside.


Jay outgrew bachelorhood and found the girl of his dreams – at a veterinary clinic while picking up some dog shampoo for his favourite nieces and nephew, Cheryl, Cyn and Chris. He irritated the hell out of her for three years, so she went out on a date with him to make him stop. She fell in love with him that night, as hard as he’d fallen for her those three years ago. It took a bit of convincing but after six years of dating they got married. They adopted a child and own several pets.


Rose and Scorpius reminisce their last extremely entertaining year of schooling and they know they sure did go out with a bang. They reminisce on the best year of their lives and know they’d do it all again.




A/N: Thank you so much to everyone that has reviewed, favourited and read this story! Thanks for all your support and criticism! I would love a last opinion. Thank you everyone for everything, and this is my last bow out of World War III!

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World War III: The Epitome of World War III


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