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Love Will Save Us All by Peverell_Daughter
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: A Difference in His Eyes
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Chapter 1: A Difference in His Eyes

Lily Evans sat in a compartment on the scarlet train looking out of the window. She had been reading through some of her textbooks, but now that others had started arriving on the platform, she took to watching them. People watching was one of the most fascinating things a person could do, in Lily's opinion. Four people currently had her attention. There was an elderly couple with silver hair and rich satin robes. The wizard had black hairs throughout his hair and long beard, his eyes were a rich chocolate color and seemed to glow with his smile. The witch had auburn colored hairs growing from her temples and sparkling deep blue eyes. They were speaking with two tall, well built raven haired young men who, Lily grudgingly had to admit were both becoming increasingly handsome. One was running his hand through his eternally messy hair, the other slouched against the wall.

They were hidden from view of everyone else, and Lily could only see them because she was on the train. She cocked her head questioningly as James put a comforting hand on Sirius' shoulder as the young man hung his head. She watched James speak, seeing him in full profile. Sirius brought his head up to James' gaze. He pulled his best friend to a tight hug. Lily's jaw dropped, hugging? James and Sirius being sensitive and even hugging? She looked closer and could see James' eyes brimming with tears. The young men separated and hugs and kisses were exchanged with the older couple. Soon the two sauntered out to plain view with their typical cocky, careless attitude and swagger.

Lily sat back into her seat, she had never seen the pair so emotional. She knew things had gotten worse quickly over the summer, but those two always seemed so untouched by the brooding war. What happened to them and for that matter where were Sirius' parents?

Squealing and giggling interrupted Lily's thoughts as two girls burst into her compartment. Ella and Aria tried to squeeze though the door at the same time, giggling even harder.

"Lily!" Aria squealed, "there you are!" The girl was tall, nearly six foot and had black hair that reached all the way down her back. Her skin was a bronzed olive tone and her almond eyes were nearly black.. She was absolutely stunning. Almost every boy at Hoqwarts has pursued her for a time, save Sirius and James though that was most likely due to the fact that they had plenty of girls pursuing them.

"We've checked every compartment for you," Ella chided lightly. Ella was short with curly golden blond hair. Her face was round and her eyes were amber and always shone excitedly. When they were 11 she was cute with ringlets bobbing around her cute face. Lily noticed now that she had grown over the past 5 years in to a beautiful, young witch.

"How were your summers?" Lily hugged each of her friends. The girls had met on the train to school their first year and had been best of friends ever since. "Where is Angela?" Angela had moved to Britain the previous year from America. She had become their fourth. She had shoulder length brunette hair and deep blue eyes. She had an athletic build and spunky attitude.

"She hasn't gotten here yet," Ella explained as she led into telling them about her summer. The girls chatted excitedly for a while until almost everyone was settled on the train. Suddenly someone burst onto the platform screaming, Angela.

"They're coming! Let's go! Now!" A number of witches and wizards disapperated on the spot. There was no question who 'they' were, the Death Eaters. Angela continued her sprint toward the train. Just then another figure burst onto the platform, Remus Lupin, he was running, wand in hand. Lily Ella and Aria were on their feet running to where Angela was getting on the train. The girls arrived just as Angela and Remus clambered onto the train. James, Sirius and Peter had just gotten there. All eight students, wands in hand regrouped and together exited back onto the platform. They stood and faced the entrance to the platform as six masked and hooded figures stepped out. The 6th years were joined by three 7th years, Alice, Frank and Mary as they stepped out of the train, barring the way of the Death Eaters.

The elderly couple Lily had been watching earlier stepped up with the students along with a handful of other parents. Their joyful eyes had turned hard and fierce as they held their wands at the ready.

"Charles, Autumn, you don't need to fight us. Neither does your son. You are of pure blood." One of the Death Eaters called to the couple.

"We will never stand by as you inflict your plague of terror and death on this world," the old wizard growled at the advancing figures, "you will not harm these children!"

"We're simply here to take of the mudbloods," one of the Death Eaters growled. Lily felt James tense beside her at the word. "They have no right to go to Hogwarts, they have no right to our knowledge or our magic! Hand them over and no one will be harmed," the Death Eater sneered. "Oh, and hand over the blood traitors as well," he growled.

"Thieves and mudbloods!" spat another, "We will purify this world!" With that he sent a red jet of light at the group. Without a though Lily cast a powerful shield as James and his father seized the opportunity to put two of the Death Eaters in full body binds. As much as she couldn't stand James and Sirius, she was glad they were there at the moment. They were excellent duelers as they so loved to show off against each other and anyone else who would dare duel them. Soon the fight was in full force with spells and hexes flying everywhere.

Lily heard Sirius scream as one of the Death Eaters hit him with the cruciatous curse. He stayed standing, gritting his teeth.

"For the blood traitor," yelled the Death Eater. He released Sirius and fired the same curse toward Lily as he sneered, "and the mudbood."

"No! Lily, move!" James Potter grabbed her and pulled her behind him as the curse hit him instead.

"DON'T TOUCH MY SON!" Autumn Potter screamed. Lily saw James' face screw up with agony when the curse hit him. As his mother's hex hit the Death Eater James' face relaxed to its usual look, though his breathing a little ragged.

"You alright Evans?"

"Fine, you?" Lily looked into his eyes and was surprised to see actual concern.

"I'll be alright," he grinned mischievously and turned to Sirius, "Padfoot, alright there?"

"Never better, Prongs."

Just then in a flash, Albus Dumbledore appeared in front of them. The two Death Eaters that remained standing were quickly bound and Aurors called to capture them.

"Charles, Autumn thank you for watching over the children," the man turned to each of the young people, bloody and breathing heavily, "and a fine job all of you young... hmmm... Griffindors. You better all find a spot on the train though." The 11 students nodded and quickly turned to board the train.

"Miss Evans," Lily turned to the professor, everyone else stopped and looked back, "as prefect, may I suggest you award points to each of those who did so well today."

"Evans bestow her good favor on the marauders? Good luck Professor." James snorted.

"Ahh, actually that is one of the reasons that Lily is a prefect, Mr. Potter. Very well, I will do it when I return to school." He nodded and the students turned again to board the train. "Miss Evans?" only she tuned this time. "While I understand your sentiment about those boys may I suggest you keep your mind open, they have their hearts in the right place."

"When I see a sign that they have hearts, I will do just that Professor."

"Ah, but Lily I believe you have already seen such a sign," Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as she nodded and boarded the train, but not before she heard James' father, Mr. Potter.

"Oh, so that is the young Lily Evans. I understand now, what all the fuss is about."

"Charles!" admonished his wife, "She is very pretty though."

James, Sirius and Peter were settled in a compartment with Frank. Remus was in the prefects compartment. Ella, Aria, Alice, Mary and Angela were in the compartment next to them.

"Did you see her! She was bloody brilliant!" James was commenting on the amazing fighting of Lily Evans, which was abundantly clear to everyone else that such was the case.

"Why don't you give in a rest Potter, how many years does she have to reject you before you get the point?" Frank shook his head.

"Hey, Longbottom, aren't you supposed to be in the prefects compartment too?"

"Ah, Alice and I are going to be fashionably late."

"Oh, is it customary for Head Boy and Girl to make and entrance?" Sirius looked bemused.

"Oh, sod off, I'm going them."

"Bye Frank, we'll make it easy on you," James called.

"You're Remus and Lily's problem!" hollered Frank as he grabbed Alice.

"You're never going to have a chance with Evans now Prongs," Sirius chuckled. James shrugged and they turned the discussion to quiddich. Soon they were bored with that and decided to roam the corridors. Ir wasn't long until they found some Slytherins to annoy. It wasn't long after that until Lily Evans found them.

"Potter, Black. Leave them alone. Go back to your compartment, or I'll write you up here and now."

"I think that would be a new record for me," James grinned.

"No, fourth year you got a detention before you even boarded the train for tying Avery and Snape to the back of the train," Lily sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, Evans I'm touched that you remember so well, but that was Sirius here, not me."

"No, Potter it was both of you."

"Fine," James heal up his hands in mock surrender, "we're going back to our compartment." The boys turned to leave and Lily started following them.

"What's this, can't get enough of me Evans?"

"In your dreams Potter -"

"And wonderful dreams they are Evans."

"I'm simply making sure you don't throw any first years off the train or something," Lily exhaled ignoring the comment.

"Oi, we wouldn't do that until we know if they're Slytherins or not!" Sirius exclaimed, James snorted a laugh.

"Funny," Lily rolled her eyes. They got to their compartment and started to enter before James stopped and turned.

"Hey Evans"

"Careful Potter, remember last year - I may have found something worse." James remembered last year Lily had enchanted herself so that whenever James asked her out his mouth would stick shut and his voice box would mute. He would have to find someone to lift the curse, usually Remus. Sirius snorted back a laugh and then unable to hold it in barked a loud laugh as he entered the compartment.

"Still... worth it," James shrugged looking Lily in the eyes. She saw something there, sincerity? From James Potter? "So Evans..." the moment passed, "go out with me?"

"No, Potter," she turned on her heel to see Severus Snape striding toward her, she steeled herself, she had no desire to talk to him.

"Lily!" he called.

"Go away!"

"Are you talking to... Potter?!?" Severus Snape was incredulous.

"So what if I am Sev?"

"Traitorous mudblood!" Snape snapped at her. James was in front of her before she could blink.

"Don't you ever speak to her again," Sirius and Peter stood at the entrance to the compartment, waiting, ready if their friend needed them. Grim determination set in their faces. Lily realized this was no play tease, no meaningless bullying. Something had changed, they were truly upset and hurt.

"Potter," Lily said softly, laying her hand on his shoulder, "please, I can handle this." He looked down at her. There it was in his eyes again - what was it?

As Lily touched him and spoke softly a shiver ran up his spine. He turned to her, God was she beautiful. He hated Death Eaters, but he couldn't imagine how someone could call her such a foul name. How could he protect her? "Sure..." he said quietly. Her eyebrows raised in surprise. "But let me have just a little fun?" she scowled at him, playfully and shook her head. He stepped back, holding his arm our exaggerating inviting her to face a fuming Snape. He stood back, ready still if he did anything to Lily, anger welled in him at the thought.

Lily stepped up to approach Snape, she raised her wand. "You are a sad, sorry boy Severus. You would do best to leave me alone."

Severus Snape fired a curse on Lily Evans. It was the worst thing he could have done. Her shield was up immediately and three curses hurtled toward him, one missing but the other two finding their target. Snape hung upside down in a full body bind. Lily turned on Potter and Black.

"I told you to let me handle it," Lily yelled. Luckily for the boys Remus came up and grabbed Lily but the shoulders.

"Lily, don't be too hard on them. I've seen that curse that Snape used on you just then, it's awful." He pulled her away and lowered his voice, "James could never let any harm come to you, you can't ask him to not defend you." She glared at Remus but soon realized tha, it wasn't his fault.

"Fine, Remus, you handle them," Lily snapped.

"Alright, go talk to the girls," she nodded and headed to the girls' compartment, pausing she walked over to Snape and punched him, hard, in the gut. "LILY!" Remus admonished. She turned, satisfied and flounced to the compartment.

"Thanks, Moony," James muttered.

"Can't you just get your act together and be a gentleman, at least to her? She may actually like you." Remus lectured, Sirius snorted. "Don't get me stared on you, Padfoot," Remus sighed at his friends. "Well, let me go clean up your mess again." He shook his head and laughed softly.

After Severus Snape was properly punished Remus joined his friends again. Frank hadn't returned yet.

"So Moony, where's Frank?" Sirius was lounged out on the bench.

"Where else would he be?" Remus responded.

"Oh ho! So they're finally together," James brightened.

"Yes, Longbottom had the presence of mind not to be a prat."

"Being a prat has gotten us plenty of girls," Sirius corrected Remus.

"Yes, Padfoot, but none of them were the ones you want," Remus raised his eyebrows at his cocky friend.

"Oh, you're one to talk Moony," James scoffed.

"My situation is different Prongs," Remus urged his friend.

"I suppose, but still..."

"With my... well, I'm not going to risk it."

"You know full well we're all in danger now." James ended the discussion with a note that sent them all brooding in their own private thoughts.

Back in the next door compartment Lily had finished telling the girls what just happened. "I don't know, it was so odd. Potter, arrogant, cocky, uncaring, selfish, troublesome Potter!... He had this look in his eyes, first it was caring, soft then it became hard, fierce, protective, angry."

"How is it that you are so smart, but you can't realize something so obvious Lil?"

"What do you mean Ella? It's Potter, he's a prat, a git, a..."

"Yes, we know how he acts but he has always actually liked you," Aria smirked.

"Funny way of showing it. If he likes me, he should find a way to not be a cocky bastard." Lily scoffed.

"Alright, be blind," Mary chuckled. The girls laughed and fell into chatting about their summers.

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