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Baby, look up when you're down by ClearCutDiamonds
Chapter 1 : I.
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I. Baby, look up when you're down — Chapter 1

"Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes."
                   — Oscar Wilde

          Inside Gryffindor tower, in the seventh year boys’ dormitory, through the closed hangings of Teddy Lupin’s four-poster bed lay Victoire Weasley. Victoire Weasley had never been one to break the rules. In fact, she was the epitome of perfect, rule-abiding student. Two adjectives that came to one’s mind when describing her were of course, inexplicably captivating but, cautious and cerebral. And this situation depicted her as anything but. She was beautiful; anyone could see that, her long golden hair gently waved at the middle of her back, her startling visage complete with vivid ice-blue eyes and classic high-cheekbones that she had inherited from her patrician mother.

         Victoire Weasley slowly became aware that she was waking up and she had absolutely no intention of doing so. She stretched languidly across the soft pillow and sighed. It wasn’t until she felt a strong arm wrap itself around her waist that she jumped and snapped open her ice-blue eyes in shock. She looked around frightened and her eyes and caught sight of her surroundings — the boys’ dormitory, lying completely naked…

          She tried in vain to unlatch herself from the pillow’s strong grip. She turned slightly to get a glimpse of who was holding her and found herself staring at the familiar indigo-colored hair, strong cheek-bones and none other than Teddy Lupin — her childhood best friend.

          ‘Holy mother of Merlin,’ she whispered. How on earth had she gotten herself into this situation? Teddy was the last person that she would even think to sleep with. Not that she didn’t have feelings towards the devilishly handsome blue-haired boy. In fact, she was a little in love with him. Although she would never admit it to anyone, she refused to acknowledge the fact, even to herself. No, she hadn’t even realized until she heard about his affairs with girls, which drove her mad with jealousy. Not that anyone suspected. She had distanced herself from her childhood friend ever since. Not that he ever knew why...

          Her heart rate accelerated and she hoped she hadn’t woken the boy or… man lying beside her. She breathed a sigh of relief as he still continued to sleep obliviously. Her heart stopped as he pulled her body closer to his and buried his nose in her hair at the back of her neck. Her mind raced. What had happened last night? She couldn’t remember. You idiot, she cursed herself, how could you be so stupid?

          She closed her eyes and exhaled. She slipped through his arm, effectively freeing herself from his strong grip. She let out a shaky breath and peaked through the bed hangings to make sure the coast was clear. There was no sign of any boy and Victoire turned back towards the sleeping Teddy Lupin... who was no longer asleep.

          His golden eyes were open and curiously staring at Victoire. His eyes roamed over her exposed body and she jumped and pulled the duvet around her body, effectively covering herself. He grinned at her reaction, her taking the duvet had exposed his perfect body and she had to force herself not to stare. He stretched his arms and looked up at her standing form at the foot of his bed. Well, He didn’t seem the least bit surprised by this situation. In fact, he seemed perfectly at ease. Pompous arse.

          Honestly, of all people, Teddy? Everyone knew Teddy's standing reputation as a well — it was no secret he slept around. And judging from last night... she had to admit he was experienced.

          'I'm guessing you don't remember last night?' he asked carefully, breaking the awkward silence.

          The entire time since she had awoken, Victoire hadn't even thought about how she had ended up here in the first place. She shook her head confusedly and he smirked slyly.

        'Well, Vic, I have to say, I never knew that you were so wild.' he said tauntingly.

        Wild? Victoire was definitely not wild. Heat rose to her cheeks and she glared at the naked boy. 'How dare you make jokes in this situation!' she whispered furiously.

        He grinned slyly, 'Calm down, Vic. I was only joking; you were quite good though —'

        He was interrupted when Victoire furiously threw a pillow at him. He caught it with ease and sat up, reaching for a pair of boxers.

      'What is wrong with you? I mean honestly, it was only one time, it doesn't mean anything.' he said, standing up and rubbing the back of his neck with a free hand.

       Before she could think to say anything, she felt a tear stream down her cheek, and more threatening to pour from her ice blue eyes. How could she have been so stupid?

      'Well, of course it doesn't mean shit to you! You didn't exactly lose your virginity to a boy who doesn't even care in the least,' she screamed. Most of her anger was towards herself, for being completely foolish and not having any idea how she had ended up here in the first place.

       Teddy backed up a little and ran a hand through his indigo-colored hair. 'Jesus, Vic, I had no idea you were still a... a virgin.' he whispered quietly.

      'That's because you don't know anything. And you don't care about anyone, all you do is sleep around and —'

      'Don't you dare,' said Teddy angrily. 'You don't know shit about me either, Vic. Fuck, how was I supposed to know you were a virgin?'

       Victoire didn't answer him; she just picked up her clothes and began to dress with the duvet still tightly tucked around her. Teddy rolled his eyes at her.

       'I've already seen it all,' he said, annoyed.

       She glared at him and turned around and attempted to dress with the duvet still tightly tucked around her. Teddy turned around like a proper gentleman.

       She finished dressing and without looking back walked past him slamming the door to the seventh year boys' dormitory.

       Victoire had awoken to three problems that she had become perfectly aware of, but not the slightest idea as to how the problems had presented themselves and happened: One, she had awoken in Teddy Lupin's bed. Two, judging from her lack of attire, she had lost her virginity to the boy she was in love with, and it had meant nothing to him. And three, she was most definitely stuck in quite the predicament.

. . . .

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