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Mistakes Worth Making by Eridanus
Chapter 2 : Two.
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the plot for Persuasion in any way.

Chapter Two

Dominique lay in bed reflecting on the events of the previous day; it hadn’t been completely awful apart from Uncle Percy being a prat, which was an everyday occurrence. Uncle Charlie had shown up, much to everyone’s surprise, which was a cause of great celebration for all (except, perhaps, Grandma Weasley, who couldn’t get over the fact that he had turned up once again without a partner to speak of).
From what Dom could gather from Teddy, Victoire had been acting rather bunny boiler-esque for the past week, but her advances had reached their peak last night. Up until that point he had thought that she was just messing about. Apparently not.

Victoire hadn’t stayed away for long, despite Molly’s best efforts, although her flirting didn’t seem to have quite as much vigour as before, even if it was just as obvious what her intent was. To Dom’s surprise, Victoire’s actions weren’t causing quite as much scandal in the family circle as she’d assumed they would. The snippets of conversation she heard between the adults, especially the females, seemed to be revolving around how Teddy and Victoire had always been “destined to be together” and how “it was written in the stars” and lots of other rubbish following along the same theme. It was ridiculous. Teddy didn’t even fancy Vic! Nobody was even remotely embarrassed for Teddy; on the contrary they seemed to think that he was enjoying it.

Thinking about the party was slowly but surely leading Dom into a foul mood that would be sure to follow her for the rest of the day. She’d always thought of Teddy as one of her best friends, certainly her oldest one, and now Victoire was trying to steal him from her like she always did. Boys always chose Vic in the end. Dom punched her pillow in vain. However, the pillow wasn’t Victoire, and so the satisfaction she longed for didn’t follow. She lay sprawled beneath a tangle of bedclothes, trying to organise her thoughts, only to have the object of her frustration burst into her room in a blaze of radiance.

‘Morning, Vic.’

‘How can you still be in bed on a morning like this?’

‘Quite easily, actually. Why are you up?’

‘When you’re in love there’s no need to lie in bed wallowing,’ Victoire perched herself on the end of Dom’s bed as Dom lay there, seemingly trying to share a bit of worldly wisdom.

Dom sat up in bed, her mouth agape. Vic couldn’t possibly be talking about Teddy. She couldn’t love Teddy, could she? Not like that anyway.

‘Sorry, when you’re what? For a second there I thought you said in love.’

‘You always were a cynic, Dominique. Why shouldn’t I be in love?’

‘Well, for a start, I don’t know who he is. You aren’t even going out with anyone.’

‘That’s where you’re wrong, he’s been right in front of me for so long and I never realised. Not until I remembered that he was finished with Hogwarts.’ Victoire was absent-mindedly playing with her hair and grinning cloyingly.

‘It’s Teddy.’

Her worst suspicions had been confirmed.

‘Right… Are you sure that you’re in love with him?’ Dominique said in a carefully measured voice.

‘Of course I’m sure I’m in love with him! Do you think I’m an absolute idiot Dom? Why can’t you just be happy for me?’

‘I am Vic, honestly, but isn’t it a bit hasty? I mean does Teddy… does he love you?’ Dominique was tentative in her reply; she didn’t want to patronise her sister, but on the other hand that was the only thing she wanted to do.

‘Of course he does! It’s quite clear to everyone except you, even Dad said so.’ For an eighteen-year-old, Victoire was remarkably petulant. She had brains and beauty, high spirits and charm, but, unfortunately, she lacked the sort of smarts which weren’t taught in books.

‘Well, has he said he loves you?

‘Not in so many words, but it was implied.’

‘What exactly did he say?’

‘I can’t remember exactly what he said, Dominique, but I know what he meant.’

Dom was becoming increasingly exasperated with her sister, and short of pulling her hair out, she didn’t know what to do to knock some sense into her. She settled for exhaling noisily.

‘You know what Dom? I’m sick of you and all of your bloody negativity. Go ahead and die a spinster for all I care, but you aren’t taking this away from me.’ Forgetting her usual Veela graces Victoire heaved herself off Dom’s bed and stormed out of the room, leaving Dominique to prepare herself for a day that she was sure would be as wonderful as her morning.

It was eleven o’clock and Dom was in the middle of preparing herself a late breakfast when the doorbell rang. Instead of going to answer it she continued to bustle around the kitchen, removing her toast from under the grill and spreading it with jam. While there was any possibility that it could be Victoire on the other side of the door, there was no chance she would be the one answering it. She was just pouring herself a glass of pumpkin juice when she heard her father make his way towards the front door muttering about the ingratitude of the youth today. She laughed quietly to herself; he really was getting old.

Ironically, Bill answered the door to about the only “youth” on the planet that he had liked since he was one himself. She could hear Teddy’s deep voice as he conversed with her dad and knew he’d be making his way into the kitchen to see her soon. She walked back over to the oven and slipped another two slices of bread under the grill, knowing that if she didn’t, Teddy would probably end up eating all of hers. She could barely wait until next week when she could legally perform simple tasks like this with magic.

Right on cue, Teddy appeared through the door and plonked himself down at the kitchen table whilst issuing her a warm greeting. Dominique couldn’t help noticing that his hair was blond today and spitefully wondered if it was Victoire that had inspired him to choose a colour so different from his usual brown. They would make quite the couple; no doubt Witch Weekly would gush over them adoringly and probably make up some sort of trivial, pointless award to give to them.

‘Dom, are you alright?’

‘Oh, yes, sorry Teddy. I was off in a bit of a daydream.’ Dominique placed the now toasted slices of bread on a plate and gave them to Teddy with a smile; she wasn’t quite sure what had come over her.

‘Not a good one by the looks of it.’

‘No, not really.’

‘Victoire not in?’

‘She went out. Calling round to see her were you?’ Dominique fought to keep the accusatory tone out of her voice.

‘Don’t be daft, Dom. D’you think I‘d be racing round to see her after last night?’ Teddy and Dom both laughed at the suggestion.

‘You’ll probably need to talk to her about it though; she’s definitely not got the hint.’

‘Has she said something?’

‘Well, sort’ve…’

‘Dom, just tell me what she said. I’m hardly going to be able to guess it and according to you we don’t have secrets, remember? I don’t think I need to remind you who the idiot was that acted upon this declaration and told you that Kevin Peters had got off with Rachel Darcy, only to find himself in a load of trouble because a certain other person, who just so happens to be in this room, had told her friend, who had then told the whole school.

‘Alright, shut up, enough guilt tripping for one day. It’s just, well… she fancies herself in love with you.’

‘What?’ Teddy’s mouth was hanging open in shock.

‘I know, but you can’t blame her! Everyone keeps telling her that you like her and she doesn’t suffer from low self esteem, our Vic.’

‘Merlin, just tell me who everyone is.’

‘Aunt Ginny, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Mum, Dad, Uncle Charlie, Grandma, Granddad, Andromeda, Uncle Harry-’

‘Wait! Harry thinks I fancy Vic?’

‘Not really, his exact words were that you seem to think she’s a goddess, Dominique grinned at Teddy’s obvious shock. ‘Don’t worry about it Ted, you’ll only have to marry her or something.’

‘Kill me now, Dom. I’m begging you.’

‘You can’t blame them all, really, it’s just what they want to happen. On the bright side, you only have to put up with it this summer and then we’re all back off to school.’ At this point Teddy had resorted to cradling his head in his hands in a feeble attempt to block out what he was hearing.

‘Ah, only all summer, that’s alright then,’ he muttered. ‘It’s going to be weird, though, not seeing all of you every day when you go back, despite all of the obvious benefits.’

‘Something tells me you’ll be able to put up with it. I, however, don’t know how I’m going to deal with seeing the rest of them every day for the next two years.’

A loud crack issued from the hall, making Dom jump, and a minute later Victoire glided into the kitchen.

‘Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey are over and Dad has conveniently made himself scarce, so Mum wants us in the living room. You know how she can’t stick being alone with them.’ Victoire’s initial reaction had been one of sulkiness, but upon seeing Teddy her face lightened.

‘Oh, hello Teddy! Nobody told me you were here.’

‘Alright, Vic?’

‘Wonderful thanks, your hair looks great by the way.’

‘Oh, right, thank you.’

‘C’mon Vic, Teddy, we better get in there before mum comes charging in.’ In Dom’s opinion, Teddy’s actions contradicted what he had told her earlier, as he hadn’t even seemed to flinch at Victoire’s flattery. She couldn’t help contemplating the idea that maybe the rest of her family was right, after all, and the minority was only made up of her and Molly.

The awkward threesome made their way out of the kitchen and into the living room, only to be greeted by another awkward atmosphere. Fleur had just been stifling a yawn as Percy droned on about how wonderfully the roses in his own garden were looking in comparison to those at Shell Cottage, whilst Audrey tried to shift the conversation to more amiable ground; her opportunity to do this came with the arrival of the three children.

‘Ah, Teddy, glad to be off?’

‘Mostly relieved, but I was just saying to Dom that it’s going to be strange not going back.’

‘That it will Teddy, that it will. I remember when I left Hogwarts (I was Head Boy too you know). It was terribly hard leaving the old place. And to think you’re the very first one of the children to leave. I’m certainly feeling my age!’ Percy guffawed as the others smiled politely. There wasn’t a single member of the extended family that wasn’t aware that Percy had been Head Boy during his seventh year at Hogwarts, and there wasn’t a single member of any family in the surrounding area that remained interested in the fact.

‘I’m going to apply for a job at St. Mungo’s as a trainee healer.’

‘Teddy zat ees wonderful; Dominique ‘as always wanted to be an ‘ealer also. Eet ees a very worthwhile profession.’

‘Yes, very worthwhile, very worthwhile,’ Percy nodded his agreement. ‘What about your girlfriend Teddy, what’s she hoping to do? Hair styling I suppose.’ That was another thing that Dom hated about her Uncle Percy- he was a complete chauvinist.

‘Actually, I don’t have a girlfriend, Percy. We decided not to continue on after Hogwarts, we both had very different plans.’ That was one way of putting it. Teddy had had a very messy break up with his ex-girlfriend Holly Reilly, the main reasons behind which were that her plans for after their seventh year involved lots of babies and Teddy’s didn’t include her. He’d spent the last month of school using his talents as a Metamorphagus to aid him in his avoidance of her.

‘Wise choice there Teddy, m’boy. What about you girls, how’s the love life?’

‘I don’t know about Vic, but I’m definitely single, Uncle Percy.’

‘Dominique, what are you talking about? You’re the one who had about twenty boyfriends this year!’ Victoire was clearly on the defensive.

‘What ees thees Dominique? I ‘eard nothing of any boyfriends.’

‘Maman, she’s completely exaggerating. I went on a couple of dates to Hogsmeade! Vic on the other hand…No boys are safe with her around.’

‘I didn’t hear about any of these guys at Hogwarts,’ Teddy blustered. Dominique couldn’t help noticing that Teddy had tensed up considerably after the conversation had turned to relationships and that the mention of any other boys around Victoire had been what prompted him to speak.

‘It seems I’ve started a bit of trouble here.’

‘Not to worry Percy, zere ‘as been no ‘arm done.’

‘Of course, of course. Well, Audrey we must be off, I’ll floo round and see you all later.’

‘I’m sure we will see you very soon, Percy. ’ There was a chorus of goodbyes that accompanied Fleur’s parting words as Audrey and Percy stepped into the fireplace to continue their rounds of visiting.

A/N: Thanks so much to everyone for reading, I would appreciate any reviews and CC that you have and if you have any questions about my writing etc, don’t hesitate to go to my Meet The Author thread; the link is on my author page ^_^

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