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How's It Going To Be by DracoFall243
Chapter 3 : Typical
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Sorry for the long wait but school has been sucking lately, plus with a ton of exams coming up and no spring break what-so-ever, i might take longer to update but i will try! Thanks for reading this, now enjoy!

Immediately after Hermione set foot out of her parent’s car, she sensed that she was running late. She quickly gave both of her parents a hug and a kiss on the cheek and started running. She knew that if she didn't hurry up, the barrier would close and she would miss the train.

She had never been late for the train once, if only she hadn’t spent her entire day lying around day dreaming.

Hermione ran through King’s Cross, gaining speed as she got closer to Platform Nine and Three Quarters. She was determined to make it onto that train, even if that meant she had to jump on it as it was leaving the station.

She quickly looked around to make sure no one would see her and when the coast was clear, she ran straight through the barrier.

With a sigh of relief that she made it through, she stopped to catch her breath. That was until she heard the trains whistle signaling its departure.  She couldn’t help but let out an aggravated sigh. “I was being facetious,” she announced as she took off running, once again, towards the now moving train.

With one giant leap, she jumped into one of the open doors as the train was passing by her.

Lying on the ground, Hermione couldn’t help but laugh as she caught her breathe. All around her compartment doors were opening to see what had caused the sudden disturbance.  

Once she could finally breathe at a normal pace and after everyone disappeared back into their cabins, she picked herself up and gathered her belonging and went in search of Harry and Ron.

As Hermione started making her way to the back of the train, she couldn’t help but feel hurt at the fact that Harry nor Ron ever congratulated her on becoming Head Girl. She had owled them over two weeks ago, yet she never got a response back from either of them.

Hermione finally made it to the back compartment and opened the door. As soon as she saw her two friends smiling up at her, all of her anger towards the two instantly melted away.

When they finally saw her, they both got up and ambushed her with a group hug. “Oh Hermione, you have no idea how much we’ve missed you,” Ron said as he squeezed her.

“Yeah, where have you been?” Harry asked. “We thought you were going to miss the train.”

“I thought I was going to miss it too,” she said agreeing with him.

Ron went back to his seat first and spread himself across the entire seat. “You were probably just rereading your textbooks, right Hermione?”

Too embarrassed of them knowing why she was really late, she just nodded her head in agreement. She could only imagine the looks on their faces if she told them she spent the entire morning laying on her bed thinking about a boy.

Harry sat down, but when he realized Hermione was still standing he stared up at her with a questioning look.

As soon as Hermione saw this, she realized that they must have forgotten about her being head girl. “I can’t stay.”

Harry was even more confused, “Why not?” he asked even more confused than before.

“Because I need to go up to the heads compartment,” she explained.

Harry felt like an idiot. He was just now remembering the letter Ron and he received from Hermione a few weeks back telling them her good news. God he felt like such a jerk, he never even wrote back to congratulate her.

Before he could even apologize to her, Ron decided to open his big mouth.

“You never told us you were head girl,” he said aggravated that she didn't tell him.

When Harry looked over at Hermione, he could see the hurt expression on her face.

Before Ron could say anything else, Harry decided to speak up. “Yes she did,” he said, “We’re just idiots and completely forgot about it and didn't even congratulate her.”  With that, he got up out of his seat and went to hug her again. “Congratulations Hermione, you deserve it more that anyone,” he said while rubbing her back.

Hermione instantly felt better, if she really had to classify which of the two boys was her best friend, she knew that hands down it would be Harry.

“Yeah yeah, congratulations,” Ron mumbled without even leaving his seat.

Hermione just rolled her eyes at him, what else did she expect, he’s just as insensitive as he’s always been,

“Well I have to go up to the Heads compartment and meet the head boy, but I’ll see you guys at dinner Right?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, we’ll see you there,” Harry said reassuring her.

With one last smile at Harry and not even bothering to acknowledge Ron, she left making sure to shut the door behind her.

As soon as Hermione left, Ron couldn’t help but open his big mouth again. “I wonder what in the hell her problem was?”

Harry was dumbfounded at how incredibly dumb Ron really was.

“Ron you are such an idiot,” he said shaking his head at the boy.

“What did I do?” he asked confused by what Harry said.

“Do you, or do you not like Hermione?”

“Oh course I like her, you know that more than anyone Harry.”

“Well you sure don’t act like it,” Harry replied sharply.

Realizing that he had been unkind to Hermione, Ron laid back down and sulked for the rest of the trip.

Harry knew that Ron’s heart was in the right place, the problem was the he just didn't know how to express his feelings to the girl. In a way, Harry actually felt a little sorry for Ron.

Harry really was happy that she had made Head Girl, but he couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous at the thought of Hermione sharing a dorm with another guy. He knew he had nothing to worry about though because he knew she would never do anything.

He couldn’t help but blame the fact on him liking Hermione on Ron. While they were in fourth year, Ron and he were talking one night and somehow the conversation got onto Hermione. Almost immediately Ron confessed his liking towards Hermione.

At the time, Harry really had no feeling towards the girl, but since that night he couldn’t help but see her in a completely different light.  Up to that point, he never really thought of her as a girl, but just another one of their friends. But since then he could see how much she had changed since their first year her hair had lost some of its frizz, her teeth became straighter, and her body had definitely filled out a bit.

Harry never told anyone that he liked her, especially since he knew how much Ron liked her.  He couldn’t imagine how hurt his best friend would be if he found out he like her too.


Hermione finally left the two boys and started heading towards the front of the train, she couldn’t help but start to get excited to find out who Head Boy would be.

 She was a little bit nervous at the thought of having to share a dorm together, but she knew that since he was chosen as Head Boy he must be respectful as well as an intelligent and responsible student. When she made it to the front compartment, she stopped just outside and took a deep breath.

When she finally opened the door and stepped in, she couldn’t help but groan at the sight in front of her.  How was this even possible?

Without even looking up from his book to see who entered, he knew it was Granger. “You sound happy to see me,” he said with a smirk on his face.

Exasperated, she plopped down on the seat across from him and put her face in her hands.

Draco couldn’t believe how over dramatic she was being, “Trust me; I’m not too thrilled to see you either,” he said as he snapped his book shut.

Suddenly she was sitting up straight looking more agitated than before. “How in the hell did you even become Head Boy?”

“Maybe it’s the fact that I’m first in our class…”

“Well, behind me of course,” Hermione said still sounding distressed as she put her head back in her hands.

“Yeah well that has yet to be proven,” he sneered, “Besides I have a spotless record…”

“Don’t forget that detention you got during our first year,” she said recalling their night in the Forbidden Forest.

“How in the bloody hell do you even remember that,” he accused becoming more irritated with her by the minute.

“Maybe it’s because I was there serving the detention with you, dumbass,” she said the last part under her breath.

“Wow, language Grander, and tell me, how does a mudblood make friends? Because I thought it was nearly impossible,” he said leaning closer to her looking interested.

Leaning forward so they were now face to face, she whispered, “Go jump of a bridge Malfoy!”

Before he could say anything back, she pulled out a book and started reading.

Believing he won this argument, Draco decided to let it go so he opened his book back up, and continued reading for the rest of their journey.

Once the train pulled into the Hogsmeade station, Hermione and Draco both got up without a word to each other and left.

Almost immediately after stepping off the train, Hermione heard her name being called. Turning around, she saw Harry and Ron were about fifty feet away signaling for her to come to them.

After dodging in and out of other students, she was finally able to reach them. “Hey Harry,” she smiled, “Ron,” she said barely acknowledging him.

Unexpectedly, Ron stepped forward and embraced her. “I’m sorry I was such a prat Hermione.  Congratulations on being Head Girl,” he pulled back still holding on to her shoulders, “you really do deserve it,” he said looking into her eyes with a smile on his face.

Relieved that they were okay again, Hermione pulled him back into another hug. She really hated fighting with Ron.

Watching them, Harry felt the sudden urge to punch Ron in the face. Shaking his head, Harry couldn’t believe that he was even thinking that. Ron was his best friend, and he had liked Hermione first.

It was decided, Harry would stop liking Hermione no matter what it took. Besides, she would never like him anyways.

Not being able to take it anymore, Harry finally decided to break it up. “Alright you two, don’t you guys think we should go get a carriage?”

“Yeah come on lets hurry up so we can get good seats for the sorting ceremony,” Hermione was now rushing them into one of the carriages.

Once they got up to the school, the three friends hopped out of their carriage and started heading towards the Great Hall. When they got in, they were relieved to notice that they were still able to get decent seats.

After another five minutes, everyone was seated and chatting with one another about each other’s summers and the year ahead of them.

Suddenly with a loud bang, the two doors at the back of the hall swung open exposing the group of nervous first years.

As they started walking past Ron couldn’t help but wonder out loud to his two friends, “Is it just me or do the first years get smaller and smaller and smaller every year?”

“Oh Ronald, you were that small when you were their age, and you were probably just as nervous too,” Hermione said.

Ron leaned closer to Harry so that Hermione couldn’t hear, “I still think their smaller.” The two tried to contain their laugher.

“Shhh, it’s starting,” Hermione said to them.

After each of the new students were sorted into their perspective houses, Dumbledore came forward to address the students.

“Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! Now before we begin a delectable feast, I have a few things I would like to say to everyone. Now whether this is your very first year at Hogwarts or your last, I want to advise every last one of you to not just keep the friends you have, but to also reach out and make new ones, and if possible, to reconnect with lost friends. Well, I have held you all up for long enough, let the feast begin,” and with that, Dumbledore clapped his hands together so that food could now be seen across the entire hall.

As Harry and Ron began stuffing their faces, Hermione was still thinking about what Dumbledore had said in his speech, and for some reason she felt like he was directly addressing her. Shaking it off, Hermione picked up her fork and began to eat.

Little did she know, that across the hall another student was thinking the same exact thing she was.

As everyone around Draco began eating their food, apart from Crabbe and Goyle who were swallowing it whole, he couldn’t help but feel that Dumbledore’s little speech had something to do with him; he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Finally deciding to let it go, Draco began to put food onto his plate.

After everyone was finished eating about forty-five minutes later, Dumbledore once again got up to address the students one last time before sending them off to their dormitories.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and waited a few seconds to ensure that everyone was silent.

“Well now that everyone has satisfied their hunger, let me proceed to our final announcements before you had back to your dorms for a good night’s sleep. I would like to announce who will be this year’s Head Boy and Head Girl. For Head Girl we have Miss Hermione Granger.”

There was a sudden eruption of applause across the Great Hall, minus the entirety of the Slytherin table who remained completely silent. Hermione stood up so that the first years could see who she was, and with a smile she sat back down.

Once everyone had calmed down Dumbledore continued, “And for our Head Boy, you have Draco Malfoy.”

All anyone could hear was the cheering of every single person at the Slytherin table as the rest of the hall looked on, flabbergasted at the choice for Head Boy.

Hermione just shook her head still disgusted at the thought of having to share a living space with him. Why did Dumbledore do this to her?

When the Slytherin’s finally returned to their seats and finished their gloating, Dumbledore finished.

“Could the head boy and head girl bring themselves to the front, and everyone else can head to their dormitories, good-night!”

As soon as he dismissed the students, everyone was up and talking about the new head boy.

“I still can’t believe that he was picked as head boy,” Ron said as he took a final bite of his of his pecan pie, “Iwt jwust donnent mwke awny swense.”

“Ronald, please swallow you food before speak,” Hermione said disgusted at his bad habits. “Well I better go see Dumbledore, I’ll see you guys later,” she said as she got up and began walking towards the front of the hall.

As she made her way to the front, she could hear the other students talking about her as she passed by them.

“Can you believe she has to live with Malfoy?”

“What do you think he’ll do to her?”

“I’ll bet you one of them will kill the other by the end of the week.”

“I wonder if she’ll get to see him naked.”

Hermione was shocked at what they were saying, she couldn’t believe that they had such little faith in her, that she and Malfoy wouldn’t be able to live peacefully together. She was a little disturbed by the last comment, when she thought about it she couldn’t help but gag at the idea.

“What’s with the face mudblood; did you finally realize how much of a waste of space you truly are?” Draco whispered to her when she finally reached them.

Without even acknowledging his existence, she walked up to Dumbledore.

“Alrighty then, I am thrilled that the both of you have accepted the positions as head boy and girl, and I’m hoping that you will be able to put aside your differences and be able to work together as a team.”

“Of course Professor,” Hermione answered promptly.

Malfoy couldn’t help but scoff at her ass kissing. “Yeah I’m sure that we will become the best of friends,” he added sarcastically.

“I know you will,” Dumbledore said quietly in response.

Ignoring their questioning look, he continued. “And finally, the password for your dormitory is Tempus Fugit, good-night and may you both have pleasant dreams.”

Without even waiting for Malfoy, Hermione took off at a brisk walking pace towards their dorms.

When Draco noticed her walking away, he quickly went to catch up but still making sure to stay a good ten feet behind her. Stupid Granger is always in such a freaking hurry.

When they finally reached the door, Hermione look up at the young man in the painting who looked like he was around their age.

“Hello, I’m Hermione,” she said introducing herself to the portrait.

Something about this whole scenario felt like déjà vu to Draco. What was with tonight?

“It’s nice to meet you Hermione, I am Alexander, and who is this?” he asked looking at the boy beside the her.

“The names Draco,” he said flatly. “Tempus Fugit.”

Immediately Alexander opened the door and let the boy in.

After the door closed behind him, Hermione just shook her head in disappointment. Why couldn’t he just be a little more polite?

“Well I sure hope you will be okay in there with him,” Alexander asked after the door closed.

“I’m sure I will be fine,” Hermione said smiling up at the painting. “Tempus Fugit, and have a good-night.”

“You as well,” he answered as she went inside and shut the door behind her. After the door closed, Alexander couldn’t help seeing a little bit of himself in the young boy.

The moment she set foot in the common room, she gaped at the sight in front of her.

She couldn’t believe it, but the head’s common room was almost twice the size of Gryffindor’s with even higher ceilings.

On the right side of the room there was a fire place, which was already warming up the room, in front of it was a single couch and two comfy looking arm chairs that she couldn’t wait to curl up in with a book. Around the fire place, and taking up an entire wall, was a giant bookcase. Hermione was in heaven.

Across from each other were two sets of staircases which she assumed led to the bedrooms. Trying her luck, she decided to go up the one on her left, when she reached the top, she saw that on the door was a plate with her name inscribed on it.

With a sigh of relief she opened the door and was even more amazed by her bedroom. It was once again twice the size of her old dorm, and even better was that two of the walls were covered in bookshelves. She also noticed that across from her bed was a set of French doors. Being curious, she walked over to them and opened them to reveal a balcony.

After closing the doors, she went over to her dresser and put on her night clothes.

Taking a deep breath, she sprinted across the bed room and flung herself onto her queen sized bed. She couldn’t imagine being any happier than she was at that precise moment. After burrowing herself underneath her covers, and turning off the lights; she drifted off into a night full of dreams that were once upon a time a reality to her.


Draco didn't really feel like doing much exploring around the common room that night, it wasn’t until dinner that he realized how tired he was. After he entered his own room, he immediately stripped down to his boxers and climbed into his queen bed.

He had to admit that so far, this was better than what he expected.

Getting underneath his sheets, Draco feel into the deepest sleep of his life where he would have the most vivid, lifelike dreams that he could never forget.

And the thing that made the dreams as amazing as they were was that she was there with him.

And end chapter three.
Yeah I’m so happy.
And if you were wondering, Tempus Fugit means “time flees”. Who knows I might change it, it was either that or Carpe Diem which if you didn't know means “seize the day.” Which do you think would work best?

Much <3

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How's It Going To Be: Typical


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