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Hogwarts Confessional by Looney Loopy Laura
Chapter 3 : See? Am I Brilliant or What?
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything! This is all J.K.Rowling

Chapter 3

“What was James so upset about?” Marley asked as we walked out of the Great Hall towards our next class, Potions.

“I dunno,” I said dismissively, tucking my auburn hair behind my ears. Who cares, right? Not me.

“Lily…” Pippa started, her eyebrows pushing together in frustration.

“I know what you’re going to say, Pip, and don’t,” I said harshly.

“What’s going on?” Marley asked, confused. “What’s she going to say?” Marley tugged on Emilie’s sleeve, who looked equally as confused.

Pippa strode out in front of us and turned around so she was walking backwards.

“James like Lily. And she knows it,” Pippa explained, while glaring at me. “She just doesn’t want to admit it,” she said smugly.

“Potter’s just jealous that I’m the only girl in school he hasn’t shagged yet,” I said cruelly. “He doesn’t like me anymore than that.”

“Lils, I’m not saying you should date him,” Pippa said, softening a little. She fell back into step with me and hooked her arm through mine. “You know I love Chris. You guys are great together. But can you please admit that maybe James has actual feelings for you, more than just wanting to get you into bed?”

I stared straight ahead of me, concentrating very hard on the back of the boy’s head walking in front of me. I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not list—

“Lily,” Emilie said, taking my other arm in hers, “James is our friend too, you know. We just don’t like seeing him hurt when you rub it in his face that you’re with Chris, even if it’s unintentional. I think all Pip’s saying is that, maybe if you accepted that he likes you, you could ease up on the Chris-gushing when he’s around?”

“Well, when you put it like that…” I said, slowing my pace. Couldn’t I go back to not listening again? I liked that better. It didn’t make me feel guilty. Hold up, I’m feeling guilty about Potter? Urgh, kill me now.

 “I guess I could tone it down…but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an annoying git.”

Pippa smiled and gave my arm a squeeze as we turned into our Potions classroom.

*                                               *                                               *

“Emilie, no offense, but your gossip this week was lacking…” Marley sighed.

“That’s because nothing interesting is happening,” Emilie whined as she draped herself over the edge of Marley’s bed.  

“That’s because you’re not looking hard enough,” Pippa said haughtily as she admired herself in the mirror hanging on the wall between hers and my bed. I had just finished cutting her fringe and now she couldn’t take her eyes off herself. “I heard today from Seth Johnson that Mabel Edwards was caught snogging Geoffrey Hawkins in a broom closet.”

“I though she was going out with what’s-his-name…” Emilie snapped her fingers, trying to remember. “Carl something-or-other…”

“Carl Littleton, yeah,” Pippa nodded, turning away from the mirror and sitting down on my bed next to me. “I guess he completely flipped when he found out and stormed out of Charms, right in the middle of a lesson. Can you imagine?”

“So much drama,” Marley laughed softly as she braided a tiny section of her silky mahogany hair.

“So listen, I have some kind of interesting gossip that I’m not too sure what to make of…” Pippa said crossing her legs underneath her. We all leaned forward slightly in anticipation. “I was talking to my sister Elsa a little while ago and she told me something kind of intriguing…” Elsa Birch was a third year Gryffindor and the spitting image of Pippa, only shorter. Pippa was pretty close with her sister, but rarely was seen in public with her. However, she got all her gossip concerning third years and below from Elsa.

We all stared at Pippa, waiting for her to continue, as she absently twirled a blond curl around her finger. When it was obvious that she had no intention of continuing without encouragement, Emilie burst out, “Pippa! Spit it out, we’re dying here!”

Pippa gave us a coy smile and continued. “She was talking about some kind of book she used to have in muggle school. I think she called it a ‘slam book’ or ‘burn book’ or something. Anyways, the point of it was that they would write all kinds of stuff about the things they heard about the people at school. She mentioned that they might try doing something like that here…”

“I thought those were prohibited in muggle schools. Wouldn’t she get in trouble here?” I interrupted, distracted by my innate Prefect tendencies.

“I wasn’t finished yet, Miss Impatient,” Pippa said, sighing. “I was thinking, what if we did something like that? I mean, not exactly a ‘burn book’. But something along those lines.”

We were all silent and we each ran through this in our heads.

“What did you have in mind?” Marley asked curiously. We all turned to stare at her, surprised. She wasn’t normally the biggest gossip, but she couldn’t resist something as intriguing as this.

“I mean, how else to get the best gossip than from the students themselves? I’ve heard of something like this before. It’s like a secret confessional where people send secrets anonymously and they’re posted somewhere for people to read. But no one knows whose secrets they are obviously.”

“I doubt Dumbledore would allow anything like that…” Marley said skeptically and I had to agree.

“Of course he wouldn’t,” Pippa said rolling her eyes. “That’s why it would be completely secret. I mean, just the students would know about it. Obviously we couldn’t post them anywhere public…”

“You’re making this pretty difficult, Pippa,” I laughed. I had to admit though, I was still interested.

She held up a hand to me. “Hear me out. What if we took the idea of a book where everyone could write they’re secrets in it, enchanting it so that all of their handwriting looked the same. Like I said, completely anonymous. I mean, come on, this school seriously needs an outlet like this…Plus, we need new gossip.”

“Ok, I hate to burst your bubble, but let’s look at this logically,” I said ignoring the glare I got from Pippa. “First of all, where would this book be? It would have to be somewhere the students could access it but the teachers wouldn’t ever find. Second, what if someone saw someone else writing a secret. Not exactly anonymous….”

“Well, I thought of that, too,” Pippa said triumphantly. “What if instead of just one book, there were a bunch of books, one for each student, that were bound to every other book to display whenever someone wrote something new in it. That way, everyone would have their own and could write in it if they wanted or not and would never be caught. It’s foolproof.” She smiled at her own brilliance.

Marley scratched her ear, looking obviously skeptical of the whole idea. “This seems like a lot of trouble for some mindless gossip…” She said.

“So what? Think about it. Don’t you have secrets that you’re burning to tell someone but you can’t? This is the perfect way to do it. No one would know that it’s you as long as you’re smart about it. It’s the perfect outlet. We’re not meant to keep so many secrets,” Pippa smiled mischievously.

I shook my head and laughed a little. “Pip, someone could get really hurt by this. And I agree with Marley. This seems like a lot of work for stupid gossip.”

“Lily, please. This is beyond brilliant. The Marauders can’t compete with this one.” Pippa gave me a lopsided smile, her eyes sparkling.

“Fine. Do what you want, but don’t expect me to help you with any of this…” I said shrugging.

“But Lils, you’re the only one who can actually do the right charms. Do you know how complicated those are? What if I mess up? Then it will all be for nothing. Please think about it?” Pippa tugged on my pajama pants, giving me puppy dog eyes. “Please?”

“I’ll think about it…” I said, trying not to feel flattered that I was the only one that could actually do the necessary charms. “But you realize you’re going to have to get like, three hundred books for this. That’s not going to be cheap.”

“Please, my dad works for Flourish and Blotts. I’ve totally got an in,” Pippa said. She knew that I would give in eventually. She leaned back against the bedpost with a satisfied smile.

“And you’re planning on doing all of this when? Exams are in a week. Plus…three hundred books? That’s a lot, Pip.” Emilie piped in. Thank Merlin there was at least one other people who thought this was as crazy as I did.

“Obviously I’m not going to do it this year,” Pippa sighed in frustration. “We’ll work on it this summer and have everything set for next year. Besides, I’ve got nothing better to do this summer, have you? Come on, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what everyone else at Hogwarts has to say?”

She had a point. I couldn’t help but be a little, tiny, teensy, bit curious as to what kinds of things people would write, knowing it was anonymous.

“Ha!” Pippa scoffed, seeing our agreement. “See? Am I brilliant or what?”

A/N: Sorry this chapter is a bit shorter. The rest are longer, I promise!!! I've got through Chapter 19 written so far so I'll keep updating!!

Always love those reviews, thanks for reading!

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