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Lovebug by jo_92
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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In a blink of an eye my whole world changed. One minute I was on top of the world, the next I was leaning over my toilette stool puking my brains out. Why you ask? Yep, you guessed it I’m pregnant. Me! Lily Marie Evans, Head-girl, roll model, class president, and teachers pet, is pregnant. I can’t believe I slept with him. I’ll admit it was everything I wanted and more; he was the right guy, it was the right time, we were sober, and it was mutual. The only problem is we broke up four weeks after. That tends to put me in quite a fix. How am I supposed to tell my ex-boyfriend, who is not talking to me, that I am three months pregnant with his baby. But it gets worse he is Head-boy. WHAT DID I EVER DO WRONG?

I was lazily staring at the front of the room while my Potions Professor continued to ramble about the importance of ‘potion making safety’. I put my head down on the lab bench in front of me and squeezed my eyes shut. Slughorn gives the same speech every year anyway, so I wasn’t missing anything important. I took advantage of the time and reflected on my life so far.

I had modest normal childhood, with a modest normal mother, father and older sister. We even have a modest normal cat named Kat. My father was an accountant and my mother was a nurse. I’m not sure how an accountant and a nurse meet but luckily they did. My father, Christopher Evans, is a fairly strict man. He believes in quick punishment and discipline. My mother often blames his attitude on his hair. My father has, or had, red hair. It’s all gray now. I’m a lot like him in many ways. I too have red hair, I enjoy the nice structure of modern society, and I have quite a quick temper. I also like to think I’m similar to my mother, Gwyneth Von Buren Evans. She sweet and fun loving, in away my father completes her. She’s never believed in harsh punishment. To her it’s all an experience. It’s life’s way of challenging your wits and strength. She, unlike my father and I, has rich brown curly locks. My sister and I get our curl hair from her.
When I told my parents about my pregnancy I got exactly the reaction I was expecting. My father blew up and my mother sat across from me shaking her head in disappointment. My sister wasn’t pleased either. She called me a ‘freakish slut’ if I do recall.

I knew I had to tell them. I couldn’t hide it from them. I looked in the mirror one last time.

“Lily. They would never hate you.” I sucked in a huge gulp of air and released it slowly.

“Lily dinner!” My mother called from the kitchen.

“COMING!” I replied.

Dinner was great as usual. The roast beef was cooked to perfection and the potatoes were soft and buttery like always.

“Mum, Dad.” I gulped down the rest of my water and laid my eyes on my plate. I didn’t want to see their eyes when I told them. “I…um…have something to tell you.” I was on the verge of tears.

“Oh?” my mother was busying herself with the dishes, and my father was cutting the strawberry pie. “Are you and James getting back together? He was such a sweet boy.” My father grunted a forced agreement.

“Um…no…but…I…um…” I couldn’t find the words. I had rehearsed what I was going to say but nothing came out. My father got to me first.

“Lily, what have I taught you about mumbling? What is it that you want to say?” My mother was still at the sink scrubbing away.

“Alright, before I tell you I just want you to know that I take full responsibly and I understand the gravity of my mistake.” When my parents heard the word mistake they tuned in automatically. “I’m…pregnant.” My mother gasped and dropped a plate letting it shatter on the floor. Then there was silence for what seemed like hours. My father was to first to break out of the trance. His face immediately hardened.

“What?” His voice was shaking with anger. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to wake up from this horrible dream. This nightmare. To bad it was real. “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, LILY MARIE EVANS! What did you say?” He’s bellowing rattled my brain.

“I’m preg-“I started.

“I’m sorry WHAT?” My father was now on his feet. My mother had sunk in to her seat and had her head in her hands, shaking her head and repeating over and over again, “‘this can’t be happening’”.

“I’m,” I was sobbing at this point. The salty taste of tears ran into my mouth as I looked at my father. I wasn’t scared. I was guilty. I had let my parents down and I had let myself down. “Pregnant.”

“SPEAK UP!” I shot up from my seat and faced my parents.

“I’m PREGNANT!” I flung my hands in the air. “What more do you want me to say?”

“Miss Evans!” I shot my head up. Professor Slughorn’s round belly was directly in my line of view. It was not a pretty sight. I looked around; I was alone. Everyone else had left for lunch. “Are you alright? You never sleep through my class.” I snorted. Unless it was a lab day half the class used this class as a napping period. That’s the glory of being in advance classes. The workload is tough but the class work in minimal. Of course I didn’t tell Slughorn that instead I apologized politely, packed up and made my way to the Great Hall.

I sat down in my usual seat next to my three best friends in the world Emily Yates, Sarah Jones and Alice White.

Emily Yates was the smartest girl I’ve ever met. Last year she held the top average in ninety percent of her classes. Her GPA was one of the highest Hogwarts has seen in years, and she was ranked in the top five percentile. She scored six O’s on her O.W.Ls; her seventh grade was an E in potions. She was pretty as well. She wasn’t gorgeous. She had short blonde hair, crystal blue eyes and freckles. She was an average height of five foot five inches. She was what we call classic beauty.

“Hey Lily!” Emily smiled sweetly and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Are you okay? I heard you slept through potions today.” This comment caught the attention of Sarah.

Sarah Jones was probably the most gorgeous girl in school. For the past three years she had been voted ‘best looking in a bikini’ by the male population of Hogwarts. I only knew about this because Potter tried to make me enter one year. I gave him a five-star. Sarah wasn’t the brightest. She wasn’t stupid; she just wasn’t full of common sense. Sarah had an energy about her that could make a lot of gay guys look twice. She often seemed to glow. Many have speculated that she was part Veela, but she was muggleborn. Sarah had long chestnut brown hair, large olive green eyes, and flawless tawny skin. She was tall and slim like a model. She stood as very sexy five foot ten inches with long endless leg and perfect curves.

“Lily fell asleep in potions?” I sighed and nodded before filling my mouth with mashed potatoes, the only food that was agreeing with my stomach at the moment. “Wow, the last time this happened…Wait this has never happened. It’s unheard of.” She flipped her long hair over her shoulder hitting Alice in the face with it.

“Jeez Sasa, watch where you throw you hair.” Sasa was our nickname for Sarah. Emily was Em or Emzy. Alice was Ally and I was Lils or Lil. “It’s bad enough you clog the drain.” Sarah sneered at Alice.

Alice White was my best friend in the world. I could tell her anything and she would never judge. If I told her I was quitting school to join a bands of sleazy carnival freaks she would smile and let me know the pros and cons of my decision. She was well known for her intensity. Everything was a competition to Alice. Her parents were extremely sexist and favored her two brothers over her. She was always trying to oust them in everything she did. If they got A’s in school she’d get A-pluses. They both played quidditch, so did she. It was actually quite frightening sometimes. Alice had golden blonde hair as opposed to Emily’s sun bleached blonde hair. Standing at a height of five foot one inch, (That one-inch is extremely important!) she was the shortest in the group and the spunkiest.

“So how was you summer Lily?” Sarah, Emily and I stared at Alice like she was crazy. Then I remembered that she was in Norway all summer.

“Well, James broke up with me.” I said this with no emotion on my face.
The four of us were inseparable which was good because I need them to help me. I know they would be pleased when I tell them. Who would? But I trust them to be there for me like I’d be there for them.

When lunch ended we all went are respectable ways. Emily, Alice and I headed to Transfigurations and Sarah headed for the greenhouses for Herbology. We goofed of as usual on our way to class, laughing obnoxiously and narrating our own pathetic stories and jokes, just like normal teens. And for a second I almost forgot that I was pregnant.
The feeling disappeared as soon I saw Potter and his friends standing outside the classroom with the rest of the class. I stopped laughing and froze. He was leaning against the wall casually. He was talking to Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Black said something funny or stupid, most likely the second, because James and Remus began to laugh as Sirius frowned deeply.

“Lily you okay?” Emily asked. For someone so smart she real asked stupid questions. I’m staring at my ex-boyfriend. When has that ever been an okay feeling moment?
“That’s a stupid question Emily?” Ah Alice! It’s like the girl can read my mind. What color am I thinking of?

I tried with all my might to not think about him, but I couldn’t help it. It made me feel lonely. I missed the way he use to annoy me into to answering his questions, I missed the way I fit perfectly in his hugs and melted at his kisses. I missed how he whispered in my ear when he told me I was perfect or amazing. I even missed his weird obsession with quidditch and cookies.

I thought of James for a good amount of the period. I thought of his reaction when I tell him I pregnant. Would he be upset, shocked, guilty, or negligent? I sighed at tried to pay attention to the last half-hour of class. Since Transfigurations was my worse class I needed to try.

Today we were reviewing how to morph common everyday objects into talking objects. I copied the direction from the board and drew my wand. Emily had already managed to change the bottle top on our table into a talking teddy bear. Show off.
“Emily you suck.” I stuck my out my tongue.

“Sostantivo” I tapped my wand on the pocket watch in front of me. Nothing. “Sostantivo.” This time the watch wiggled a little, but still nothing. I was so frustrated I barley had time to notice the small piece of paper flying at my head. It hit me snack in the face. Annoyed at whoever threw it, I quick and violently opened the note.

Need any help?-JP

I rolled my eyes and scribbled a quick and typical reply.

From you? Never!-LE

I waited for his reply.

I want to talk to you…just us.-JP

Just us. This can’t be good.

AN: It’s totally new! I hope you like it! A little longer, yes. And fewer monologues. I looked back and was shocked. I guess I was in an extremely sarcastic mood. So I changed it. I put more detail in the piece, and introduced the other characters in the first chapter. I also changed the plot line a little. James and Lily don’t live in the same quarters and Lily’s parents do know about her pregnancy. My creative juices are flowing!
Thanks for reading and please leave me a review.

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Lovebug: Chapter One


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