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I Dare You by Penguinsnitch
Chapter 1 : Ch. 1- Dares
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“Sandy Piper, seriously Sirius?” asked James Potter addressing his best friend Sirius Black. The teenage boy with untidy black hair and glasses flung himself backwards onto his bed, releasing and catching a small golden snitch as he did so. James turned his head toward the other side of the room where a boy with long black hair and grey eyes was rummaging through his trunk. “Have you no standards?”


Chuckling, Sirius responded, “I resent that Prongs. I happen to have a very important standard, only girls for me.”


“Selective Padfoot,”


“Well not everyone has limited their heart and soul to only one beautiful witch. What can I say, I’m a lover, not a fighter.”


James laughed. ”Am I to assume by that o so subtle comment that you are referring to my little ‘crush’ on one Ms. Lily Evans?”


“You’re hopeless Prongs. Honestly, sometimes it’s painful to watch,” Sirius ducked as a pillow came flying towards his head,” Like that time you decided it would be a good idea to hex all the Slytherin 5th years so that they had pimples stamped on their faces constantly rearranging to form different messages asking Lily out. Priceless, that was, unless she hexed you so bad you couldn’t walk straight for a week.” 


James visibly flinched at the memory before shaking his head to clear those particular thoughts away. “Well you’ve had your moments of humiliation as well coming from the hands of the opposite sex. Remember that time Juliet Norwich set your clothes on fire during dinner because she had caught you in a broom closet with her best friend Amy Tarrner. You ran all around the room screaming and undressing before knocking headfirst into McGonagall. You had detention all that month.”


By the time James had finished recounting the story there were tears in his eyes and he was doubled over in laughter. Sirius had left his position by his trunk and proceeded to tackle James, knocking them both off the bed.


James and Sirius lay wrestling on the ground for some minutes before the voice of their third best friend, Remus Lupin, broke through the sounds of the scuffle.


“You two are both pathetic,” 


Sirius raised his head from his position on the floor, elbowing James as he sat up. “And why is that Mooney?”


“Well lets start with the obvious, shall we. Padfoot, you are a walking bundle of hormones in overdrive. You would snog anything wearing a skirt and then leave to find her best friend or sister. I dread the nights that I have prefect duties least I should walk in on you and some poor unsuspecting Hogwarts female on the astronomy tower.” said Remus, a small smile badly suppressed on his face. Sirius, on the other hand, looked quite pleased with himself.


“And James, unless my information is very much mistaken I’ve heard reports of you and various fan girls of yours spending long afternoons alone in deserted corridors. Though, admittedly, most of these reports occurred around the time that Lily was dating Brett Dovens, so you may have had other ulterior motives for such behavior other then raging hormones and more then willing girls. Still, you’re a menace to the female population. And I have to agree with Sirius, your displays for Lily are out of hand. You practically foam at the mouth whenever she so much as walks by.”


“What’s your point Mooney?” asked James, who had during that time detangled himself from Sirius and was walking over to sit next to Mooney, “Other then the fact that you think Sirius and I are pathetic, which I have to admit, hurts Remus.” finished James in an overly dramatic voice.


“My point is that I bet neither of you could go so much as a week without hooking up with some girl.”


“How you belittle us Mooney,”


“Yeah, Padfoot and I could last more then a week.”  Sirius nodded. “And I could defiantly last longer then Padfoot.” Sirius went to nod his head again before saying “Hey” and tackling James once more.


“Why don’t you two just bet on it then?”


Both James and Sirius looked up, intrigued.


“Elaborate please, dearest Remus.”


“See who can go longer without any kind of hookup. That is no snogging, snogging being defined as any kissing lasting more then 6 seconds, or any other activity that could possibly follow. Loser has to sing a love ballad for the enjoyment of the whole Sytherin table before declaring their undying love for Snape.”


Both James and Sirius had looks of disgust upon their faces brought about by the idea of singing to the Sytherins and declaring their love for Snape. They were, however, intrigued and excited about seeing the other one have to do such horrid ideas.


“Mooney, you propose an interesting endeavor” responded James, “What do you think Padfoot?”


“I’m in. I’m as confident in my ability to resist girls just as much as I am confident in my ability to attract them.”


“Then I’m in as well.” conceded James, a look of excitement on his face. He was determined to win and was already composing the ballad that Remus and Sirius would sing in his head. “But on one condition. Mooney has to join in too.”


“What. Why?”


“Because we do everything together. You may not be as ‘bad’ as Sirius and I when it comes to striving for female attention but you’ve had you’re fair share of snog sessions. Besides, I’ve seen the way you’ve been eyeing Jenna Vulpes and, considering this whole thing is your idea, I hardly think it would be fair if you got to go around the school snogging your heart out while Sirius and I suffer.”


“But we’re not even dating,” cried Remus, blushing.


“All in good time, Mooney, all in good time. Just look at Lily and me,”


Sirius let out a clearly audible snort and James tackled him, sending them both to the floor once again whilst Remus shook his head at his two best friends.



 Stephanie Castle sat on her bed, cross legged, face buried in a book. Her long, dark curly hair was pulled into a side ponytail keeping it from falling onto the page but she could do nothing about her bangs which continued to spill into her ice blue eyes. In the distance she heard the sounds of footsteps approaching and she knew that her moments of peace were all but up.


She began to count under her breath “3,2,1…”


And sure enough the door swung open to reveal her two best friends, Lily Evans and Jenna Vulpes. Lily was walking fast and had reached her bed and swung her book bag down onto it before Stephanie so much as blinked. Lily looked, well , scary, her cheeks were burning a shade of red to rival her hair and her green eyes flashed with rage.


 Jenna was panting slightly from trying to keep up with the enraged Lily. Her cheeks were flushed pink revealing the dotting of freckles she had over her nose and cheeks and her short strawberry blonde hair was a mess. She closed her blue-green eyes for just a minute, as if to gather strength, before pointing an accusing finger at Lily, “This one here has gone completely mental!”


“What happened now?”


“She attacked James Potter. Muggle style. She jumped him, wand completely forgotten like she wasn’t a witch at all. The poor boy never saw it coming, I practically had to pry Lily off him as Sirius was too busy laughing his arse off to be of any help.”


Stephanie turned to Lily with a smirk, the red head having gotten some control over her emotions as she now sat, cross-armed, on her bed breathing heavily. “Now pet, why would you do such a thing. Aside from the ridiculous amounts of sexual tension between the two of you that is.”


Lily made a gagging sound at the mention of her, James Potter, and sexual tension all being used in the same sentence. Ignoring the mockery and patronization in Stephanie’s voice she answered, “ The stupid git tried to kiss me, again. This is the 4th time this week and it’s only Tuesday.”


“And so you attacked him……”


“The 4th time Steph, honestly I can’t take much more of this. Why can’t he get it through his thick, fat head that I’m not interested in him.”


Stephanie shrugged, turning a page in her book. “I don’t know Lils, really though you have to admire his persistence. I think he’s asked you out every day since 1st year.”


“Still, all of the Marauders are pigs,” inserted Jenna from her place on her bed. She was currently trying to return her hair to its normal state. “ the amount of time they spend in broom closets and empty classrooms is staggering. And despite James supposed love for Lily he hasn’t been very faithful in his affections.”


“Yea, and Sirius is 5 times worse. I think he’s gotten to all the Ravenclaw 6th year girls and a good deal of the Hufflepuffs.” chimed in Stephanie.


“Even poor Lupin has been corrupted by his best friends,” Lily glanced quickly at Jenna to see a soft blush come to her cheeks, “though he is still far better then those two.”


The three girls sat in silence for a second all wondering the same thing. Eventually, Stephanie voiced their question out loud, “I wonder how far they’ve gotten?”


The other two nodded, slightly ashamed but still very curious.


“Well, there is no way Sirius Black is a virgin.”


“I don’t known, sometimes I think he’s more talk then action with all that bragging of his.” countered Stephanie.


“What about the other two, do you think they’re talking it up too?” asked Jenna.


“Only one way to find out.”


Lily and Jenna both turned to Stephanie, curiosity burning in their eyes, “And love, what would that be?”


“Well, if we were the ones seducing them we could probably get them to admit to how far they’ve gone with girls before us.”


Both Jenna and Lily looked appalled.  


“No way Steph, I’m curious but not that curious.” Lily said, adamancy in her voice.


“Think about it. If we could get the marauders to admit they were virgins, with the reputations those boys have gotten, it would be the scandal of the school. They would be totally embarrassed, especially after all they’ve claimed has happened with some of these girls. Haven’t you ever heard them talking in the common room? Think of it as divine retribution for all the girls whose reputations they’ve slandered.”


“I do think it’s time someone took those boy’s reputations down a notch. They walk around like they’re merlin’s gift to the female world.”


“You’re both forgetting one thing. Even if, by seducing them ourselves, we could get them to admit about things that never happened it would be our word against theirs. Whose to say anyone would believe us?” asked Lily.


“I know!” and Jenna scrambled to her trunk. She pulled out a yellow bracelet. She then proceeded to go to both Stephanie and Lily’s trunks to retrieve bracelets from there as well.


She laid them out onto her bed before tapping them each once with her wand, muttering some spell under her breath. When she was done she gave each bracelet back to its respective owner and instructed them to put them on, doing the same with her own.


“Lily, turn your bracelet two times clockwise around your wrist, when she’s done Steph  say something.” 


Lily, perplexed, did as she was told. And Stephanie supplied, “Jen’s gone mental.”


“Very funny. Now Lily, turn the bracelet once counterclockwise.”


Once again Lily did as she was told.  Stephanie’s voice emanated from it, clearly audible, “Jen’s gone mental.” 


“That’s so cool. It’s like a voice recorder.”


“Yup, I got the idea from muggle studies. This way we can capture the boy’s confessions in their own words.”


“Brilliant Jenna.”


“And as an award for you’re brilliance you can be the one to seduce Lupin.”


Blushing again, “Yea, ok that works.”


“And considering your history, Potter seems the obvious choice to give to you Lily.” Lily didn’t look to happy about this but made no argument, knowing he would be easiest for her to seduce, “Which I guess leaves me with Black.”


The three sat quite, taking in the seriousness of their mission.


“Alright girls, no backing out of this once we start. Remember, we’re doing this for the good of all witches.”


They all nodded. They were determined to teach the marauders a lesson. 

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