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Opposites attract by adluvshp
Chapter 7 : Ch-7 : Sweet and Sour
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A/N: Special Thanks to VJ91_ravenclaw for the dressing of Draco and Hermione, and thanks to designer gurl_09 for the dressing of Linda and Ginny.
So here is the next chapter. I am so sorry for the long wait of one whole month but I was just so busy...finally my exams are over so I can write and update faster. Did you all see the new banner? I just love it. I am posting the chapter so I hope all of you enjoy it...Please dont forget to read and enough of my blabbering...go on and read!

Ch – 7: Sweet and Sour 

Hermione’s P.O.V

“Hey Ron!”

 “Hi, Hermione.” Ron replied grumpily.


They were in the Gryffindor common room. They were to get their questionnaires for the date, and all 6th years and above had to be assembled in their respective common rooms. (Of course the head boy and girl had to go to their house common rooms).


Ron was still angry at Hermione for the previous night’s incident.


“Come on Ron. I am sorry. Why do you have to be so serious about things? Anyhow, now the whole school knows that you and Linda are together.”


“Yeah! But I don’t want my privacy to be invaded, especially by you and that ferret.”


“Huh! As if you have cared about other people’s privacy. What did you used to do, going around poking your nose into Harry and Ginny’s private times.”


“I never invaded their privacy on purpose. Did I Harry?”


“Don’t drag me into this mate.” Harry said looking up, from Quidditch through the ages.


“I never invaded your privacy on purpose either!” Hermione continued indignantly ignoring Harry.


“Give it a break you two! Professor McGonagall is already here to give us our questionnaires.” Harry said, irritated.


“Students. Please maintain silence. I will be calling out your names one by one, and you are supposed to collect your papers.”


One by one, she started calling out names; and finally,


“Hermione Jean Granger.”


Hermione went up to her and took her parchment. McGonagall smiled at her as she ticked her name in the register she was holding.


Hermione came back and scanned the pink envelope she had got. She tried to open it, but it would not budge.


“It’s no use. We tried to open our envelopes too, but Merlin knows why it isn’t opening.” Harry said, seeing her struggle with her envelope.


McGonagall finished calling out names, and started

“Students. These envelopes will open only if you are alone, or if no one is watching you. Otherwise, they won’t open. And you all are supposed to return your papers by today evening before 9.00 pm. I will be there in my office. And, if these envelopes are not submitted by 9.00, they’ll burn. Best of Luck.”


She went outside, and at once, there was a lot of scattering and hustle-bustle.


Everyone rushed to their dormitories, to fill in their questionnaires.

Hermione bade goodbye to her friends, and started towards her room.


Draco’s P.O.V (Slytherin common room)


“Students, come and collect your papers one by one. They are kept here. I will be calling your names, and take your parchments.” Snape was saying.


Draco waited for his name to be called out, and when finally he heard his name, he went and collected his questionnaire.


“Don’t be a fool to try to open those envelopes. They won’t shove until no one is watching you. These envelopes should be back with me by 9.00 pm or they will burn. I will be present in my office.”


Snape strode away. Draco made his way towards the heads common room, scanning the brown envelope in his hands.


(In the Heads common room)


As Draco entered the room, He found Hermione sitting there, turning a pink envelope in her hands.


“Hey Ms Perfect!”


Hermione, startled at the sound, dropped the envelope.


“Sorry to frighten you.”  Draco said, as he picked up the fallen envelope.


“I think I should go in my room, and fill in this questionnaire.”


“I thought the same too.”


“Ok Bye then.”




Hermione went inside her room and closed the bedroom door.


Draco did the same.


(In Hermione’s room)


Hermione decided to start filling in the questionnaire now. So she sat on her study table, seated herself comfortably, and opened the envelope. Two parchments fell out of it.


Hermione took the first parchment, and unrolled it. It read:


Ms. Hermione Granger,


Enclosed herewith is another piece of parchment i.e. the questionnaire you are to fill. Please fill in your details exactly as you are, otherwise we won’t be able to select the perfect date for you. There won’t be any partiality since your dates will be selected by the sorting hat. Also, when you visit my office to submit the parchment, Please bring the sheet in this envelope. As soon as you finish reading this particular letter, and fold it, it will burn. Also, seeing that you are the head girl, you are supposed to make sure that notices informing that there won’t be studies tomorrow should be put up all over the school, because Mr. Filch is busy with some other work right now. I think you can put up these notices with the help of your wand work, and Mr. Malfoy.


Wishing you all the best,

Professor McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress 


“Oh! So there’s no school tomorrow.” Hermione said to herself, a little disappointed that the long essay she had written on Banshees’ would have to wait until day after to be submitted.


Sighing, she folded that letter and at once it burnt down. As she was about to open the other letter, she heard knocks on her door.


She opened the door, and there stood Draco.


“Yes?” She asked.


“Well, I received a letter apart from the questionnaire and we have to put up notices around the school that there are no studies tomorrow.”


“I know that. I got the letter too.”










“That’s what!”






“Stop it!”


“Stop what?!”


“This dumb conversation.”




“What OK?”


“What Ok?!”


“Draco! For god’s sake tell me why did you come here, and then buzz off. I have already enough on my plate than to have a pointless argument with you.” Hermione finally said.


“What Plate?”






Hermione, really annoyed, looked at him in such a threatening way, that at once he became serious.


“Actually, I thought that if we could put up the notices now…”


“Er…I don’t think so, because I have to fill in the questionnaire and what if it burns down…I am not taking risks. I think we can do this job after returning from McGonagall’s and for you Snape’s office. Is that OK?”


“Yah sure…”


“See you later then.”




Finally, Hermione closed the door and sat down to fill in the questionnaire.


She opened the parchment and straightened it. The following words were written in bold on the top:

                         OPPOSITES ATTRACT…


‘What does this mean?’ Hermione thought to herself. Shrugging, she started reading more:


Dear friend,

The selection of your date will be done on the phenomenon above i.e. Opposites Attract. You will get to know the right choice for you through this trip. All you need to do is fill in the details required (mentioned below), and answer all the questions straight from your heart. Also, It is my advice that don’t take decisions from your mind, but search your soul, and go deep into your heart.

All the best, and don’t forget to collect your code numbers.

I hope you enjoy this small activity which I personally organized for you and other fellow seniors.


Yours affectionately,

Mr. Chris Call

(Defense against the Dark Arts

 Teacher, Hogwarts)


P.S. I say Gals should wear red or black, and guys should wear blue or sliverish black on this occasion; though of course there’s no compulsion.


‘Er…ok…This new professor is surely kind of………er….. Funny…whatever…I better start filling out this questionnaire.’ Hermione thought as she found herself getting excited.


She started reading.

The questions were as follows:


1)   Your name

2)   Gender

3)   Age

4)   Year

5)   Favorite color

6)   Hobbies

7)   Pass time

8)   Temperament

9)   Favorite song

10)       Favorite Actor/Actress


Hermione filled each of them in neat handwriting.


‘I don’t think these questions need any decisions to be taken from heart…or anything like that…in fact these are just general questions.’


But she was wrong. As she scanned down the parchment, she saw that there were more questions written. She again dipped her quill in the ink and started off. This time the questions were those which had to be thought from heart. They were:


  ·   What, according to you, is the meaning of ill-treatment?

  ·    Which one of the following is the worst –

a)    Having the worst dress in a party

b)   Being beaten by a master/guardian or an elder.

c)    Humiliated in front of everyone

d)   Living a poor, bad and ill life as a slave.

e)    Being forced to do something

f)     Having to choose between being good or saving your family

g)    Having to hate a parent in order to live life peacefully.

h)   Having to part from parent(s) in order to do something good.

   · Which is better –

a) Spending life indoors reading/talking/sharing other’s problems


b) Spending life outdoors playing//having no care in the world


c) None


   ·        Tick any 2 which you find the best –


OR  none of these.


  ·  What is the meaning of love? (Don’t think for this one, let the quill form the words that come straight from your heart).


She carefully ticked her desired options, and the questions needing writing, she followed Call’s advice, and wrote what her heart made her write.


(Draco’s Room)


As Draco finished writing the questionnaire, He thought


‘I just hope I don’t get any DUMB ARSE for a date, since I am quite intelligent.’


And once again, he flashed his usual trademark smirk, thinking about Hermione being dumb…as if!


Just then, he heard a soft knocking on the door. Remembering about going to Snape’s office, he quickly put the parchment inside the envelope, magically sealed it, and got on the door.




“You are asking, as if we are going on some date…People don’t ask Ready when going for some official work!” Hermione half-mocked him, and then blushed about the date part.


“Whatever! Let’s go. It’s already half past eight.” Draco said with a twinkle in his eyes.


Soon, Hermione departed for McGonagall’s office, while Draco went for Snape’s. They had decided to meet on the third floor staircase, to put up the notices.


(In McGonagall’s office: Hermione’s P.O.V)


“Ah…Ms. Granger! Finally you are here. If I am not wrong, you have come to submit your questionnaire?”


“Yes Professor.” Hermione handed over the envelope to her.


McGonagall took it, and dipped it in some kind of goblet which was filled with a golden liquid. To Hermione’s amazement, the envelope turned to greenish silver as McGonagall took it out from the goblet. Then, She put the envelope in the sorting hat, and waited.


“Er…professor…why did you put the envelope in that goblet?”


“You will see Ms. Granger…you’ll see.”


As soon as McGonagall finished her sentence, a pop sound occurred and a small wooden badge kind of thing, along with a silver scarf came out of the hat.


“Ms. Granger, on the badge is your code number, and on the silver scarf is engraved your date’s number. As soon as you wear the scarf around your neck, the number will appear there.” McGonagall told Hermione, handing her both the things.


“Thank You Professor.” Hermione said, and nearly went out when she remembered about the notices.


“Er…Professor…where are the notices?”


“Oh, Yes Ms. Granger. Professor Snape will have given them to Mr. Malfoy.”


“Ok. Thank you and Goodnight.”




Hermione went out of her room, running her fingers through the scarf. She decided to see her code number later on.


She reached the marble staircase and waited for Draco to arrive.


“Hi, Hermione!”


“Hey…why are you panting?”


“I came running.”




“Stop this question-answer, and let’s start putting up the notices.”


“We don’t need to go around putting notices Draco.”


“Oh yeah? Then how will we put all these up?”


Draco said waving his wand, as nearly 100 or more notices appeared on the ground between Draco and Hermione.


“Give one to me silly!”


Draco handed one of those to her.


Replicato Hangarie!” Hermione said, first waving her wand at the notices, and then rotating it in all directions.


Soon, all the notices vanished from the ground and hung on the walls.


“Wow! Where did you learn that spell from?” Draco asked, flattered.


“Oh…I read it a book.”


“Of-course.” Draco said under his breath.


“What? Did you say something?”


“Nothing…Let’s go. Hey! Is that a scarf?”


“Yes…” Hermione tried to shove it out of Draco’s way, but he took it in his hands.


“This one exactly looks like the scarf I have got. It’s lying in Malfoy Manor though…how did you get it?!”


“What?! I got it from the sorting hat…”


“Oh!…well there are many like those I suppose.”


“Draco! What’s that?!” Hermione suddenly cried.


“What’s what?”


“That thing in your pocket.”


“Oh this…This is a locket.”


“But it exactly looks like the one I have.”


“This also must have many copies I guess.”


“Yah…For a moment I thought you had taken it from my room.”


“I won’t do such a thing. Snape gave this to me saying that as soon as I wear it, the code of my date will appear on this. Is that the same reason you are carrying the scarf for?”


“Er…yes…even I have to wear this around my neck.”


“…why don’t we – ” Draco was cut off, as he heard a loud swearing.


“What do you think you are doing eh? Roaming here and there at this time of – ” Filch broke off. “Oho! So it’s the head boy and head girl eh? No manners! Nothing! I’ll just go and complain to headmaster about this.”


“We were just putting up these notices Filch. No need to complain anything to anyone. Good night.” Draco replied firmly, and signaled to Hermione to get away. Soon, they both were gratefully out of sight from Filch.


They both reached the portrait entrance to their common room, and found Dora snoozing with Violet.

“Dora!” Hermione called out.


Dora woke up sleepily.


“Pive the Gassword.” She muttered.


Draco and Hermione exchanged looks.


“It’s Hearts and Love.”


“OK!” and the portrait swung open.


 After a little hustle bustle, Hermione and Draco waved goodbye to each other and went into their separate rooms.


(Draco’s Room)


Draco first looked at his badge. His own number was –



Keeping it safely in the drawers, He took out the locket. He wore it in his neck and waited for a few seconds. He felt the locket warming up, and looking at it, he found some carvings on it. He took the locket out and studied the carvings.

It said:

Opposites attract and remember that!


More than the stars love the moon,

The brunette is going to fall for you soon,

Make sure to give her what she needs,

Don’t lose her by your bad deeds!


Here is your date’s number: OASDH009


Draco grinned at the locket.


‘Me…Slytherin prince…let’s see who my princess is!’ He thought to himself.


(Hermione’s room)


As soon as Hermione bolted the door, the first thing she did was to see her own number.


It was: OASDH009


She then kept it safely, and went for the scarf. Tying it around her neck, she waited for something to happen. Soon, she found the scarf unwrapping itself on its own accord. As she took it in her hands, she found writing on the scarf.

It read:


Opposites attract and remember that!


How much you deny your emotions,

You will accept them soon,

As your prince charming loves you

More than the stars love the moon.


Here is your date’s number: URDO997


Hermione looked at the scarf warmly, as curiosity engulfed her to know her ‘prince charming who loved her a lot’ according to the scarf.

‘I wish I meet my prince soon.’ She thought to herself, before lying down, and drifting off to a glorious sleep.



“Good morning Hermione…you slept till late today, didn’t you?”


Hermione had just stepped out of her bedroom, when she heard Draco making this comment.


“What do you mean late? What’s the time?” she asked stifling a yawn.


“Its 15 minutes to 9 or 8.45 a.m.”


“WHAT!!! Oh my god! I missed my Charms class!” suddenly fully awake, she shrieked.


“My! My! Hermione, when will you learn to keep your volume down?”


“SHUT UP! I have missed my class and the first thing you do in the morning is start irritating me. I am going to Professor Flitwick to ask for forgiveness.”


“Before you go, let me remind you to change into your robes. You are still in your night gown.”


“GREAT! Thank you so much!” She stormed off into her room.


To Hermione’s annoyance, when she came out (fully dressed now), she found Draco sitting there, reading some comic.


“Are you bunking your classes today?” She asked him.


“Nopes.” Was the reply.


“Excellent!” She muttered and was going to climb out when she was stopped, yet again, by the git.


“Now what!” She asked.


“Let me remind you again…”


“If you can see, I am fully dressed now, and I don’t want to waste any more time talking to you!” She snapped.


“Well Ok, if you want to be the only one going to your classes today, fine!”


“What do you mean?”


“Oh my god!! Miss perfect has started forgetting things!..Tut!tut! Sooo sad-”


“Will you stop taunting me Mr Draco MALFOY-THE GREAT SLYTHERIN PRINCEY??”


“OoooooH…some body is boiling!!”




“Kkkkk….chill…. there are no classes today madam that’s what I wanted to remind you!!”


“Oh really! Then why didn’t you care to tell me before?!”


“REALLY? If you hadn’t noticed that’s what I have been trying to do since… (he checked his ‘invisible’ watch to tease her)… last 15 minutes!”


“Whatever! Now please excuse me, I have loads more to do than to get into pointless arguments with pointless people!” She said haughtily and marched out.


“Ooooh…temper ha?!”


Draco smirked, and once again settled on the couch to continue reading his comic.



(Gryffindor common room entrance)


Hermione, completely bugged, arrived at the Fat Lady’s portrait.


“Hello dear!” The Fat Lady smiled at her.


“I need to go in! Hermione said pointedly.


“Ok…seems like you are in a nasty temper…password please.”


“Sugar quills.”


“That was the previous password dear. It was changed recently.”


“GREAT! Absolutely great! I don’t know the new password.”


“Its ok… you can wait for someone to come and give you the password.”


“But you know that I am Hermione, the head girl, then why can’t you allow my entry!”


“Of course I know, but the rules are rules.”


“FINE!” Hermione said loudly, and waited for someone to arrive.


“Hi Hermione…How are you?”


“Hi Linda…Glad to see you…I am fine, I just don’t know the new password.” Hermione said, relieved.


“Bull shit.”


“What?” Hermione asked, shocked.


“Oh…that’s the password.” Linda said and pointed towards the now revolving portrait.


As Hermione and Linda climbed in, they were met by a huge applause.


“Er…what’s all this?” Hermione asked Linda, bewildered at the noise.


“Well, all of us decided to throw a party as you can see, because of the teacher’s generosity.”




“They gave us one whole day off! What more can you ask for?!” Linda replied excitedly.


“Hey Linda, Hermione…here!” Ginny waved at them.


Both of them joined Ron, Harry and Ginny.


Hermione and Ginny waited, as Linda gave a peck on Ron’s cheek before sitting beside them.


Hermione laughed, as she saw Ron’s ear’s turning red.


“So…what’s up Hermione?” Ginny said cheerfully.


“Nothing much.”


“Why are you looking so down? Did Malfoy say something?”


“How did you guess?”


“What did Malfoy do?” Harry asked her, with an angry expression.


“Chill Harry…Draco, I mean Malfoy, is no match for me! We just got into an argument…as usual!”


“Ok…forget all this…Tell me, what are you wearing for your date?” Ginny asked Hermione.


“Well, I have not decided.”


“Great! Linda and I have planned to go for some shopping today. Why don’t you join as well?!”


“Yeah Hermione, it will be great fun!” Linda piped in.


“Ok…But where will we go?”


Ron and Harry groaned.


“What?” The Girls asked.


“Nothing…you people carry on with your “SHOPPING Plans”! Ron and I have some work…come on Ron!” Harry said, and both of them scurried off.


“Forget them! Anyways, I was saying that why don’t we go to Fashion and Fantasies…it’s an awesome shop for all we need.”

“Yah…but where is it?” Hermione asked, as her knowledge about shops was null.


“It’s on the outskirts of Hogsmede. We can ask permission from McGonagall and go.” Ginny explained.


“Superb!” Linda said, punching her hand in the air.


“But the money…I don’t think I have enough, I spent most of it for Harry’s gift.” Ginny said.


“Yah…money is a problem because I didn’t bring much from home, whatever I had went in buying new books, robes and other things.” Linda said, down heartedly.


Remembering the money she had got from her mother, Hermione decided to cheer her friends’ up by taking matters in her hands.


“Ginny, Linda…money is no worry. Mother gave me lots of muggle money before coming here, and I have exchanged it to wizard money in Gringotts too. It’s more than enough for three of us, seeing that I have not even spent half a galleon from it till now.”


“Hermione…no… We can’t buy dresses from your money.” Ginny said.


“Yah Hermione, Ginny is right. How can we buy anything from your money?”


“Come on! Take it as a gift from me.” Hermione said, exasperatedly.


“No Hermione, this isn’t right.”


“Fine! Then be it! I also won’t buy anything.” Hermione pulled a pout face, and crossed her arms, knowing that this would work.


Ginny and Linda sighed.


“Fine Madam! As you say! We’ll borrow the money from you…happy?”


“Yes!” Hermione said.


“But on one condition…you will have to allow us to return your money back later on.”


“Ok fine.” She agreed, thinking of refusing to accept it later on.


“Cool! So everything is decided. Let’s go and ask Professor McGonagall and then we are off!”


All three set off towards McGonagall’s office, and after a little pleading, and a promise to return before dark, they were given permission.


“Come on! Let’s go and ask McGonagall fast.” Linda said, and soon three of them had stopped outside her office.


They were going to knock when McGonagall came along the corridor.


“What’s it that you girls want from me?” She asked them, eying them suspiciously.


“Professor…actually you know…well the Hogsmede trip is coming nearer and because of…Er…the addition added to the trip…Ginny, Linda and me were wondering if…if we could just go to Hogsmede’s robe shop and Er…buy some new dresses for us, so If you could give us permission-?”


“Well, I think all three of you are grown up enough to take care of yourselves, I don’t see any point in stopping you until you promise to return before dark.”


“Yes sure professor. I promise that we’ll return before dark.”


“That’s fine then. But remember that I am leaving the responsibility of keeping your promise, to you Ms. Granger…make sure that you don’t let me down.”


“Of course not Professor.”


“Good. I’ll just write it on a piece of parchment allowing permission, in case Filch stops you.”


McGonagall summoned a parchment from her table, and quickly wrote down the note saying that she had given them permission to go to Hogsmede.


“Thank you so much Professor.” The three girls chorused.


“Great! I’ll just go and change into something warm, since it is cold outside.” Hermione was saying as soon as they were out of earshot.


“Ok…and don’t forget to bring your Travelling cloak too.” Linda called after her.


“Yeah…I won’t!” Hermione called back.


She ran to her room as soon as she reached the common room.


Quickly snatching her purse (from her trunk), she checked if she had all the money. Seeing that all of it was there, she grabbed her travelling cloak and ran out. She could tell that Draco had opened his mouth to say something, but she was in a hurry already. Thinking of apologizing later, she sprinted out, and reached her two friends.


(Outside ‘Fashion and Fantasies’)


“Hermione, Linda! That’s the shop…over there!” Ginny pointed out to a shop in a small corner.


As the three girls drew closer, they could see the purple walls of the shop. There was a glass door, and a bell on top of it. A beautifully decorated board ‘Fashion and Fantasies’ hanged on top of it. The shop seemed absolutely awesome to all the three.


When they got in, a pretty girl who seemed to be in her 20s greeted them.


“Hi there! I am Arianna. How can I help you?”


“Hello Arianna. Well, all three of us are looking for some glamorous dresses to wear on our date.”


“Your date?” she asked, furrowing her eyebrow.


“Oh! I mean, her (Ginny pointed to Hermione), her (to Linda), and my date with separate guys.”


Arianna laughed.


“Ok…um…I think you all can look around the shop, and see what suits yourself.  Ground Floor – Skirts and stuff, first floor – Jeans, leggings etc. second floor – gowns, middies, other one pieces, third floor – wizarding robes, and fourth floor – all mixed up…I don’t think you will need to go on third or fourth floor, so I suggest that you have a look on ground, 1st, and 2nd floor. If you can’t find anything, I’ll be glad to help you. Just call out my name and I’ll be there. Oh…and the trial rooms are there on each floor, on the left and right hand corners. Have fun!”


The girls nodded, and began their search.


“Listen! Let’s all go to each floor together and check out the dresses one by one since it will take a long time if we continue our wild goose chase. It’s not leading us anywhere.” Hermione finally said, after 30 minutes of banging and shouting.


“I think you are right. Let’s start with the ground floor.”


So, they started their search.


“Hermione! Linda! Come here!” Ginny called out.




“Look at this. Do you think it will suit me?” Ginny asked them, keeping an orange colored long skirt and a blue top on herself.


“Hmmm…! Well, it’s fine. I don’t fancy it much, but I guess you can try it and see how it looks.” Linda said after scanning the dress.


“Yah…I think Linda is right. I don’t like the dress much either.” Hermione told Ginny.


“Fine…” Ginny said, and went off inside the trial room.


After a few minutes, Ginny came out.


“Hey…why didn’t you come out wearing that dress?” Hermione questioned her, as Ginny came out in her original clothes.


“Well, I hadn’t seen the top properly. It was…um…too exposed from behind so I decided against it.”


“Oh…well I checked out this floor, I found a nice skirt but it wasn’t too good…I think we should try the first floor…there isn’t much here.” Hermione replied.


“Yeah…let’s see if we can get something gorgeous…skirts are not that glamorous.” Linda said.


All three went off to the first floor.


They looked, tried and rejected many dresses here too. They just couldn’t find the perfect dress.


“Well, it seems as if we will never get what we need. Nothing is just right for us!” Linda said irritated, after she had rejected more than six dresses.


“Let’s go and check the second floor.”


“Yes…that’s the only option left.”


They reached the second floor, and started looking for the perfect dress.


Soon, Linda had found an awesome pink colored gown. It went up till her ankles, and had a veil kind of thing dragging behind. It was beautifully embroidered and looked great on Linda.


“Wow Linda! You look like a princess in this. I am sure your blind date, will actually be blinded by your beauty!” Ginny exclaimed as Linda stepped out of the trial room.


Both Linda and Hermione laughed at Ginny’s comment.


“I think I should remove it, and give it at the counter.” Linda said, and she rushed off.


“So, Linda found a nice dress…Let us continue our search!” Hermione told Ginny.


After another hour of searching, finding, trying and then rejecting, Ginny had found a nice dress for herself.


“How do I look?” Ginny asked Hermione and Linda, turning in circles to show them her stunning black midi. It went up till her thighs and stopped just above her knees. The red border on the dress made it even more beautiful. It was backless, and had noodle straps.  Ginny smiled proudly at it.


“Awesome!” Linda said examining her from top to bottom.


“Why don’t you take those black and red bellies along with this? It would be simply smashing then.” Hermione told Ginny pointing at a pair not far away.


“Sure! I’ll get them straight away.” Ginny told, and happily went off.


“Great! I am the only one left without a dress now.” Hermione thought out loud.


“Chill out! You’ll also get a dress for yourself soon.”


“I hope so.” Hermione muttered, and started looking through the store.


Hermione lost hope of finding the perfect dress for her, as the time ticked away and she had rejected many dresses.


She decided to look somewhere else, when a mannequin near the backside of the store caught her attention.


She went there, and finally saw what she had wanted. The dress was absolutely breath taking and Hermione knew that it was the best.


She quickly called Arianna and told her that she wanted to try that one. Arianna took it out for her, and Hermione changed into it.


She went to the reception where Linda and Ginny stood, and nudged them.


Turning around, both of them clasped their hands to their mouths.


“OH-MY-GOD-HERMIONE! You-Look-absolutely-GREAT!” Ginny was the first one to shout.


“Where did you get this dress?! It’s just so damn hot!! It seems like it’s…it’s…”


“…it’s just made for me.” Hermione completed the sentence for Linda. “I thought along the same lines as soon as I set my eyes upon this piece of beauty.”


“What are you waiting for?! Go and get it packed! Your blind date will actually faint seeing you in this!” Ginny told her, and Hermione set off to change back and finally get her dress packed. 

“Wow Hermione! You were the last one to buy but you were also the one to buy the best dress! I can’t believe it that it was actually you who was in that dress!” Linda was telling Hermione as they were walking down the streets of Hogsmede.


“Why don’t we buy ourselves a Butterbeer on this awesome occasion? It would be fun!”


“Yes…let’s go. I will pay for the drinks though. I have enough money for three drinks.” Linda said.




They entered the Three Broomsticks, and were astonished to walk straight into Draco, Zabini and Theodore there.


“Hello Girls!” Theodore said, throwing them a coy look. “I never knew that this red-haired weaselette would follow me here, in Hogsmede!”


“I never said anything to you then, why do you have to talk rubbish?! For your kind information, I NEVER FOLLOWED YOU! It’s just my unfortunate luck to meet you here!” Ginny bellowed back.


“Ooooh! Little Ginerva is getting angry!”


 “Shut up Theodore!” Ginny snapped.


“Don’t call me Theodore for heaven’s sake! Call me Ted or Nott!” He said menacingly.


“TED?! Does that stand for honey-bunny Teddy Bear?” Ginny replied mocking a mommy’s voice.


“SHUT UP OR I’ll MURDER YOU RIGHT HERE!” He shouted, stepping closer to Ginny.


“OH YAH?! What if I don’t? Ted-dy!”


“You-will-pay-for-THIS! How dare you talk to me like this?!”


“Ooooh really? How much should I pay??...IT WAS YOU WHO STARTED THIS ARGUMENT! I never told you to come and say Hello to us!”


Theodore took out his wand, and so did Ginny.


Sensing danger, Hermione and Draco rushed towards them to pull them apart.


“Now! Now! What is happening here? This is a pub not some dueling class room.” Madam Rosmerta came along and finally succeeded in separating Theodore and Ginny, who were still glaring at each other.


Suddenly, Hermione remembered that they were supposed to be back before dusk and she could see the sun setting.


“CHRIST! We need to hurry this very minute or McGonagall will murder us before you two murder each other. Seriously, if looks could kill…” Throwing an apologetic glance at Draco, she dragged Ginny away from the pub, Linda following behind.


The rest of their walk went in silence, in which Ginny kept swearing under her breath (Hermione could catch a few words like idiot…maniac…duffer…).


Hermione sighed with relief as soon as they entered the castle just in time before dark.

Linda, who had been quiet all this time, rounded on Ginny.


“Could you please have the courtesy to tell us what all that was about Ginny?”


Ginny sighed and said, “Well, as you and Hermione already know that both Nott and I are prefects, and are doing our ‘dumb’ patrols together, we have been not been getting  on quite well with each other.” She shifted uncomfortably. “You see…we both had a few arguments last time, and I by mistake blurted out that…well…that I used to fancy an idiot like him.”


“You WHAT?” Both Linda and Hermione asked her in horror.


“Yes…I used to fancy him before I started going out with Harry. To tell you the truth, I started going out with him to keep my mind off Nott…but then we were to patrol together, and we sort of started talking…and I got kind of over him too…but then these lame fights arose and like a complete pig-head, I told him that I used to fancy him. Since then, he is acting all weird, and this was the first time we spoke after that stupid argument took place.” Ginny finished.


“GINNY! How could you not tell us all this? We were supposed to be your friends, right!”


“Calm down Linda. If you want Ginny, I can arrange your patrols with someone else. For now, I suggest you go and have a nap in your dorm. We can sort out the clothes later on. I’ll keep them with me for now.”


“Thanks a lot Hermione. I really need to stay alone right now, and have some sense knocked into me. You are a great understanding friend.” Ginny said, and went off to the girls’ dormitory.


“Well, I better get going too. Why don’t you give me mine and Ginny’s dress? I’ll give her dress to her in the dormitory.” Linda told Hermione.


“Yah sure…”


Hermione took out Linda’s and Ginny’s packets, and gave it to her.


“Thanks…I’ll take leave now…see you tomorrow…good night!”


Hermione waved with a smile, and rushed off towards her room, still puzzling over what Ginny had told her.


“Hi Dora!”


“Hi Hermione! Went for shopping?”


“Yes…well the password is…”


“Wait dear! It’s been a long time, and you haven’t changed the password till now. Draco has also gone out. He must be coming soon, so I think you both decide a password and change it now…ok?”


“Ok…I’ll wait for him then.”


Hermione didn’t have to wait for too long, since Draco came back soon.


“Hey Hermione! Why are you standing here? Forgot the password?” He smirked.


“Very Funny! Dora wanted us to change the password, so I decided to wait for you.”


“Ok…how about flabbergastingwoobleworms?”


“Er…what? I doubt  you would  even remember that. Let’s choose a simple one…say Shrieking Shack?”


“Nah…that’s too easy…what about Rockstars?”


“LAME! I know…let’s keep it Hogwarts: A history.


“No thanks….that’s too stupid. I think –”


“Hold on you two! This way, you will go on for ages. Let me say, what about ‘Opposites Attract.’? It’s sweet and sour.”


Draco and Hermione looked at each other, and then nodded.


“Fine…that’s settled then.”


“First you will have to give me the previous password, then answer a question whose answer only you know…then I will change the password.”


“Ok. The old password was ‘hearts and love.’” Hermione said promptly.


“Fine. Now, the question for you Hermione. What is the happiest memory you cherish?”


Hermione looked at Draco, and then said (blushing slightly) , “When I went to the Yule Ball with Victor.”


Draco furrowed his brows, and he looked somewhat angry.


“That’s correct. Now, the question for you Draco. What is the biggest thing/emotion which you have always hidden from everyone?”


Hermione was interested to know this, and she leaned forwards a little, as she knew that Draco wouldn’t say this too loud.


“Well…Er…that I actually never hated Muggle-borns my entire life. I just acted so because of my father. Also, there are…er… certain…er…things…which I never wanted to do but he forced me.”


Hermione was really surprised at this, and looked at Draco puzzled. He slowly nodded at her and looked away.


“That’s correct again. Now I change the password to ‘Opposites Attract’.” As Dora said this, she started revolving. Then, after a few minutes, the revolving stopped.


“The password is changed now.”


“Good. We can go in then. The password is ‘opposites attract.’” Draco said, and Dora swung open.


Both of them climbed in, and Draco started making his way towards his bedroom.




Draco spun around.


“That thing…about…about you not hating Muggle-borns and being…being forced by your father to do things you…you didn’t want to…well Is that true?”


He looked at her strangely for a few seconds (His dark grey eyes boring into the chocolaty ones) before blurting out -




Draco seemed to look really uncomfortable, and Hermione realized that he might not want to talk about it, at least not now.


“It’s Ok. It’s Perfectly OK, if you don’t want to discuss the topic. I can understand. I just thought that being friends, we should know about each other more…”


“I completely agree with you ‘Mione. It’s just that I don’t feel that I can discuss this right now. Though of course I know that being friends we can understand each other, and you will surely do so. Right now, I just don’t feel like it. We can surely talk about this later, ya?”


“R-right. Well, I have some homework to finish, so I guess I’ll be taking leave…um…bye…goodnight.”


“Ok then…goodnight.”


An odd moment passed between them, when finally Hermione opened her door, and went in, leaving Draco still rooted to the spot.

(Next morning)

Draco’s P.O.V


Draco sat up, stretching and yawning. His heart fluttered as he remembered his dream. He had been dreaming that He and Hermione had gone for a date, and had shared an awesome time there.

‘I really wish that this actually happens.’ He thought to himself little knowing that what he just saw could be true.


He got dressed in an hour (He had to wait for at least half an hour until Hermione left the bathroom) and went down for breakfast, only to discover a large barn owl with a large package waiting for him at his breakfast table.


He removed the package from the owl’s feet, and at once the owl flew away, glad to be relieved from the burden.


Draco immediately came to know what the package was, as he saw the seal of Hogsmede on it. It was the dress he was going to wear for his date.


Looking around, he saw many packages arrive (mostly for the guys), and a lot of excitement around.


“Good Morning.” Dumbledore’s booming voice echoed around the hall. “I hope all of you enjoyed your day off yesterday, but for now I would like to pronounce only two words – tuck in.”


At once, the plates filled with delicious dishes and Draco started eating hungrily.


Hermione’s P.O.V


Soon, the breakfast was over and everyone was rushing towards their classes.


Hermione also made her way towards the charms class, but she collided with Draco. Draco’s bag slipped from his hands and everything came spilling out. Hermione’s books also went flying here and there.

“Sorry.” He muttered.


“It’s ok.” Hermione said with a smile, as she waved her wand and all her books came in her hand.


“I am getting late. Bye, see you in the evening.” Draco quickly took his books, stuffed them in his bag, and went off.


Hermione got up, and was just going to walk away when something on the floor caught her eye. She bent down and picked it up. It was a thick, brown diary. On the cover, were written the following words:


Private Property: Draco Nicholas Malfoy


She tried to call Draco, but he was already out of sight.

“Private Property…hmmm…” She said to herself, with a mischievous grin.


She flipped open the first page of the diary, and found the words:


‘Gifted to me, Draco Nicholas Malfoy, from my dearest mother, Narcissa Malfoy, at the age of 11 yrs.'


 Ever since’---- She heard footsteps coming in her direction.

Her heart raced as she realized that reading someone’s diary this private was not her character, she slammed the diary shut, only to be grateful for doing so since Ginny had rushed to her side as soon as she had crammed it in her bag. She made a mental note to return it to Draco later, and also apologizing for reading a few lines from the first page.


Ginny brought her back from her thoughts,

“Hermione, I was thinking that on 17th you, I and Linda can assemble in your room since it’s quite big, and we can have our make over done there. What say?”


“Ok…no problem.”



One week later…17th November: Morning


The Great hall bustled with anticipation on this particular morning as the 6th years and above were having a really hard time, controlling their excitement for the day.


Dumbledore got up to say his bit as Hermione and Draco settled on their respective seats.


“Hello my dear students! So, All of you must be bursting with excitement and curiosity today especially the 6th and above years, isn’t it.” There was a murmur of ‘yes’ from the students. “Well, the 1st and 2nd years will have their day off, (Many ‘hurrays’ and ‘yaays’ were heard at this surprise), the third years, fourth and fifth years will be going to Hogsmede but are compelled to return by 5 in the evening sharp. Now, the 6th years and above, who are having their FIRST OFFICIAL date today (Dumbledore gave a mischievous grin), have the permission to return by 8.30 in the night, though obviously if they want to have their dinner in the great hall, you are most welcome at 7:30.

Right now, enjoy your breakfast and we can talk later.” He finished and sat down.


Everyone gulped down their breakfast hurriedly and waited for Dumbledore to speak (Usually, whenever someone finished, they got up and left but it was not the case today).


“So, (Dumbledore finally got up, as all the empty dishes vanished) let me inform you now, that in two hours time i.e. 9:00, the 3rd, 4th and 5th years are supposed to assemble in the usual place, and after Mr. Filch has checked your forms, you are allowed to go. For the 6th years and above, the Gryffindors are supposed to assemble in the great hall, the Hufflepuffs near the lake, the Ravenclaws near the Hogwarts gate, and the Slytherins in the grounds. Then, one of the staff members or Mr. Filch will be standing there, and all of you have to show yours and your date’s number to them. They will direct you to your date. I hope I have made my point clear. Enjoy your day, and have fun.” He smiled pleasantly at everyone, and started walking away.


“Woah! I wonder who my date is.” Ron said, throwing a glance at Linda.


“I. CAN’T. BELIEVE. THIS.” Hermione said, angrily.




“How could they give us ONLY TWO HOURS to get ready?!”


“Hermione, Let’s not waste time. We need to rush right now!” Ginny told her, as Linda joined them, and all the three girls had scurried off.


“Um…what was that about?” Ron asked Harry, uncertainly still looking over the spot where all three of the girls had vanished.




They shrugged and started off towards their own room.



“Hi Dora, meet my friends – Ginny Weasley and Linda Johnson.” Hermione was telling Dora, gesturing to her best friends.


“Hi. You are Harry Potter’s girlfriend right? And you Ron Weasley’s? The Fat Friar told me.” Dora replied brightly.


“Er…yes…nice to meet you.” Ginny and Linda replied, exchanging amused looks.


“Hermione, we should hurry, shouldn’t we?” Linda told her.


“Yes of course. The password –”


“Wait my dear. I don’t think it is advisable right now to go in with your friends. Draco is waiting for you, and they might come to know about your little secret.” Dora whispered but a little too loudly that both Ginny and Linda heard.


“What Is This Little Secret Hermione?” Ginny rounded on her first, smirking slightly.


“Um…well…it’s nothing…”


“COME ON! You have to tell us.”


“I am telling you, it’s nothing. Really.”


“Ya Right?! ‘Nothing’...Well I guess it’s about you and Malfoy?

Linda and Ginny were now giggling.


“STOP IT! I am telling you, it’s nothing like you are thinking.”


“Fine. Say the password and let’s see what we are ‘thinking’ is correct or not. Right Ginny?”




Hermione sighed, she had to give in.


“Opposites attract.” Ginny and Linda coughed loudly as the portrait swung open.


“Hermione! Where have you been? I couldn’t even talk to you last night. This is not done, you know. We are –” Draco was saying in one breath as he heard someone climbing in, but stopped to see Ginny and Linda beside Hermione, who was looking at him with a pleading expression.


“Wow Hermione. How come you never told us that you and Malfoy are on first name basis?” Ginny started.


“I thought you were sworn enemies. But the truth is something else, it seems.”


“Since when did Draco Malfoy start waiting for you?”


“Yah! And WHAT ARE you both actually? I think Malfoy was just saying something about ‘we are’?


“GUYS! For Merlin’s sake stop this. I’ll tell you everything, alright!”


“Oho! So, now the ‘nothing’ has turned into ‘everything’, right Linda?”


Linda and Ginny giggled even more.


“Excuse me Ladies. I think I’ll be going now.” Draco said, and turned on his heel.


“DRACO! Please help me come out of this odd situation, will you?” Hermione said in a mock-sweet voice.


“Why should I? It was you who got your annoyingly giggly friends here. I never told you to bring them.”


“Hello! I don’t need your permission to bring my friends, and they are not annoying.”


“REALLY? Well, this is the heads common room i.e. our private room and we are not supposed to bring anyone else here, especially not without the other’s consent.”


“Consent- my foot! I think I told you a few days ago that they’ll be coming.”


“That was more than a week ago! How am I supposed to remember things which you tell me so many days ago? I have much more on my mind than to remember all this crap.”


“Now you are going out of –”


“STOP IT YOU TWO!” Ginny and Linda shouted together, having had enough of their bickering.


Hermione and Draco looked at them, and then at each other.




“It’s ok Malfoy. I think you better go. We are short of time, and we need to get ready. We can continue our little chat later on.” Linda said.


“Er…right.” He said, and marched off.


“So.” Ginny said to Hermione.


“So what?” Hermione said, feigning innocence.


“Listen guys, it’s best if we keep this topic for later on. Right now, we really need to get ready fast. 20 minutes have already passed.” Linda told them. “But this does not mean we are leaving you Hermione. We really, are gonna MAKE you tell us more.” Linda added to her as she gave a devilish smile.


“Fine! Whatever you say! Come, my room’s this way.” Hermione led her two friends to her room, and they started emptying the packets they had got.


“First, let us all do our hair, then the make up, and at the end we can wear our dresses.”


“Ok...let’s first change into our night gowns; I don’t want my school robes to have stains of make up or anything.” Hermione told the other two.


After a lot of messing around, all the three girls were finally ready to change into their dresses.


Hermione took out her dress, admired it for a second, and with a flick of her wand she was dressed in the awesome work of beauty.


She strapped her sandals, took out her dashing purse and entered the bedroom to find Ginny and Linda looking equally great.


“So, all of us are finally ready. What’s the time?”


“Oh! Its 5 minutes to 9. Let’s do our final touch up, and we can rush off.”


Hermione did a few touch ups here and there, checked her purse for all the necessary things, and checked her reflection for the last time.


“PERFECT!” She smiled, pleased, and stepped out of her room, Linda and Ginny behind her.


Draco’s P.O.V


Draco glanced at his reflection in the mirror for the last time before stepping out of his room, only to find the most beautiful girl standing in front of him.


She was wearing a midi (with noodle straps) that stopped just at her knees. It was vanilla red. The neck was a straight line, and on it, there were three white beaded strings. There was a white satin belt tied in the form of a ribbon just below the ending of the V Shaped beads. The dress looked just perfect on her.


She was wearing a white velvet necklace that stuck on her neck. There was another chain with a heart shaped pendant, and she was wearing tops matching with the necklace. In her hands, were graceful white and golden bracelets. She was carrying a purely black velvet purse that looked dashing with the dress. Her sandals were black and red, with pencil heel. To top it all, her hair which came down just below her shoulders were left open and came fell in curls near the bottom.

Hermione Jean Granger looked absolutely breath-taking. Draco had never seen someone more beautiful, elegant, graceful, and heart-stopping than her.

He could not help ogling at her. She was certainly the girl of his dreams.


Hermione’s P.O.V


As Hermione came out of the room, she saw the most handsome guy standing there.


He was wearing the coolest Jeans ever. It was navy blue and it suited him perfectly. He was wearing a dark navy blue (almost black) sleeveless shirt with a white collar. On top of it, was a very dashing snowy white jacket. It was 3/4th sleeved and the chain of the jacket was half open, revealing the shirt inside. The combination looked perfect on him.


His hair were done in spikes which made him look  the hottest guy ever. A big watch was clasped around his hand. He was wearing black sport shoes with a touch of navy blue. To cap it all, a metallic chain with a big metallic ‘D’ in a rectangle at the centre, hung around his neck, making him look really dashing.


Draco Nicholas Malfoy seemed to be the hottest, dashing, and the most handsome guy Hermione had ever met, that made her heart skip a beat.

She could not help admiring him. He was the guy of her dreams, there was no doubt about that.



“HEM-HEM!” Ginny mocked in her typical ‘Umbridge’ tone and Linda coughed loudly.


Draco and Hermione suddenly realized that they both had been looking at each other for quite a long time.


“Suspicions confirmed.” Linda told Ginny, as she nodded.


“What suspicions?” Hermione asked.

“Nothing ‘Mione. Will talk to you later. We are getting late…hurry up!”


Ginny climbed out, Linda following suit.


“So…er…you are looking good.” Draco told Hermione.


She blushed.


“You are looking good too…bye then.” Hermione told him and went off.


(Great Hall)


Hermione’s turn finally came. She went to professor McGonagall and showed her the badge which had her code, and the scarf carrying her date’s code.


McGonagall tapped both the articles with her wand, they glowed for a second and a green colored chit came out of the wand. McGonagall took it, and turned it, and said,




“Sorry?” Hermione asked, confused.


“Well, Ms. Granger, You are supposed to go in the grounds and then you can hand over the chit to Mr. Filch who will direct you to your date. And don’t try to open it yourself. It won’t budge.” She said pleasantly to her, and proceeded to Ginny.


Hermione started towards the grounds, praying that she hadn’t got some stupid oaf of a slytherin.


She went to Filch who was as usual grumbling.


He opened it and uttered a loud ‘bah!’


“HEY YOU! Go and tell Draco Malfoy, there under that tree to come to the gate.” Filch told a frightened looking girl.


‘Draco Malfoy???? Is he…my god…!’ Hermione thought.


“You follow me!”


Hermione followed Filch to the gate of Hogwarts, and there stood the very handsome blonde, Draco Malfoy.


“Now…both of you…go along…fast.” Filch hurried away, leaving a bewildered Hermione, and confused Draco behind.


“Er…that explains the scarf and the locket.”




“Nothing…um…so you are my date?”


“I guess so…” Hermione replied uncomfortably, she could feel color rushing to her cheeks.


“So…er…let’s proceed.” Draco said, gesturing to the gate.


Both of them, finally stepped out of Hogwarts, and were soon at the entrance of Hogsmede.


Clearly, both of them were still very unsure of their actions.


“So, where do you want to go?” Draco said, breaking the silence.


“Wherever, you would say.”


“Er…let’s just have a walk, why don’t we?”


“Sure.” Hermione replied.


Draco gave her a smile, and Hermione returned it. Both of them set off, for their first ever OFFICIAL date.

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