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Vanilla Spice by EffyFoSho
Chapter 7 : Oodle about Quidditch
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A/N: Kudos to everybody who left a rather spectacular review =]

Quidditch tryouts were being held on Saturday and Dom had filled me in on the 411 of what happens. Giggling younguns, terrible fliers and always a lot of mud. The mud bit kind of sent me into that ‘expecting the worst’ mood but I was totally cool, calm and collected. Even though the morning of the tryouts, I was pacing nervously around my dorm, dressed in sweat pants and a jumper, with Dom watching amused. She is also dressed in sports attire as she is actually a Beater on the team.

That’s so where she gets her man muscles.

“What if I can’t remember how to fly? What if I fall off my broom? Dom, help me.” Okay, I admit, I was the teensiest bit nervous.

But nervous looks good on me.

Or it better.

 Dom rises and steadily inches closer to me. I mean, if that didn’t confuse me, then what she did next totally did. She put her hands on my shoulders and shakes me frantically, my head bobbing about madly. “You’re going to be great. Now let’s go before we’re late.” And with that, she skips off down the stairs and I run after her, broom in hand.

“What was with the shaking, Dom-oh,” I ask. I am quite fond of that particular nickname; I don’t know why but it just reminds me of Noddy. She turned her head to look at me and grinned, revealing perfectly straight teeth. Which is so unfair seeing as it took me years in a head brace to get teeth half that good. “I’ve always wanted to try that out and you gave me the perfect hysterical opportunity for shaking.”


“Looked crap. You looked like those bobby things in car windows.” Dom grumbles. I look at her, hurt, but she ignores me, focusing on the quidditch grounds and the huge queue of Gryffindors, all lined up for the tryout. I spy James and Freddie on the huge grass pitch, zooming around on their brooms trying to seem cool by showing off extravagant moves or grinning at anybody in sight.

Dom gives me a ‘good-luck’ squeeze before heading over to the centre of the pitch and I join the back of the line of what must be everyone in Gryffindor, as a couple of second years queue noisily behind me, giggling hysterically. James lowers himself to the ground and eyes the line, apprehensively, as he mumbles to Freddie. And then his eyes settle on me and his mouth stretches into a smile which sort of made my legs go into jelly underneath me. Not the most pleasant feeling, you know.

“Freddie here will see to the first half of the line, I’ll do the second,” James calls out earning shrieks of glee from the girls at the back and outraged gasps from the first half. The girls behind me giggle when James beckons them over and clumsily climb on their brooms.

Needless to say, those girls could barely fly let alone catch and James let them down ‘gently’ with a gruff “Get the hell off my pitch,” and they slumped off back to the castle, heads cast down. I strode over to where James was waiting, my feet sticking with each step in the wet mud with a gooey squelch. Must have rained last night.

“Might wanna tie that hair up, Pert,” James remarks when I reach him, before he swings his leg round his impressive broom. I sigh, before bending down to tie my hair up upside down which, I see now, wasn’t too smart.

“Oi, Mollie, get up! Everyone’s staring at your arse!” Dom bellows and I straighten up quickly, blushing furiously.

Thanks for that, Dom. Seriously.

I hear some of the more pervy guys groan, annoyed, at Dom who grins in reply, before I clamber swiftly onto my broom, loving the feel of the smooth wood under me. I kick off of the ground, water from the mud rising as I push and when I reach level with Dom and James signals to her and she hurls a quaffle at my head. I inch to the left a bit before catching the ball easily between my fingers.

“Try and shoot, Pert,” James orders, circling the pitch. I obey, leaning forward to speed up my broom, one hand clasped tightly around the broom the other held firmly to the quaffle, dodging the players harmlessly before letting the ball fly from my fingers into one of the high goalposts.

I cheer gleefully, spinning round so I can see James talking secretly to what must be his brother- they have the same messy black hair and easily resemble each other though I so do not think the younger one is hot. I mean, that would totally be considered as cradle snatching. Albus Potter has a hand clutched around the snitch, occasionally pushing his round glasses up closer to his green eyes while James natters away probably talking about his favourite subject; ‘nothing.’

Dom throws the quaffle at me again and I reach out for it and circle around for a while before flicking it again in to a goalpost. The keeper, a seventh year called Jas, looks at me exasperated while I grin smugly.

I perform this procedure numerous times, making nearly every shot, until James halts me and the other people trying out at this moment and tells us to get changed. I swoop lower till I’m about a foot from the ground and slide off my broom, my feet sinking in to the deep mud.


As soon as I’ve changed from my tracksuit bottoms that are rimmed with mud into a nylon burgundy tulip skirt, that looks nicer than it sounds, and a black vest top and cardie I make my way back to the castle, lugging my broom with me.

Which, by the way, is way heavier now than it was this morning.

I’m meant to be meeting Dom after the tryouts, at about three, so I hang out in the library working on my History of Magic assignment in the library. The chair next to me scrapes loudly against the stone floor and I wince, before looking up at Hally.

Which is an easy thing, let me tell you, seeing as she’s about five foot total in height

“How were the tryouts?” She asks politely, plopping down heavily on the stool next to me.

“Good,” I reply noting her glum expression. “What’s up?”

“I found Katie talking nicely with Becca,” Hally hisses, spitting the ‘nicely’ part out.


“I know.”

“Help me with History of Magic?” I plead helplessly, hoping to get her out of her miserable mood and also get a head start on my essay.

Hally sighs. “What have you written so far?”

“Uh, well, I...” I stammer foolishly and Hally’s hand snatches out and fastens around my worn piece of parchment. I look at her horrified as she takes in my messy handwriting with a smug expression gracing her face.

Top 10 reasons how James Potter is hot,” Hally recites, her eyes lighting up mockingly. “One; His overly messy hair which he thinks is cool, probably ‘cause it looks all windswept.”

“Hally!” I whine, climbing over the table to reach her. She leans back on her chair, as my hand reaches out to grab my parchment.

“Two; his melty-melty brown eyes,” Hally continues louder, getting the attention of the people around us. I crawl closer to Hally on the table but she inches her chair back, again balancing the chair on two legs.

“Three; He’s so damn adorable- I think his pout can get me aww-ing all day.”

Why the hell didn’t I just go around the table like a normal person? No, I had to climb over it and now my knees hurt from digging into the hard wooden surface.

“Four; his sidelong comments make me laugh till I pee,”

She didn’t!

Announcing to the whole library that I pee when I laugh is so not cool. To be fair, that totally justified what I did next.

Which, you know, is to leap from the table with a screechy battle cry and land heavily on Hally’s chest, before we go tumbling backwards and crash to the floor . Hally yelps.

Me? I’m clung to Hally, my fingers a death grip around her shoulder.

“You two!” The librarian pops up from behind her counter, glaring at us. “Causing all this ruckus! Should be ashamed of yourselves!”

I haul myself off of Hally, who’s rubbing her bumped head, and stare coolly at the librarian who’s striding towards us.

“Get out! Get out! Get out!” She screeches and reaches for the book on the table, before whacking me over the head with it.


Hally scrambles up, eyes wide, and darts out of the library. I sigh; so much for friend support. “Miss, did you know you can’t hit people with books if you’re a teacher,” I inform her politely. Needless to say, she didn’t take my constructive criticism well.

“With books!? In my day, whipper snappers like you would be locked in dungeons.”

“I sure do miss the good old days,” I mutter sarcastically.

“OUT!” She bellows, chucking books at my retreating figure. I ran through the doors and Hally grabs my arm to halt me. She’s leaning casually against the wall regarding me with a sheepish expression seeing as I’m looking like I must strangle her as soon as her back is turned.

“Sorry,” She smiles, handing the parchment to me. I shove it gruffly in my pockets.


 “We have to meet Dom at the pitch,” Hally declares and begins walking.

“Mnngh.” I grunt but follow her.

“So, I never got to read the rest of number 10,” Hally smirks as I growl at her in a warning. “James Potter has a really nice... what next?”

I hope that punch in the arm hurts.

Which it does according to her whimper and the occasional injured look she keeps throwing my way.



I’m tromping over the grass to the Quidditch pitch, determinedly ignoring Hally who’s gleefully repeating my ‘reasons how James is hot’ alongside me, trying to avoid looking like a prat by slipping on the mud and landing on my arse.

“It’s a shame I don’t give an oodle about Quidditch and not in Gryffindor,” Hally sighs sadly and I turn to her, slightly bowled over and utterly ecstatic that she’s dropped the unfortunate happenings in the library. “Because then I could stare at ‘James’ dimples’ all day long.”

Well, there goes my smile.

“Bugger off.” I growl, walking a little faster to escape Hally’s taunting. She matches my stride easily, which I was rather surprised at seeing her short, little dwarf legs should really be no match for mine.

And what happened next, I entirely and utterly blame Hally.

I mean, she was the one who stopped on the way past the boy’s changing room, staring gormlessly into it. Me? I was innocently walking by, thinking of something to distract Hally from the ‘List.’ I followed her gaze and find, much to my utter delight, that the changing room’s door wasn’t properly shut and was open enough to reveal a shirtless James, showing off his perfectly cut muscles.

But not in a grotesque wrestler kind of way, but in a lean, athletic body and nicely defined abs kind of way. And, yeah, I didn’t look away, but I was too busy thinking what number that can be on my list.

And, okay, maybe I can faintly recall Dom yelling my name, quite loudly in fact, and Hally sidestepping to the right before I tore my eyes unwillingly to the source of my distraction, ready to unleash my death glare at Dom. Which was pretty good now, seeing as Dom had coached me in it all during History of Magic once, so I had lost that totally constipated look.

That’s when the quaffle hit me straight in the face, with a resounding smack.

And it bloody hurt.


I think it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Somehow, unbeknownst to me, I ended up sprawled in the mud, my cool hand covering my burning, bruised cheek, while Dom and Hally clutched their stomachs in peals of laughter. I looked around, dazed, my cheek throbbing with every pulse and my skirt sodden from the wet mud, and gingerly got to my feet, before stomping off back to the castle by myself, totally dignified.

That was until my foot slipped on the mud going up one of the many hills, causing me to lose my balance, ending up with me lying in the mud. And it totally went in my mouth making me splutter and cough, trying to wipe my tongue clean.

If you’d never had mud in your mouth, then you don’t know how totally and utterly disgusting it is.

The last annoying thing I heard before I angrily shoved the castle doors open was Dom and Hally once again erupting into laughter. Which, to be fair, totally pissed me off.



Sitting around the common room fire, dressed in a clean skirt and top after rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash for ten minutes, with a good book in hand is my kinda Saturday.

Unfortunately, I was interrupted almost right away by the Gryffindor captain himself seating himself next to me, causing the usual amount of ruckus among girls that guys as hot as him usually do.

“James?” I ask, sweetly, shutting my book.

“What do you want, Mollie?” He replies, eyeing me warily as he shifts on the chair to make himself more comfortable.

“What makes you think I want something?” I snap, folding my arms angrily.

I did, but that hardly mattered.

“You stopped reading to talk to me,” James grins. I blink at him. “So, what do you want, Mollie?”

“Well, did everyone happen to see me get hit -,” I began casually.

“In the face by the quaffle, yes.” James smirks while I slap my head, groaning. “And then end up in the mud twice. It was the butt of the changing rooms jokes for the next half hour.”


I mean that’s just great, isn’t it?

“I was meant to be in the mud,” I retort.

“Sure.” James scoffs sarcastically.

“I was! It was my... uh... mud bath.”

It’s silent for a few minutes as James looks at me in disbelief and I fidget uncomfortably, my face growing redder by the second.

“And I saw you checking me out in the changing room,” James adds smugly.

My mouth drops open in shock and embarrassment.

Did I think I could get any redder? No.

Did I? Ohhhh, yes.

“I’m not even going to dignify that question with an answer,” I recover myself, hiding my blushing face behind my opened book.

“Must be true; I don’t hear any denying.” I could practically feel his smirk.

“What’s true?” Geoff demands, taking a seat next to James. I lower my book slowly, and fix my eyes on James, almost daring him to spill.

“I think Mollie might be a geek,” James says carefully.

I ignore his comment, thanking my lucky stars that James lied.

Well, sort of lied.

Geoff snorts. “I know Mollie’s a geek.”

“And I know that you’re a self-absorbed, dumb-arse twat,” I growl while James chuckles and Geoff frowns. I, Mollie Pert, totally rock at comebacks. Uh, most of the time.

“Where’s Dom and Freddie?” James asks Geoff.

Geoff shrugs. “How should I know? I thought they were with you.”

“Obviously not,” I retort, coldly.

I must refrain myself from smacking him. Technically, he didn’t do much wrong yet, but he just generally pisses me off, especially since the ‘Hally’ episode.


“Ooh, what’s got your knickers in a twist?” He taunts, flicking his sandy hair out of his eyes.

“Shut up.”

“Ooh, how cutting,” Geoff grins.

Is it just me or does this guy say ‘ooh’ way too much for a guy? I stay silent, opting to choose a scowl so he thinks I can’t be arsed to reply to the loser that is him. Which I totally can’t.

“Well, I’m off,” Geoff stands and yawns, his shirt rising up as he stretches, showing his pecs off. Not nearly impressive as James’, let me tell you. “I’m going to go pay a visit to Rhian. If you know what I mean.” He adds the last bit winking.

“Merlin, Geoff, a toilet brush would know what you mean,” James rolls his eyes and his boylashes nearly touch his eyebrow as he looks up. Geoff leaves the room, but not before sending a group of Third Years into pits of squeals as he winks at them.

I turn to James. “You have really pretty eyelashes.”

Damn it. Didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Vaseline,” he says smugly.

“Vaseline?” I stare at him bewildered.

“Put it on your eyelashes over night,” James explains, gesturing to his eyes. “Then in the morning they’re all flicky and long.”


“I know,” he smirks.

“You’re even more of a girl than Dom.”


“I’m going to have a shower, Janine,” I beam at him.

“You’re so mean!” James wails.

“Man up, Janie,” I tease. “Unless you can’t, of course, seeing as you’re a girl.”

I leave him and head over to the stairs, feeling James’ glare on my back which, by the way, I totally love. I even make myself do the whole hip-swinging walk that is meant to make him stare at my arse, according to ‘TeenWitch,’ even if it made it slightly awkward going up the stairs. Yeah, a little too awkward in fact; my foot catches on the third stair and I crash to the floor. James erupts in laughter.

“Did you just fall up the stairs!?” He cackles.


Well, yes.

But falling down stairs is so last year. Falling up; now that’s takes real talent.

“Whatever, Mollie, go have your shower.”

I oblige willingly, bolting for the dorm. It’s unusually empty – something I am thankful for as spend ages washing myself in that bloody amazing shower. I emerge, dressed in my pj’s with dripping wet hair and return to the common room to spend the rest of the evening there. James hasn’t moved from his seat but is instead surrounded by Dom and Freddie as well as some other people in different years. I settle myself next to Dom, who scoots over to make room.

“Nice pyjama’s, Mollie,” Freddie drawls, eyeing my bare legs. I wrap my arms around them to cover myself. ‘Cause no matter how hot Fred is, I so do not appreciate being leered at.

“Mollie!” Dom squeals. “Meet the fammo! They come by the Gryffindor common room ‘cause we rule.”

“And most of us are in Gryffindor,” A girl with baby blue eyes and red hair, that seems to be their families trait, points out. “Duh.”

“Ehh.” I mumble as Dom introduces the many members of her family

“Rose and Al, third years,” She points to James’ brother and the girl who had spoken moments before. “Hugo, Lily, first years. My ickle brother Louis in second year, though he’s the loser in Slytherin,” Dom cooes, pinching the cheeks of the blonde boy seated next to her. He grumbles and shoves her away. “That’s Lucy over there, flashing her head girl badge, and Roxy’s somehow her friend.” They both ignore Dom, and continue gossiping. “Roxy’s Freddie’s sister! Ooh, and that’s Molly over there, Ravenclaw, and a silly second year.”

‘Silly second year?’ Right.

“Haha! Molly – Mollie!” James says, excitedly.

I smile at the skinny red headed girl that looks around nervously when she sees James has pointed her out. “Yeah, but I’m Mollie with an i.e.”

“Oh, and that makes you so special.” Freddie drawls from across the circle, his eyes playful.

“Don’t make me come over there, Fred Weasley,” I poke my tongue out at him.

“Would you refrain from flirting with my little bro, Mollie,” Roxy puts in, fluttering her heavily made up lid. “Cool hair.” She adds, noticing my blush.

“Thanks,” I say. “You too!”

I realise how sucky-up that sounded but I was kind of nervous being called out for flirting by a seventh year, not the mention the flirtee’s sister.

Roxy runs a hand through her short and spikey dark red, almost brown, hair. “Let’s go to Hogsmeade, Smith.” She motions for the blonde guy next to her to follow.

“You can’t go to Hogsmeade! It’s against the rules!” Lucy protests. Roxy rolls her eyes, ignoring Lucy’s comment, and stands, taking Smith’s hand. She stops at me, looking confused for a second.

“Hey, you’re Rory’s girl!” She points out happily. You could practically see the lightbulb flicker on above her head.

I blush again while she leaves. Talk about embarrassing.

Rory’s girl?” Dom demands, eyeing me disbelievingly.

“N-no,” I stammer. “He made me play spin the bottle.”

“Ooh, we should do that!” Geoff says.

“No! Most of us are related! Incest!” Lily squeals, turning her glare onto Geoff. Her eyes are actually nearly the exact same shade as James, but hers are more hazel – having more green in hers.

“Fine.” Geoff pouts, looking discouraged.

“Mollie fell over three times today,” announces James proudly.

“You loser; you kept count?!” I hiss back at him. I know I should be annoyed or even creeped out but I’m actually quite flattered. I mean, it’s James Potter. And he totally just admitted to stalking me.

 “Well, if you weren’t so clumsy then I wouldn’t have had to keep count!” James retorts.

“Hey, I’m not clumsy! The ground is just slippy.”

Everyone looks at me, giving me that ‘yeah, right,’ look. I blush yet again, pulling the stitches on my shorts awkwardly.

“Well, I’m going to bed,” I announce, rising.

“Before the first years? Mollie, I’m disappointed,” Freddie smirks.

My final reply before I go up to the dorm is to give him a rather obscene hand gesture. My little brother would have been proud of me.

Oh, God, how is that a good thing?



The announcement for who made the Quidditch team was pinned on the notice board Friday afternoon. I dragged Dom through the pushing and shoving crowd to get to the front, earning a lot of sharp elbows being jabbed in my side. I was about half way in when a first year erupting into tears, whining about how she didn’t make the team.

“Er... ‘Scuse me,” I say impatiently, trying to move past the tiny girl and her friend.

“I-I didn’t... m-make it,” she wails, as her friend put a comforting arm around her shoulder.

“You’re in my way,” I growl. They ignore me.

“I th-thought James l-liked me!” More sobbing. “I-I can’t b-believe I’m n-not on the teaaaaam.”

“Well, of course, you’re not; you were scared of the ball!” I snap, irritated. They notice me then and the crying midget whips out her wand.

“Densaugeo!” She cries and my eyes widen in shock. I wait for a second, but nothing happened.

“Ha! You missed, you stupid first year!” I jeer.

She smirks back at me and I eye her worriedly for a minute before my front teeth began throbbing. I tried to run my tongue over them to check if they were intact but my tongue kind of got jammed behind them. The girls walk off, laughing hysterically, and I turn to Dom as I feel my teeth touch below my lip. This is my life now, is it? Getting beaten up my 11 year olds. Wonderful.

“Merlin! What happened to your teeth!” She screeches before grabbing my wrist and yanking me through the portrait hole and along the corridors to the Hospital Wing.

The nurse looks up when Dom bursts through the door, dragging a big-toothed girl with her.

Oh yes, that would be me.

My teeth had grown beyond my chin by the time we had reached her and I was screaming constantly, every now and then pausing to take a deep breath to fill up my lungs before continuing. Which, I must admit, did sound slightly deranged.

“My goodness!” The nurse exclaims. “What happened here?”

“Skoopied firf yeaughh.” I tried to say, through my teeth. It was like being at the dentist, sitting in that chair with his hand in your mouth, as he asked you question after question which you couldn’t exactly ignore but couldn’t exactly respond properly.

“Of course, dear. I’m Ms Ruck. Now sit down and let’s sort you out.” She says as she mutters a quick spell that stops my teeth growing. “Okay, now I’m going to cut the excess away. Tell me where you want me to cut.” I look in the mirror she’s holding up and motion for her to cut them back to their original place.

“Wait!” Dom calls, pausing Ms Ruck, who looks at her, confused. Dom smirks evilly. “Say cheese, Mollie.”

A bright flash goes off as I turn towards the camera that Dom is holding to her eyes.

I scream again as Dom giggles at the picture she holds in her hands. Ms Ruck shushes me and I reluctantly fall silent, allowing her to cut my teeth. My mouth goes numb as Ms Ruck casts a spell before the rest of my tooth falls away and I shriek happily.

“Right, now wait right here while I get the antibiotic potion,” Ms Ruck orders sternly so I take a seat on the white nylon bed. The door opens again and James and Freddie stroll in casually.

“What happened to you?” Freddie asks concerned, worry etched onto his pretty face.

“Look!” Dom shrieks, showing them the picture while I groan.

“Beaver looks good on you, Pert,” James chortles and even Freddie allows a small smile. Ms Ruck returns with the potion which I drink up quickly, slightly gagging on the foul taste but desperate to escape the hospital.

I march through the doorway and Freddie walks by my side in silence, not disturbing my embarrassed anger. I hear James and Dom falling about laughing behind us and start muttering complaints about those stupid first years.

“I didn’t even get to see if I made the team!” I whine after a long garbled insult on that girl who hexed me.

“Mollie, of course you did!” Freddie grins.

I blink at him.

“I made the team!” I squeal before throwing myself onto Freddie, my arms wrapped around his neck. He placed his warm arms around my waist and lifted me, swinging me round. I resisted the strong urge that suddenly overwhelmed me to kiss his neck and withdrew my arms from him as he placed me back on the ground. I stared into his laughing dark blue eyes for a second too long before whipping my head round to face a curious Dom.

“I made the team!” I squeal to her as well, ignoring the look she gave me when she was watching me and Freddie.

“Congrats!” She beams as she moves towards me and claps me on the back. “Come on, let’s go to the library.”

“The library?” James snorts. “Man, you guys are cool.”

“Well, I do try,” I reply, giving a small wave to Fred and James before following Dom.

A/N: So, you know the drill =]
Review? Tell me what you think? I LOVE reviews. A rather discrete hint there; don't you think?
Effy xx

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