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Perilous Beauty by Accio Malfoy
Chapter 2 : Flashback
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Thanks you guys for reviewing hope you enjoy.Usual i don't own Harry Potter.

Chapter 2 
Ginny looked up and saw a flash of blonde run past her,she leapt up offf of the cold bench she wa sitting and ran after her best friend Luna.

Luna stopped and turned.

“Hey Luna mums just sent me a letter and she says you can cometo our house over christmas  its just I know you can’t go home because of your Dad being dead and I don’t want to leave you on your own here because…”

Ginny trailed of her sentence and looked down at the floor feeling slightly sheepish.

Luna glanced at Ginny and noticed her downward facing head and realised what she was thinking. 

“Gin, don’t worry about saying it I accepted it as it was the universes way but please don’t feel guilty about mentioning it in front of me.”

Ginny looked up and her hazelnut eyes met Luna’s she inwardly flinched Luna’s usual dreamy sky coloured eyes were well they weren’t they eyes she was used to seeing but that’s what the war did to people it changed them in unimaginable ways. She just felt sorry that it had changed her friend so much. But no it wasn’t the war that had changed her friend it was one boy. No not boy, psychopath.

“Please Luna. Come.”

Her eyes pleaded to her friend.

“Gin I’m sorry but I would like to stay here you now my first Christmas without Daddy it’s going to be tough but I don’t want to spoil your families Christmas.”

“Luna you wouldn’t spoil anything we all love you please I hate to see you like this.”

“Ginny like what?”

She carelessly snapped at her.

“Uh like…”

Ginny struggled to find a coherent answer among the gobbledegook that was spinning around in her head.

“What has changed nothing apart from oh yeah the fact that I was attacked and nearly stabbed and the fact that I survived was only because I ran and by some horrible twist of fate ran into our worst enemy, Malfoy who I am now indebted to for life but what makes it even worse than that is I think about it every day and the fact that that scumbag was only suspended is even worse but so what get over it I did.”


Luna’s POV

My whole body was shaking and my vision blurred but still I kept running my weakened legs straining to carry my body on wards but they did, seeming to somehow sense my animalistic need to flee. To flee before I was caught like a bird in a cage.

I turned a corner and looked for a hiding place anything. A curtain flapped in the wind from an open window and I ran towards it pressing my body flat against the wall as the curtain enveloped me I hope it’s cover was enough I was also hoping the sound of my heart beat would not alert the hunter to me. I was hoping a lot of things but it seems hope doesn’t work.

Readers POV

“Loony where are you? Come out you ickle little ravenclaw.”

He laughed and the sound revertabrated around the corridor.

Luna shrank against the wall and held her breath silently praying.

He stalked down the corridor looking in every nook and cranny. She heard him open the curtain to her right and decided hiding wasn’t the best of Idea’s especially when she was being hunted so obsessively.

She leapt out of the grasp of the curtain and ran. She heard a wild cry behind her but dared not turn around lest it slowed her speed.

She powered ahead but It wasn’t enough.

An arm grabbed her round the waist pausing her in mid ride she gasped with the pain and began seeing stars in front of her eyes he spun her round.

“You will pay for running away from me Loony.”

Her thoughts were a jumble.

What the hell is going on?

In this moment of thinking he pushed her into the wall causing her back to smash against it, she cried out in pain and sank to the floor. He bent his knees and lent into her still leering like a madman.

“Yes you will pay.”

He pulled out something flat and silver. She glanced at it.

“Scream for help and I will hurt you understand.”

She nodded mutely unable to talk through her shock.

How did this happen?

He leant into her and grabbed her face roughly. He pulled back his hand and struck her once on the side of her face she fell to the floor her book bag falling down next to her. Eyes closed in the pain.

“That’s for running away from me poppet.”

Luna’s eyes flew open at the sound of his voice but from the position she was lying in she could only see shadows and the contents of the inside of her book bag and at the top of this pile was the last present her father had ever given her a Eagle feathered quill. She reached towards it and grabbed it in her hand. A rough hand pulled her around a loud ripping noise came from her school blouse. She looked into the face of her tormentor.

“Get off me.”

Her voice came out small and quiet clearly showing her fear. His answer came back loud and clear.



She swung her hand round in it the Eagle feathered pen it struck him in the side of his eye causing him to fall away from her screaming in agony. His hand swung round and the knife blade ripped through her blouse and skin.

She screamed, as the blade ripped through the skin. Somehow she managed to stand up and run. Turning a corner she saw a distant figure.

“Help me.”

But her plea was quiet. Even so the distant figure turned and began to run toward her she cried in relief.

I’m safe. No I’m not it’s Malfoy.So what he’s better than that psycho- With the knife, She shuddered but carried on running.

Her hand and arm pressed against her chest trying to stem the bleeding. Just as she reached him her legs gave way he instinctively stretched out to catch her.

“Luna who did this to you?”

She gasped one word. A name.…


Then she blacked out.

End Flashback

Luna shook her dirty blonde hair in thought. And looked at her friend.

“I am so sorry Gin you’re right do you mind if I come to stay with you and your family I need to get over this once and for all and the healing process is going to start now. Literally and metaphorically.”

Luna smiled a genuine smile.

“Of course you can Luna.”

She leapt at her best friend and they hugged fiercely.

“I’m so glad my friend Luna is back.”

Ginny gasped through tears.

“It’s good to be back.” 

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