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Who's Playing Who? by dmhg4evr
Chapter 6 : Sweet dreams Granger
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Blaise and Draco were sitting in Draco’s room and Draco wasn’t talking so Blaise took matters into his own hands, “So, what were you doing in Granger’s room?”

“Copping a feel.” Draco stated.

“That’s it?”

“The girl is so deluded about her own appearance; it’s really quite sad. I was simply helping her to realize her full potential.”

Blaise smirked, “Is that what you call it?”

“When she realizes that there isn’t much more to do on her little path to self-discovery, she’ll end our agreement. I have to step up my game if I am going to have a shot in Hell at getting her into my bed.”

“What did you have in mind?” Blaise asked.

“A dream. She may be smart, but not smart enough to catch me sneaking in through her dreams. If she has a dream or two about me, it will soften her up before I move in for the kill.”

“Not bad. How you gonna do it?”

Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vile filled with a light blue liquid, “This potion will take care of everything. I drink half of it and give the rest of it to her. It will let my mind into her dream and I will have the power to control every aspect of it; every word and every action will be my choice. To Granger, it will be nothing more than a dream…a very vivid dream.”

Blaise eyed the mixture, “How do you plan on getting her to drink it?”

“I just have to slip it into her drink at dinner tomorrow.”

“And how do you plan on doing that? She’s not going to let you anywhere near her with a potion.”

“I won’t be the one doing it.” Draco said as he twirled the vile around in his fingers.


Hermione had Draco on her mind all day the next day. She had spent almost thirty minutes staring at herself in the mirror that morning. She had touched just about every part of her body as she was desperately trying to see what Malfoy had been talking about. After about fifteen minutes, she grabbed her bra and pointed her wand at it, whispering a spell.

When she put it on, she smiled, “Instant wonder bra.”

She put on the rest of her uniform with a baby blue shirt and then she put on the makeup that Ginny had given her and had also shown her how to apply. She pointed her wand at her head and said a spell to make her hair wavy. She pulled back part of it with a clip. As the last touch, she put on a heart necklace and matching earrings and stood back to assess her work. She pointed her wand at her reflection and muttered something and her mirror self came to life and grinned at her.

“Tell me the truth Granger, how do I look?” Hermione asked.

Mirror Hermione smirked at her, “I’d fuck you.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and pointed her wand at her reflection again and it was still.

She grabbed her bag and draped her robes over one of the straps as she had seen people do and hoisted it onto her shoulder. She took a deep breath and left her room.

She was outside the common room and she hesitated, “Get it together Granger; believe in yourself.”

She shook off the nervousness and headed towards the Great Hall. By the time she got there, she had relaxed a bit and had a confident look about her. When she walked in, she immediately spotted Draco talking to Blaise and some other Slytherins. Their eyes locked and Hermione winked at him as she headed toward the Gryffindors.

On the Slytherin side, Draco and Blaise were watching Hermione, “Damn Drake, if you aren’t going to seal the deal anytime soon, do you mind if I do?”

Draco smiled, “I knew she had it in her, it was only a matter of time before she knew it too.”

Hermione sat next to Ginny across from Ron and Harry. She noticed most of the boys looking at her more than usual, Ron noticed this too and he glared at them.

Ginny smiled at Hermione, “I love your hair!”

“Thanks.” Hermione managed not to blush this time.

Harry smiled affectionately at Hermione, “You look great.”

Hermione returned his smile and noticed that Ron’s face was rather red, “What’s with you?”

“Nothing.” Ron dug his face deeper into his breakfast.

Hermione just rolled her eyes and ate her breakfast.


All day long, Draco had spent most of the day watching Hermione, (along with most of the other boys) and trying to decide how to get the potion into her drink without her suspecting anything.

When dinner came around, neither Draco or Blaise wanted to eat; they were too busy watching the first year that they had “recruited” for their plan. Draco spotted the tiny boy walking to the Great Hall and he and Blaise pulled the kid into an empty classroom and proceeded to threaten him if he didn’t help them. Little Benjamin agreed to it simply because he wanted to live. Draco drank half of the potion and then gave the rest of it to Ben with strict orders on what to do. About five minutes into the meal, Benjamin reached for a roll and “accidentally” knocked over Hermione’s glass of pumpkin juice.

“Oh, I’m sorry Hermione!” He said.

Hermione smiled, “It’s ok Ben. It was just an accident.”

Ben grabbed his glass that had been mixed with the potion and handed it to Hermione, “Here, take my glass.”

Hermione smiled, “No, it’s ok. I’m fine.”

Ben frowned and Hermione took the glass. He continued frowning, so Hermione took a drink, “Thank you Ben.”

Ben smiled weakly and looked over at the Slytherin table to Draco and Blaise who were smiling wickedly.

“Sweet dreams Granger.” Draco sneered.

Hermione took another sip of her drink and set it back down, completely oblivious to what was happening.

Harry and Ron had been silent through most of dinner and Hermione knew that she had held her grudge long enough, “Ok, if I forgive you guys for your stupidity, will you stop sulking?”

Harry and Ron both looked at Hermione and grinned, “Yes!” They said together.

Hermione smiled, “Ok, I forgive you for your stupidity.”

Harry put his fork down, “We were wrong Hermione. You are not boring; you are intelligent and sweet. You have a big heart and you are beautiful.”

Ron smiled, “Your new makeover helped with that.” Ron’s face went red, “I mean, you have always been attractive, it was just more…subtle until now.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “I know what you mean and thank you…both. It means a lot to me that you guys think all those things.”

Ginny glared at her brother and boyfriend, “You guys really are stupid….you have no idea what you’ve put Hermione through! She’s made a deal with…” Hermione smashed Ginny’s foot and she yelped, “Never mind.”

Harry and Ron exchanged confused looks and returned their concentrations to their dinner.

Ginny glared at Hermione, “Ow; that hurt!”

“Were you actually going to tell them about Malfoy?!” Hermione whispered viciously.

Ginny met her whisper, “I wasn’t thinking; sorry!”

“Well, it’s done for good. Things are getting out of hand.”

“What are you talking about?”


Ginny gasped, “You have a thing for Malfoy!”

Hermione stomped on Ginny’s foot again, “SHH! No, I don’t! It’s just getting too…heated between us. I mean, I know he’s only doing this because I am making him, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am a teenage girl and he is nauseatingly gorgeous. After dinner I am going to ends things…for good this time.”

“That’s what you said last time.”

Hermione glared at Ginny.

Harry turned his attention to the girls, “What are you two whispering about?”

“Girl stuff.” Ginny said.

Harry made a face like he had just sucked on a lemon, “Speaking of girl stuff and hormones…what’s with you and Malfoy?”

Hermione and Ginny exchanged knowing glances, “What are you talking about Harry?” Hermione gave him an annoyed look.

“Well, Ron may have never noticed but your transformation coincided with Malfoy suddenly taking an interest in you.”

Ginny laughed, “I think that’s the point Harry. She wants guys to notice her…even guys like Malfoy.”

“Relax Harry,” Hermione interrupted, “Nothing is going on with me and Malfoy; I’m not that stupid.”

Ginny grinned at Hemione’s words but kept her mouth shut. Maybe Hermione couldn’t see it yet, but Ginny knew better; Sooner or later, Hermione was going to be head over heels for a certain bad boy.


After dinner, Hermione was walking to Dumbledore’s office when she heard footsteps behind her, “Do you really have to sneak around Malfoy?” She hissed

Draco fell in step with her, “It’s more fun.”

“Maybe for you.”

“That’s the point Granger, I thought you were supposed to be smart.” Draco smirked.

“Speaking of smart and what isn’t…it’s over; for good this time. The lessons that you’ve been giving me have really helped, but I think it would be best if we stopped.”

“Why is that?”

Hermione wasn’t about to tell Draco the truth as to why she wanted to stop; his ego was already too big, “Well, what more is there for me to learn? Besides, Harry and Ron have been on my case about what’s going on between us and I am really getting tired of having to explain myself.”

“That’s why you want to stop…because Potter and Weasel keeping bugging you?”

“That’s not the only reason.”

“I know why you want to stop.”

“Oh really? Please enlighten me.”

“I haven’t forgotten about that little kiss.”

“That was part of our lessons Malfoy…nothing more.”

“You’re falling for me.”

Hermione laughed out loud, “You are seriously deluded Malfoy.”

Draco abruptly stopped walking and grabbed Hermione’s arm to stop her also. He backed her into the wall and stood towering above her but didn’t say a word. He just stared her down, daring her to look away. The fact that they were sharing air at such a close proximity had Hermione concentrating on keeping her breathing as normal as possible. She couldn’t let Draco know that he was right…sort of. She wasn’t falling for him emotionally; but falling for him physically, well that was another story. She looked up at him defiantly, waiting for him to do what he was going to do; kiss her, hit her, laugh in her face, whatever. She just wanted him to get on with it already. Draco continued to stare at her for a minute, then he simply backed off and continued walking towards Dumbledore’s office.

“Ok, if you think I’ve taught you all I can, then I guess there is no reason to continue. Although you did end it once before and then you had a change of heart.” Draco said.

Hermione stayed against the wall for a minute, not sure what had just happened. She heard Draco’s voice and she snapped out of it and followed him down the hall, “Yes, but there was more for me to…learn. I think I have learned all I can this time.”

“Suit yourself; it gets me off the hook anyway.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “I knew you’d see it my way.”

They stopped walking when they came to the door leading to Dumbledore’s office.

“Peppermint Twizzies” Hermione said.

The portrait swung open and the two went inside. Dumbledore was sitting at his desk with a pleasant smile on his.

“Good evening.” Dumbledore motioned for Draco and Hermione to sit down.

They returned his greeting at took their seats across from him.

“I have asked you here to inform you that we will be having a Christmas dance. I have discussed it with the rest of the faculty and we all agreed that you students deserve this. This dance is going to be for fifth years and up; the younger years will be getting an extra trip to Hogsmeade. I’m telling you both before I announce it to the school because I would like you two to plan it.”

Hermione and Draco exchanged a look.

“It should be relatively easy but if you have any problems or concerns, feel free to come to me. The dance will be on December fourteenth; that should give you plenty of time to get everything in order. Are there any questions?”

“Can we use magic for the decorations?” Hermione asked.

“You can use magic to help you, but try to do as much as you can by yourselves. Anything else?”

The students shook their heads.

“Alright then; have a good night.” Dumbledore smiled.

Draco and Hermione left his office and Draco swore, “What the bloody Hell do I know about planning a dance?!”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “It can’t be that difficult Malfoy; find a band, get the food, make some decorations. Dumbledore said we could use magic to help.”

“Fine, then you can handle it.”

Hermione scoffed, “Oh no you don’t Malfoy; you are not sticking me with all the work. We are going to meet every Thursday night until this damn dance is planned!”

Draco smirked, “You just can’t get enough of me can you?”

Hermione actually snorted, “Do you ever get tired of being so full of yourself?”

“Would you rather be full of me?” Draco smiled at his own joke.

It took a minute for Hermione to catch on and then she wrinkled her nose, “Ugh; you are disgusting.”

“I thought is was rather clever.”

“Yes, I suppose you would; goodnight Malfoy.”


The heat woke Hermione and she sat up in her bed at looked at her clock; it was two A.M. She could feel the sweat on her body so she got out of bed and decided to go to the common room to cool off because there was more air. She got downstairs and opened the first window she found. She stuck her head out and took a deep breath, feeling better instantly. She felt a breeze and stuck her head out a little further.

“Planning on jumping?” The familiar drawl came from behind.

Hermione stifled back a scream and spun around to find Draco with his usual smirk plastered to his face.

“What the Hell are you doing sneaking up on me!?” She whispered furiously.

Draco sat on the edge of a chair, “I was here first Granger. I was doing some last minute homework because I couldn’t sleep. You came storming down the stairs and practically threw yourself out the window. Maybe I should have stayed quiet…looked like you were about to jump.”

Hermione glared at him, “It was too stuffy upstairs. I needed some air; that’s all. Why are you doing homework at two o’ clock on a Friday night?”

“So I won’t have to work on it this weekend. I can leave my schedule open for more…stimulating activity.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “I don’t want to know.” She was trying really hard to ignore the fact that Draco was only wearing a pair of dark green sweat pants. As much as she hated to, she had to admit that he was definitely easy on the eyes. She shook her head and looked away.

Draco smiled, “You seem to be living up to your new makeover.” He said as he checked out her sleeping attire.

Hermione was sporting a dark red tank top with matching shorts that barely went to her mid thighs. Hermione put her hands on her hips and glared at Draco, “Well it was either this or I sleep naked. Thanks to you I no longer have any modest clothes.”

“Don’t tell me you don’t love the attention you’ve been getting.” Draco got up from the chair and started walking towards her.

Hermione laughed softly, “It’s definitely different.”

“So you don’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Then what are you saying?”

“I’m just not used to the attention; it’ll take some time to get used to it.”

Draco was now standing directly in front of her, “You didn’t answer my original question.” 

Hermione glared at him for a second, “Ok, fine; of course I like the attention. What girl in her right mind wouldn’t?”

“There is hope for you yet Granger.”

Draco stopped a foot or so in front of her, “You know, there was one key thing that we never covered in our lessons.”

“Oh yea; what’s that?”


Hermione froze.

“Am I wrong?” Draco asked.

“No…kissing is important. I just don’t think it’s a very good idea.”

Draco smirked, “Why is that?”

“It’s two in the morning.”


When Hermione didn’t respond, Draco smiled, “Are you sure it’s not because you have a thing for me?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “There you go again, being full of yourself.”

“Well if that’s the case, then kissing me shouldn’t bother you. I can assure you Granger, you could be the hottest girl alive but if you can’t kiss worth a damn, boys won’t look at you twice.”

Hermione sighed; he had a point; “Well, I kissed you the other day.”

“For like two seconds; and it wasn’t very good.”

Hermione glared at Draco, “Fine, but it’s just another lesson.”

Draco smiled, “Absolutely.”

Hermione hesitantly closed the gap between them, “So, do I just kiss you and you tell me if it was good, or what?”

Draco grinned, “You honestly have no idea what you are doing do you?”

Hermione glared at Draco and turned to leave so her grabbed her arm and pulled her into him, connecting his lips with hers. He kissed her once, lightly and softly.

“Prove to me that you know what you’re doing.” He murmured against her lips.

The truth was, Hermione had no idea what she was doing, but she couldn’t let Draco know that. So, she closed her eyes and kissed him. Once, twice, timidly; Hermione could actually feel the bordem in Draco’s response. Half of Hermione’s inner voice was screaming for her to just go for it and the other half was screaming for her to stop. The half screaming ‘Go for it’ won out and Hermione deepened the kiss. She ever so slightly grazed her tongue over his lower lip and he very slowly opened his mouth like he was daring her. She slipped her tongue in and found his and they immediately started fighting for dominance. Draco wrapped his arms around her waist and his hands came to rest under her shirt, just above her ass. Hermione could feel his skin burning into hers and a very small moan escaped the back of her throat. They were standing next to the table that had a small clutter of books and parchments on it; Draco backed her up until the back of her knees hit the table. He reached behind her and shoved everything onto the floor and lifted her up and sat her on the table as far back as he could and he climbed up there with her, never once breaking lip contact. Hermione gasped when she felt the cold table against her back. Draco’s hand slid down her stomach and he dipped his hand into her shorts and over her panties….

Hermione bolted upright out of bed and looked around wildly for a second before she realized where she was. She was breathing hard and fast and she had to tell herself to calm down. Hermione could feel her clothes sticking to her skin from sweating so she got up and changed into clean pajamas. Hermione plopped down onto her bed again.

“What the Hell was that?” The images of her dream were running through her mind and she could feel her skin heating up.

“Ugh, I need to take a walk or something to calm down.”

Hermione grabbed her robe and put it on as she left her room. She was half way down the stairs when she saw a light on in the common room. She stopped dead and peered down to see if Draco was there. Sure enough, Draco was sprawled out on the chair by the bookcase with a book in his lap. She looked closer and noticed that he was completely zonked out. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just green pajama bottoms and instantly the dream started flooding Hermione’s mind again. She shivered and decided against taking a walk. She went back up to her room and shut the door. Downstairs, Draco opened his eyes when he heard Hermione shut her door. He was beyond pleased with himself for the way the dream had turned out. He had decided to end the dream there because there wasn’t much more that could have happened before they had reached the point of no return; not to mention that Draco was getting closer and closer every second to dragging Hermione out of bed and making her dream a reality. She had no idea what effect she really had on men and Draco was finally starting to see it. He couldn’t wait to see how Hermione would act towards him the next day, but he knew it would be interesting.

Draco got up and put the book away before heading to the bathroom. He knew that if there was any way at all that he was going to sleep that night, he needed to take a very cold shower.



Wow, thanks so much for all the great reviews!

I am not sure where I am going to start the next chapter, so once I figure that out, I’ll get started! Hopefully you guys won’t have to wait too long….




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