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Changing by Amais
Chapter 1 : Prelude
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Dsiclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

Dear Ms. Granger,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted to the Beaubaxton’s University of Explorative Sorcery.
Your wishes to partake in the following courses have been accepted: 

-Diagnostic Magic (Healing sub-course) 
-Magical beings
-Magical Creatures 

During the period of your study at B.U.E.S. you will be provided with on campus housing. Your scholarship; Academic Witches, will cover all costs pertaining to courses, housing and accommodations. Please bear in mind that this scholarship will not, under any circumstances allow for cover for accommodations should you choose to house off campus.
The starting term begins on September 1st, an international portkey will be provided at platform nine and three quarters, seek out Minerva McGonagall aboard the Hogwarts Express before eleven o’clock so you may arrive at the appropriate destination.

Sincerely Yours,
Rose-Mary Leonides
Beaubaxton’s University of Explorative Sorcery, Headmistress, Paris

The following is the required book list for Ms. Hermione Granger, in her attendance to B.E.U.S. 

-Medical Magic by Aldabert Waffling
-Diagnostic Spells and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
-Healing Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore
-Magical Creatures by Newt Scamander
-Magical Beings by Newt Scamander
Please have the required book list before the start of term so as to keep schedule with your upcoming courses. 

‘This is wicked Hermione! You got it! I mean, you really did it, you’re going to France! I’m so happy for you!” A vibrantly red headed girl squealed and jumped up and down with an equally excited curled brown headed girl. 

‘Oh Merlin Ginny I know! Can you believe it! Harry and Ron are going to Auror Training at the London University; your finishing your final year...It’s all just so surreal.’ Hermione finished on a sigh. 

Ginny looked up sharply, ‘What was Ron’s reaction? I mean was he upset you’re going so far away?’ Ginny asked with a note of friendliness in her voice. 

Hermione fidgeted slightly and twisted her fingers together, not meeting Ginny’s eyes.
‘You haven’t told him have you?’ Ginny said in an amused tone. 

Hermione immediately got on the offensive, ‘He can’t stop me from going, I mean I know we really like each other and everything, but this is my life I don’t want to spend my life as a housewife wondering about a thousand ‘what if’s’ I want to make something of myself, I want to make a contribution! And if Ron can’t accept that than too bad! I have the chance to go and study at one of the most prestigious schools for magical healing in Europe. If we had been together for a long period of time, and I was sure he was the love of my life, I would settle for second best, I’d stay in England. Actually I’m lying, I wouldn’t, If he were, he’d wait for me, but as it is, we’ve only been dating a few months, I mean it took him a life or death situation, and he still didn’t tell me how he felt, I kissed him, I’m truly sorry, but no one is going to budge me on this’.
Hermione finished her speech with heavy panting and pink flushed cheeks. 

Ginny looked on with her mouth hanging slightly open. Slowly she got up and placed a hand on one of Hermione’s heaving shoulders. ‘Hermione, after what you just said, if you did anything otherwise than go to that school, I would hex you into next year and scream like a banshee till you left for France in fear of going deaf’. 

Hermione had tears in her eyes and hugged Ginny in a tight embrace but unbeknownst to both of them, there was a certain gangly red head and scruffy black haired boy, listening just beyond their vision on the stairs. 

Harry clapped Ron on the shoulder in a comforting Gesture, ‘Mate you knew she was trying to get into that school, ever since she took her NEWT’s a few months ago, she’s been ranting about that school. It was inevitable that she would get in, bloody hell; it was inevitable that she’d get the bloody scholarship for that school. You knew that. You can’t let this get to you’. 

Ron was silent, for a moment, then he slowly slumped down stairs, his refusal to comment told Harry to back off and leave it alone. 

Draco looked down at his acceptance letter, He’d gotten in. He would be starting first string seeker for the London University of Magical Opportunities and Sorcery, quidditch team. 

‘What is it Draco?’ A tall and elegant woman with long flowing blonde hair asked him from across the table at what appeared to be breakfast. 

‘I got into L.U.M.O.S. starting first string seeker’ Draco said this with a sigh.
Lucius Malfoy sat across from Draco, hidden behind a copy of the prophet; slowly he dropped it and looked at his son, ‘Are you sure Draco? You’re mother and I could invest in a quidditch team for you if it means that much to you, as happy as I am that you’re continuing you’re education at the London University, I would much prefer if you were majoring in something other than quidditch, Magical Philosophy perhaps? Or Progressive Potions, you were always good at potions.’ 

Draco looked his father in the eye, ‘I want to do what I want not what someone else wants.’ 

Lucius observed his son before the slightest hint of a warm smile broke out at the corners of his lips. ‘I should hope so Draco, but please do put your mother and I at ease and at least take some constructive courses, business studies would be good, you’ll have to have some knowledge in the subject if you intend to follow in the family business once you retire from your quidditch.’ 

Draco looked from his father to his mother, and sat in silent observation for several minutes before he smirked slightly, ‘If it would appease you. I planned on taking Magical Philosophy anyway so that Blaise might have some company.’ 

Draco gave them a brief smile, and bent his head to continue reading his letter, at which point both senior Malfoy’s exchanged looks of mild relief.
But just as quickly as they came they left at the antagonized groan that came from across the table, and the thumping of their sons head on the table.
‘What is it Draco?’ Lucius asked him curiously.

Draco looked up and spoke as if the words had pained him, ‘The quidditch players have to reside on campus!’ Narcissa and Lucius exchanged looks before Narcissa spoke up.
‘What do you mean, dear?’ she asked. 

‘I’ll have to stay in the dorms! Who knows what forsaken unmentionables I will have to share a commons with? I thought I had escaped this after I finished at Hogwarts!’ 

‘I promise to write as often as I can’ Hermione hugged Harry and Ginny tightly. 

Hermione looked over to Harry with questioning eyes, ‘He’s not coming Hermione. I’m sorry he’s being such a bloody tosser, I’ve tried talking to him, but he just starts yelling. Don’t worry though he’ll come round. You’re going to visit for Christmas, Yeah?’ 

Hermione bit her lip, ‘If I can. I promise I will try, I just don’t know how hard this is going to be yet.’ 

Ginny started to giggle and Hermione looked back affronted. Calming herself Ginny explained, ‘Hermione, if anyone can get their work done before it’s even given out, it’s you. Don’t worry; you’re going to do fine.’ 

I've alreay written the first half of this story, it's deffinately a Veela fic,  it was something I just couldn't get out of my head. If you're readingmy other story, I'm sorry for not updating I'm just havving a pretty hard time with it. Please reveiw constructive criticism is welcome. xoxo Amais

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Changing: Prelude


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