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Late Night Torments by violet_feather_quill
Chapter 1 : Late Night Torments
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Everything, of course, belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Late Night Torments

Lily Evans was never the sort to walk about Hogwarts castle in the dead of night with absolutely no rational reason at all. Tonight, however, she could be found in an absolute strop, stomping angrily towards the school kitchens. Onward she marched, her best friend Philippa Watson keeping up just behind her, until she reached a painting of a bowl of fruit. Hastily, she tickled the canvas where sat a rounded pear. No sooner than it had giggled softly had Lily savagely leapt into the chamber hidden by the swinging portrait.

‘Care you to explain any of this?’ said Pippa from behind her, her frustration very poorly hidden. ‘Really Lily, you look a right mess. What’s this all about?’

‘Potter,’ she growled, her feet planted to the spot and her entire body rigid with tension.

‘Potter? You must be joking!’ was Pippa’s exasperated reply. ‘What could he have possibly done to you at this hour when he wasn’t even—’

‘Potter,’ Lily began as an intense heat began to spread from the pit of her stomach, but she couldn’t finish, not this time.

Realization dawned on Pippa, her eyes shining with mirth. ‘You’ve had another dream, then?’ she said, her lips twisting into a wicked grin. ‘Go on, where?’

‘Prefects bathroom,’ Lily scowled. ‘In the tub, on the floor, against the wall, everywhere, over and over and over again,’ she continued, dangerously close to hysterics. ‘I need chocolate,’ she said, remembering why she was there in the first place.

‘Chocolate’s an aphrodisiac, it won’t help.’

‘Chocolate cures a multitude of ills.’

‘Fabulous dream sex hardly qualifies.’

Just then, as though the entire kitchen had heard them, an unusually small house elf approached them from the shadows, her large, utterly confused eyes gazing up at two figures before her.

‘Where did sir go?’ she asked, struck with curiously.

‘What?’ said Lily, her thought process delayed in her frustration. Then she saw the heavy load of chocolates resting on the elf’s tray. ‘You’re wonderful,’ she cried breathlessly. Lily made a grab at the tray, her eyes transfixed. The house elf looked at her peculiarly, and perhaps a bit fearfully, before hesitantly sweeping into a low bow. Evidently, she’d had very little exposure to hysteria in her years serving Hogwarts.

‘Please misses, please call on Twinkie should misses want anything more,’ she said before turning back toward the shadows and gazing about unusually on her way out.

‘I think you’ve frightened her,’ said Pippa once Twinkie had left.

‘I’m busy,’ Lily said, popping a chocolate into her mouth.

‘You’re over stimulated is what you are.’

‘Would you be so kind as to enjoy this less?’ snapped Lily.

‘I wouldn’t dream of it, love. So how was it?’ Pippa countered, grabbing a chocolate for herself.

‘I am not thinking about dream sex right now, I am thinking about chocolate,’ Lily grimaced, though the growing heat in the pit of her stomach spread further. Chocolate, that would distract her; it was sweet and smooth and it melted in her mouth. Savouring the taste, she closed her lids, seeing herself in her mind’s eye, licking chocolate from her lips, and then from the bare chest of James Potter.

‘You look like you could climax just thinking about him.’

‘You are most unhelpful.’ Lily sulked into a chair and popped another chocolate into her mouth.

‘Quite the contrary, I think,’ said Pippa, all levity now gone from her speech. ‘Lily Evans, you quite clearly are agonizingly attracted to James Potter, yet you go about as if you were revolted by him.’ Lily opened her mouth to protest. ‘And you obviously are not revolted by him. Stop trying to interrupt; it’s rude. You fancy him,’ she continued matter-of-factly, ‘and after tomorrow, you’ll have only one last year to do anything about it. What’s more Lily, is that you’re intuitive enough to know you’re going to end up with him. And do you know what’s more?’ Pippa said, as if daring Lily to challenge her. ‘I think that deep down you know you want to end up with him. You just need to adjust into your new, less disgusted approach to dating Potter with a bit more grace. Now stop pouting about incredible dream sex and give the poor bloke a chance. Surrender to your more primal instincts,’ she added in after thought.

‘Are you suggesting I fuck James Potter against a wall?’ cried Lily in outrage. She then stopped, struck by the though.

That would be, well, that would be—


She moaned and bit into another chocolate. ‘I must be ovulating.’


Shortly thereafter, James Potter sat in his bed, his invisibility cloak stored safely away in his trunk. His arms were crossed behind his head, his eyes closed blissfully. Of course, she had eaten his chocolate, but he could forgive her of that, he thought with a stupid smirk. Fucked against a wall by Lily Evans…

That would be, well, that would be…

James’s grin deepened as he mentally did things to Lily Evans that would give her needs of the worse kind for chocolates. Beneath his proud smirk, however, roared a long ago extinguished flame of hope, newly lit.


Thanks for reading everyone! This is meant to be part of the first chapter of another story I'm working on, but I thought it'd make a nice one-shot. I hope you enjoyed it, and please leave a review!

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Late Night Torments: Late Night Torments


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