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I watch you by recordgeek
Chapter 1 : I watch you
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You don't know it Harry Potter, but I am watching you, every move you make , I am there. I am breathing on you as you drop your pen and go to pick it up. I am there in potions class when you mess up on your assignment. I was there on your first adventure watching you, I was watching you when you first found the sorcerer's stone. I am not always so sure if you are going to be all right . I get worried and hold in my breath as each day goes by,that maybe he will be out there plotting and making desperate trys to kill you . Are you all right Harry Potter? I don't know if you can answer back, are you lonesome? I watch you cry in bed at night. I feel like I caused you so much pain, like I should be there right now stroking your shoulder, and telling you it wasn't your fault. I watch you as you grow older, and become so much wiser.

I know you feel my presence. When you are in a hallway, and all alone I watch you shudder in the deep cold darkness, that can chill you to the bone if you aren't watching. The dark can be such an awful place, a place without windows that catches you like you are its prey, and darkness is the beast. You know I am there . Yes you sure do. You must feel akward though Harry potter, you must feel like you are the only one in the world who feels like you do, but you are wrong.

Don't feel bad when yoy shout in the darkness
"where are you , please take me with you "
Sometimes I feel the same way .
I don't think anyone could answer that!

You must be wondering who I am

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