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A Martyr for you by looneyleeleelovegood
Chapter 27 : A Wasted Struggle
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Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Harry Potter, that all belongs to the beautiful J.K Rowling.

‘Draco’ Severus tilted his head. His grasp on his wand tightened as he saw that Draco was not alone. At either flank he had a handful of his fellow Death eaters, falling into rank behind him.

Draco stepped forward, and the others followed in perfect synchronization.

‘And to whom do I owe the pleasure for organising such a party’ Severus sneered sarcastically.

Draco smiled ‘I told you I would be watching Severus, you should know by now that I am a man of my word’

As they all stood in the candlelight, Severus saw now, each of the Death eaters that had followed Draco tonight. To his left stood Rodolfo, Yaxley and Greyback. And to his right stood Bellatrix, heaving excitedly, and Dolohov.

They moved in on Severus, forcing him into a corner of the kitchen.

‘Why Severus, what on earth is the matter?’ Draco sang.

Severus began to roll his wand in his tight palm.

‘A finely selected group you have here Draco, hand chosen I dare say, they will be performing tricks with a click of your fingers next’ Severus knew there was a small chance of escape now, but Hermione was safe in the room, they couldn’t get to her.

‘You never were one to get your hands dirty, were you boy’ Severus added.

Draco laughed and the others shuffled around him, as though the sound of it had set a sudden nervousness in their stomachs.

‘Your perfectly right Severus, I did pick them, the best of us all I would say. Ones that would risk their necks to pull you off of your pedestal, onto the dirt beneath our feet where you belong’ Draco replied.

It was only now that Severus realized that Draco’s pack had lost one of its numbers. Greyback had gone. Severus’s breath hitched ever so slightly, but still, Draco caught on.

‘It seems Greyback has fulfilled his purpose’ he said ‘I am interested to know what company you have been keeping Severus, whoever it is has sent Greyback into such a frenzy I’m sure he will never be able to control himself’

Severus’s nerve had reached the end of its tether, and the sudden threat forced him to act.

He threw a stunning spell at Draco that he knew would be blocked the moment it passed his wand.

Bellatrix blocked it non-verbally, re-bounding it back at Severus, who ducked and shielded his head as it hit the brick wall behind him.

‘Now now Severus, if you don’t play nicely…we will have to put you in the corner, all alone, in the dark’ she hissed, smiling sweetly.

‘There is nothing to fear by being alone, and there is nothing in the darkness that wasn’t once there in the light, Bella. Do not humour me with witless threats, it only shows us how pathetically tactless you really are’ Severus bit back.

Bella’s eyes bulged suddenly with rage, her lip curled sadistically and she raised her wand, but Draco stopped her. A simple raising of the hand was enough.

‘Hush, my dear aunt’ he whispered ‘you won’t have to wait long, you can play with Severus for as long as you want when we are back at the manor, you can- ARGH!’

Draco was cut off, while he was distracted with his words Severus had chosen the time to act defensively and he slashed his wand through the air, cutting Draco’s cheek with an invisible dagger.

As Draco staggered Severus stunned Yaxley who fell to the floor, Bellatrix skipped out of the way of the jinx meant for her and Severus ran at them. With a desperate hope that the gap he had made was enough to enable his escape, Hermione would be safer where she was than with him at this very moment.

But as he passed into the hall a strong set of hands pushed him roughly so that he crashed into the hallway wall, cracking his head on the floor. He struggled on his knee’s to get to his feet, but those same pair of hands pulled him back into the kitchen.

The arms, that he found belonged to Dolohov, held him still with his hands locked behind his back. Yaxley had got up from the floor, and as he walked towards them he pulled all of his weight back in his arms and sunk a fist into Severus’s gut.

The force of it knocked the air from his lungs; he had no time to recover fro the first punch before a series of others were pummeled into him too. Leaving him gagging and gasping for oxygen.

His right eye suddenly stung with heavy flowing droplets of blood, spilling from the gash on his head

‘Now Severus’ Draco said roughly, letting the blood spill from his face ‘lets see what Greyback has found shall we’

If Severus had the air to speak, he would have told Draco to just take him, take him away now and spare himself the search. Severus knew that Draco was no fool, that there was a chance he could find Hermione in here, all he could hope for was Draco’s empathy…what ever was left of it.

They entered the front room, where Greyback was salivating by the book case, the sound of their footsteps set a territorial growl in his throat.

‘Well Greyback?’ Draco spat as Yaxley and Antonin dragged Severus through the door.

Greyback’s eyes rolled has he breathed through his nose.

‘They’re here, still here, that smell… peaches and cream’ he licked his lips and wheezed a laugh.

‘By the book case?’ Draco asked.

Greyback moved his hand over the spines on the volumes, his long yellow nails scratching the covers. He turned to Draco and whispered ‘In…the bookcase’

‘Come, Come Severus, tell us all what you have been hiding’ Draco said coolly ‘We’re all friends after all, a secret can be shared between friends’

‘I’m hiding…nothing’ he gasped.

Bellatrix swept to his side and smacked him hard across the face. She wiped her hand on the petticoat she wore beneath her robes, a bright red handprint smudged on the white silk. His head was now bleeding quite heavily.

‘Lying will get you nowhere’ Draco said smirking ‘I will give you one last chance to tell us Severus, before I suggest another method for telling the truth. Now, what have you been hiding?’ he asked again.

Severus fixed him with a cold stare; nothing could break his steely composure.

‘I am hiding nothing’ he said once more, his words stronger this time. He braced himself for Bellatrix’s knee that was coming fast to crush into his chest. The wind was blown out of his lungs again and he gasped desperately for air, unable to suck any in.

Draco clucked his tongue impatiently; he looked at his Uncle and gave one nod of his head.

Rodolfo nodded back and pulled a small vial from the inside of his robes. He walked to Severus and tapped the glass with his finger, disturbing the clear liquid inside. Severus began to breathe only to start struggling, he would never be able to fight Veritaserum, no one could, what chance did he have.

Rodolpho popped the small cork and grasped Severus’s throat, holding him still, he poured the contents of it down his gullet. Severus choked on the last drop and jerked his head out of Rodolpho’s grasp. But it was too late.

‘Did you think you were the only one that could brew such a potion Severus’ Draco smiled ‘you forget that you were my potions master once, how ironic it is that the tables now have turned. And the student has become the master’

Severus looked over the boy, the man that had grown up to cause such unspeakable pain.

‘Now, Severus, what is so special about this book case?’

‘There’s a room…’ he tried so desperately not to say it, he strained his throat to stop it moving, he held his breath, he clenched his teeth ‘there is a room hidden behind it’ he pulled against the two holding him, unable to stop the words.

Draco smiled, the scars on his face wrinkling. He turned to the bookcase and passed his wand over their covers.

‘I see’ he whispered ‘and which of these volume’s opens the door?’

Fresh sweat broke over Severus’s face, he felt the back of his mouth contract with the need to vomit.

“Ancient methods of… secret suppression” he choked ‘by Gaurath Gurangly’

Draco smiled and flicked his wand at the book case, volumes began to fling themselves from the shelves, slamming against the walls and falling loudly to the dusty floor. The only book left was the Gurangly’s.

Draco tapped its spine sharply with his wand, and watched in admiration as the secrecy charm broke, and the wall was cut invisibly with three lines into the face of a large door, they gasped as they looked upon the stony surface of the door face and it opened just a crack.

Severus could not stop the sudden rapid rate of his heartbeat, which in turn triggered the quickness of his breath.

Draco opened the door slightly more, and the widest of grins passed his lips.

‘Oh Severus’ he chided as he turned to face him ‘I have to commend you on your taste, even if she is a little mudblood. But I suppose you like mudblood’s, don’t you’ Severus began to thrash against Yaxley and Dolohov.

‘Whoever thought such a beauty would ever fall for you’ Draco said.

‘Draco!’ Severus pleaded ‘You have a choice, Draco; you don’t have to do this!’

Bellatrix kicked him hard, this time in the gut, silencing him. Greyback moved hungrily towards the room, but Draco held up his hand, signaling him to stop.

‘Get him back to the manor, I will follow shortly’ Draco ordered.

‘But Draco, we should-’ Dolohov started.

‘Do as I say!’ Draco spat ‘I will be along shortly’ he looked through the opening once more and smiled ‘I would like to have a chat alone with the young beauty’ he hissed as he opened the door fully and walked inside.

‘SEVERUS!’ Hermione screamed from the depths of the room, the sound went through him like a thousand steel splinters.

‘No!’ he shouted in one last desperate attempt, Bellatrix kicked him again, this time under the jaw, snapping his head back.

Blackness descended over him as the others dragged him out in to the rain, they reached the pavement and spun in one synchronized movement, vanishing with a bolt of lightening.

Hello there everyone, is it just me or has this last week seemed to have gone painfully slow? Anyway, here we are, another chapter, and yes i'm afraid another cliff-hanger, I do like to keep you all on your toes after all.

The hugest of thank you's to all of you that have reviewed, and especially my top reviewers without which my inspiration would definatly have run dry by now! You know who you all are!

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A Martyr for you: A Wasted Struggle


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