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World War III by weasley_gang
Chapter 12 : Sneaky People
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Disclaimer: I don’t own any character you may recognise. They all belong to J.K. Rowling. Lyrics Belong to Metro Station from their song ‘Kelsey’.

Previously on WWIII:

“I’ll see you there then.” Rose nodded, and stepped away from him. “Be at the Entrance Hall at 11.”

She turned and ran out of the passageway, glancing back once before turning the corner. Scorpius was left with a giddy smile on his face.

Rose woke up on Saturday sighing unhappily before a few memories came flooding into her head. A smile automatically lit up her face and she cheerfully danced out of bed.


She twirled around the room and lit the heater in the middle of the room with a match instead of her wand, all with a massive grin on her face. A hum slid up her throat with a tune in her head.


All of a sudden she was grabbing her towel and singing in the shower at the top of her voice.


“So don’t let anyone scare you, you know that I’ll protect you always. Through the thick and thin, until the end. You better watch it, you know you don’t cross it because, I’m always here for you, and I’ll be here for you.” Rose sang, belting out a tune to one of her favourites.


The bathroom door had swung open while she was singing and slammed shut.


“I love that song!” Autumn said. She sang the next few lines, but her voice was timid next to Rose’s tunes.


“I hate that song!” Sal’s shrill morning voice cracked the good mood of the duo.


“Die Sal!” Rose said melodramatically washing off. “That’s a classic! That’s like saying the Beatles were druggies!”


“They were!” Sal said, a toothbrush hindering her clear words.


“No!” Rose said. “The Monkeys were druggies… I think.”


“Why are you in such a good mood, anyway?” Sal said sourly after she had spat.


“It’s Hogsmeade day today.” Rose said chirpily.


Dawning reached both Sal and Autumn’s face. “Excellent!” Autumn declared. “This is going to be so much fun!”


Rose stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her. She gave Autumn and Sal a look. “What do you mean ‘we’?”


Autumn looked crestfallen. “We’re not helping you get ready?”


“N-” Rose caught herself when she saw the sad overly-exaggerated looks of hurt and upset on her friends faces. She sighed heavily. “Alright then. You can help me get ready… but only a little!”


That was all the encouragement her friends needed.




Scorpius gulped as he stood nervously in the Entrance Hall. It was 10:55 and his friends were standing across the hall leaning against a wall, watching him.


Where was Rose? He knew she had said 11, but some part of him hoped she would show up early rather then on time.


Another agonising three minutes later she showed up – looking breathtakingly beautiful. Even though she was wrapped up to brace the unnatural cold for this time of year, her porcelain skin glowed. Her mad red hair was swinging wild – for once – and left a trail behind her.


He couldn’t help the idiotic smile coming to his face when he caught sight of her. Trying to crush the smile so he didn’t look stupid, he ended up with an oddly distorted looking and feeling face. He gave up and grinned broadly.


“Hi.” She said breathlessly.


Words caught in his throat, almost choking him of air. “Hi.” He managed to breathe out.


She let out a small smile. “Shall we go?”


Scorpius could only manage to nod enthusiastically.


Way across the hall three boys were standing there, gob smacked.


“No –”


“Effing –”




They all exchanged glances. “He’s fallen for her!” Bill said.


“Na duh, Sherlock.” Ed said sarcastically.


“What do you boys say we have a little fun?” Jay said an evil smile darkening his handsome features.


“I’m liking the sound of that.” Ed laughed.


“Guys.” Bill said hesitantly. “He actually likes her.”


Jay shot him a glare. Noticing that that wasn’t working, he shrugged his arm around Bill. “Buddy. Just look at the way he was looking at Weasley. He’s a walking, flashing neon sign saying ‘PRANK ME!’”


Bill sighed. “Alright. But I refuse to take any rap for this! Whatsoever!”


Jay and Ed exchanged glances. “OK, fine! We’ll take all the blame.” Ed said. “Just don’t abandon us. We’ll say we brought you by threat.”


Bill smirked and leant forward. “So what are we doing?”


At the other end of the Hall, two girls and one boy had their names ticked off the list and were out in the snow.


“This is our every right!” Autumn demanded.


“You really think I want to be spending Hogsmeade following my friend and their date?” Marsh said sourly.


“If you want you want your Christmas money back, then yeah!” Autumn said shaking her pocket so the Galleons jingled together.


Sal chuckled at the exchange, shaking her head. “But is this necessary?”


“Rose can become an idiot, we all know that. Remember that time that cute guy was about to ask her out and then she started cracking jokes about some chick called Mary and her lamb?” Marsh said.


Sal laughed. “And then she went on to go crazy saying Mary contracted emphysema and got her foot amputated.”


“Huh?” Autumn and Marsh said in unison.


“You weren’t there? This was after he’d walked away. It’s funny because as far as I know I don’t think you get anything amputated when you get emphysema.”


Autumn and Marsh were still clueless.


“OK, let’s stalk Rose!” Sal changed the subject, seeing no fun in laughing by herself.




“So where to?” Rose asked, glancing up from the snow trodden ground to Scorpius.


“Uh, anywhere.” Scorpius shrugged his shoulders. “You pick a place.”


“Not madam Puddifoot’s.” Rose said laughing. “I once went in there, thought it was pretty cool looking. Anyway it was karaoke day and I got booed off the stage. You can’t boo me off the stage. I am one of the best singers here.”


“Modest.” Scorpius scoffed.


“I am! Ask anyone.” Rose said. “I barely stop singing.”


“You love singing so much, how come I’ve never heard you sing?” Scorpius asked.


“I…” Rose started thinking of a reason. “I don’t know. I guess I only sing when I’m happy, and you haven’t exactly been a happy atmosphere for me – until now… sorta.”


“I’m going to make you sing. One day.” Scorpius said. “You just wait.” He joked.


“So have you got any hidden talents?” Rose changed the subject.


“Talent? Yes. Hidden? No.” Scorpius shook his head.


“Modest.” Rose smirked.


“Déjà vu.” Scorpius pointed out.


“Ah.” Rose nodded. “So what’s your talent?”


“Everyone knows. Quidditch.”


“Quidditch?” Rose said. “That’s it?”


He looked at her with mock hurt.


“I meant,” Rose retried. “Don’t you have a talent that’s so rare people get shocked?”


“Quidditch.” Scorpius insisted.


“But so many other people in this world are so talented by Quidditch.” Rose said. “I mean I know other people can sing but I doubt a lot have a voice like mine. Everyone’s voice is unique. I doubt everyone’s Quidditch skills are unique.”


Scorpius laughed. “You’re not listening. I am good at Quidditch, it’s my talent.”


“But –”


“Other people might be good at Quidditch, but I’m better.” Scorpius said.


“I found your talent.” Rose said laughing. “Your ego.”


“You’ve never watched me play?” Scorpius said still serious.


“I have at the Gryffindor – Slytherin games.” Rose nodded.


“But there you’re more focused on your Gryffindor team.” Scorpius said. “So you can’t have noticed what a good player I am.”


“You’re that serious that you’re that good?” Rose said surprised.


“Yes.” He insisted.


“OK.” Rose said nodding. “I’ll watch you the entire time during the next game.”


Scorpius smirked at that. Suddenly he felt uncomfortable prickles on the back of his neck. He whirled around to see a crowded street.


“What’s the matter?” Rose asked.


“Nothing.” Scorpius said shaking it out of his system. “You want to go to the 3rd Owl?”


“Sure.” Rose nodded and followed him into the coffee house.


Right next door to its parent shop, the 3rd Owl was part of the family business. Madam Rosmerta had married and when she’d come back from her honeymoon she had decided to open another shop more school children friendly that did not sell alcohol. Her 20-year-old daughter, Felicity Anderson, now manage the 3rd Owl, which was right next to the Three Broomsticks.


They strolled into the café and took a seat in a booth.


“What do you normally get?” Scorpius asked.


Rose blushed. “Chocolate milkshake.”


Scorpius raised an eyebrow.


“I don’t like tea or coffee.” Rose explained. “Their shakes are really good.”


“OK then.” Scorpius said. “Recommend me something.”


“Oh.” Rose said surprised. “Alright.” She glanced at the menu scanning it.




“This is utterly boring.” Marsh emphasized. Hidden in a corner of the 3rd Owl, he slouched in his booth while glaring daggers at Autumn.


“I’m out of here.” Sal agreed standing up. “I think I saw Sheryl and Dianne go into Weasley Wheezes.”


“I’m with you.” Marsh nodded and followed suit in standing up.


“No!” Autumn said almost jumping across the table to grasp Marsh and Sal’s arms. Sal was already out of reach and Autumn was left holding Marsh back. “Wait!”


“Love you, but you’re crazy.” Sal sauntered out of there.


Marsh began tugging on his arm. “Let me go.”


“No.” Autumn said indignantly. “You think I’m going to sit here alone and let them notice me? I need someone here with me.”


“Get Joey over here.” Marsh said carelessly pointing at the waiter. “He loves you.”


“No, he loves my sister and enjoys the fact that we look eerily similar.” Autumn insisted. With a tug Marsh fell back down in his chair. They both knew that if he really wanted to he could pull her off, but it would leave him with horrid nail marks in his arm.


Marsh sighed and dropped his head in his hands. “Do you really want to be doing this on one of our last Hogsmeade trips?”


“Why not?” Autumn asked. “Rose will no doubt screw this up, and I am pointlessly not entertained.”


A smirk graced his features. “I know something that could entertain us.”


Autumn glanced back at him. “Really? And that would be?”


He leant forward. “In private.”


Autumn stood up and pulled Marsh with her. They made their way into a secluded part of the woods. She sat down and Marsh sat down opposite her.


Her jaw dropped when Marsh pulled out a stack of cards.


“Do you know how to play poker?” Marsh asked.


Covering her disappointment, Autumn shook her head and Marsh started to deal the cards.




Jay glanced back at the couple exiting the 3rd Owl. “Excellent.”


“All ready.” Ed said approaching Jay from behind, smirking.


Jay shot him a glare.


Ed rolled his eyes irritatingly and added, “Boss.”


Jay made the look sharper.


Ed sighed aggravated. “Oh Genius of this Mastermind Plan which will make us Laugh To No Ends.”


Jay grinned and nodded. “All right. Let’s go.”


Bill wasn’t so sure morally about what they were doing but he knew it would be damn funny. Jay and Ed were now crouching next to him in the tiny space between the two buildings waiting for Rose and Scorpius to approach.


They were talking, and then Rose laughed – and stepped over the barrier. Before Scorpius took a step the three hidden boys pulled a string. Scorpius was too distracted to see it straighten out of the melting snow and fell over it.


The hill was on a steep downward slope, to Scorpius horror. After falling he grabbed whatever support he could to pull himself upright. That means he pulled Rose down with him.


Falling with alarming speed, they slid down the hill landing in a pile at the bottom, with Rose on top of him and Scorpius lying in the snow.


The snow had made her flush pink and a smile graced her lips. She burst into laughter, which reverberated into Scorpius, and he joined in.


After a few moments he got up and Rose straightened off him. “Are you alright?” He asked.


“Oh, I’m fine.” She said, still sparkling happily. “That was fun!”


Back at the top of the hill, three boys were swearing profusely.


“Damn it!” Ed said.


“I know!” Jay scowled. “He was meant to look like an idiot!”


“Maybe this was for the best.” Bill smiled. Two sharp glares shut him up.


“We need something new.” Ed said.


“Better.” Jay nodded.


“You know what?” Bill said. “I don’t want to. I’ll see you guys later.”


“You’re missing out, Bill!” Jay called after him.


Bill turned around and walked backwards. “No, I’m not!” He turned back around and crashed into a girl. “Oh, sorry!” He said as they fell to the ground.


He immediately got up and gave the girl a hand to pull herself up with. She looked familiar but he couldn’t place her.


“You look familiar.” She said taking his hand.


Bill must have met her if she thought so too. “I was thinking the same thing.” He held out his hand for her to shake. “Bill Howard.”


“You’re Scorpius’ friend!” The girl said. Bill’s heart sank. This one was actually pretty and she’d already gone out with Scorpius. She grinned brightly. “I’m Sal Wainwrights. Rose’s friend. We made that really pointless agreement about them getting together, remember? I didn’t particularly understand it, but what they hey.”


Bill laughed. “I remember that. That was really stupid, I doubt anyone really remembers.”


“You want to go get a drink?” She asked shyly.


Bill was surprised. “Of course. Sure.” He followed her to the café.




“This isn’t going to work.” He said.


“I know.” She sighed and rested her head against his shoulder. “Our families are too different. They’d never allow us to get together.”


“I love you.” He murmured against her hair. That hair he’d always loved.


She chuckled wiping away tears. “This is so Romeo and Juliet.”




“You know that famous muggle love story?” She asked. “By Shakespeare.”


“It sounds familiar.” He nodded.


“Read it.” She hugged him close. “It’s good.”


“I will. Just for you, my darl –”


“Professor McGonagall!”


McGonagall hit the remote and the black haired boy on the TV screen disappeared mid-sentence. She threw the curtain over her MagicTV. She knew the other teachers would pay her out in case they knew she was addicted to the soapie, ‘My Last Wand’.


“Wait there!” She disguised her voice while wiping away the tears that streamed down her face from the horribly sad TV show.


A moment later she was composed and evil again. Not to mention pissed because while Fred and Joan were admitting their love to each other she had to deal with whatever blithering idiot was at her door.


She threw the door to her rooms open with a scowl. “What?”


The first year child whimpered under her gaze. “Professor Imogene sent this.” The boy handed her a note and scurried away.


She slammed the door shut and flipped back the curtain turning the TV back on. To her disappointment the show was on break. She muted the ads and cracked open the letter.


Professor McGonagall,

An issue has arisen and we would extremely appreciate your opinion. Please join us urgently in the staff common room.

F. Imogene.


McGonagall sighed angrily. She had never been called to the common room like this before and did not like it.


“Yes?” She said curtly inside the room.


“Two students have gotten into a fight.”


That was unexpected.


McGonagall sat down and listened.


“The students are Slytherins and were in the 3r Owl when an argument was before them. They got violent and broke three tables, seven chairs and five mirrors. They are currently in the Infirmary getting their injuries tended to.”


“What year are these, I’m presuming boys, in?”


“7th.” Imogene said. “I would recommend expulsion, but Professor, hear me out. These boys are so close to being at the top of their year. They barely have a speck on the record before this. These boys could be something big, so I recommend we don’t expel them, just heavily punish.”


“Who are they?” McGonagall asked wearily.


“I believe they are actually good friends.” Imogene said scanning the piece of paper before her. “Edward Grey and Jay Long.”


“Those boys?!” McGonagall said incredulously. “Idiots, they are. I will not expel them, Imogene. Worry not. Just have a very stern talk with them. Maybe you would like to think of their severe punishment, being their Head of House.”


“Gladly.” Imogene smiled. “Glad to hear that Headmistress.”


McGonagall stepped out and made her way to the Infirmary.


The two boys were laying in their beds giving each other death glares and the silent treatment when she entered.


“I don’t want any more fighting.” McGonagall said sternly.


“Between us?” Ed frowned. “What are you on about, Professor?”


“You’re in the Infirmary, having broken numerous pieces of furniture and each other.” McGonagall said, deadpan. “What else do you think?”


Jay laughed. “That fight wasn’t between us Professor!”


“You were just giving each other death glares.”


“Staring competition.” Ed grinned.


“Tell me what happened.” McGonagall said wearily pulling up a chair between the two beds.


“Well, the fight wasn’t between the two of us.” Ed said. “Was Jay’s fault though.”


“Hey!” Jay said indignantly. “It’s as much yours for pointing it out.”


“You back off when you see certain things, man!” Ed said.


“Like?” McGonagall asked.


“Like her 7 foot tall boyfriend!” Ed shot at Jay.


“A girl?!” McGonagall groaned. “Are you serious?”


“Jay was hitting on her when her huge boyfriend came up and told Jay to back off.” Ed explained. “Being the dunce he is, he said no and baited the guy.”


“In my defence, that girl wanted me there.” Jay said. “Plus! Ed picked her out for me and said she’s pretty and alone.”


“Why’s your friend hooking you up?” McGonagall asked.


Ed and Jay suddenly realised how awkward this was to be talking about this with their Headmistress.


“Uh,” Jay said. “Because all my friends are getting girls and I’m perfectly fine being single and he wouldn’t accept that.”


“But you –”


“I don’t want to hear you romantic woes Mr Long, or you Mr Grey.” McGonagall said. “I just want to know who threw the first punch.”


“Girls’ boyfriend.” They said in unison.


“He punched me,” Jay said. “Then Ed jumped in and told him to lay off. He didn’t and started going at Ed too. It was two on one and we were losing!”


They were both laughing.


“Get better.” McGonagall said shaking her head and rising from her chair. She headed for the door and turned back at the last minute. “By the way, you’re both still in extreme trouble. Your Head of House will be dealing with you.”


As the door was slamming shut she heard groans.




“Scorpius!” Scorpius turned around at the sound of his name. Rose stopped and turned around too. They were on their way back to the castle. It was Scorpius friend Bill and Sal.


“Score!” Bill jogged up to them, laughing. “You’ll never believe this.”


“What?” He asked.


“Hi Rose.” Bill added. He turned back to Scorpius. “Ed and Jay now have a 5 year ban on them from the 3rd Owl.”


“What?” Rose and Scorpius exclaimed in unison.


Sal laughed and nodded. “Yeah. We were there. They got into this brawl with this mega huge guy. Within 15 minutes both were out cold. Someone took them to the Hogwarts infirmary.”


“Whoa!” Scorpius laughed.


“Are they OK?” Rose asked.


“Yeah.” Sal nodded again. “Broke a lot of furniture though.”


“How come?” Scorpius asked.


“It was over a girl.” Bill shook his head. “Jay made a move on her, her boyfriend told them to leave and a fight broke out.”


“God, they’re crazy.” Scorpius shook his head laughing.


A silence fell between them.


“I guess we’ll leave you two up to yourselves!” Sal said hugging onto Bill’s arm and pulling him away. “Bye!”


“Bye!” Bill added and they were gone.


Once they were back in the Entrance Hall they smiled at each other.


“That was fun.” Rose said.


“We should do it again.” Scorpius nodded. Hesitatingly he bent down to brush their lips.


A wolf whistle pierced the air and they broke apart sharply. Rose’s eyes landed on her brother, Hugo.


He was laughing at them. “Have fun telling mum and dad! Yours too Malfoy!”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed that! The next chapter coming is the last one, so get your reviews in while you can! I reply to all reviews and I take constructive criticism.

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