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A Yuling We Will Go by magical words
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five
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AN: Last Chapter! Enjoy and R & R!

magical words

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Chapter Five: In Which the Main Character Dances His Arse Off with His Gorgeous Boyfriend and Learns Something He Would Have Never Expected

Holy fuck. I cannot believe it. I am going to the fucking Yule Ball! A Yule Ball with dancing and dressing up and dates. Fuck yeah! I’ve gotten dressed up, in gorgeous Armani dress robes, adorned by my very lucky vest pin. I’ve got a date named Justin Finch-Fletchley, a gorgeous Hufflepuff with a fucking amazing ass. And, I may dance, since it is a ball.

So, I wander my way to the Hufflepuff entranceway. I must say that every House has a different way of entering. Slytherin has a tapestry, I think Ravenclaw has a suit of armour, Gryffindor has a portrait I believe and Hufflepuff has a marble statue.
I say the password quickly (since Justin told me it and didn’t want to deal with a jabbering statue who continually informs me that I’m not a bloody Hufflepuff – blah fucking blah) and the statue begrudgingly lets me in.

I am instantly swarmed by bloody fucking crazy Hufflepuffs whose names I don’t fucking know. I manage to push most of them away, calling out to say that I’m looking for Justin.

A few of them run away in a huff, while a handful of them kind of stare at me confused. There are three that help me.

Boy One says, “I’ll call him down.”

Boy One heads up the stairs to the boys’ dorm.

“So you’re Justin’s date?” Girl says.

“Is there something wrong with that?” I retort.

“She doesn’t mean it like that. Janelle has never been one to be completely honest,” Boy Two says.

Girl, also known as Janelle, glares at Boy Two before looking at me.

“I expected you be ugly,” she tells me.

“So you’re upset that I’m devilishly handsome?”

“No, I’m upset that you’re gay because I would totally date you.”

Boy Two rolls his eyes. “As if he would date you if he were straight.”

Girl/Janelle turns to him. “You’re lucky I date you, Jarrod.”

Just before their words started a fight, Boy One returned.

“Justin is on his way down. He’ll be a few more minutes.”

“Thanks, B – I never got your name.”

“It’s Eben Frobisher, but everyone calls me Eb.”

“Thanks Eb. And thanks for saving me from being in the middle of an
altercation between lovers,” I say in hushed tones.

“You know, I’ve heard a lot of talk about you Zabini, and from what I
can tell, you’re not a complete arse after all.”

I laugh. “Nice to know Eb. Nice to know.”

As much as I liked Eb the Hufflepuff, I was thrilled when Justin came

He looked fucking amazing. I can hardly describe him. He was just fucking perfect.

“Blaise! I thought you said we were going to meet outside the Great Hall,” he tells me, smiling all the while.

“I wanted to surprise you. I see that I have.”

“You fucking did!”

“Are you ready to go then?”

“Of course.”

I hold out my hand for him. Gladly, he takes it. His own hand is warm
and soft.

“You know, Justin, you look fucking adorable. I’m so glad that Giorgio pulled some strings for us.”
“Thanks,” Justin blushes under my praise. “You look pretty
scrumptious yourself.”

I smile and give him a peck on the cheek.

“Thank you. Ready to have loads of fun?”


We walk down to the Great Hall in a lovely mood. We receive a few
stares here and there, but we expected that. We can deal with it. I’ve got the Dark Arts on my side and Justin knows his hexes. Plus, no one would dare get on my bad side.

The Great Hall is decked out. It looks like it actually snowed inside.

There is white everywhere and ice sculptures and lots of other things
wintery. It’s a fucking winter wonderland!

There are couples everywhere. I see Loony Lovegood out on the floor with her girlfriend, Megan Jones. To be completely honest, they make a really nice couple. Jones’ down-to-earth-ness really balances out Loony’s etherealness. (Yeah, I know, I made up a few words here and there, but it’s called creative license.) I also see Scarhead not too far away from Loony and Jones, getting it on with Miss Weasley, the youngest of the Weasley clan. Who would of thunk it; Weaselette and Pot-Head. I hope Weasley doesn’t blow a fucking gasket on his little sis and best mate.

Speaking of Weasley, I don’t see him or Draco anywhere. They must be up to things somewhere in the castle.

“Wanna dance?” I hear Justin ask me.

“Fuck yeah!” I tell him as I begin to lead him out onto the dance floor.

We dance as if no one is watching. How fucking cliché is that? The funny thing about it is that I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone is watching. I’m having a fucking amazing time with my boyfriend.
The Weird Sisters aren’t actually that bad of a band, though I prefer The Acromantula Attack over them.

The Weird Sisters play a few sets, making various girls scream.
Everyone is up on their feet dancing, body pressed close to each other.

Quite conveniently, I’m being pushed up against Justin.

“Is that a wand in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” I yell in Justin’s ear since it’s really the only way for him to hear me.
It’s so fucking loud in the Great Hall.

He turns a fucking cute shade of pink.

“Just kidding, love,” I yell at him. “Sort of.”

He laughs somewhat nervously before boldly kissing me in the middle of a fucking huge crowd of Hogwartians, dancing their hearts away.
For the shortest moment, I wish that he wasn’t kissing me in front of all these bloody people. But why the fuck should I care that my boyfriend is kissing me? I bloody well shouldn’t have to. I’m allowed; he’s my boyfriend. I can kiss him and be kissed by him if I bloody well feel like it!

I suddenly feel a sharp poke in my back which makes me very pissed off.

Hello! Can’t you fucking see I’m snogging my boyfriend you bloody arsehole!

“Blaise fucking Zabini, remove your lips from JFF’s for one fucking second!”

Oh fucking hell.

“Fuck off Draco. I’m busy,” I call over my shoulder before I put my lips on Justin’s once again.

“Zabini, just do it!” I hear another voice tell me. “Just do it and turn around.”

Hell! It’s Draco and Weasley.

Oh wait, of course it would be Draco and Weasley; they’re dating and they’re each other’s dates.

I roll my eyes before taking my lips off Justin’s reluctantly, quickly placing a kiss on them before turning around.

“What the bloody hell do you want?” I demand to know.

“Just wanted to see if you were having a good time, Blaise.”

Draco has this fucking annoying smirk on his face. I kind of want to rip his thin, pink lips off his flawless face. Bastard.

I glare at him with as much anger as I can muster. Fucking git.

“We’re having a lovely time, Malfoy,” Justin answers for me. Thank Merlin he did. I would have flipped shit on Draco for interrupting a
lovely little snog.

“Weasley, you and Malfoy look nice,” he adds. Merlin, he’s such a fucking suck-up. But he’s my fucking suck-up.

“You don’t look to bad yourself, Finch-Fletchley,” Weasley says. “Bloody hell. Your parents must hate you because your fucking hyphenated name is wickedly hard to say!”

“Yeah. But my parents must’ve hated my older brother because he’s got it even worse.”

“Really? What the fuck could his name be?”

“Wait for it…Frederick Finch-Fletchley.”

“Fucking hell!” Draco and Weasley say simultaneously.

“Jinx! You owe me a snog,” Weasley cries, grinning triumphantly.

“Well then. Better get to it then,” Draco answers him.

So, obviously they begin snogging.

I turn away because I don’t fucking want to watch my best friend snogging his fucking boyfriend when I could be snogging my own boyfriend.

I turn away from Weasley and Draco to kiss my boyfriend.

“You know, Blaise, I never would have thought in a million years that you would ask me to the Yule Ball or ask me to be your boyfriend or anything like that.”

“Are you sorry –?”

“Oh no!” Justin answers me quickly. “I love you, Blaise. As I’ve never loved anyone.”

“As you should,” I joke. “I love you too.”

He kisses me sweetly and I am loving every fucking second of it…until
we’re interrupted again.

“What now?” I cry, turning for see someone I hadn’t
expected. “Pansy, Longbottom?”

“Hello Blaise. I suggested to Nevvie earlier that we visit you at one point or another, so since this song frankly sucks, he said we should say hello now. And here we are!”

“Lovely surprise, Pansy, lovely surprise,” I drawl.

Justin elbows me roughly, telling me to behave. Merlin, I love it when he gets bossy!

“You look gorgeous Pansy. That crimson, low-cut dress really suits

Pansy gushes under my praise. “Thanks, Blaise. It means a lot coming from you.”

I smile at my good friend. Never in a million, bajillion years would I have thought that I would stay friends with Pansy Parkinson, but I have. She was always a little too annoying and she followed Draco around like the plague. But that stopped when he told her about Weasley, months before he even told me (the fucking wanker). That’s roughly when she met ‘Nevvie’ and proclaimed he was perfect and she wanted him.

“Longbottom, you clean up nicely too. I suspect that since you and Pansy are dating now, Snape will be a little bit more lenient with you. Because you’re not as bad as he seems to make you believe.”

Longbottom looks at me strangely, tilting his head. Curiously, he tells me, “Thank you.”

It sounds like a question more than a reply.

“You’re so sweet Blaise,” Pansy coos, hanging on Longbottom’s arm. “Justin, darling, you and Blaise look so perfect together. And those robes are stunning! Did Giorgio do you a favour?”

“Are all you Slytherins on a first name basis with Giorgio Armani?” Justin asks, confused.

Pansy laughs hysterically. “Oh, Justin, you are a card! He’s a keeper, Blaise.”

“I seem to think so,” I tell her.

“Well, Pansy, I am going to have to make an exit with Blaise since you unfortunately interrupted a lovely snog. We’ll definitely do something after the Ball in the Slytherin common room, alright? At the party, sounds good?”

Longbottom’s eyes go wide at the mention of ‘snog’. Poor bloke.

“S-Sorry. I hadn’t realised we were interrupting anything. Pansy had just been pulling me around, so we’ll let you continue. See you in the Slytherin common room then,” Longbottom apologises to us quickly, pushing Pansy away.

“Not a problem mate. I suggest you snog you girlfriend some,” Justin says, causing Longbottom to flush.

Wow, I would have never thought that Longbottom would do anything like that. I like him now. And he doesn’t let Pansy boss him around all the time!

“You are amazing, Justin.”

“I know,” he tells me, smirking. “Now where we?”

We resume our previous activities. Soon enough, we are parched and head to the refreshments table to find Draco and Weasley engaged in an animated conversation with Weaselette and Scarhead.

“Oi! Zabini, Justin, joins us!” Weasley calls to me.

Merlin, seeing that Weasley is beckoning me to join him and Draco in things, I’m going to be calling him by his first name in no time.

I can’t quite say no, but I kind of don’t want to go over there either. Justin, of course, has to practically drag me over there.

“Zabini, Justin,” Scarhead addresses us calmly.

“Hello Justin and Blaise. I’m so glad that you didn’t bolt at Ron’s offer to join us,” Weaselette tells us.

“Why would we ever do that?” Justin responds kindly. He’s too fucking nice sometimes. But I love him anyway.

“We were just talking about Dumbledore,” Draco tells me.


“What about him?” I squeak.

They all look at me funny. Fucking hell! I can’t help that I don’t like
the old fart. He’s fucking queer. And not in the sexual-orientation way, I mean.

“Oh, just wondering if he was married or anything,” Scarhead says. “He’s really old, so he must have had a few relationships in his lifetime.”

“I’ve always had this strange idea that he and Minnie are secret lovers that meet in secret in the third floor corridor, which, if you don’t remember, was forbidden our first year.”

We all look at Justin before bursting into laughter.

“Minnie?” R – Weasley cries, tears coming out of his eyes from laughing so hard. “That’s a good one. I would have said Sprout.”

“No way, Ron. Definitely Trelawney.”

“Ron, Harry, you’re both wrong. He definitely gets off with Madame Pomfrey or Madame Pince.”

“Really? Can’t you all be more original?” Draco scoffs. “He clearly
meets up with Filch whenever he can.”

“Ugh,” we all say in a collective gross-out.

“Actually,” we hear a voice say, “You are incorrect on all accounts made.”

We turn to the origin of the voice to see Dumble-fucking-dore looking at us from behind his half-crescent moon glasses, his eyes twinkling scarily.

No doubt about it, all our eyes are as wide as tea saucers.

I’m first to recover.

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Ah, Mr. Zabini. I should have known you would be the first to respond. I have never been romantically attached to any staff members at Hogwarts. However, in my youth, I fell madly and deeply in love. Although my affections were returned fully, my lover was far too power-thirsty. Eventually, I was left terribly let down by my lover’s desire to conquer.”

“Then who was this lover of yours?” I demand to know.

“Patience, Mr. Zabini. I was arriving to that point,” the old fart tells me, a smile plastered on his wrinkly face. “I knew that my lover’s ambitions left no room for my love. Gellert Grindelwald was everything to me and he still is, very much so.”

I am shocked, Justin is shocked. We are all shocked. Who would have thunk it?

“Didn’t you kill him?”

“No indeed, Miss Weasley. He is still alive, imprisoned in his own prison, Nurmengard. I couldn’t possibly kill him.”

He smiles at us and The Weird Sisters begin a new set.

“Well, I suppose you should enjoy the rest of the Ball. And do try the spinach balls. The house-elves outdid themselves.”

And with that, the old fart Dumble-fucking-dore leaves. Leaves us dumbfounded and silent.

“Well, that was enlightening.”

“I need some punch spiked with some serious firewhiskey.”

“Let’s have a nice good snog.”

“No, let’s have a nice long shag.”

“Merlin, I want out of these robes.”

“I can help you with that.”

Ro – Weasley and leave to look for someone who has firewhiskey.
Scarhead and Weaselette are on their way to a broom closet. Justin and I are going to find a nice suit of armour to snog behind.

Although I was initially scared shitless about this fucking Yule Ball, I was not humiliated in any such way. The dancing wasn’t bad. The dressing up wasn’t bad. The dating wasn’t bad. No one needs to be thrown into the Pit of Despair or to be drowned in the Black Lake.

But the best part, by far, is what is going to happen right now, behind a suit of armour on the second floor.

Oh shit, the second floor, a suit of armour by the girl’s bathroom.

I hope Moaning fucking Myrtle doesn’t interrupt me and Justin.

AN: Aha! The end. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks so much to those of you who reviewed and all.

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