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Words of Wisdom by Sprite Sparkle
Chapter 5 : Records
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AN: Sorry it has been a while, school takes over. I am torn between including a few chapters from the marauders or not, please tell me what you think would be best. Please enjoy and review, thank you.

Harry frowned as he stared out of the window onto Hogwarts grounds. He could see some boys practicing Quidditch. One of them looked like a younger brother of the one playing chaser. The other boys were teasing him. 

He sighed. 

All these years he had thought that he was alone, no-one had bothered to tell him he had relations other than the Dursleys. He used to always dream that some stranger would turn up claiming to be his long lost cousin and would take him away. 

After re-reading the letter for about the fifth time he had come up with no answers to the billions of questions tearing through his mind. What had his Dad done after finding out? Had he tried to keep contact with his daughter? 

Jealously ran through him as he imagined a little girl laughing as she spent time with her tall dark haired father and beautiful mother. A little girl that had a shoulder to cry on when she heard that her dear Daddy was dead; a little girl who grew up being cared for and loved. Had she known about him? 

Poor Harry Potter, orphaned and sent to live in a muggle house because there was no-one left to take him, or was it no-one left that wanted him. 

His thoughts were interrupted as the old, but still intimidating, headmistress walked through the door. “Mr Potter, Ginny, it’s nice to see you. How are you both?” 

Harry grinded his teeth. Had this woman known? When she had met him in his first year, he she known his sister could be anyone of the students around him? Ginny elbowed him sharply in the ribs and stood up to greet their former professor. 

“Hello Professor, it’s nice to be back. Harry and I were just wondering if you could help us with something.” McGonagall sat down and smiled her tight lipped smile whilst conjuring and extra hard backed chair. Ginny took a seat, one hand automatically going to her stomach. 

“Well, Mrs Potter, I shall do my best.” Ginny couldn’t help smiling as her name rolled off the smiling woman’s tongue. Ginny turned to look at Harry but he was glaring pointedly at the floor. She sighed. As much as he may have changed over the past four years, he still had an infallible temper. It looked like she would have to do the talking for now. 

“Well, Harry and I have been restoring Godric’s Hallow ready for the baby and when clearing out the attic Harry found a letter.” She produced the now well read letter and handed it to the Professor. McGonagall quickly scanned it, a small flash of something crossed her eyes but she said nothing so Ginny continued. 

“We did a little calculation and figured that Charlotte would have been at Hogwarts during our first few years. We just wanted to know if there was any way we could contact her, if you had an address or something. We also wondered if you would be able to tell us...” But she was interrupted by Harry. 

“We want to know why the hell you didn’t say anything! Why you thought it best to leave...” He was shouting now. Ginny frowned, her temper burning. 

“Harry.” Her voice was low but full of menace. 

“To leave a young boy who has never even known love on his own in a completely new world! What kind of bit...” 

“HARRY JAMES POTTER STOP RIGHT THERE!” There was a moments silence as Harry turned to see his wife standing over him glowering. McGonagall stayed impartial, though if they had looked closely they would have seen a small smile pull at her lips. 

“We have come here to ask, NOT to shout, understand?” Harry opened his mouth but she cut him off. “If the next word out of your mouth isn’t an apology we are going home right now.” The words hissed through her clenched teeth. Harry cowered slightly. 

“I...” Ginny gave him a pointed look. “Sorry Professor, I...was a little...sorry.” That seemed to placate Ginny as she sat down again and turned to McGonagall, an easy smile on her lips. 

“So, Professor, do you think you can help us?” 

Ginny yawned as she flicked through what felt like the hundredth book. McGonagall had been unable to tell them much. Charlotte Lattery had attended Hogwarts until she was sixteen. Harry had never known her because in the summer before he arrived she disappeared. The dark mark was found over her mothers body and she was never seen again. 

The pages rustled as Ginny turned them. She was searching the school records for James Potter’s school years. 

James Potter detention reason: Organising a forbidden party. 

Sirius Black detention reason: Organising a forbidden party and abuse of alcohol. 

She stopped. Could this be the party that had caused this whole mess? “Harry, harry come here.” Harry came over and began reading together. 

5th March 

James Potter detention reason: Out of bounds at night. 

Matthew Saungton detention reason: Fighting with Sirius Black. 

Sirius Black detention reason: Fighting with Matthew Saungton and using fowl language. 

Eliana Lattery detention reason: Out of bounds at night and use of forbidden communications.

“Wait, Eliana Lattery? But isn’t that Charlotte’s name. Wait, is this her, is this her mother?” Harry looked hopefully at Ginny. She sighed. 

“Let’s just read a bit more first.” She turned the page. 

7th June 

Matthew Saungton detention reason: Out of bounds at night. 

Eliana Lattery taking leave from school reason: health problems. 

James Potter detention reason: Throwing dungbombs at Professor Slughorn. 

Peter Pettigrew detention reason: Throwing dungbombs at Professor Slughorn. 

They were silent for several minutes. “Health problems. I think it’s her.” Ginny gave Harry a sympathetic smile, he was frowning. 

“Dungbombs? He gets a girl pregnant and doesn’t even notice her leave. Maybe he’s not the person I thought he was.” 

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