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Love, Not War by Yoshi_Kitten
Chapter 11 : The Spy
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Chapter Image made by me: RoxiMalfoy @TDA

Molly and Arthur's bedroom was on the second landing, across from the room that Saleena had been using to sleep in. Arthur opened the door and lead Minerva and Draco inside, with Molly following right behind them. The room was quite small and dimly lit. It seemed overly crowded, despite the fact that the only furniture in the room consisted of an old antique dresser, two mismatching armchairs, one side table, and an old full-sized bed with shabby linens. The bed was pressed up against the back wall, which was covered in a faded floral wallpaper. The room contained only one small window, located on the far back side of the room, behind their bed. Looking outside now, Draco was surprised to see that night had fallen already.

The room’s overall appearance, although very clean and tidy, was indeed poor and sad looking. Just by looking around, it was immediately apparent that Molly and Arthur did not put themselves first when it came to spending their money. Typically, most visitors to the Burrow were strictly forbidden to ever enter the master bedroom. Looking around now, Draco could plainly see why the Weasley's would not want company in their bedroom. He himself felt awkward as walked over towards the closest chair, doing his best not to gaze around at his surroundings too much.

An uncomfortable feeling began to settle in the pit of his stomach as they all took a seat; Molly and Arthur on the edge of the bed, Draco and Minerva in the two armchairs. Draco knew that what he had brought them here to say would break their hearts, and he felt incredibly awkward sharing this information in such an intimate space.

Minerva was the first one to break the silence once everyone had been seated. “Very well then, Draco,” she began. “Let's get straight to the point, shall we? You mentioned before that you do know exactly who the spy is, so please tell us. Is it anyone in the room downstairs right now? Is that why you requested for us all to speak up here in private?”

“No,” he quietly answered. “It definitely isn't anyone down there right now.”

“Well who is he then?” McGonagall pressed.

Draco looked at their expectant faces and swallowed past the lump in his throat. He took a deep, shaky breath before he began. “Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, you have been nothing but kind to me since I was brought here. You didn't have to take me in at all, but you did. You didn't have to call in Saleena either. I mean, you could have just let the poison kill me, but you didn't. And then, when the Minister requested that I stay here as one of the conditions for allowing me my freedom, you didn't argue or disagree at all. You could have easily put me out at any time, and yet you have been nothing but hospitable; both to myself, and to my Healer.”

He paused to take in another deep breath. “The two of you have shown me more kindness in the past few weeks than anyone else throughout my entire life ever has before. Yet I have been keeping a terrible secret from you this entire time; something that I know the both of you have every right to know.” Draco was so nervous now that his hands were trembling. He truly did not wish to hurt them, but he knew that the truth had to come out sooner or later.

“It's been eating me up inside, keeping this a secret from you,” he continued. “But I only did it because, after everything that you have done for me, I truly do not wish to hurt either of you. The minister requested for me to be the one to tell you this last week, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it before now. I admit that I was hoping you all would eventually be able to figure it out for yourselves, that way I would not have to be the one to break such bad news. I realize now, however, that there is simply no way that either of you would ever be able to guess who he is. He's far too sneaky and evasive for anyone to expect him to be working for the Dark Lord.”

Draco shot Minerva McGonagall a pleading look, as if begging for her not to make him continue. She felt a slight pang of guilt for the obvious discomfort that the boy was going through, but she was not about to allow him stop talking now. “A name, Draco,” she urged him on. “Can you give us a name?”

Draco then looked back at Molly and Arthur and bit his lower lip. “I really am not trying to hurt you,” he said again.

“It's alright Draco,” Arthur said, trying to hide the worry from his voice. “Whoever it is, you can tell us. We wont get upset with you for telling us the truth.”

Molly was quick to agree with her husband. “That is true. I mean, the only thing you could say that would possibly hurt us that much is if you were to claim that one of our children was the spy,” she said with a slight chuckle. “But we all know that that's not possible because Charlie, Bill, Fred and George are all downstairs, and you’ve already stated that it isn't anyone down there. Ron is off with Harry and Hermione, so it cannot be him. Ginny is at Hogwarts, finishing her last year of school, and Percy is -” Molly stopped in mid-sentence and gasped.

The words were no sooner out of her mouth when she remembered the smug look on her third son's face as he declared that it was he who had given the Minister the tip about Draco being in their house. Percy had almost caused her to get arrested, and he had been acting rather odd that day. He hadn't even bothered to come to her defense when the Minister bound her hands and lead her out of the room. In fact, thinking back on the moment now, she realized that Percy had appeared to be quite pleased with himself as he watched everything unfold between her and Scrimgeour.

Molly's breathing suddenly became irregular as she began to process what this could all mean. “No,” she gasped, shaking her head in denial. “Not this. Please, no. It cannot be him.”

Arthur, however, was a bit slower on the uptake. His first thought was that of concern for his wife. But moments later he realized, with a jolt of horror, why Molly was reacting the way that she was. She was clearly thinking that their third son, Percy, was the Order's spy. “It can't be,” he said, echoing his wife's words in a low whisper. He too was shaking his head in shock and disbelief.

But they had already seem Percy's betrayal first-hand, had they not? Percy had seemed proud of the fact that it was he who had given Scrimgeour the tip about Draco. But no one had ever questioned exactly who had given Percy that very same tip. Could it have come from Voldemort himself?

Arthur Weasley had always chosen to see the best in everyone, therefore he refused to believe that one of his sons would ever stoop so low. After all, they had raised Percy better than that. “No, it's not Percy,” he said firmly. “It cannot be Percy. I know that he has done some pretty low things to us in the past, but I do not believe that our son would ever betray us quite like that. He would never turn to Voldemort, he knows better.

But even Arthur spoke those words, doubt was beginning to creep in. After all, Percy being the spy would actually make quite a bit of sense. And now that the possible answerer was staring him right in the face, it was so obvious. They should have known it all along. Deep down, Arthur supposed that he had always suspected something like this, although he would never care to admit that it could possibly have been one of his own children.

The silence in the room had grown so thick that all of them jumped when Minerva finally spoke up. She voiced the question that was on all three of their minds. “Draco, is it?” she asked in a shaky voice. “Is Percy Weasley the spy?”

Draco stared down at the floor to avoid making direct eye contact with either of them. He knew that what he was about to say would change their lives forever. He closed his eyes and said, in a voice just barely above a whisper, “yes.”

Molly immediately fell back onto the bed and began to sob uncontrollably. Arthur was quick to try and console his wife, though all of his efforts were in vain. He ran his fingers through her hair, whispering into her ear to try and calm her down, but none of it was working. Finally, he turned back to Draco, doing his best to remain calm.

“You mentioned earlier that no one has ever suspected our spy to be working for Voldemort; that not even the Minister would ever have guessed that it was him,” Arthur said in a shaky voice. “So tell me something. If Percy truly is the spy, then does that mean that he is also a...?” He trailed off, unable to finish the question.

Now that it came down to it, Arthur wasn't sure if he really wanted to know the answer to the question he had been about to ask or not. Besides, he wasn't sure how much more of this conversation Molly could handle. She was already on the verge of having a nervous breakdown as it was.

But Minerva was quick to pick right back up where Arthur had left off at. “Is Percy Weasley a Death Eater as well, Draco? Does he have the Dark Mark?” Draco appeared to be reluctant to discuss the subject any more, so she decided to try a softer approach. “Listen, I realize how difficult this is. But we really do need to be made aware of the full extent of Percy's betrayal. Can you please just tell us what we need to know?”

Draco buried his face into his trembling hands. This had to be one of the hardest things that he had ever done. A part of him smiled on the inside, remembering that only about a month ago he would have marveled at the chance to crush the Weasley's perfect little family. Now the thought of it sickened him though, as Molly and Arthur were far too kind to deserve this torment. No one had ever shown him kindness like they had, and now; now he was hurting them beyond belief.

Draco, slowly, reluctantly, nodded his head in reply, hoping that Molly wasn't looking in his direction. But, of course, she had looked up as soon as Minerva had asked the dreaded question. She shrieked on agony again, as her worst fear was confirmed.

From Downstairs, everyone heard Mrs. Weasley's cries. Fred and George were on their feet at once.

“Sit down you guys,” their older brother Charlie ordered. “You know how mum gets. If she needs us to come up there, then she will have someone come down to get us when she's ready. It will do no good at all to just go running in there, unannounced. That will probably just upset her all the more.”

“He's right, Fred,” George sighed. “As usual.” He plopped himself back down in his seat.

Fred reluctantly followed his twins lead. “If Draco Malfoy is hurting our mother, I swear I'll -”

“- Oh, come on!” Bill exclaimed. “Dad and Minerva are both up there with her, and I highly doubt that the two of them would allow Malfoy to even get within five feet of our Mother. Use your common sense, guys.”

“But why else would she be screaming like that?” Fred shot back. “She sounded like she was in pain just now, or did you not just hear that?”

Bill shrugged. “Perhaps it was just something that was said,” he suggested.

“What could Draco Malfoy possibly have said to upset mum like that though?” George wondered.

At that moment, Minerva came back into the kitchen to join them. The look on her face was a mixture of stress, anger, grief and worry all at the same time. She seemed more distant than usual as she announced the reason for her reappearance. “Molly and Arthur would like to speak with all of their children alone.”

Once he seen the look on McGonagall's face, Charlie was no longer able to remain calm. He was instantly worried that something bad had happened. “What is going on?” he asked.

“Your father will explain everything,” Minerva answered softly. She acted as though she was on the verge of tears herself. “The four of you had better head upstairs now. I am going to wait down here with everybody else this time. Your mother and father are waiting for you.”

Fred and George were the first to get up and leave, followed by Charlie. Bill kissed Fleur on the cheek. “You wait down here, alright?”

“But why can I not go with you?” she asked. “I am a part of zis family too.”

“Fleur, honey, I know that. And I mean no offense in asking you to wait here,” he said gently. “It's just that, well, trust me. You know how my mother can be. If something is upsetting her so bad that she has asked to speak with just us kids, then it is usually best to just comply with whatever she wants. You and I both know there's no arguing with her when she gets like that.”

“You coming Bill?” Charlie asked from halfway up the first set of steps.

“Yeah, be right there, Char” he replied, getting up from the couch. He took Fleur's hand and kissed it. “Wait for me here,” he told her again.

After the four Weasley children had gone upstairs, McGonagall took the empty seat at the table next to Fleur. This was odd for McGonagall, as she usually stood at the head of the table whenever it came time to discuss something of vital importance with the Order. This time, however, Minerva McGonagall was neither standing nor making direct eye contact with any of them. She just kept staring down at the table, silently shaking her head and muttering to herself.

The fact that she was no longer being her usually formal self was not lost on anyone in the room. Everyone seated at the kitchen table around Minerva grew more worried by the second, as they anxiously waited in anticipation for her be the first to break the silence. Even though they could hardly wait to hear who the spy was, no one dared say anything to her. The all knew that she would speak up when she was good and ready to do so.

The only one in the room who didn't understand why no one was speaking was Roxi. Clearly something was bothering Minerva, and she found it odd that no one even cared to ask her what was the matter. After about three minutes of silence, she finally couldn't stand it anymore. “Minerva, are you alright?” she asked in a small, worried voice.

Minerva slowly looked up at Roxi as everyone else held their breath, waiting to see how she would respond. “I will be,” she finally said with a heavy sigh. “This day has been quite... informative, I guess you could say.”

Saleena took Minerva's answer as a sign that it was safe to speak freely again. “So did Draco tell you who the spy was then?” she asked. She had been eager to get answers out of him for over a week now, and was anxious to find out why Draco had been so hesitant to share this big secret with her.

McGonagall drew in a deep breath and let the air out slowly. “Yes actually, he did give us a name. And what he said makes perfect sense. I believe him, I really do, and I think that Molly and Arthur believe him too.”

Again there was silence, until finally, Remus asked the question they had all been dying to have the answer to for months now. “So then, who is the spy, Minerva?”

McGonagall finally looked up and met Remus' questioning gaze. “It's Percy Weasley,” she answered miserably. A tear slowly slid down her cheek as she spoke this out loud to the group.

Everyone was immediately in shock, unable to believe what they had just heard. An impenetrable silence filled the room once more, as no one really knew what to say to this news. None of them could believe that one of Molly and Arthur's own children would betray them like that. It just didn't seem at all possible.

Then suddenly, a loud BANG sounded from upstairs, causing everyone seated at the kitchen table to jump in alarm.

Fred punched the wall. Hard. The loud bang his fist had made when it hit the wood reverberated off the walls, intensifying the sound, causing everyone in the room jump. Everyone, that is, except for Molly. Nothing it seemed could phase her anymore. She was still lying on the bed, curled in to a ball, weeping. One would think, based on her reaction, that her son had just been killed; though he hadn't died at all. Percy was still very much alive, and that was the problem. His betrayal was far worse than Molly could have ever imagined.

“That bastard!” Fred shouted. “I always knew he couldn't be trusted, but this? How could he do something like this to us?”

“If I ever see him again, I swear I’'ll kill him,” George said. This caused Molly to cry even louder.

“Boys, that's enough!” Arthur yelled. “Your mother is already dealing with enough right now, as it is. Do you honestly think that she wants to hear her children conspiring to kill one of their brothers? Of course she doesn't. And quite frankly, neither do I.”

“But dad, he-”

“Don't you but dad me, Frederick Fabian Weasley.” Charlie, Bill and George all gasped in unison. The three of them exchanged glances. Never, in all their many years together, had they ever heard their father call Fred by his full name before. They knew then that Arthur was being serious, and neither of them dared to defend Fred now, even though they all secretly wanted Percy dead as well.

“Your mother and I have just lost a son,” Arthur continued. “You have just lost a brother. Can't you show at least show a bit more tact than that?”

“Dad,” Fred shot back, “we haven’t lost anyone. Percy isn't dead. Yet,” he bravely added.

“No, you're right. He's not dead,” Arthur fumed. “He's far worse than that. He's a Death Eater!”

Fred fell silent after this. All their father had managed to tell them thus far was that Percy was the spy. Hearing Arthur calling him a Death Eater aloud seemed to give the severity of the situation a far more distinct sense of loss than even that of death could bring. They all simultaneously realized that they would never again be able to speak to their brother. He truly was as good as dead to all of them now, even though he was still very much alive.

The concept of Percy being a Death Eater hit each of the four brothers like a ton of bricks. But perhaps the most affected by this news was Charlie. After all, he had been the closest in age with Percy, and he began to wonder to himself if there was anything he personally had done to push Percy over the edge like this. One thing was for certain, though no one dared to voice it. There was no way that either of them could possibly imagine having to face off against their own brother in a battle.

“A Death Eater?” said George in disbelief. “As in: all hail Voldemort, long live the pure-bloods, I have a Dark Mark, let's go kill someone - that kinda Death Eater?”

“Yes that kind of Death Eater,” snapped Arthur. “What other kind of Death Eater is there?”

“But dad, Percy would never,” Bill began. “I mean, he's our brother. We grew up together, went to school together. I was there when he was born. I was there when he learned how to use magic for the first time. I always helped you guys take care of him, feed him, and I even changed his diapers for crying out loud! Percy couldn't possibly be... He wouldn't betray us like this.” Bill was tensely shaking his head. “He couldn't. This has to be a mistake.”

“I know,” Molly spoke up for the first time since her children had entered the room. “How do you think this makes me feel, Billy? He was one of my babies.”

“This is all my fault,” Arthur sighed. “If I hadn't argued with him that day, if only I had at least tried to stop him from leaving-”

“Arthur, NO!” Molly shrieked. “Don’t you dare start blaming yourself for all of this. I won't listen to a word of it. None of this is your fault, do you hear me?”

Arthur sighed again. “Yeah, I hear you, Molls. But technically the only reason Voldemort has consistently been one step ahead of us all is because I have been telling Percy everything,” he admitted. “I see him at work every day, and he's constantly asking me about the order. He's always been interested in how we're doing, and what we've been up to. And, like an idiot, I have been answering all of his questions, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, he would want to come back home and fight alongside us one day. I thought we were making progress. I thought that I was getting through to him. And sure, maybe it was a tad bit odd that all he ever wanted to talk about was the Order, and not his immediate family members, but I never questioned it. Not even once.”

Arthur ran a hand through his already messed up hair. He appeared to be extremely exhausted as he looked up at his sons and continued. “At the time, I was just grateful that he was at least talking to me about something. That, for one small moment, it felt as though I had my son back again. Only now , come to find out, everything I ever shared with Percy; every word I said to him about us, he was going right straight back and repeating it all to Voldemort. I never should have spoken a word of any of it to him in the first place though, because he is not technically a member of the Order. My actions have here put us all at risk.”

Molly sat up and placed a hand on her husband's shoulder. “Honey, no one here blames you for what happened,” she said again. “You couldn't have possibly known. I mean, who would have suspected him of doing this? You were just trying to get our son back, dear, you weren't doing anything wrong at all. Everyone will understand that.”

“I know that, Molly,” he sighed. “But it still feels like I did everything wrong.” Molly pulled her husband into a hug and the six of them were quiet again.

“Are you going to be okay, mum?” Charlie finally asked.

“Eventually,” she sighed. “Once the initial shock of it all wears off. It's just so hard to believe.”

“You know this will be all over the news once the Prophet catches wind of it,” Bill warned. “Does the Minister know about it yet?”

“Yeah, Rufus knows” Arthur said.

“How did he find out before we did?” George asked.

“Yeah,” agreed Fred. “And why hasn't he had Percy arrested yet?”

“Rufus knows because Draco just told him about it when he was here last week,” answered Arthur. “He didn't want to believe it though, so I suppose that he is currently looking into it. Once he has gathered enough evidence to bring Percy up on charges, however, I'm sure that he will go through with the arrest.”

Molly sniffled, doing her best to keep the tears she was holding back at bay. “To be quite honest, I would have much rather found out about it this way. Could you imagine having to read this in the newspaper, and find out right along with the rest of the world?” she asked. “At least now we have some time to prepare ourselves for what's to come.”

“And speaking of finding out before the rest of the world butts in,” Charlie said solemnly. “Someone has still got to tell Ginny and Ron.”

“Unfortunately, we have no way of contacting your brother right now. They left without telling us where they were going again, so Ron will just have to figure it out for himself." Arthur sighed. He didn't like the fact that Ron was unreachable, but it could not be helped at the moment. "Your sister, on the other hand, has already been taken care of," he continued. "As soon as the minister decides to go public with this, Minerva has offered to give Ginny a week off of school if she needs it. This is her last year at Hogwarts, so your mother and I have decided not to bother her with this until it becomes absolutely necessary. We want her to stay focused on her schoolwork for as long as possible. So we will break the news to her when the time comes, and we have no other choice.”

“You really think it's a good idea to just leave her in the dark about all this?” Charlie asked in his sister's defense. He didn't dare mention anything more about Ron, as he knew what a sensitive subject that was for both of his parents. “I mean, this could make the news at any time now, dad.”

“Minerva is going to be in contact with the Minister,” Arthur explained. “Once Rufus knows that Draco has finally told us, I can't imagine that it will be long before he places Percy under arrest. He cannot possibly allow him to go free now, not with a Dark Mark etched in his wrist. It all has to be done very carefully though, because your brother might run off if he suspects that anyone is on to him, and no one wants that.”

“Yes, but there is no way he could possibly know that we are onto him yet though,” said Fred. “There's no way Percy would be expecting anyone to try and arrest him any time soon. The minister's got him; right there in the palm of his hands. What is he waiting for?”

“Honestly, Fred, do you want to see your brother arrested?” Molly snapped.

“Of coarse I don't want to see Percy get arrested,” he replied. “I mean, do you have any idea what having a known Death Eater in the family will do to our business? Our family name has always been good throughout the wizarding community, and Percy just had to come along and trash it. Now everything we've worked for will all mean nothing. People are not going to respect a single one of us anymore, and it's all because of him.”

“Fred does have a good point there. This is going to be very bad for business, I'm sure of it,” George agreed, shaking his head. Then he tried to make light of the situation with a small joke. “Perfect little Percy the Prefect. His head has probably gotten so big now that it's on the verge of an explosion. I wonder what Voldemort will do when he realizes how full of himself our charming little brother really is.”

Despite the severity of the situation, Fred, Charlie, and even Bill could not help but to chuckle along. Their small moment of mirth was cut off, however, when they seen the look their mother was giving George.

“This. Is. Not. Funny.” Molly was spitting out every word through clenched teeth. She was glaring at George with a deadly stare that made all of them want to run and hide. But a part of Molly knew, deep down, that George was right. There had always been an unspoken darkness in their third son's heart, but she had just dismissed it as overflowing amount of ambition. It really should have come as no surprise to any of them of them that Percy was the spy. But she was not ready to deal with what the implications of this new betrayal were sure to mean for the rest of her family.

“Geez mum, calm down. I was only kidding,” George assured her. “This is Percy we're talking about here though. Percy; the one who was too good for this family, who ran out on us because he didn't feel that dad was ambitious enough to try and make more money. Percy; the stuck up prat who called us poor, and broke your heart by leaving, mother. The ungrateful little git has always been power hungry and clueless, so it honestly does not surprise me one bit that Voldemort finally got to him.”

“The boys are right though,” Arthur reluctantly agreed, after another moment of tense silence had passed between them. “This is certainly going to have an affect on the entire family's status within the wizarding community now. I can only imagine the type of comments I'm liable to hear, and the stares I'm going to get at work, once the general public learns of our son's betrayal. I imagine that this news is likely to make life even more complicated than it already is, that's for sure.”

“Oh great,” Molly scoffed. “Because that's just what we need is more complications.”

Arthur and the boys then began to further discuss just how complicated this would make their various jobs, and how much of a negative impact Percy's betrayal would have on their standing with the community. It was all too much for Molly to bear to think about. She collapsed in a heap on the bed again, allowing herself to be overcome with silent sorrow.

“Poor Molly,” sighed Tonks. “I can't even imagine what she's going through right now. Not to mention Arthur. I mean, doesn't he see Percy at work every day?”

“Yes, and they have talked,” said McGonagall. “Talked about the Order, talked about our plans; discussed where we were going, what we were doing. And then Percy went right straight back and repeated it all to Voldemort. He has been playing his father to get information on us for quite some time now, I'm afraid.”

“How can you be so sure that it really is Percy though?” Neville asked.

Minerva gave him a short reply. “Because Draco just told us that it was him.”

“Well how can you be certain that Malfoy wasn't lying or making it all up?” Neville demanded. “I for one would not be so quick to trust the likes of him at all. I still can't even believe that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are allowing him to stay here after all the trouble that he has caused.”

“I would take Draco's word over anybody else's right now,” McGonagall stated. “He has spent more time with Voldemort that anyone here ever has, or would wish to. More time, even, than most Death Eaters have spent with him, I'd bet. Draco knows a lot more about Voldemort than you might think. He seen a lot of things in the time that her spent there, so I for one trust him, and I am taking his word for it on this.”

McGonagall paused and looked around the room at each of them in turn. “Now then, does anyone else care to question my judgment today, or are you all finished?” she snapped. “If you seriously view me as an incompetent leader, and you really don't think that I know what I am doing by now, I will gladly step down then, if that's what you all want.”

“Minerva, no!” Tonks exclaimed, shooting Neville a dirty look. “That is not what we think at all. Why would you say something like that?”

“Well, what am I supposed to think?” she said irritably. “You all question me about Saleena and the private mission that I am sending her on; you accuse Roxi of being a spy, just because she is from a different country; and now you won't even believe what I am telling you about the actual spy, just because the source of my information is Draco Malfoy. I'm beginning to get the feeling that there are people in this room right now who do not find me capable of making the decisions that are best for the team anymore. “Minerva did her best not to make eye contact with anyone as she made this accusation. “But what else am I supposed to believe, when there are people constantly question every move that I make?”

“We're sorry,” Tonks apologized on behalf of the group. “The meeting just got a bit out of hand tonight. We honesty did not mean to make you feel that way, Minerva.” She stared directly at Neville as she then addressed the group at large. “Honestly, we didn't, now did we you guys?”

“Of coarse no one here meant to upset her like that,” Remus said softly. “There is just a lot going on, and emotions are all running a bit high right now.” He paused to look around the room before he continued. “I think I speak for us all when I say that we are truly sorry at how out of hand things got tonight, Minerva.”

“Yeah, and I'm sorry too, professor,” Neville apologized. “I didn't mean to hurt or upset you. You really are a great leader.”

“We just worry about too much, that's all,” offered Luna. “With so much going on, it's getting harder and harder to take risks anymore, so some of us just feel like we can never be too careful.”

“Well I must thank you all for being honest with me, at least,” McGonagall said. “However, I kneed you to know that, before I make a decision here, I carefully consider all of the options and view it from every angle before I make it final. I personally questioned both Draco and Roxi before I allowed either of them to step one foot into this room tonight. And as for Saleena, do you really think I would send her out on a her first mission for us alone if I did not trust her? I interviewed her properly before I made her a member of this Order, and I am completely confident that she can do the job I am sending her on.”

“And we believe you,” Lupin said.

“Thank you Remus,” McGonagall said, getting back up on her feet at last. “Well, I guess that concludes tonight's meeting then. If there are no other questions, comments, or concerns that need o be addressed, then I really must be going. I have some business back at the school to attend to.”

Minerva looked around the room at each person still seated at the table, giving them all a chance to speak one last time. When no one else offered anything more, she finally dismissed the meeting. As people began filing out, she caught Saleena's eye. “Miss Blackwell, if I may have a word with you before I go,” she said, indicating for Saleena to join her at her side.

Saleena sighed and walked around the table to join Minerva, giving her a questioning look. “I trust you know that I still expect you to be heading out soon,” she said, leaning in and speaking in a voice that was barley above a whisper so as not to be overheard.

“First thing in the morning,” Saleena replied with a nod.

Minerva appeared to be please at the fact that Saleena was no longer stalling for more time. “Good,” she said. “You're going to be just fine,” she added after seeing the worry in Saleena's eyes.

“Thanks,” Saleena replied shortly. “Is that all?” Saleena was still not very happy with Minerva for making her return to the Gypsies, and she really was not in the mood to discuss it with her anymore.

"Yes, I suppose that is all,” sighed Minerva. “If you're looking for Draco, I believe that he went back to his room after we finished out conversation with Molly and Arthur.”

Saleena nodded once more before turning around and hurrying out of the room. She couldn't stand to be around any of them for a moment longer.

Once Saleena was gone, Remus too got up and kissed his wife. “It looks like I need to get going now too, dear” he said. “It's my night to patrol, and it looks like I'm going to be working alone tonight, because I don't expect that Charlie and Bill will be up for much after this.”

“Just please be careful Remus,” she urged him. “I'll stay here and make sure that Molly is okay. Someone needs to be here to help her around the house for the next few days, as I don't think that she'll be up for much either.”

“I think that's a great idea, Dora,” Remus agreed. “I'm sure Molly will appreciate it.” He then kissed her goodnight and hurried out the front door, following behind Neville and Luna.

Minerva also left shortly after Remus was gone, and the only people remaining in the kitchen were Tonks, Roxi, and Fleur. Together, the three of them talked silently amongst themselves while they waited for for the rest of the Weasley family to rejoin them.

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