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It's Not Over Yet. by SamBlack
Chapter 1 : Let Me Live
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Hello all! This is my first attempt at a fan fic, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

As I am sure you can imagine, not many purebloods with families like mine are quite so terrified of the Malfoys as most are, and since that made absolutely no sense, i'll just say that I was terrified of the Malfoys. And I am a pureblood. And yet, here I am, by myself at the platform staring up into the eyes of the handsome, and yet acerbic face of none other than Lucius Malfoy. And I swear it wasnt my fault, he was just there, and i wasn't paying attention, and i tripped and that made him trip. I definitely didn't mean to make him bleed, and oh shit. Here comes the glare. Now I'm in for it....

He sucked in a big gulp of air, getting ready to scold me into next week I'm sure, his face turning a rather nasty shade of puce. And then he started....

"...and a bloody first year no doubt...traipsing around here like you own the damn place... filthy mudblood scum on me..." blah blah. Yeah, that was pretty much the extent of it. His use of the rather vulgar (in my opinion at least) word for muggle-born really wasn't the thing that shocked the most out of the five minutes i was standing there getting yelled at though.

You see, this lad, couldn't be more then a second year, came over to the scene I had created for myself, and stepped in front of me with an impressive glare.

"Lucius," he began, with a pretty impressive big-boy voice, "do you have to scare all the first years? I mean, you would think looking at your face would be scary enough. Besides, I'm pretty damn sure it was an accident," he turned to me and motioned for me to nod. I did, "see, an accident. So, why don't you," he poked him in the chest, "piss off."

Now Lucius looked ready to kill. He glanced down at his robe where the boy had touched him, fury burning is his eyes, "And who the hell are you?"

"The name's Black actually. Sirius Black."

And that is where i lost it. I cracked up laughing. And laughing. And laughing.... It just sounded far to James Bond-esque for me not to! And i successfully managed to earn even more glares from passersby as Sirius turned around and gave me a look that quite clearly said, "Cut it out! I'm trying to save your ass here if you didn't notice!" and he turned around to finish.

"Black?" Lucius said, and glanced over to a group of about four girls and back at Sirius again. "Watch yourself mate." He became flustered and shuffled away to what i would assume was his fellow ass-faced friends.

I let out a breath i didn't realize i had been holding, "Um...thanks I guess?" i said rather timidly.

"Eh, its no problem really. I'm not too incredibly fond of him. And anyways, us first years should stick together!" he said, cheering loudly and pumping a fist in the air for the last part.

"Your a first year?" i said. Hmm....he looks way too tall to be a first year.

"Mhmm." he said pointing over to where the group of girls were standing, "They all want me to be in Slytherin. But personally, I think Gryffindor would be better. I just would'nt know how to explain it to the parents...." he trailed off

I was still busy looking at the girls; only one really stood out. She was heavy lidded and had long curly black tresses. She was stunningly beautiful, but in a way that made you want to run away. That must be Bellatrix. Mum talks about her all the time.... "Future of our world right there, she has the right sort of head on her shoulders Samantha, stick with her and you will be right where you belong.... "

yeah right.

Wait a minute...


"Black you said your name was?" i asked.

He looked a bit apprehensive to answer. "Yeah, why? You've heard of them i assume... Family friend?" he said, his voice edging towards bitterness.

"You say that like you don't like your family or something." i replied, a question mark etched into my features.

"Well that would probably be because i don't."



I smiled, "Yeah, oh."

He smiled back curiously. As the Hogwarts express began to shoot steam and scream we looked at each other in shock. It appeared as though we were the last ones still on the platform.

Well i guess its a good thing i loaded my trunk before my clumsiness kicked in...

We laughed and sprinted over to the door and hopped in as the doors magically closed behind us. The Express was nothing like i imagined. It was warm and inviting, and it smelled so much better than the other trains in london. 

"So, uh. I havent gotten your name yet." said Sirius quietly. It was funny, almost like he thought he was being intrusive by asking. Well if all the boys here are like this it wont be half as bad as i imagined...

"Sam. Samantha Dorian actually. But you can call me Sam. Everyone does." i said, smiling at him again.

"Everyone does? Hmmm..." he said in a prissy voice and then thought for a moment. "Sam it is! Shall we find a compartment?"

I glanced up at him inquisitively, "Dont you have friends you want to sit by or somethign? I mean, you don't have to stay with me or anything. You've done more than enough already."

A startled expression flash across his features, and i quickly re-worded. "I mean, i would love it if you would, its just that you don't have to is all. I would really like you to. Your such nice company and all. You know...just being...polite..." i trailed off. Embarassing myself more and more as the words continued to spew out.

"Well," he interrupted after a moment, "seeing as though the only other people i know on this train besides you, are the Black family relations, all of which happen to be in Slytherin.... yeahh, no. I'm good here thanks." he said laughing slightly at the way my words fumbled as i hurried to backtrack.

"Oh, well okay. Thats good then."



He raised an eyebrow.


I turned my head to stare out the window, biting my lip.

more silence


I would usually accept just about anything to get out of an akward silence, but this particular thing came in the form of a mass of black hair and glasses toppling in to our compartment as a scary looking red head screamed at him from above. 
I can honestly say it scared the shit out of me.

It seemed as though she had pushed him to the ground, and her face was close to  the shade of her hair, which was really saying something.

"I've known you for what.... five minutes? This is rediculous! You cant seriously ask a girl that after five minutes and honestly expect her to say yes!" She shot shot a glare around the compartment before glancing down again, "You are an absolute toe-rag Potter!" she scowled and turned on her heel. "Come on Severus. Lets go find a compartment...." and off she goes towing a rather pleased greasy crooked-nosed boy with her. 

Potter  was still lying on the floor staring after her wistfully for several minutes when Sirius finally chuckled, "Mate...five minutes? Are you stupid? With her temper you should have picked another girl to try that with." 

Potter glanced up like he was just noticing us and pushed himself up off the floor, blushing a bit, and dusted himself off. He placed his glasses rightfully upon the bridge of his nose and held out his hand for us to shake.

"James Potter," he said with a cocky smile.

"Sirius Black!" Sirius said with an even cockier smile.

"And this here," he said, pointing vaguely in my direction, "is Sam. I rescued her." he turned and smirked at me. 

" Nice to meet you."

James looked me over appreciatively, and smiled, "Hey there Sammy, can i call you sammy? Wanna come sit over here next to me?"

"DUDE. Not cool." Sirius said standing up.

James stood up too, and they began arguing over what started as me(i think?) then eventually moved on to quidditch teams and whatnot.

"Oh good grief....." i said as i left the two boys in the compartment arguing and walked out in to the hallway. I knew finding friends wasn't that easy... well i suppose i have to start sometime.

I walked for a while until i found a compartment that wasn't to full and didn't seem to have as many older kids in it as the others and knocked.

"Excuse me, would you mind if i sat here?" i said.

There were two girls sitting in the compartment. One was lanky looking with brown hair that framed her face and hung down to her shoulders. She had hazel eyes and a round face.

The other was definately not lanky, but wasn't fat either. She had a lot of curves for an eleven year old. She had sandy blonde hair and full lips and the brightest blue eyes i had ever seen in my life.

They both smiled at me and said, "Sure", "Of course."

"Hi, I'm Sam." i said.

"Iva" the brunette one said.

"Emmile" the blonde one said.

They both smiled again and continued with their game of exploding snap. Or so it seemed. Apparently Emmile was a muggle born and Iva was explaining to her how to play.
"OWCH! SHIT! Yeah, you see this bugger here is the one that explodes. You have to watch out for the damn thing or else your gonna end up a few eyebrows less..." Iva said. She by far had the most foul mouth i had heard out anyone my age so far.

"Ooohhhkaaay. And you put this card here before you do th-"


"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!!"

The entire deck had just exploded on Ivas lap. Apparently the cards didn't like it when you tried to make them into a house... I smiled to myself and tucked into the corner with the latest Nancy Drew book. Sure, a muggle author, and if my mother saw me with it..... well i don't know what would happen, but lets just say I'm happy i have plenty of good hiding spots in my house, and a good house elf.


Apparently i had dozed off, because something hit me in the face and startled me enough to where i fell off my chair.

" 'the hell," i shouted, "was that for??"

I heard laughing that sounded distinctly male, and i hurriedly picked myself off the floor only to see Sirius, James, and another kid, a bit shorter than the other two, much skinnier, and sandy blonde hair, almost grey it was so sandy.

"Whoops?" Sirius said as he barely contained his laughter.

Well yeah, i suppose you could say i was a more than a bit pissed.

"We were just walking in the corridor, when we bumped into Remus here, and he said we should get into our robes. So you see, out of the kindness of our hearts, we, being us three, decided to come find you and let you know that you should change too. So, here we are. Waiting for you to change. Because Remus couldn't wait to come and see the new first year we found." James said proudly, earning a smack across the back of his head from a furiously blushing Remus.

I decided to postpone the bitch rage, and went for the sneaky approach. I smiled at Remus and held out my hand, "Samantha Dorian, nice to meet you." i said.

He shook my hand, but he had a frown-crease in his forehead as he said, "Dorian, as in your mum is Carol Dorian?"

I stared at my shuffling feet and said, "Yeah, that'd be me."

"Oh" Remus said a bit more coldly, "My mum used to know your mum, but she never mentioned that she had a daughter...."

"Yeah, she tends to that quite often. She dosent like me too much you see, probably because i try not to uphold the family morals, 'Purity is sacred; let not the mud of the unblessed touch thy family lineage, and thou shalt forever be holy in the eyes of the savior, Merlin.'.... blah blah. Its all bullshit if you ask me. She just dosent know i think that yet.... She suspects. And then acts....rather annoying actually."

Sirius was looking at me with an odd expression and head cocked to the side. I raised an eyebrow inquisitively, and he shook his head and resumed looking at me normally.

I noticed we were the only ones in the compartment now, and I looked around again and said, "Where did Iva and Emmile go? They were here when i fell asleep..."

"Ohhhh, abooouuut that," James said, smile firmly inplace.

oh hell....
"Well you see, we three innocent young'uns traipsed in here looking for you, and they seemed to be in the process of changing," cocky grin definately never leaving his face now, "and when they saw us standing here, doing nothing wrong except feasting our eyes on the wonderfull sights before us, they got the idea that we were some kind of perverts. So they ran out of here, and that tall one, Iva? Yeah, well....i tell ya, shes got a good arm on her that one. Fiesty." James finished, and all three of then were staring at the wall, looking as if they were remembering something great.

"Ew." i said.

"Hehehe.... well. Yeah, now here we are. Awaiting the show. So... there you go. Get changing." Sirius said with a hopefull expression plastered to his face.

And this is where i got confused. I mean sure i guess i wasn't awful looking. But i didn't think i was that pretty. I looked pretty normal, brown hair, brown eyes. Thats about as normal as it gets, yeah?

Then i looked down. And it hit me. Oh..... boobs.

"Get out. Now." I sighed.

They all looked affronted, but nonetheless walked out of the compartment. I changed into my school robes and opened the door to see them sprawled out in front of me. Staring at the celieng, playing a game of....I spy?

oh man. Thats classic shit right there....

"I spy, with my little eye...sooooomeethiiiing. Um...something that starts with the letter B."

"James, how are we supposed to find that? There have seriously got to be hundreds of things here that start with the letter B!" whined Sirius.

"Is it perhaps Lily, James?"


"What the hell?! That dosent start with B!"

"B- beautiful. Duh." I laughed.

"Um, guys, i was serious when i said we were getting there soon." Remus said.

"Oh, shit. Well yeah. Okay, lets get our trunks." said Sirius.

And indeed, we were close to Hogsmade. It was illuminated by streetlights and the shoplights must have been left on for us to see exactly what it was that we were walking into. It was absolutely beautiful. There were so many shops there, and they must have sold everything one could imagine!

The train slowed to a stop, and we made our way into a boat which we ended up sharing with a little pudgy kid that looked a bit like a rodent hit with lightning. He said his name was Peter, but i wasn't paying attention. I didn't care, i was getting nervous for the sorting. And lemme tell you, nervous is an issue with me... My legs were shaking, and i managed to zone out for the entire boat ride, walk up to the castle, and part of the sorting.

I finally zoned back in when Sirius hit me as he was walking past on his way to the chair in front of the Great Hall, "Pay attention!"

He glanced at me as he was sitting on the stool. A shocked expression appeared on his face, and right there i almost started hyperventilating. Holy crap. what if it shocks your brain? what if there are needles involved? SHIT! I dont think i could take a needle! no. there will be no needles. What if they ask you some hard question? or if they make you choose a side. I cant choose for myself! I don't know!

I didn't even notice the collective intake of breath the entire Great Hall had as they awaited for the infamous Black boy to be sorted.

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat cried.

The entire room stepped into silence.


so, how did i do?
lemme know fool!

much thanks,

my writing has gotten significantly better.
so if you don't like this chapter, keep reading till at least the 4th or 5th and gimme a chance?

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