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Forbidden In The Forest by evanlyn
Chapter 1 : The Clearing
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Rose Weasley sat on a comfortable white bench in a small clearing of the Forbidden Forest. She had discovered this clearing almost two years ago and always came here whenever she was upset. She sat with her feet on the bench, her knees drawn up to her chin, playing with the cuff of her long, black robes.


A twig snapped and Rose glanced up. Coming out of the brush was Scorpius Malfoy. He was a fellow sixth-year, a Slytherin, tall and athletic, short blonde hair. He also considered Rose to be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen-with her thick red hair and expressive eyes.


‘Oh, excuse me, Weasley,’ he said, giving a guilty, embarrassed smile before turning to walk away.


Rose gave a loud laugh. Her friendly laugh was like a birdcall through the wild ferns.


‘Weasley?’ She asked.


“Well, that’s who you are, isn’t it?’ Scorpius answered a joke alight in his eyes.


Scorpius and Rose had been secret friends since first year. Their feuding families had never allowed them to be friendly in public. But recently, their relationship seemed to have become more complicated.


‘May I?’ Asked Scorpius, indicating the space beside her. Rose nodded and he sat down.


Rose eyed him curiously. He was sitting straight-backed and looked so uncomfortable it was ridiculous. Rose always felt completely comfortable to be herself around Scorpius. She trusted him. In fact, she realised, he was the only person in the world that she trusted completely. Scorpius gave her a little smile.


‘That’s better,’ she said. ‘So! You’ve been made Quidditch Captain. Are the girls swarming all over you now, Captain Scorpius?’


He laughed and relaxed a little more.


‘Absolutely. All except one.’


‘Well, she’s probably the one who’s most serious about you, then.’


Scorpius gave a small frown. ‘Yes, but I can’t pursue her. Her family and my family don’t get along.’


‘Oh, but forbidden love is always the most romantic,’ said Rose, not smiling anymore as she looked at the handsome boy beside her. She inwardly cursed her family for being the Weasleys, and his for being the Malfoys. If they had been from any other families, any at all, they would have been the perfect match.

She sighed frustratingly. They probably would have been dating by now.


Scorpius sensed her bitterness. He knew that she knew he meant her.


Before his father had officially forbidden him from talking to her, he and Rose had snuck off to the kitchens of Hogwarts together. Rose had hastily explained that her family were becoming suspicious, and that they should stop spending time together. Scorpius had agreed. And then, seemingly by accident, they had found themselves in each others arms, having their first, and last, kiss.


Scorpius looked at Rose. It had been weeks ago and they had never discussed it. He studies her lips. They were perfect, he thought. He longed to kiss her again. He longed to tell her how he felt. But what would be the point of that, when they could not be together.


The silence continued until Rose said softly, ‘we’re alone.’


Scorpius needed some clarification.


‘Do you mean, we’re alone together now, or we are both alone, separately?’


‘We are alone together now,’ she said. ‘And I suppose we are alone individually, unless you’ve fallen in love recently.’


‘No,’ said Scorpius. ‘I only love one person.’


‘This girl you talk about, with the family feud?’


‘Yes, that’s the one.’


‘And does she love you back?’


Scorpius looked at Rose. She lifted her head and met his eyes. She loved his big, blue eyes.


‘Yes, I think she does,’ answered Scorpius.


Rose rolled her feet underneath her and settled on her knees on the bench, her face centimetres from his. She hesitated a moment, then stretched her right hand along his neck, winding around to the nape, her fingers tangling in his hair.


She leaned in, and kissed him. Scorpius kissed back, matching her enthusiasm, maybe even bettering it. Wrapping his hands around her back, he pulled her toward him, so she was sitting on his knees. And amongst the wilderness of the Forest, they kissed, relaxing, not worrying about the consequences.


After all, they were alone

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