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Comatose by No_oneKnows
Chapter 3 : Slimy Green Snotball
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3. Slimy Green Snotball

The next day, Potions was first again and this time, I didn't manage to spew my breakfast anywhere. Snape led us outside towards the lake as he told us we'd be looking for potion items. Bloody git. He wants us to work manually, torture us, cause us so much pain we'd be begging to go back up to the castle.

I watched as he ordered the Gryffindors to the bank of the Black Lake, despite the complaints and protests. The Slytherins were booing at us with their stupid patronising smiles slapped onto their faces. Bloody Snape. I hate him, despise him, and loathe the bloody greasy, slimy green snotball. URGH.

The first house to gather at least thirty-five of something wins a hundred points. I shrugged to myself, unsure of what I was supposed to be doing.

Hermione was the first to be digging through the bank of the lake. She used her hands to root through the long, attacking weeds.

“Watch out for the squid!” a girl with a slightly squashed looking face squealed out as the girls around her giggled. Gosh, I could pound her face in further.

Even some of the boys gathered around her to scare us. Snape did nothing. Oh Merlin, I want nothing more than to, urgh, break his nose. Which wouldn't be so difficult to miss... the size of that thing.

I looked around the other Gryffindors. Most of them looked nervous and repulsed.

“Come on guys,” I told them, pushing through the weeds to get into the water. “It's not that bad.”

Actually, I wasn't sure. I could've died at that point. I could've been dragged off by the merpeople or the squid or even frozen to death. The others looked at me weirdly. Yeah, who was I to know? I've only been there for a day... So they thought.

“Hermione, what are we looking for?” I asked her, teeth beginning to chatter as she continued to scurry through the weeds.

“Something that looks like this,” she pulled out a dark, icky green thing out of the ground as it started to squirm and wriggle in her fingers.

“Oh,” I replied, blinking at it. It was gross. Grosser than Snape's hair; and that’s saying something since Snape’s hair was the epitome of yuck.

“It's a good thing you're going in the water. They're mostly found in there,” Hermione said, looking back down and pushing her hands into the water.

Hrmp. I'm not diving in if it's the last thing I do.

“What do you have there mudblood?” The same Slytherin girl approached us with a condescending look on her face.

My head snapped towards the pug girl. Mudblood? She was looking at Hermione. Hermione was a muggleborn? Just like Lily! That's freakish coincidence, that is.

“Shut your mouth,” I warned her, paddling back to the bank.

The girl smirked and exchanged a look to her blonde friend.

“Who are you?” Her superiority was annoying me.

“Who are you?” I climbed on to the bank and stood in front of her, covering Hermione by a drenched leg.

“Pansy Parkinson,” she answered, jerking her chin upwards. Uptight banshee.

“Well Parkinson, why don't you skidaddle and look for your own weeds?”  

She scowled, “You think you can tell me what to do?”

I remained cool, “But isn't that what Professor Snape told you to do?”

“You're a pureblood. I've heard of your family,” she said as a matter-of-factly. That was a bit random and out of the blue. My family were blood traitors. Not the whole, pureblood status thing. Now, my grandmother's family. Well, that's a different bloody story.

I raised an eyebrow, “I thought you didn't know who I was. And what's your point?”

Pansy looked as though I just insulted her. If she thinks I was going to proclaim to the whole world that my grandmother treated muggles the same way muggles treated a misbehaving grizzly bear - Okay that wasn't a good description – she's crazy.

Pansy realised this and scowled again. “A blood traitor.”

“Again, what's your point?” The other Gryffindors stopped what they were doing, all apart from Hermione who was continuing on her search. Although I was sure she was listening. I mean how hard could it be for her to not hear? We were only a few centimetres away from her!

At the same point it hit Pansy, it hit me too. “I heard that the last of the Roster's was in a coma at St. Mungo's, since twenty years ago.”

I felt a few eyes stare at the back of my head and Hermione stopped what she was doing and looked towards us, “Apparently she wasn't the last.” I stared at her in a deadly way, ending the conversation of my family.

“Mudblood, while you're down there can you wipe my shoes?”

I felt myself clench my jaw together. Hermione shook her head fervently, keeping her eye on the mud.

“Did you hear me mudblood?” she spat.

At the other end, I saw Ron and Harry make their way towards us.  Oh, I seemed to feel resigned; I couldn't handle it. I had to make my mark. I couldn't live like a little wimp. Actually I could, but no. I'd rather not.

Before I could've done anything, it was too late. Hermione had lunged at Pansy. The girls around her screamed as Hermione pulled at Pansy's hair. Pansy in return clawed at Hermione's cheeks.

Oh dear Merlin! Wow. And I thought I was the only one left. The two screamed at each other, people around them screamed at them to stop. I screamed at Hermione to keep going and hit her wherever it hurt...

“Push her out into the lake!” I exclaimed in a moment of excitement.

Suddenly, Hermione certainly did push Pansy out into the lake.

Everyone, including myself, stopped screaming and watched as her head disappeared into the black water. Uh oh, this definitely wasn't on the agenda. Hermione had frozen, unable to lift a finger never mind anything else. No one else moved as the ripples flew through.

I sighed. Hello, Gryffindors? Oh fine. Let's just watch in amusement as she drowns. That wouldn't be so bad actually. She asked for it. No! No one deserves to die! Normally, I would just tell that voice to stuff some cotton wool up their hole. But no, it was right.

Fine. I'll save her! Mind my cape.

With a mere heartbeat of hesitation (of hope that somebody else would save her undeserving arse) I jumped after her into the lake. The moment my head fell through the surface of the lake, the intensity of the icy cold water pulsed through me. I could've been in Antartica without any clothes on the way I was feeling! I could've been living in a little igloo or swimming with the little penguins! Oh, I’ve got a better one; I could be an ice block stuck in a freezer! …

Just through the little specks of dirt covering my sight, I saw a darker figure. It must be the Parkinson girl person; otherwise I’m not looking for her again.

I swam towards her, struggling through the thick weeds rooted to the ground. She was stuck... Great, she was stuck. I swam down towards her feet and held her leg so she would stop kicking. She considered that a threat and kicked harder. Her leg hit the side of my head and I found myself dazed for a moment. Damn it woman! I'm trying to save your bloody life!

I brought my wand out and struck it at the weed. It immediately let her go and I gripped on to her, pulling her to the surface.

The bloody girl was trying to kill me! Urgh, what am I doing saving her? I thought of just letting her go and saying she got dragged off into the depths by some grindylows or something. But hey, I'm not that low.

I pulled her bobbing head towards the bank where Hermione helped me out. Leaving Pansy heaving on the edge.

Merlin was it or was it cold! It was more than cold. It was... OH DEAR MERLIN, I'M DYING FROM HYPOTHERMIA. No, I wasn't. But I could've been! The way my whole body was numb, a limb anytime now could’ve dropped off.

“What's going on here?” Snape arrived on the scene, a bunch of Slytherin boys just behind him. They all seemed quite in a shock to find me shivering on the floor and Pansy white as Dumbledore's hair on the edge.

Snape's lips tightened and he muttered a spell to revive Pansy, drying her off.

“Wh- What happened?” she asked after she blurted out the water in her lungs. I rolled my eyes. What does it look like happened? We're right next to a lake, I'm wet, and your body's halfway in the water. Duh?

“Yes, what happened?” The way his beady black eyes glared at me, oh, I knew I was in for it.

“She got pushed in, Sir,” I answered. He ignored my shivering, white faced and blue lipped composition.

“That seems quite obvious,” he replied and my eyes just returned his glare. Bloody twit. “By who?” he asked curtly.

There was silence. There had been some chattering sound from my teeth but apart from that, there was nothing. Hermione's arm gripped my shoulder tightly. She'd clearly never been in trouble before and this probably would've meant the end of her school career as a prefect.

“I did.”

Hermione let out a small gasp and Snape did well to hide his smirk before anyone else could see.

“For whatever reason, Roster?” I could tell he was having the time of his life.

I put a finger to my chin and faked musing, “She looked as though she needed a bit of cooling down, Professor.” Sarcasm. I love it. The drops falling from my hair made soft a dripping sound and my teeth were slowing down with the war they were having against each other.

The whole class murmured – even the Slytherins - and Pansy stared at us, dazed.

“Silence,” and everyone's mouths jammed close, “Fifty points from Gryffindor,” the Gryffindors groaned and I aimed a dagger at his left eye, “and you shall see me for detention. 7 o'clock tonight.” With that, he and his billowing robe turned away and went back towards the other direction. If only I were a bit nicer back in his day... Who am I kidding? I could never be nice to Snivelly.  

The Slytherins followed after him, talking to themselves while Pansy and her group of girls pushed past Hermione and I.

Hermione remained still as I turned to her. It was slightly... freaky but she at least she was blinking. So that was okay... I guess.

I raised an eyebrow, “You alright?”

She nodded quickly and remained goggling at me.

I nodded and smiled sheepishly.

“Thank you,” she whispered as I crouched down to look through the weeds.

“Oh,” I said looking up at her. “Anytime.” I probably shouldn't have said that...

Hermione stayed where she was, Harry squeezing her shoulder before he and Ron left again to look in their own designated area.

“Do you want to help me here?” I asked Hermione, concentration still on the weeds before me. All of a sudden, a force hit me on the back, hard, and just before I was about to karate flip it into the water, I paused. Hermione had hugged me tightly.

I chuckled nervously. What was I supposed to say? There, there? Well, that's what I did.

“There, there.” I patted her arm.

The end of the lesson, Hermione had cleaned me up, drying and warming me up with some spell.

The snotball set us a three-page essay on what we learnt today. Well, I know what I'm going to write about. Maybe how Snape was a right prick and that he deserved to be be-nosed?

In the end, the Slytherins won the silly little thing finding game. Super.

We were gathering our bags when a boy from Slytherin came over our way.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had immediately got their wands out the minute he was within ten feet of us.

“Relax,” he drawled, looking at me as he talked, “Pansy tells me you're a Roster.”

I raised an eyebrow and didn't say anything. He’s just another, 'Oh I'm a pureblood, that makes me perfect' kind of guy. Git.

"What are you doing in Gryffindor?” he continued, smirking at the other three before looking at me again.

I smiled at him innocently, “What's your name?”

“Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” He held out his hand. I shook it briefly and I felt the others stare at me from behind.

Malfoy? ” That name certainly rang a bell. Maybe it was just the school bell... “Your dad-” ZIP IT.

“My dad works at the ministry. It's not a surprise you've heard of him.” That wasn't what I was about to say... I was about to say that his daddy was a Slytherin prefect in my first year and that he was a bloody git. But you know, ministry, prefect and git pretty much mean the same thing.

I grunted, “Well Malfoy, I'm late.”

He looked satisfied, “Yeah, right. I'll talk to you later then.”

I waited with the three until he joined up with his other Slytherin friends.

“You don't want to go making friends with Malfoy,” Ron warned me, “I mean, unless...”

“I'm not like them,” I gasped, shocked that he could even consider the thought that I was.

My facial expression must've showed because Ron immediately said something like: “YeahIdidn'tmean, just something something something.”

“He's full right indecent,” Harry muttered, picking up his bag and starting on his way back to the castle.

He might be indecent, but dang, he was cute!

All this time, I've forgotten how much homework these horrible, horrible teachers give students. Honestly, it had only been the second day and it already seems as though they were torturing us with mountain loads of work. Why don't we all just climb up Mt. Everest and start our homework there? Then work our way down, rock by rock. 

It was as though they didn't want us to sleep! Well, I couldn’t complain... I mean I am complaining but I shouldn’t. After all, I have been asleep for the past twenty years. Stupid Dumbledore. Why couldn't he have just revived me on the day? He was the world's greatest wizard, why couldn't he have just tampered with my head and cured me? Then I wouldn't have to go through this horrid process of school ever again. Gr.

I didn’t know how, but all of a sudden, I realized that I was on my way down to the dungeons for my monstrous 'first' detention. Goodness, I suck.

“Sit down Roster,” Snape was on his seat, looking down at a piece of parchment on his table, his black hair acting as a curtain to his cold, cold, colder-than-the-bloody-lake eyes.

I sat down at the front. There was no need to shout at each other that way. I placed my bag at my feet and sat there, crossing one knee over the other and twiddling with my thumbs.

I could feel Snape smiling smugly as he looked up at me. Bloody heck, talk!

I blew out a breath and remained fiddling with my thumbs.

“Do I really want you to open your mouth and talk me to death or is that my imagination desperately needing something to stray from boredom?” I muttered sarcastically, slamming my hands on the table and leering back at Snape.

“So you’re finally awake from your little sleep?” Well, uh, duh? I wouldn't be here would I dumb butt?

I didn't reply, instead I shrugged and continued staring at my thumbs, then at my nails. Hm. Nail polish. A nice pinky orangey colour or lavender?

“And you thought I was exaggerating about the Marauders,” Snivelly spat, his loathing apparent on his white face. Oh, I have no bigger urge than to throw an egg at it.

“In case you forgot, I didn't like the Marauders any more than you did.” It was true. Boy oh boy, they were competitive. So was I, but hey, I wanted to win.

He walked around from his table, a big box levitating just behind him. I stared at the box, trying to stay cool. Surely, he wouldn't make me sort that.

“No magic,” he said curtly as the box landed with a thud on my desk. I was surprised the legs didn't buckle and break. Oh my geez, no magic? That was just worse than living alone with the bloody tree! 

“You're not serious, Snivellus?” Snivellus. I knew I got to him. His lips tightened and his face became a hint whiter.

I giggled evilly and looked through the box. Taste my wrath. Actually, I tasted a bit of his wrath. But soon, he'll get it. It'll always be a little ping-pong match between Snape and me and in the end, the pong will smack into his nose. I win.

I started sorting his exquisite box of as he walked back to his desk rather stiffly. Muhuaha, he was angry. My, oh my, a whole box filled with complaints of students? Oh my Merlin, he desperately needs a life.

“So, Snivelly, what became of Mulciber and Avery? Death Eaters?” I asked casually, tapping my leg on the floor to test his patience.

He snapped, “Quiet,” I never realised how deadly his voice was. So he's a bit scarier than before... He was never not scary. Just a tad scarier now. Scary bloke. Like something out of a muggle horror film. Gosh, they have no sense of horror.

I searched through the box for names that I knew and rolled my eyes when I picked up the hundredth Potter complaint. Harry Potter blah blah. Harry Potter for talking in class times a gazillion. Harry Potter for not paying attention. Harry Potter for coming in late. Harry Potter for even existing. Merlin, give it a rest Snivelly. We all know you hate him and I've only been here two days.

Then jammed between a few other files of Longbottom – Wait... Longbottom? Neville? Frank Longbottom? Oho, him and Alice I suspect must've gotten busy - anyway, a yellow, aged piece of paper was jutting out, begging to be read by me. I smiled evilly.

I separated the two files, jamming them apart and pulled the piece of parchment out. There was a whole load of crap on the front; something that looked like an artistic splatter of blue ink or something. Though, we all knew Snape could never be artistic.

Then I turned it over and my jaw dropped. Looking to Snape first - who was back to concentrating on the parchment on his desk - I sunk down on my chair, concealing my head behind the box. Then did I begin reading a short letter addressed to Lily:

Lily Evans,

I know you haven't talked to me in what seems to be years but I found out from reliable sources that you're now together with James Potter? Lily, how could you? You hated him, you hated how he acts, how arrogant, conceited and how much of an idiot he was. Why now? What did he do to win you over so easily?

- So easily? For three years he's been chasing her and he says easily? Oh geez, he needs a dictionary, -

Lily, I have to admit now for there is no more time.

- Ohoho, Interesting much

Ever since we met, ever since we started talking as childhood friends, when we were only nine years of age

– WHAT?! -

I've felt a bond with you that I've felt with no other. I loved you Lily. Loved you with what was left of me. That won't change, no matter what. Again, I beg that you would please reconsider your decision with Potter. 

I miss you. I miss talking to you. I love you.

–    Sev

Oh. My. Golly. Goodness. And it's Beheaded Chicken! FAR OUT! Wow, wow, wow. Childhood friends? Love? Potter? Snape?! He was in love with her... And he called her a mudblood? And he says Potter's the idiot. Look who's the idiot now. His idiotic nose must've done this. Wait, that didn't make sense.

Oh how lovely, little love hearts made a little border around the parchment. How disgusting. Coming from Snape? Ha, that's the most ludicrous thing I've heard or seen so far.

Wow. I would never have seen that one coming. Not even if it was as big as Snape's nose. Actually, I might've. Hm. Snape's nose is pretty big. It was unmissable.

“Do I file this under Potter or should I make a new file?” I asked loudly.

Again, Feel. My. Wrath.

Snape looked up and eyed the yellow piece of paper in my hand. His eyes widened and I let the corners of my mouth rise. Is it just me or is Snape walking towards me, hands outstretched and a look worthy of murder coming my way? Okay, it’s not just me.

I yelped and jumped out of my seat as he lunged at me. He caught me by the foot – Oh, I've always wanted to do this my entire schooling life – and I kicked him in the nose! Oh Merlin, it was better than I imagined.

He groaned and I stood up, running away from an infuriated Snivellus.

“Give it BACK!” he bellowed. I poked my tongue out and screamed as he took out his wand. “ACCIO PAPER!” Okay, okay, DON'T SHOUT!

I let the paper out of my hand and soar into his. His bottom lip was trembling and oh, he hates me.

“Don't tell anyone,” His lip was quivering so much that I just wanted to peg it closed...

“You should've told me Snivelly, I could've hooked you up with her.”

“OUT!” he roared, his eyes so wide that it made him look like some raging, loony, psychopath with a cold that caused him to be more irritated than usual.

“You don't want me to file the box?” I asked quickly, smiling widely. Okay, so I'm mean. It wasn’t my fault Snivellus made it fun.

He lunged towards me and I skidaddled, sprinting out of the dungeon halls and back towards the Gryffindor common room. He was never the most athletic kid around. Who could blame him? His nose was is - a burden. The extra weight he had to carry if he were to run. Poor Snivelly. But bloody hell, he's one psycho mutt. Bloody snotball. 


A/N: Hello there :)

What did you guys think of this chapter? Do you guys like Selene so far? I'm trying to improve her character but I haven't developed her enough just yet I don't think. 

Anyway, thank you for reading! :D

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Comatose: Slimy Green Snotball


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