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Remorse by WeasleyTwins
Chapter 1 : Everything
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Author's Note:  Hi all!  This was written in response to emerald_moons's Unsolved Mysteries Challenge, as well as KaraBlack's Department of Mysteries Challenge.  Hope everyone enjoys!

*There is implied rape in this one-shot.  Nothing violates ToS, but if you would rather not read something dealing with such a sensitive topic, please stop here :]

"And you will weep
When you face the end alone
You are lost!
You can never go home"
-Gollum's Song

The soul glided through the Death Chamber.  It was a shell of a former human, the shape of it formed by a misty, opaque substance.  Heading steadily down into the sunken pit, the cloud of soul approached the crumbling stone archway.  With a sudden lurch, if that's even possible for a soul, it swept through the Veil.

On the other side, everything was black.  It was nothing and everything; the inklike surroundings breathed death.  The soul spun in circles, looking for something, anything.  In the distance, a light appeared.  The tenebrous atmosphere hummed softly, soothing calmly. 

I can think.  Where am I?

"You are here."

For the first time, the soul spoke.  The voice that came from its misty lips was gravelly and hoarse.  "Where is here?"

The lucent light wavered in front of the soul, bouncing up and down.  It was almost cheery in the nebulous place behind the Veil.  Like a child with all the secrets of the world, the light rocked to and fro, the soul's shapeless eyes following it. 

"Everywhere, nowhere, and all the spaces in-between," drawled the light, which was now hovering behind the soul.

The soul's confusion was apparent; its mind wandered, asking the most simplistic questions.  What is my name?  Why am I here?

"Your name is no longer relevant.  However, your occupation here is of the utmost importance.  To continue into the darkness or to go into the beyond is your choice.  But first, you must watch what brought you here," the light shifted and the soul felt compelled to follow.

The two drifted along until the light stopped.  Darkness was a perplexing state of mind.  Left with no information, no clues as to why it was here.  The soul was confused; it had no idea why they had halted at this particular part of the darkness.


Hesitant, the soul gazed to the left.  There was a hole of decent size, big enough to peer through.  Gliding forward, the soul poked its head through the hole.  All of it came rushing back in a blast, an out-of-body experience like no other.

"Payback is one hell of a bitch."

Those words echoed in his head, their syllables bouncing off the walls of his brain.  Envy, anger, they had forced that sentence from his lips.  They had drove a mild-mannered man to the brink of hell.  The darkness that surrounded him whispered evil nothings in his ear.  Escape was prominent, at the top of his to-do list.  Remorse had settled in the pit of his stomach.

The man reached down and slowly extracted the knife out of the body's back.  The body.  It could no longer be considered a person, a human being.  Gruesome slashes distorted the body's face, arms, and torso.  Upon flipping the body over, the man gazed into eyes stalled forever in panicked shock.  In the corner, another body painted the floor with its life's blood.  The sight struck a painful chord in the man's hardened heart.

The room was foggy, he only saw the crime, the murder.  Lying in that cold, bleak corner was his love, his life.  Her red hair fanned out over the floor, a stark contrast to the bland colors of the fog.  Blue eyes, frozen in a saddened expression seeped into his steely resolve.

"Why have you done this to me?" He screamed furiously.

Kneeling before the woman, anger seeped into his features.  She had been his everything.  The light that shone through the treetops; the gay laughter that flowed freely from his mouth.

To bring another man into their home had given way to his bout of destruction.  He had walked out of the fireplace and toward the kitchen, from which a scream came.  Rushing into the kitchen, there had lain his wife half-naked on the floor with another man.

His thoughts forced themselves back to more pressing issues:  the bodies.  The man lifted his wife's body.  His gaze traveled down the length of her body.  There were bruises on the lower half of her body, slowly beginning to deepen in color.  Looking to her arms, the man realized that her upper arms were bruised as well.

The man gasped loudly.  The knife couldn't have caused such inflictions. Surely he was simply going crazy and he wasn't seeing this!  Had he overreacted?  Had he lost his ability of reasoning?  Upon closer inspection, the man came to a horrifying conclusion:  she had been violated in the worst of ways.

Remorse, pain, anguish.  The emotions of a distraught man clouded the air.  Sinking to the ground, the man wept bitterly.  The fog closed around his desolate figure.  He was lost, there was no way back.

In a swirling flurry, the soul was dragged back into the depths of the Veil. 

"Does remorse fill your very depths, how little they may be?"

If the soul could have cried its eyes out, they would have been filled with tears.  Quivering, the soul didn't answer. 

Once more, the light spoke, "So be it.  In the darkness you will remain."

With that, the light hovered away, it's glow getting paler and paler.  The soul drifted into the endless abyss, the darkness surrounding it forevermore.

Hope you liked it!  Please review!

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Remorse: Everything


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